Player Ratings: AC Milan 3-2 Inter – Leao outstanding; Giroud strikes again

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan claimed all three points in the Derby della Madonnina against Inter earlier this evening. There were several positive individual performances and down below are the player ratings for the Rossoneri. 

Starting XI

Maignan (8): He made a stunning save on Calhanoglu (which proved to be decisive) and also made a few other great saves towards the end. He was solid with his feet and also commanding in the air, making for a great performance.

Calabria (6): The way he leads the team cannot be ignored; he constantly reminds his teammates of what needs to be done. However, he struggled a few times defensively, including on Dzeko’s goal. But it was solid apart from that.

Kalulu (7.5): A very good display defensively by the Frenchman and his main quality is the high press. He’s not afraid to follow his man (which was needed today) and he’s also very strong in the duels.

Tomori (7): The former Chelsea man did really well, just like his partner at the back, playing well with his feet and winning many duels. He did lose the battle with Dzeko, though, on Inter’s second goal which put Milan in some difficulty.

Hernandez (7): It was typical that he got booked less than ten minutes into the game, but he managed himself afterwards to deny a second yellow. His contribution in attack was clear and he almost scored a screamer as well.

Bennacer (8): The way he handles the ball in possession is so impressive. There’s no doubt that this could be a very important season for him, and for Milan it’s essential to have him on the pitch with his vision.

Tonali (7.5): The derby is the perfect game for him, being a Milan fan, and we saw that on the pitch tonight. He’s not afraid to move with the ball and it’s always nice to see him charging past his man, always with the ball under control.

Messias (6): He had a few rough moments but ultimately earned himself a pass. His physical presence was important when Milan pressed high and often found themselves in duels.

De Ketelaere (6.5): It was a promising start from him but he somewhat faded as the game went on. His smartness will come in handy for Milan and it opened up a lot of space this evening, but he lost Brozovic on the goal even though his defensive efforts were generally good.

Leao (9 – MOTM): He decided the derby all by himself. The recent criticism from the media certainly hasn’t got to him, perhaps it has just fueled him. Tonight’s display was outstanding with two great goals and one assist as well.

Giroud (8.5): The derby man, the Inter killer; call him what you want. He was an important focal point for Milan this evening and his goal was a perfect example of what he brings to the team. He also got an assist for Leao.


Diaz (6.5): He lacked some focus at the start but improved as the game went on and ended up being important for Milan. He used his low centre of gravity to trouble Inter and allowed the Rossoneri to breathe a little.

Origi (6): He added energy and skill to Milan’s attack towards the end of the game. No goal to show for it, but he did what was needed.

Saelemaekers (6): Committed a few fouls but also added energy to the team when it was needed. And when Milan switched to three at the back, he was the perfect man to have as the RWB/RW.

Kjaer (N/A): He didn’t play enough to get a proper rating.

Pobega (N/A): He didn’t play enough to get a proper rating.

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      1. I’m glad Leao’s on our side, especially since we will play against Chelsea in a few days from now and they asked to buy him… the audacity!

    1. I’m here. Good game Leao, but he has to play like this consistently to get “whatever he asks for”. Showing up 50% of the time even if it’s for the big games is not good enough. To win championships you need to beat the small teams too. This is something better Milan sides in the past failed to do as well. We need consistency. The season is a marathon, not a sprint.

      1. Still here. Vero Rossonero said all that needs to be said. One match doesn’t change anything. Still ~40 left. Let’s hope he can continue like this instead of going back into the shadows.

    1. I really didn’t understand why it was Origi we had to bring into the team in the first place. Some analysts likened him to Giroud at Chelsea didn’t get too much goals but troubled defences and freed up other players). I don’t think they were right. He couldn’t be that influential and Klopp would still be going out to get strikers. He could have increased the goal gap if he had been kind enough to give Rafa that ball instead of trying to go through 3 Inter defenders. Haba! But I pray he gets his performance analysed to him and he makes the necessary changes for the good of the team.

  1. As the president of Leao haters, I want to pen an apology to the Leao cabinets and Leao himself……this is exactly what I expect from him, stick yourself in their faces, and utilise all your full potential.

      1. If he goes into hiding, then yeah, the bashing will continue. 7M Dollar Men cannot go hiding when others play. That’s the price for huge wages: you show up more often than not.

