Player Ratings: Lazio 1-2 AC Milan – several players shine; Ibra comeback crucial

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan managed to come back from behind in their game against Lazio this evening to win 2-1. The Rossoneri left it late and there are a few players to praise for what was a very important victory. 

Starting XI

Maignan (6): He wasn’t called into action that much this evening and he really couldn’t do anything about the goal. He was solid with his feet once again and it was what you would expect from him.

Calabria (6): Although his end-product wasn’t always that great, he worked extremely hard this evening and was an important balance player for the Rossoneri in the dying moments of the game.

Kalulu (6): He started the game poorly by not marking Immobile on Lazio’s goal but after that, he was a very important player in the build-up with his feet and he also added a lot to the attack with his composure.

Tomori (5.5): It might sound like a harsh rating, but he could have done a lot better on Lazio’s first goal and unlike Kalulu, he followed that poor moment up with a few others. The reality is that he needs to improve slightly.

Hernandez (6.5): He was very involved in the attack, especially in the second half, as he had a hand in the first goal (long ball to Leao). It was a very good display from him overall, also in the defensive phase.

Tonali (7 – MOTM): He worked extremely hard throughout the clash and was an important presence for Milan, bar a few misplaced passes. The goal he scored at the end could prove to be a crucial one for the Rossoneri, and that makes all the difference.

Kessie (6.5): Just like Tonali he had some less than brilliant moments but he was also very important for the team with his physique, keeping the Lazio men somewhat quiet. His importance is undeniable in that sense.

Messias (6): He did so well in a few moments but the final touch was missing. He had one shot that ended up just off target but also one he should have done a lot better with. In other words, a mixed bag.

Diaz (5): Bar a nice nutmeg, he really didn’t add anything to Milan this evening and the poor form thus continued for the Spaniard. His return to Real Madrid seems certain in the summer.

Leao (7): He was the source of creativity for Milan this evening and he got the assist for the first goal. He did have a few strange decisions but it’s impossible to ignore his importance in attack tonight.

Giroud (6.5): He got the equaliser that ended up being very important with a classic poacher’s finish. He did have a few more chances with his head but failed to hit the target.


Rebic (6.5): He added some flair and energy to the Milan attack in the dying minutes and had one great shot that was saved by Strakosha. He ended up being decisive for the winner as well, getting the ball back just seconds before.

Ibrahimovic (6.5): We didn’t see a whole lot from him, but he was decisive when it mattered. That assist for Tonali was classic Ibrahimovic and his presence will be a key for this season finale.

Krunic (6): It was nothing spectacular from the Bosnian but he kept his composure and that was exactly what Pioli wanted in such a tense situation.

Saelemaekers (N/A): He didn’t make any mistakes and was an important energy player, but it’s hard to rate him given the little playing time.

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  1. When Ibra and Rebic came on the attack fell flat and if wasn’t for the goal we’d really be talking about how poor those subs were. BUT it was these exact subs that had a huge hand in delivering the win. That was just destiny, plain and simple. Magical win.

    Agreed that Timori needed to clear that cross.on the goal. That was really suspect

  2. I stopped watching after Immobile scored, due to the lack of seriousness the boys displayed, just like in the opening minutes of the Coppa game against Inter, with a string of back-passing and being on the defensive..

    It’s a vital win, I can’t say much about the individuals.. Congratulations to the team and the management on clinching a Champions League spot, at least the objective has been met.


      1. Indeed. The highlight of any week is the 90mins Milan is on the pitch. How on Earth could a fan stop after 5 minutes?!!

  3. Who is giving all this rating na, see what they give to kalulu,tomori.

    Nice one again from Milan, if we have played like this in our last game will be 9 of inter, but we move from where now, much love to leao and the team if jur messias can give more of this play, but Milan need to but good players for next season, once again good team spirit

  4. Can’t fault the effort of any of the players and frankly the defensive ratings here are crazy harsh.

    Ibrahimovic made one decent touch in the game but Kalulu and Tomori were everywhere over the backline, making great decision after great decision, crucial tackles and frequently outpacing and outmuscling a quick Lazio offence. To me both centre backs deserve at least one higher, I’d argue Kalulu was a MotM contender.

    Most importantly though, even if the game had ended in a draw the players fought throughout the game and were dead on their feet by the end, did the shirt and the fans proud.

  5. Win with great effort and never give up attitude.
    But it wasn’t a good game, a lot of Milan weaknesses seen in this game.
    Milan is one of the worst passing teams. We desperately need midfielders with some passing ability. Grateful for Tonalis goal & effort but his passing ability is on Gattuso level, awful.
    Also the last 2 games have shown why Milan is after Botman. None of this nonsense to go into next season with Tomori Kalulu because they kept clean sheet vs the bottom of serie a like bologna, genoa, empoli, sampdoria. We need 1 starting CB and 1 back up too.
    Kalulu is a full back playing right CB & Tomori is right footed CB who is forced to play left.
    Messias probably played his best game in Milan jersey. Active, on & off the ball and in pressing.
    Now let’s win 4 more and hopefully some of the other teams can do us a favor and steal points from Inter.
    Forza Milan

    1. I was a “no” to CB acquisition but after I saw Kalulu play right back I was convinced , like Davide but having no where the season he had last year. Botman will give us the depth we need in the back.

