Player Ratings: Lecce 2-2 AC Milan – Musah gifts two goals; Reijnders shines

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan lost yet another 2-0 lead in the second half as Lecce managed to snatch a point from the game this afternoon. While a few players did well, others didn’t have the same success and below are the player ratings for the Rossoneri. 

Starting XI

Maignan (6): He’s lucky that Lecce’s third goal was disallowed, because he was really caught off guard there. As for the other goals, he couldn’t really do anything and it’s also worth mentioning he made a stunning save in the first half.

Calabria (6): The captain had a solid game especially defensively and it’s a shame that he had to come off at half-time, seeing how things went in that position in the second half.

Thiaw (6): He made several interceptions high up the pitch and also helped start some good attacks with his passing. However, he could have done better on Lecce’s first goal and that’s why the rating isn’t higher.

Tomori (6): The Englishman had one shaky situation which nearly proved costly but aside from that, he was solid and played with the usual confidence. Nothing more than that, though.

Hernandez (6): It was a great assist for Giroud in the first half and he continued to cause issues with his runs. That being said, he struggled more in the defensive phase today and that certainly hurt his rating.

Krunic (5): Not good enough with his passing today and it ended up costing Milan, seeing as they could have put away some of those promising chances had the passes been right. He wasn’t great defensively either, truth be told, and just appeared sluggish overall.

Reijnders (7 – MOTM): He kept Milan ticking in the attacking phase and finally got his first goal for the Rossoneri after a nice run. Nearly made it 3-0 as well, but his effort struck the post. He’s certainly not to blame for the result.

Chukwueze (5.5): Apart from the pass to Reijnders before the goal, he really didn’t show anything of value and above all struggled in the 1v1 situations. On a counter in the second half, when he was alone against one with Theo, he remained offside the entire move and prevented Theo from passing. Things like that need to be worked on.

Pobega (5): An okay shift defensively but he was far too uncomfortable in possession today and wasted a few good opportunities.

Leao (N/A): He was subbed off after just ten minutes and we can only hope that he will be back after the break.

Giroud (5.5): Another goal for the Frenchman, who continues to prove that when the service arrives, he scores. However, it was incredibly necessary to take a red card for dissent, meaning he will miss the game against Fiorentina after the break.


Okafor (6): He helped set up the first goal, combining well with Theo, and had one effort that was well saved by the goalkeeper. The feeling is that he can still do more.

Musah (4.5): The American ended up costing Milan the game. Say what you want about Pioli’s decision to play him at right-back, but the fatal mistakes he made had nothing to do with that. Losing his man on the corner, and trying to dribble instead of putting the ball out of play. So, so poor from him.

Florenzi (5): He struggled on the right-hand side and nearly had a ‘Musah moment’ too as he lost Sansone at the far post (but he hit the post).

Jovic (N/A): We didn’t see enough to give him a rating.

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  1. Musah, RLC, Tijani, Noah, Chuk are all much prefer to rather than do passing to get away from the opponents. And maybe it’s a specific request from someone.

    1. I would love thia but never will this happen. Conte has way top much alpha for Gerry. That’s why Maldini is gone too. Way too much confidence for Gerry to handle. Gerry is a small man. For me I want this ownership gone. I am not a fan of these signings. This feels like a team of individuals with no connection to Milan.

        1. Nah they not that ruthless given there’s not an obvious replacement. Conte too expensive and plays a brand of football that is less than appealing.

          Someone like RDZ would be great but I think the Brighton manager would be too difficult to prise away mid season.

          1. Think comte is exactly what these batch of players need. Shame he’s expensive and picky.
            Honestly, Lopetegui might be a nice wildcard option. Plays offensive and has won stuff before, knows how to work with a budget

          1. That has nothing to do with anything. You’re the one always nagging about how pioli is a scudeto winning coach.
            Well!!!!! Conte won more!!!! So you should be overjoyed if milan does hire him someday

          2. @ flyingturtle Touché!

            Well since he’s not our coach yet and is a dirty former Juve and Inter coach, I admit to be entirely biased against him.

            You’ll be glad to know I had the same sentiment about Pioli before he joined.

            I admit nowadays it’s difficult to maintain hatred of people because of their past associations with rivals but I suppose that just shows how utterly superficial and farcical modern football has become with endless turnovers and cross-overs.

    1. What does that even mean? Leao’s tongue got swollen? Why the negative comment for Leao? He played less than 10min? How can you judge a player after 10min??? And Conte won’t come to Milan as we won’t spend the amount of $$$ he requires to build his team. He demands transfers and unless we start selling all out star players – we won’t give him the $$ to build a new squad.

      1. Conte is bonkers.

        He comes in a demands all these signings and insults his own players, and then never gets his signings and keeps playing the same disgruntled players who he spent months insulting!

        When he leaves teams morale is usually rock bottom.

        I am open to suggestions though as I think it’ll happen before Christmas (I did sort of predict this at the start of the season….).

        1. Not that I consider Conte to be a great coach, but most great coaches (Guardiola, Klopp,…) are gonna ask for specific signings.
          You can’t ask a coach to bring big titles (UCL, Scudetto) and refuse to give him the names that he thinks are going to help. You can’t say to him: we bring the players, you make something out of them.
          But with that said, I’m not particularly hot for Conte either.
          Perhaps Zidane can be considered ?
          I also heard rumors about Graham Potter (not a fan either).

    1. Florenzi doesn’t deserve to be in Milan’s team. his marking too poor, positioning poor, lack pace. He seems to be the slowest player in serie A.

    2. @shiva. Who ever made that call should be sacked. That was a sackable offense. Pioli needs to go. It’s unbearable to watch this team under him.

      Milan should sign Igor Tudor as interim coach until we find a replacement next summer.

      1. At this point, I’d take Igor from Doctor Frankenstein’s laboratory over Pioli.

        It’s not that Pioli is without merit, but he’s too rigid, has no ability to adapt (effectively) during a match, and he’s just not up to the level of a top club like Milan.

          1. It’s called a joke. Tudor is basically a thinner version of Sam Allardyce, who was exactly where he should be, today (in the stands at Old Trafford, sitting next to Sir Alex).

            Real opinion, we either replace Pioli with Flick or Potter, or we wait until the end of the season and go for an Ancelloti or De Zerbi. I’d love either Flick or Potter as an interim replacement, but I doubt either would take only a seven month contract, and I don’t fancy either as a long term replacement. Of all the possibilities right now, Lopetegui is the only option I’d even consider, and that’s a gamble.

  2. Convinced Pioli is a gambler, he should be investigated, sacked and arrested because how do you play a Musa out of position when we have a fit Florenzi.. The coach is to blame and maybe the players can take part of the blame cus the second half was just flat and devoid of character. Krunic been Krunic again adding nothing defensively or in attack.

    1. My thoughts exactly, those substitutions made no sense. Florenzi for Calabria was a straight swap but we all knew if Musah had to eventually come on it would have been for his son Krunic. Krunic isn’t of Milan’s standard . The guy reminds me of Kevin Constant. I’m not even gonna mention bringing on Jovic for Chukweze. We needed goal but yet you throw on a player that’s been struggling to find his feet. Give Romero a chance for bloody christ.

  3. Pioli’s on FIRE!

    Again. Pioli. Bad subs. Poor decisions. Stupid decisions.

    PSG win does not cover the frequent and obvious tactical issues with what Pioli is trying to do. It’s why Milan allows so many goals. Even with much worse defenders, Milan had a better game/goals allowed ratio.

    Other teams have figured out that when Milan sends nearly all defenders forward all the time, it leads to gaps at the back.

    Well, what do you know, the opposition is scoring goals at will now. It’s no surprise, Pioli has hit his technical limits as a coach.

    He can’t adapt. He keeps trying the same things against different teams expecting different results but serie A opponents know what Pioli is doing. *I KNOW* what Pioli is going to do. Not good.

    We need a new coach with fresh ideas if we want to take the next step forward. We’re too predictable and Pioli just got out smarted by the Lecce coach.

  4. Isak how can you say the managers decision to play Musah out of position had nothing to do with his performance? If that were the case we could play anyone anywhere and it wouldn’t matter. Musah played incredibly against PSG in midfield and at RB against Lecce he looked like it was his first day on a football pitch. The responsibility for his performance is entirely Pioli’s.

    1. We had Florenzi on the bench and he had to play Musah there. The title race is over now let’s see if we can secure a top 4 finish.

      1. We should have replaced Chuk with Musah, put Florenzi at RB, and told Musah his main task was to provide cover for Florenzi.

        Yes, we lose some attack (in theory; Chuk showed nothing beyond one good pass), but we were defending a 2-0 lead, and didn’t need additional offense.

        As with most of our disappointing results, this year, Pioli made some VERY questionable substitutions and was completely out coached, especially in regards to the halftime adjustments.

  5. Without Krunic:

    Cagliari-Milan 1-3
    Milan-Lazio 2-0
    Bvb-Milan 0-0
    Genoa-Milan 0-1
    Milan-Psg 2-1

    With Krunic:

    Milan-Juve 0-1
    Psg-Milan 3-0
    Napoli-Milan 2-2
    Milan-Udinese 0-1
    Lecce-Milan 2-2

    1. It’s clear now to everyone but this stupid stubborn imbecile of a manager. It’s almost like he’s trying to spite everyone by playing Krunic, and then he adds Pobega on top of it. Only when he he’s about to get sacked does he do the smart, sensible thing like he did against PSG. But he got the win and started to feel comfortable again and goes right back to the same dumb moves. I’m done with this coach.
      And on top of that he plays Musah at RB for what reason??!! Now the poor kid has to take all the heat because Pioli played him out of position. Shameful.

      1. If u note it, Pioli actually subbed off Chuk for Jovic and played Musah on the right wing at the end by 4-4-2. That absolutely destroyed our attacking.
        So he basically played Musah in 3 different positions in the same game. What a fuking Moron Coach.

      2. Oh sorry I remember you, everything was Tonali’s fault before. It’s probably still his fault now right? And the new players are never at fault. Just Pioli now. You’re the Italian hatred guy. What a shame of a person. Get a new shtick.

        1. Ok. Is Krunic Italian? And yes, thank you for pointing out that I was right about Tonali. He was completely overrated, Newcastle overpaid, and he had already lost his starting spot there before he he got suspended for being a complete moron and degenerate gambler. Thank god Milan got rid of that fool. Think of how dumb you have to be to not only bet on football, but betting on games that you are playing in. Shame on him. Best business Milan has done was selling him.

    2. Wow you know more than a Scudetto winning Serie A coach.

      We have the answer everyone. It’s Krunic. And if he’s not the answer we can just turn on someone else.

  6. Every second that Pioli continues to be a Milan coach he will continue to drag Milan down. Cardinale needs to wake up and fire him while Milan still has a chance for top 4. Pioli cycle is over. Has been over since January.
    In just 3 days Milan concedes the same goal vs 2 different teams. The 1st Lecce goal was a carbon copy of the Skriniar goal vs PSG. Different players involved, same outcome. That’s on coaching.
    He takes out Calabria at half time because of injury and puts Musah at RB. He had to put Musah at RB because Banda would have destroyed Florenzi. Imagine if Milan signed Singo like they wanted to, but instead they listened to the dumb ass coach and stuck with Florenzi who in 2023 should not be playing for a team of Milan’s caliber. Reportedly Simgo wasn’t a fit for Pioli’s genius strategy of playing the full backs in the midfield, which he doesn’t even do anymore.
    Also something has to be said about the man that wore the captain armband in the 2nd half. Theo Hernández was laying down pretending he was fouled, pretending he was injured as he usually does, while the man he was supposed to be defending scored the equalizer. Then, on the Sansone header that luckily hit the post,
    and came from a cross from Theo’s side, once the ball went out of play Thiaw tore Theo a new one. Yelling and screaming at him. A young CB, 22 y/o, who has been playing in top division for only 1 season is scolding your captain for not doing his job. It should be the other way around. Theo should never wear the captain’s armband ever again. Not a leader material, never been one.
    Cardinale, Fire Pioli immediately. Milan has won only 1 game since the end of September in serie A and that was on a very suspicious goal by Pulisic vs Genoa. Fire the coach while there is still hopes for this season. Don’t get fooled by an accidental win vs PSG.

    1. You just explained that the players are at fault for the goals and then just blame everything 100% on Pioli instead, are you ok ? Did you suffer a recent blow to the head?

      1. Have this character ever had his own thoughts or original comments or he just comes here to reply with ignorance under other people’s comments?
        Anyhow, have a blessed day. I have no intentions of meeting you half way to stupidity.

        1. He can never. He is a joke of himself or herself.
          That’s the tragedy of his own character.
          He just spews forth nonsense at every given time without thought, reason, logic or structure. Quite a sad scenario really

          1. very sad for you too , always so angry online, hate half the Milan squad

            most of you must be teenagers to be this immature

            maybe one day you will grow up

      2. He pretty much explained how we conceded the same goals over and over again (coaching mistake), and how we didn’t win a single serie A game since early october, and you still found out a way to defend pioli ?
        And yes, players’s mentality and lack of focus can be and should partially blamed on the coach.

      3. why the attack on Z? let’s be civil with our comments, we should collectively scold the coach and players that played badly, however the selection, changes, tactics was awful, Krunic was crap, Pobega has no business playing for Milan, Chukwueze was a waste of money, Reinders wasteful with loads of indecision.
        Theo sloppy always falling to the ground like chicken and causing undue stress on the defense

  7. Chuk played for 80 minutes and he didn’t offer anything. The guy even slamed his jacket after he got sub.

    Reijnders gonna regret his decision not to pass the ball and make it 3-0.

    And last match against Udinese it was Adli who cost us 3 points. Now it was Musah who cost us 3 points.

    Can’t even blame Pioli that much when the 1st half Milan was dominated and played well. But his players keeps making blunder after blunder and getting complacent when in lead.

    1. Nah everything is Pioli’s fault, players have no responsibility unless they are named Krunic Pobega Calabria and whoever else people just hate no matter what.