  6. Tonali saved us.But I fear out luck will run out one of these day and gift Inter the title.They are just better.More confident.And have a striker in his prime who scores regularly.Giroud is good but we do need a fresh young 20 goal per season CF otherwise we are going nowhere. Also,the passing is too slow.The players don’t run hard enough.. it’s the same reason we lost to in the Coppa.Th3 effort is just slow

    1. Frankly, Inter has an easier schedule, and we blew our chances woefully too. Coupled with our inability to score goals at the moment, it’s looking like Inter’s title already …. Don’t get your hopes up…. Lol

  7. We showed very little effort, why does Ibra have to come on the pitch and scream at these attackers to run. Messias redeemed himself with a good game even though he missed a few chances, Kalulu was everywhere and covered very well for everyone in the backline tonight. He deserves MOTM imo

  8. Can’t wait for some donkeys on this forum to call Leao “lazy” and “uninterested” lol. Great win . Fought until the end. Love this team. Not the most talent but definitely the most heart. Kudos to Pioli. His evolution as a coach is astounding. He has made me a believer and has gotten so much out of the players – made younger ones develop (Tonali, Kalulu, Leao, Theo, etc..) and managed to get results from a team w much less talent (esp up front) than any other team in the league. He should be coach of the year IMO regardless if we win the title or not.

    1. Leao has so much talent but sorry at times he is lazy, tonight on his ass and alone ,ball comes off the iron and there he sits, moping about not getting a foul/penalty, he missed an opportunity, get tougher. I do agree in retrospect to the players development, we field the youngest average age team in Serie A, even with Giroud and Ibra skewing the numbers. The most important take away from tonights game as you note is the fact that they never gave up.

  9. After the 20 minute mark the boys seemed to find their hunger again. Tomori and Kalulu had a terrible first half. I think we are seeing some mental exhaustion from them, although they did turn it around to have good second halves. Also serious love for that tackle Mike made at the edge of the box. Diaz still struggles with ball at the top of the box nothing new. If messias didn’t miss that sitter he would have been my player of the match. Lots of misplaced passes today. Theo did very well defensively, Filipe Anderson is no joke. Calabria had good energy and positioning but was poor with his passing. I was happy to see how pissed Giroud was coming off he should have had 2 goals tonight and he knew it. Champions League secured! If inter are gonna win the league let’s make them earn it. Forza Milan!

  10. Tomori-Kalulu need competitor for starting CB . Thats why they buy botman . And some peeps say just renew Romagnoli and don’t buy CB for another position, we cannot win anything if defense no depth / no competition. 4 match more to finish serie A

  11. Thank u andrea tonali thank u ibracadabra thank u milan my beloved club oliver girod best in test hernandes fenomen maignan wow zlatan ibracadabra !come on milan plz for the title !!!!!!!!!

  12. Leao does have so much talent and he can create danger with his creativity for sure and the assist was very nice; but he also makes so many bad decisions so many times. first 20 minutes of the match, he had 3 times he tried to dribble thru 2 defenders when he had wide open teammates. He tries to do too much so often and just gives away possession (and then after losing that possession, he doesn’t run hard back to try to regain possession).

    At 28 min mark, he did a nice job faking a shot w/ his right foot to the far post and cutting to his left foot but instead of squaring the ball into the 6 where Giroud would’ve had the easiest tap in for goal, Leao chose to shoot it into the side netting from that tough angle when the goalkeeper had the near post totally covered. that’s just a bad decision. He had such an easy assist there and he messed up. I love his talent… but he has a long way to go to really be a star. People get so enamored by some of his fancy moves that work, that they completely ignore the MANY MANY times he loses possession trying stupid dribbles instead of passing to an open teammate in a good position or makes terrible passes where he just gives away possession.

  13. But of course, overall, I’m so happy we got the three points. Ibra and Rebic coming off the bench added some good energy and Rebic’s pressing caused the turnover to get us possession for the winning goal.

    Great receipt by Tonali w/ his thigh on Ibra’s header pass and great toe poke. Kalulu was fantastic… he really responded so well after that early Ciro goal. So impressed with Kalulu.

    I thought Messias had maybe his best game in a Milan uniform so far. Out of nowehere — where has that been? His effort sprinting and pressing was excellent and that little chip cross at 1633 mark to Giroud was perfect and gave Giroud a nice header shot and great opportunity to score.

  14. This is a win alright, not a good win or a great win. This was luck. But Gotta appreciate the effort put by players.

    We played well and better than Lazio but our attack is as usually toothless unless Leao shows some magic. All the dumba*ses who are calling for Leao out for having a few bad games, hope you see the light now.

    I am glad that we secured UCL spot, we achieved exactly what this team was made for. I don’t want to win a scudetto where we have to depend on the mercy of Shinter.

    We had a chance and we blew it. I don’t regret it at all because it was evident this would happen. This team is faar from ready to contend for titles yet. We don’t have a right wing, we don’t have a playmaker. A good tactician perhaps would’ve changed the formation to 3421 or 361 to best utilize the strength of this team considering our fullbacks are good, but lack of defensive options forced us to play a 4 man defense anyway.

    We had the chance to win serie A in the first place because of exceptional teamwork, leadership and Pioli’s exceptional man-management. Also thanks to a favorable schedule as well.

    Every player contributed in getting where we are now, UCL place secured, target for this season as been achieved with 4 matches remaining. So theoretically, this season is over for us. If Inter slip up and we manage to win Scudetto, I will be the happiest man alive. But not keeping my hopes up.

    Well done team, well done management, well done Maldini, well done Pioli. Thanks for all the effort,

    Forza Milan.

  15. We should apreciate what rebric doing in this match. He did well stole a ball in last minute and deliver crossing to ibra who give assist tonali late goal. Who someone critize rebric u should see that.

  16. Messias did all that work and gets 6; Ibra was hardly present and gets 6.5. I suppose the man who was on the bench all the time should get 7.

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