      Theo busy playacting instead of defending for the first goal

      Musah running into 3 players for no reason

      Musah again giving the ball away

      if Milan had a relegation manager like Igor Tudor clearly they’ll be winning every game 4-0

      1. Even with the missed opportunies, we were 2-0 at halftime against an easy time who pretty much didn’t put a decent attack.
        Can you explain why Pioli subbed out Calabria to bring a kid who never played as a right back ? To then bring Florenzi as a right back anyways ? He could have found other ways to deal with Banda.
        Yes Musah is to blame, but who brought him in outside of this natural position while he “supposedly” wanted him to rest ?

        1. Because he wanted to match Banda’s pace with Musah, it didnt work out, does that mean sack him and bring it relegation level managers instead because suddenly everyone is better than Pioli?

          Thats Thinking like Chelsea’s dumb owner

          1. Did he need to bring Musah as a right back to keep up with Mbappe and Kvaratskhelia ? If a player is fast you can deal with him with specific instructions, and we were already winning anyways so no need to commit to attack.
            It didn’t workout ? that’s on pioli as well. You bring a player and he doesn’t do well that’s on you.
            And if this game was his only mistake that will be fine, but we didn’t win a single, I repeat, A SINGLE serie A game in over a month.
            How can you still defend all of this ?

          2. Because I know that sacking him for freaking Igor Tudor or promoting Abate isnt a solution, its a panic response which fans like you love to do

            Already forgot about Inzaghi Seedorf and Gattuso seasons or are you just too young to remember?

          3. Are you aware that you can comment to an opinion without being personal or you didn’t lean that ?
            I don’t say that pioli should necessarly be sacked right now, he should have been sacked before summer.
            Now unfortunately we have to wait, and maybe deal with the fact that season we won’t be winning anything or even qualify to the next UCL.
            But if we bring a new coach right now, we should be patient with him and instruct him to focus on building a competitive team and try to reach 4th place.
            But that’s just my opinion

          4. Because we are pretty much skydiving now.
            We were FIRST more than a month ago, and then we saw the first place going to 3 points from us to 6 points and now maybe even 9 points.
            And we’re playing Fiorentina next, and let’s not forget Atalanta and Sassuolo.

          5. You continue to try to defend the indefensible, and try to insult your way to an “argument.” Pioli IS to blame for a significant amount of our problems, and more importantly, he doesn’t learn from his mistakes. He’s not responsible for everything that is wrong with our side, but he IS responsible for much of it.

            As an aside, your comment about immaturity is ironic, since you argue like a spoiled child. Even when you post intelligent comments, and you do sometimes, your constant penchant for insults makes you look less intelligent than you clearly are.

            Best regards, all.

      2. Lecce and Udinese has higher Xg coef. Au usual after second goal . Did Milan have any idea how to play? Just long balls… Everyone see that Rejnders was tired, why not replace him by Adli? What was idea to bring Jovic in the situation when team did not know how to deliver ball to Lecce side? Agree personal mistakes but team plays how coach tell to play….

    2. Lol and who put Adli in a defensive mid position when he is a Atacking Mid ? Or who put Musah in a RB position when he is a mid. Suprice suprice when someone dosent have certain skills and you force him in a position in which those skills are needed he is going to make blunders. Why not play Leao as a LB instead of LW next game and complain that he is playing bad, does that make sense lol.

      1. Every player needs to defend even a striker like Giroud trackback and defends. If Adli plays as AM then he also needs to defend. Again, can’t blame Pioli that Adli sucks at defending and made a blunder.

        And did you even watch the match? Musah mistakes doesn’t have anything to do with Pioli sub him as RB. Lecce first goal was because Musah can’t mark Sansone and the 2nd goal it was him tried to get through 3 Lecce players in our own half and failed.

        Also. Leao trackback and defends well like a LB against PSG.

        Next time think first before you wrote dum* comment.

        1. Lol so someone running back to help is the same as someone being a defender according to you. Also do you really belive that Leao can be a LB? How can you not understand that someone can’t mark like a defender cause he is not a defender. Its that simple. Can Messi mark same as Maldini ? Can’t even belive that i need to explain this to someone and you are talking about stupid comments lol.

  8. Pioli is coaching himself out of his job. Vs Napoli he cost us the game with his substitutions. Vs Lecce today he cost us the game with his substitutions. He must be one of few coaches in top fotball whos changes makes things worse rather then better.

    Why Musah was picked at right back instead of an obviously fit Florenzi is beyond me. Florenzi is limited, but hes experience and its his position. At half time Musah or Adli should had come on, but instead of Pobega and Florenzi instead of Calabria.

    1. Florenzi wouldn’t keep up with Banda. Musah had the pace, but not the the defensive organization. I see why Pioli brought him in. Instead I think they just had to keep double teaming him. Because eventually he moved to the other side from which he scored.

      1. Pace is not a reason to not put Florenzi in there. Calabria doesn’t have great pace either but we stopped Mbappe because you use good positioning and have other players help out. Also if you are worried about the pace of the other team, you can play a deeper line like they did against PSG, especially after you are up 2-0. Every decision Pioli made was wrong. Did anyone feel confident when they saw this starting lineup? I saw a draw coming, but I thought it would be 0-0 or 1-1, but the fact that this coach does not know how to protect a 2 goal lead is unbelievable. And not against Napoli this time but against Lecce ! Totally unacceptable.

  9. We didn’t win a single league game in over a month.
    We have amassed 2 points in our last 4 games.
    We couldn’t keep the lead against a team like Lecce.
    We were first during the last international break, we might become fourth, 9 points away from the lead during this one.
    Please, please stop defending Pioli.

  10. Waiting for pioli lovers
    You know who you are lol

    Don’t worry, somehow pioli will manage to have a win against dortmund and then he will be off the hook again, just like he always did

        1. This guy is doubling down on Pioli after blowing another 2 goal lead, he can’t be serious haha. When was the last time we won in the league?

          1. Even if we keep dropping points these pioli lovers will still say something like “the season still long” “Are you better than a scudetto winning coach? ” “Don’t blame your team” or “go support other team if you can’t support Milan when they’re losing”

          2. Haha I know. I literally come to these blogs to read the comments from Boulden and Maldini Heir and listen to their delusional excuses and reasoning now haha.

        2. Imagine supporting your team week in and week out….

          Oh sorry according to you the ‘team’ is different to the manager and players of the ‘team’. A brand name perhaps.

  11. Certainly Pioli deserves some blame here. But our weak mentality and inability to close out games is most worrisome. Ibra can’t come soon enough, we are not mature enough.

    1. I agree with you. THat’s what they are bringing ibra back in for. Pioli can’t fix the mental aspect. But he did reinvigorate the team for the PSG… so I don’t know if his effects are just too short lived or what.

  12. The worst part is that some of us saw this coming a season ago. We only made it to 4th place cause Juventus was punished. Pioli should have been sacked in the summer. Now saddly its more complicated cause there arent many good coaches avaliable. Terrible call from the new management.

    1. There is Maldini Heir’s who will insist that we were 4th and not 5th because Pioli knew that juventus had points deducted and acted accordingly. And also that we reach semi-finals and then side-step the fact that we were humiliated by a very beatable team in that same semi-final.

      1. Don’t forget that he also said we shouldn’t sell our players like messias and salaemaker and praising krunic every chance he gets

        1. To be honest, the way Chukuweze is currently playing is almost making me miss Messias, almost.
          Messias for all his limitations, was a straight to the point type of player, didn’t try fancy manoeuvers and was able to get a decent pass accross or a goal.
          Now maybe, given some time, Chukuweze will finally justify why we spent so much on him, but until now, he’s below average, if not mediocre.

        2. Last week he said “are you suggesting we fire the coach of the third placed team in serie A”.. we will soon be fifth, waiting to hear what he says then..

    With the international break coming, this is the perfect time to replace this mediocre coach.
    Some people defend this clown like he is Capello or Ancelotti.
    They keep using the fluke scudetto to justify keeping him. That’s the only trophy this bum has won in his career, and that will be the only trophy he will ever win.
    Get rid of him already.
    Missing on top 4 and UCL money will cost Milan a lot more than the 4 million they have to pay Pioli to sit at home.
    There is no gift from the courts coming this season to save Milan from finishing out of top 4 as last year.
    Fire him and all of his strength and conditioning staff. No team has more injuries than Milan under Pioli

    1. Stop it with the Fire Pioli chants, for crying out loud. There isn’t anyone decent and experienced enough to take over from Pioli MIDSEASON!

      1. Crazy idea – Graham Potter.

        Beautiful football pre Chelsea.
        Chelsea was shown to be a good job done by him.
        Should be up and coming coach but hit the grinder of Todd Bouley madness.

        Wishful thinking – Zindane

      2. A coach who loses to udinese, loses 2 goal leads in 45 minutes twice, and manages to bring dead teams to life is worse than having an interim caretaker. He always finds new ways of making Milan look mediocre. It’s better we experience this under a novice than this pep wannabe

  14. I agree with these ratings. But Pobega and Krunic were the worst, because unlike Musah they played in their natural positions. Neither one of them can pass accurately. Musah, goes without saying had an awful game. At fault for both goals. Giroud though…. What are you doing?!

    Milan need to desperately fix these second half collapsed. 2-0 up in the second half should have just sat back and controlled the game instead of this frenetic pace they were playing with. These mental lapses are costly… Pioli needs to steady the team and hire a God Damn mental coach or something, man. COme On.

  15. I have always defend Mr. Pioli when the team was in obvious depletion of one quality player or the other due to sales or release of players without adequate cover but since last season and this season the situation of Mr.Pioli had been a suspicious one as someone above had managed to defined his person as an apparent gambler.

    Watching the game, it has been difficult for me define the definite role of Pobega on pitch and likewise Krunic and we have a known talented Midfield genius rotting on the bench and yet he claimed to be adopting Pep system for AC Milan but players of Krunic and Pobega quality will never make Pep or Klopp bench let alone first eleven.

    I was expecting the inept Pioli to replace Pobega with either Musah or Adli few minutes after the restart and probably replace Tijjani later in the game with either of the same players and give him a breather but boom our eccentric tactician amazed me with a substitution that would make Cruyff turn in his grave,Musah for Calabria when Florenzi is hale and hearty when the Midfield was sapped in energy with short-one in Pogeba and 0.5 in Krunic, Which invariably mean AC Milan had been playing with just one midfielder for over one hour, what a manager we have in Mr. Pioli the master tactician,it’s time to go.

    In conclusion, like it was stated above, Mr Pioli is gambler who gambled his way into winning Scudetto and now he has been exposed has the fraud he is,I believe any negative result after this error because it’s obviously not a mistake should culminate in his sacking.

  16. At this point I’m not even going to comment about the starting lineup. Whatever it is I can go along with it as it’s Lecce after all. But getting a two goal lead and you have Krunic and Pobega in the starting XI and you DON’T park the bus (cater to their attributes) and counter with two great pacey wingers in Okafor and Chukwueze (cater to their attributes)…come on bro. This is why Juve are perennial winners of Serie A. Score 1, defend and counter. There’s absolutely no shame in not conceding (defending) and scoring more goals (counter attacking). We don’t have to dominate all the time, especially when our players have been spent mid week. Smh
    And we rode our luck, that last goal by Lecce should have stood. Pioli got saved by VAR.
    This is not the sign of a big team. All these art.icles about turning a corner and recovering after a bad spell were too forced. If we won consistently the next 5 games after PSG then sure that’s a turnaround. But to “lose” against Lecce is pretty much back to the same old same old. A proper team would ensure a victory after be.ating the big team of PSG midweek. Can’t beat PSG and lose to Lecce next smh.
    Forget the starting XI, but Musah as a right back? Come on bro. He cost us both goals smh.. failed to mark his man on the corner for the first and failed to put the ball out on the second (that’s probably a midfielder thing, a defender would know he’s last man) . And we had Florenzi in the team 🤦‍♂️..can’t play Bartesaghi as LB but puts Musah at RB when one is on the bench smh. And brings on Jovic was invisible and leaves Adli on the bench. Someone said if Adli is still here in January, then he has no ambition. And I agree with that sentiment. You can’t be overlooked especially when your attributes call for the game. Sure when we’re up 2-0 Pobega and Krunic are fine but chasing a goal and you need a distributor and you still have a sub to make and don’t bring on the best distributor for the ball then something’s really really wrong. Time for Adli to be appreciated elsewhere because clearly our current coach doesn’t value him enough. And Adli also doesn’t value himself.
    I’d rather play Camarda or another youth than Jovic tbh at this point. We should be seeing some progress at this point from Jovic. The backline with proper defenders were fine as usual. Usual shout outs to Tomori who has been in insane form. But the game plan was atrocious and worse yet the managing of the scoreline was abysmal. We wrestled a draw from the jaws of victory. Game was going so well and we really should have put it to bed with a third .

    1. I think if you take a look at any 10 min of the second half you’ll see the back was very disorganized.

      I am not sure it was the players. I _think_ we tried to switch formation and the midfield was simply not providing any sort of cover.

      1. That second half the defence was clearly different to the first half. At least in the first half we had some semblance of defensive play. But Musah at RB was a horrendous decision. He was clearly out of his depth and caused alot of problems for the others. Even video games penalize you for doing something like that 😂 and it showed

  17. Pulisic’s goals +/- is incredible, no team in the league has scored against Milan with him on the pitch since the match against Cagliari on Sept 27.

    Obviously part of this is coincidence, but I don’t think all of it is. I don’t think Milan would have coughed up the lead with Leao and Pulisic on the pitch since they threaten and keep the ball.

    This milan team is mentally weak, part of which is attributable to the coach but part to the players. Out of the squad I would say that only Calabria and Pulisic are leaders, Calabria being vocal and Pulisic calm.

    1. Another point: Chukweze might be the most one-footed player I’ve ever seen. Pioli made poor substitutions, but the drop-off from the first-choice 11 when healthy is just enormous, and part of that is down to the poor quality of Pobega, Krunic, Okafor, and Chukweze.

      1. Okafor have been decent, was also instrumental in our goals today. Chuk on the other hand have not showed up yet, not a single good thing I can point to.

    2. As an American I apologize to Milan fans for Musah’s performance today. I know Pioli played him out of position but he must do better. Pulisic he is a leader by example but he is a quiet person and new to Milan’s dressing room. That +/- stat for Pulisic is something I noticed too and agree its is a coincidence with a bit of truth behind it. Calabria is a warrior on the pitch and deserves all the praise he gets. I like Giroud fire on the pitch and will miss him against Fiorentina.

      1. Take it easy, no need to apologise, Musah is a 20 years old and has played many games in a row in whatever position he is asked. He made two bad mistakes, but he is not the reason for the current run of poor form or even the only one responsible for today’s loss.

        1. you are right. Musah is young and has never had a run of games like this at Valencia. I hope he grows because he has great potential. For country he plays very good at 8 or in double pivot. I will be cheering for him against Trinidad and Tobago on 16th and 20th.

      2. Musah made mistakes, but on the first goal a mistake was made clearing the ball before it go to him.

        On the second goal there were three behind and Theo was flopping around. Goal came from his side.

        Musah is defn a contributing factor. However his team didn’t cover for him knowing he was out of position.

        Look at PSG. Mbappe touched the ball and poof Reinjders was there to double team. Musah should have had cover in the unfamiliar position

        But IMO more puzzling is not using Flo. Yes he would struggle on pace, but use a midfielder to double like PSG.

        Again Musah screwed up but damn I have a hard time getting angry when the guy plays any position asked and hustles every moment he is in the pitch.

  18. It’s stupid Pioli who gifted the draw and not Musah. Playing him RB in second half is one of the worst moves I’ve ever seen in my life .he’s the only manager who find a way to get fuc**ed after leading 2-0

    If he’s got an ounce of dignity he should resign and take that Krunic with him, since he came back no seria A win

  19. Can Krunic and Pobega retire after this match and never play football again? How can we lose 2 goals lead again and this time not vs Napoli but Lecce. This is unbelievable.

  20. I maintain that a bad transfer strategy in midfield have really weakened this team, but losing to Udinese and Lecce (we were very lucky with the VAR decision) in the manner that we did are down to the coach. Udinese had not won a single match until they played us. Lecce have not won in six or seven matches. The players should take some blame as well but Pioli has made strange decisions in these matches. After firing Maldini and Massara, selling Tonali, and spending 100 million, the least we expect is a Scudetto from these owners. Now, we are talking about top four, firing the coach, and January signings. It’s sad because we saw the positives against PSG and Napoli despite all the injuries.

  21. Forget about the limited ability of Pobega, Krunic and Jovic etc.

    The fault for this game, we deserved to lose is on 2 people.

    1. Theo Hernandez – He should be suspended by the club for sitting on the ground while the other team scored, I’m furious with him and his terrible attitude and cheating
    (please see Milan v PSG for an example of what happens when you stop playing because someone is faking injury).
    If we need to sell a big name player in summer it should be him. I say this having been a huge fan of his.

    2. Pioli – I generally defend him but this has become farcical!
    Why start Calabria and Leao given we have excellent alternatives and they both run themselves into the ground a few days ago?

    Musah for Calabria – stupid
    Jovic coming on when we needed pace in attack – Stupid (unless it was for Giroud)

    We can never kill games off, why? Get the 3rd goal!!

    To our glorious scouting team – Did you ever go and watch Chucky play?
    He looks as bad an investment as CDK. He is totally 1 footed and his goal stats have always been poor. Awful

    Why on earth Okafor, who looks really really good never plays or Adli who also has great talent is a mystery.
    Not looking forward to the next game when 1 of our centre backs is out and we probably have Pobega playing there.
    10 points dropped in 4 games – disgraceful!!!!

    I’m so mad

  22. Every game i see we have Kruninho in the starting 11 i am done.This dude cant pass a trough ball,if someone of you remember thelast minutes of the game,Okafor free as a bird on a left wing and Kruninho the bosnian legend trys to pass a trough ball to him and failed so hard that we almost conceded a goal in Lecce counter.Cursed be they day that we declined Fenebahce offer for him….

  23. Krunic and Slowbega horrible as usual. Pioli continues to show how stupid he is. How can anyone still defend these bums?

    When is the wedding?

  24. Chuk is slowly but surely going down the CdK path. And I also rate CdK higher, he’s more versatile. Chuk is one trick pony. Useless player. Remember us before Ibra came? We’re back at it.

    1. It’s funny how everyone blamed Maldini for that transfer window catastrophe of 2022.
      He was never the scout.

      Moncada and his team come up with these guys, and they found some good young players.
      But CDK and Chucky 32m and 30m look like complete busts. That’s over 60m we have invested in these guys in just over a year and we have nothing to show for it, what’s more, they both look unsellable

    2. And now Atalanta don’t even play CDK anymore smh. That experiment has ended. So he’ll be shipped back to us

      PS we PAID for Chuk, at least Origi was zero cost except wages

  25. I can’t believe we didn’t win this game at 2 up. Stupid players, stupid coach. They really need to wake up and get there act together. Any top side would’ve have seen this game out comfortably but these fools always lose the plot. Everyone is talking about Banda like he’s world class but he could’ve been stopped with the right tactics and substitutions. Pioli is weak on all fronts and this filters down to the team. Theo is selfish and should stop with the dramatics and think only of the team, Tomori dwells on the ball far to much and should get the ball moving quickly, Reijnders wastes too many attacks and can’t shoot with any conviction, Chukwueze seems to be a limited talent and has no game. Krunic and Pobega really are the worst of the worst, It’s absolute torture watching these 2 in action. Pioli is the daddy of all donkeys and someone needs to drag him out of this club asap. Every time I see him on the sidelines he makes me feel like we’re going to get screwed.

  26. The previous leadership and experience of Kjaer and Ibrahimovic is greatly missed in games like this and the one against Napoli. Second half is partly the result of mental collapse, which maybe could have been avoided with clear leadership on the field.
    Mental fatigue from the PSG-game should not be underestimated.
    Musah showing his inexperience, which should be expected. He is still growing.
    Chukwueze needing more time to adapt is evident.
    The confidence of some players is visibly hurting after weeks of poor results and criticisms which to me was evident during the game.
    The players and the coach are hurting badly atm and they need the support of the fans now more than ever.

    1. I think one of the issues has been some of the players do not seem to be hurting!
      Too many soloists in the orchestra

      We do miss leadership badly, Ibra, Maldini, Kjaer, Romagnoli,even Kessie and Tonali had those qualities

  27. Again a complete joke of a rating.
    My suggestion before you rate anything just go see the stats, please!
    Pioli and his decision to play Musah as LB has cost us the match and that is it!
    Pobega was our best defensive midfielder. Excellent match from him and he got second rating in the team statistically after Rejndees and Chuku (7.07 with most shots on target 2 out of 2, 4 tackles won second only to Tomori, and most intercepts in the team: 3) He also gave a KeyPass to Leao but unfortunatelly that was when Leao stopped running and was subbed, could be a goal)
    Rejnders — best on the field and his best match for Milan so far, also finally scored. Yes he probably shoul’ve pass to Pobega who was alone in front of the goal (hello to all the people to whom he cant run))) but his shot was still good attempt and hit the post. (2 shots, 2 on target, 2 key passes)
    Chuku was very active and got an assist. He also tried to shoot (3 attempts, 1 on target) and was active defencively.

    Bottom line your ratings are total cr@p. Sorry.

    1. Whoever is doing the ratings is either not watching the games or has no real understanding of football. Even modern stats only paint a partial picture but they should be taken into account, like you said.

  28. If you look at Pioli’s career, it’s obvious he’s a mediocre coach who has no business coaching at a top club. The Scudetto was a fluke. It was due to the brilliance of Zlatan, Giroud, Leao, etc. and a lot of luck. Once Simone Inzaghi figured things out and Napoli and Juve strengthened, we faded from the Scudetto race and even from top 4. Not sure if we can get an experienced coach though…

  29. Hard to understand why Pioli played Musah out of position as RB instead of Florenzi who is a natural RB. Musah caused both Lecce goals. That’s on Pioli. Not Musah’s fault who was out of position.

    Hard to understand why Ruben Loftus-Cheek was not subbed in for Pobega. Maybe he’d have repeated some of his PSG magic and we wouldn’t have conceded the draw. This is also on Pioli.

    Krunic has been bad for many games now and Pioli keeps playing him. This is also on Pioli.

    Giroud is a great guy, I love him, but he was extremely stupid today, getting expelled for dissent and for offending the ref which can actually be punished by up to a 4-game ban. Our guys must be more professional and stop hurting the team due to not being able to control themselves when they disagree with the ref. It’s well-known that Serie A refs don’t deal well with dissent (EPL refs are much calmer in this regard). So, guys, stop being stupid! That’s actually also on Pioli who should be very tough and hard on players who do this, but he actually finds excuses for them like he excused Theo when he got suspended for 5 silly yellow cards.

    At this point I am very frustrated with Pioli and joining the “fire Pioli” crowd although I understand it shouldn’t happen mid-season for lack of a suitable alternative. But I certainly don’t have any desire to see Pioli still coaching Milan next season.

  30. Jovic shouldn’t even be on the bench any longer. He is completely useless. He is worse than Origi who at least tries. Bringing Jovic in is just like having a player expelled and playing a man down because a traffic cone would contribute more than Jovic. We should not keep trying to use Jovic just because we have him. He is a failure and total bust.

    Chuk did poorly in terms of dribbling and trying to score but actually did place the ball in some dangerous positions for our offense, creating some opportunities. He wasn’t the worst one of the pitch. Bringing Jovic for him was a mistake that made us toothless. Again, this is on Pioli.

  31. The Coach is not learning,he have to study to upgrade his level, how can you make subs anyhow. Musah is not right back but introducing him, Jovic for what? He should learn at least?

  32. so another typical Krunic game: make 3 defensive plays early, fail ALL of his forward passes and become invisible the rest of the match as he hides behind opposing attackers to not get the ball. How can this shit player still be our starter and play the whole match after everyone but our coach refuses to see that he offers nothing? Also, the first goal was on him as he failed to contact the ball before the first contact.

    Then we have his lover with the usual stupid decisions like playing Musah at RB, Jovic at RW… This club is wasting a lot of potential


  34. Another draw against Lecce.

    All of that activity this summer and another draw against Lecce.

    All that activity over lots and lots of summers we’ve drawn against lots and lots of Lecce’s.

    No matter the manager, no matter the players, we always seem to drop points to Lecce’s.

    Are we better than Lecce?

    Does it require us to sack the manager to beat Lecce?

    Does it require lots of new signings – DEPTH – to beat Lecce?

    For me the notion that all these radical new signings are somehow next level players is exactly the reason we struggle to beat Lecce.

    Because the entire mentality is predicated on the notion that there are these huge gaps in ability between players, that a player like Sansone is somehow vastly inferior to these wonderful new Milan signings.

    But the gaps are not that vast. Games come down to inches/moments.

    This whole mentality causes a drop in focus in these decisive games. The fanfare of this summer’s transfers leads to arrogance and a lack of focus so when we play teams like Lecce they “surprise” us.

    I don’t want to write off Chuka as he’s only been with us for 5 mins but would Saelemaekers have been any worse out there?

    We don’t really know Chuka from Adam. He played in another league where according to his YouTube reel he seemed to do some amazing things but there was never any guarantees he could reproduce that in Serie A. How many examples do we need of players struggling to adapt?

    There was no need to speculate with Saelemaekers. He was a known quantity, a player who had been part of the Scudetto winning side. But, no, everyone was convinced he was not a “good enough”. And if you don’t think Saelemaekers is “good enough” then you don’t think Sansone is “good enough” even when he’s scored a ton of goals against you.

    This is how Galacticos become unstuck.

    This all starts at the top. The owners down. Their lack of discipline and focus this summer has a resulted in a lack to discipline and focus from the manager and the players.

    Pioli will eventually be sacked (as most managers are). The players will eventually be flipped and bartered for new players. What to do about the owners?

        1. Both comments are as insightful as ever.

          And remarkably fail to address single one of my points.

          So why did you respond???

          Why do you support a club where you hate the manager and the players?

          Why do you respond to comments with irrelevant nonsense?

          Why do you bother?

  35. Just to be clear, Pioli will not be sacked because, again, we are third and might go fourth after this weekend, and managers of 3rd and 4th placed teams don’t tend to get sacked.

    So those insulting the MILAN manager and players are, well, are insulting MILAN because MILAN is the manager and the players.

    This is was stupid result but it’s not the first stupid result involving Milan and is actually the most normal thing in the world for Milan to drop points against teams like Lecce.

    That’s why we only have one Scudetto in 10 years and why we struggled to qualify for the champions league for most of those years.

    When we sacked Allegri he went on to win back to backs with Juve and Milan hired Seedorf.

    During that period we saw numerous players move between Milan and Juve and remarkably turn into completely different players.

    Bonucci, Matri and Borriello won titles with Juve and struggled with Milan but nobody put two and two together.

    When Allegri went to Juve he said the conditions at Juve made success easier.

    Well the CONDITIONS at Milan are we sacked Maldini and sold Tonali and replaced half the squad the same year that Ibra retired. I wouldn’t say that’s the most stable CONDITIONS would you?

    In the summer I made comparisons with the 17/18 revolution. If this season goes the same way can we at least try and learn something?

  36. We are all on the fire Pioli train and with good reason. Like I said many times before we have PEAKED with him and will NOT get any better as a team. He is a motivational coach better with younger players. However, that wears off over time especially as the players grow older and what you then need is a coach that understands tactics and can manage a live game. Sadly he has not demonstrated the ability to consistently do that over the course of his career (Milan is his longest coaching stop if I am not maitaken). He often gets outclassed and outcoached by many other tactical coaches regardless of whether they are coaching bigger clubs or smaller ones. Now of course We won’t fire him during the season in the middle of a UCL qualification race – but we definitely should come summer no matter if we end up qualifying for top 4 or not. There is no more growth coming from the players and that is what Pioli is primarily there for – to develop and harness all these younger cheaper players talents.

    Now we can all blame Pioli and think that will solve ALL our problems. BUT that would be untrue. It is time to start pointing the finger at MANAGEMENT. Thus far they are getting a pass. The FALSE narrative is that they had the perfect summer transfer window and it’s ALL the coaches fault it’s not working as expected. This is a naive view and fails to allocate blame where it is also due: MANAGEMENT. Chuk looks like a bust. Where are the CDK-type screams from the Furlani lovers over chuk’s signing??? Who is to blame for securing Jovic as our striker over Thuram, Lukaku, Taremi???? Where is our back-up LB?? RB??? Who decided to sign Pelligrino and thought he could contribute this season??? Who’s decision was it to fire Maldini and NOT REPLACE him with another respected and experienced locker room presence straight away – another “shield” to help Pioli deal with the players and management like Maldini had done? Who’s decision was it to foolishly give Pioli all the power and think he was capable of doing it all (tactics, dealing with players, media, management, transfers, formations, etc…) by himself??? And now because they realized that was a huge mistake – they are begging for Ibra’s return? (Mark my words – Ibra’s return will be either BOOM or BUST. He will either help motivate the team and inspire them or it could go the complete opposite way). Who’s fault is all of this??? MANAGEMENT = FURLANI. As smart and as skilled as I’m sure Furlani is – the one thing he doesn’t have is EXPERIENCE playing the game or in the locker room like Maldini did. It’s easier to sign players than it is to understand how these new players fit within the culture of a current team that went all the way to the semi-finals of the UCL. Yes new signings take time to gel and integrate into the team – but these signings many rejoiced over – are not having the impact many thought they would. Now I am happy we finally signed players (albeit at the expense of a major sale in Tonali) – BUT let’s be honest. How much did we really spend AFTER the Tonali $$ was used up? 35M maybe 40M?? And how have those signing contributed to the team thus far?

    Some fans were going crazy when we signed Luka Romero lol. They said Furlani was “cooking”. That is all I heard we were “cooking” all summer with all these new signings (10 plus) and all were amazing. Truth be told save for Reinjders – the “Maldini” players – RLC, Pulisic and Sportiello are the ones who have contributed the most and the other “Furlani” signings – Chuk, Jovic, Pelligrino, Romero, deciding to bring Pobega back, have not. Musah has been up and down as expected – but in fairness has been more positive than negative (save for this Lecce game) and Okafor despite two tap in goals has been nothing special. We spent 60M plus on midfielders yet we still have no consistent service to our forwards and still have holes at DM. Whose fault is that??? Nobody seems to mention the weakness of our market as a reason for our poor form. The fact we are STILL relying on a 37 yrs old striker to lead the line and play every 3 games is astonishing and shows the ineptness of this management team. Where are the fire Furlani chants lol from the Maldini haters lol? Now I am in no way saying we were better off with Maldini than Furlani – what’s done is done and we move on. However what I am saying is that the same level of criticism that was hurled at previous management should also be thrown at current management. The same set of standards should apply. Nobody should get a pass – not Maldini nor Furlani.

    I am not fan of Pioli. I thank him for what he has done – he along with Maldini – brought us back to relevance. However that is as far as he will take us with this team. If we are serious about going to the next level we need a coach who constantly gets his tactics right and can adjust in game. Period. BUT let’s also not pretend that JUST firing the coach will cure all our troubles. This team has MANY HOLES that were simply NOT addressed by this current management team – and until they are – a coaching change (although warranted) will not solve all our problems.

    1. I agree with a lot of that (although Pioli is terrible with young players (see CDK and Adli) and far better with experienced ones (see Kjaer, Ibra and Giroud!).

      I also think it’ll be hard to find a better manager. Certainly now. But generally. The fact is there’s no many managers out there capable of delivering trophies. By definition if they represent the cream. I’d love a Klopp but we’re not likely to get a Klopp.

      I’m open to suggestions. Who should we hire instead?

      1. Well Leao, Theo, Tonali Thiaw, etc…we’re all young and he helped them develop so you have to give him creator for that. CDK and Adli – seems to have been the victims of a power struggle with Maldini. But overall he’s done good with the majority of the younger players. However, those core players are no longer that young and to take the next step I believe we need a new coach who knows tactics and can adjust them during the game when the opposing coach has countered your moves. Who that is I don’t know. We aren’t spending big $$ on any famous coaches nor do I think they will want to come to us under a limited transfer budget. I say limited because we only really spent 35-40M on transfers. The rest was the money re-invested from the Tonali sale. sums in the transfer market in previous years (30-40M per year) was also minimal. So it will probably be a young coach. De Zebri isn’t leaving the EPL for us and the huge salary cut we will want him to take. I also don’t see us hiring a coach that will demand we spend $$$ on transfers like a Conte. So it will be interesting to see what happens. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they kept Pioli till the end of his deal and sell more players along the way and start a new cycle again


        1. He did develop those players in fairness over the time.

          However, unlike say Montella and Mihajlović (RIP) he didn’t really introduce any youth players.

          It won’t surprise you that I couldn’t care less about transfer budgets. We have whatever money we have there’s no point moaning about it.

          If a manager needs billions to compete then he can go to Saudi Arabia.

          It feels like when Pioli goes it will be the end of this period of progress and then back to the drawing board. So we may as well get someone who is going to be part of a long term project preferably capable of developing youth players given our limited budget.

          1. True
            I think that since we will never be able to compete financially with the likes of Real Madrid, PSG and the EPL clubs, we might as well try to get the most out of our young players.
            We seem to have a promising bunch (Simic, Bartesaghi, Traoré ), Colombo seems to be doing well and perhaps Camarda will turn out to be the next big thing.
            So might as well spend money on a coach who is known to get the most out of young players, give him time and an easy to meet objectif for a season and see how it will turn out.

    2. @ Juro bro can you post this in every article from now on lol. I wanted to touch on the management side of things seeing as “enough” games have passed by. I was waiting for a few more games to give judgement. It’s utterly frustrating after the summer’s back and forth with posters here about transfers, firing of Maldini and general sentiment attributed to what management has done. It really boggles my mind that ppl think we did some crazy improvement in the squad – yes RW was upgraded, seemingly now with only 1 player- otherwise it’s not been as great as people think. People shun other people by proclaiming this was the best transfer window in a decade smh while other (likely veteran) fans had to just watch this farce take place with shock. When things like injury histories are brought up, ppl get defensive. People even preempted any blame for their own hype by telling people “you’re just waiting for an injury to happen” ….yes we’re telling you now so later on when it happens dont be surprised. And what do we have now…the same two,.albeit game changers, injured. Anyways I’m too far into the weeds here..point being really, it just boggles my mind the level of confidence and enthusiasm for these signings simply from YouTube highlights and the lack of substantive reasoning from fans on these signings.
      Case in point Reinjders who arrived from AZ in a league much lower than ours. They hype placed on dude was phenomenal it I watched actual games, wrote a piece and got slayed (where is Giancarlo btw haha). Dude never played in serie A but I’m led to believe somehow he’s better than Tonali last year?? Or last year’s midfield?? Not to say he’s bad but I wouldn’t make certain assumptions on a player who doesn’t play on the top 5 leagues.
      Anyways, if we don’t improve on our situation compared to last year, what happens? Fire Furlani like they did Maldini? (highly unlikely) . Moncada? Moncada should realize this is not Monaco. The stakes are bigger.. more eyes are on your decisions. I don’t know really. But it’s telling the way fans get swept away and it will happen again next summer

    3. You made a lot of good points in your post and like IKWYDLS said, perhaps you should post it in every article from now on.
      While I don’t like to judge players too quickly (it took Tonali a whole season to become a good player and CDK seems to be doing well with Atalanta), at this point, at this moment in time, the only compartiment where we were able to get an upgrade is the right wing (with only one player so far). We failed to reinforce the striker position, the defense, to bring new fullbacks, and while we stacked the midfield, we pretty much only brought offensive/central type of midfielders, no one as a DM and the midfield didn’t seem to improve neither offensively nor defensively overall.
      Now, you can’t reasonably expect every new signing to shine, and the blame is also on Pioli for failing to find a good formula and of course the players themselves (I’m looking at you Theo), but the management is certainly to blame here.
      What was the recruiting strategy ? Why bring so many midfielders and none in the position needed ? Was the scouting doing with Chukuweze ? Why allow Colombo to leave to end up with Jovic ? Was Okafor recuited as a Giroud or as Leao’s deputy ?
      Maldini was sacked but in the end the team ended up with no leaders and no direction.

  37. What is the point of Okafor if he couldn’t replace Leao for this game?

    I rarely bash Pioli but he seems to have brought this on himself.

    Now, I accept that Okafor looked so bad that I thought an A-League player was out there but that’s after the event.

    Leao was facing games for Portugal, too, and was coming off the heat of the PSG game a few days after coming up against Festy which is a physical battle.

    The point of having a squad is to rotate. Hell, give Traore a go if Okafor’s training didn’t warrant a start. Give him the first 45 and the reassess. It’s the wing, FFS, and we don’t rely on Leao to track back.

  38. Otherwise, and as I see it, the mental fragility of this team stems from the players being thought of too highly.

    I don’t think they’re as fragile as they are lazy and self satisfied. I don’t know who to blame for that.

    Professionals shouldn’t need the coach to keep their heads in the game for more than 30 minutes.

    It’s weak personalities that are satisfied with mediocrity. It’s probably not enough of a focus in recruiting.

    I’ve watched enough different sport for long enough now to know that the good version of an inconsistent team is not the real team, it’s not ‘us’. Milan is the average of the side that produces the tripe against Udinese and Lecce either side of the PSG game.

    ‘PSG is us’ is what weak, flaky teams tell themselves to convince themselves to perform once in every 4 games.

    1. The mental fragility is directly linked to this summer madness.

      We did the two worst things this summer:

      a) sacked Maldini who was a proven winner ; and
      b) got all excited about a load of new players (many of whom had never won anything).

      The combination meant we lost leadership at a time when the team was going through a revolution; and the team got an ego boost without the substance and also put a target on its back against the so called smaller teams.

      This whole notion that you can buy your way to the top is so misguided. Sure Man City have done this but it’s been part of a wider longer project that involves building a stable squad over an extended period.

      Very few teams have successfully integrated 10 new signings, and usually set themselves up as the team to beat without the stability to in fact win.

      1. Cardinale’s big mistake is not considering the fact that Maldini and Ibra were the leaders in the locker-room and that without them, the team will lose motivation, cohesion and unity.
        Pioli clearly cannot handle the team’s mentality, which is made obvious when you see how often the players were frustrated this year and how they openly criticized his substitutions and tactics.
        I love Calabria and Giroud’s mentalities, but they are not the leaders our locker room need.
        Now for the continuity, it’s true that there is a saying “you don’t change a winning team”, but a continuity with the 21/22 team was always gonna be difficult, Kessie’s case was mismanaged by Maldini, Bennacer is injury prone, Ibra retired, we were going to lose Diaz anyways and for Tonali, while I love him, this gambling case meant that he was gonna be unavailable anyways. Continuity also means keep your best players while improving the remaining positions. For example, from the 1999 scudetto, only Abbiatti, Maldini, Costacurta and Ambrosini were there in the 2003-2007 era, all the other big names (Sheva, Rui Costa, Kaka, Seedorf, Pirlo,..) came after and were sometimes big purchases.
        I’d say another big mistake I’d say is that it is clear Milan was never going to outbid EPL teams or PSG for a player, so might as well build a strategy around young players and FORCE Pioli to rely on them.
        To integrate 10 news signings is sure difficult in one season, but in my opinion, we still have no excuses to lose/draw against teams like Udinese, Lecce,… and give up 2 goals lead like we did recently.

  39. Said it before, will say it here again.
    Scudetto was a fluke.
    Ucl semis was due to easier opponents (and familiar opponent : napoli)
    Last season ucl qual was thanks to juve point deduction.

    Milan is still not the team they were in the early 2000s, the path is there to come back to be the great milan but the one holding milan back is pioli.

    He has reached his peak, he has overachieved himself, he has no more to offer beyond this point.

    1. Scudetti are never flukes and it was a sustained period of 2 years.

      Fans don’t downplay their own team’s successes or else what’s the point?

      What is this holy grail you’re seeking if you can’t even enjoy the Scudetto we did win?

  40. “Musah cost Milan the game.”

    How about the idiot that played Musah RB instead of Florenzi?
    The same idiot that thinks Krunic is a God and gives him chance after chance when basically everyone knows he shouldn’t be at the club.
    The same idiot plays Pobega when he has shown NONE of his Torino form.
    The same idiot who benches the only creative midfielder with passing ability for the above-mentioned.

    Pioli NEEDS to go.
    It’s not just this year. Don’t forget how embarrassing we were last season, especially Jan-Feb.

  41. Musah not marking sansone and we concede 1st goal and that has nothing to do with musah in RB position but there you go haters gonna hate.

    on the 2nd goal there is 4 people surrounding musah and instead off kick the ball long he tried to dribble and passing inside that surrounding enemy LOL. And to add theo just lying on the ground but he continue to play. Its not about the position but an ignorant decision that has nothing to do with his position.

    Its pure musah stupidity and none of the goal have anything to do with musah’s position but of course the haters will blame pioli, no surprise LOL.

    Pioli is not god coach level of course but i think he’s right about many of milan player not ready. thiaw with 2 fatal blunder against inter and PSG. adli with unnecesary foul that make a penalty for opponent, and now musah with the most stupid decision of all the new player.

    but in the end that unready player fault of course make the blame still goes to the pioli instead of gery who doesnt want to spend more money but invested in young player.

  42. There’s a lot of blame to go around and that is actually the most accurate thing. The players are massively to blame. They make millions to do a job and play a game and can’t keep focus while on the field, thats awful. The manager is to blame as his tactics and subs are almost always poor. And the management is to blame for getting rid of all Milan DNA, building an almost entirely foreign Milan, not getting rid of Pioli, signing far too many average players rather than 2-3 top players, and not even getting a Striker and a DM who we all knew we needed. In my opinion the blame here is shared, it’s not just on 1.

  43. This is an average, weak minded team apart from some standouts (Maignan, Tomori, Calabria, Theo, Leao, Bennacer). Mostly build with players that don’t understand what this club is.

    No DNA anymore, all about resale, capital gains, merchandising. They’re fashion models first, then footballers. Who cares about Scudetto when getting in top 4 and collect CL money is priority.

    The murican way.

  44. This season, we have better players but bad cohesion. We should work it out like 2019/2020 : More pressings & direct the ball faster to final third.

    We tend to play slower, maybe because we too confident with our new players’ dribbling ability. In fact, any dribbles don’t count if we didn’t get the key passes & xG.

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