      1. I agree. You can’t have both your center backs being that aggressive, they are getting exposed way too much. Kjaer,Tomori is a more balanced combination. Plus Kalulu and Tomori are both weak in aerial duels and Kjaer is strong there. What Kjaer lacks in speed he makes up for with positioning and reading the game.

        1. That’s why a 3 at the back formation really intrigues me, kalulu and Tomori’s aggressiveness is balanced with Kjær in the CB

    1. How is Kalulu to be blamed? You don’t know what you’re talking about. For the first goal, the entire defense and midfield feel asleep. For the second goal, the ball was played in behind Calabria for the cross and Tomori was the one who lost a yard on Dzeko. Kalulu was excellent again.

    2. I don’t understand how Kalulu got the highest rating in our defence. He was out of position for the first goal and didn’t even reacted on the second to cut the cross. Calabria couldnt do much more for the second goal, it was a good pass from Inter and Calabria could only chase his man, you can’t tackle him in the box. Tomori lost Dzeko but Kalulu like i said didn’t even try to cut the cross and get in Dzeko way. That’s clear lack of concentration from Kalulu. However here by default Kalulu gets a high rating.

    3. It wasn’t Kalulu’s fault. Tonali should’ve blocked the passing lane. It was Tonali’s mispositioning that costed us that goal, mate.

  2. we conceded 2 goals and defence got high rating i dont know how it works leao critics should stop hope he can show consistency then i can say he should get 7m giroud is also doing great but we dont have to take easier opponents lightly. Hope tonali gets more and more better after this. Messias i hope he can help rw but i dont really think. CDK bro is 1st choice cam most ppl were saying adli wasnt chosen for ucl maybe if he impresses pioli he can be serie a starter and cdk for ucl. Again i get the feeling calabria is weaker then his mate on left like attacking wise maybe i am wrong sorry then. Great thriller of a game good result lets move on salzburg next.

  3. This Origi is an idiot, what was he thinking, he was just blasting and aging for himself, I thought Leao was selfish till I met this idiotic Origi, we could have gone up 4-2 of this man was good enough to at least pass…….let him sit his big old Head on the bench, he was terrible to watch

      1. Because Origi was terrible. I never saw him play in Liverpool. But if this is how he plays. Then I can’t see hem starting many games. Way too selfish. I hope Pioli will talk to him and get him to pass the ball more. If these were his instructions. Then fine. But to me it just looked like bad decision making. The only good things about his shots was that they were so bad that Inter couldn’t counter attack at least.

    1. Even tho he goes on hating on players randomly at times.. this time he is on point tho. lol It could’ve easily been 4-2 if Origi had just passed the ball. But then again, he is a striker, scoring is his job.

    1. If Krunic wasn’t injured, probably it was Krunic who subtituted CDK (it seems the subtitution was prompted by the yellow card).

    2. Lol, no chance – we were already under pressure and Diaz made plenty of tackles in our half and tracked back with the Inter midfield well. It was a good sub by Pioli at the right time.

      1. According to Pioli, Milan were in control for the first 70 minutes but then got to relaxed for the remainder of the match.

        Diaz enter at 62nd minute.

  4. This Leao fella is really annoying, he’s always scoring goals and assisting, and winning derbies almost singlehandedly. It’s really annoying, why doesn’t he win tackles, intercept and defend crosses ?! 🤷‍♂️

    1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
      Exactly. Such a ‘lazy’ ‘unmotivated’ ‘useless’ player keeps winning us important games and cups all by his own. He doesn’t even deserve 2 milllion because he doesn’t win tackles and press. Getting paid for scoring goals and winning games and scudetto is overrated anyway. 😛

      1. If only all 38 league games were derbies.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Who else noticed TONALI playing the game of his life!! His every touch was close to perfection!❤️🖤 Lost my voice too w a thing this match…lol

  6. Sometimes I wonder how this dude write his ratings, what kind of raging is this?????

    Maignan: 8.5 (MOTM)
    Theo: 7
    Calabria: 6.5
    Tomori: 7
    Kalulu: 6.5
    Tonali: 6
    Benaceer: 6.5
    Messias: 6
    CDK: 7
    Leao: 8
    Giroud: 7
    Salamankers: 5.5
    Origi: 5.5
    Pobega: 6
    Diaz: 6
    Kjaer: 6

    This is the right ratings, yes we win but we should not overlook the fact that our midfeild went missing sometime, our defence looked shaky, RW still an issue and somebody should slap the hell out Origi

    1. His mindset that since he is from/played for Liverpool and of course the PL is the greatest league of all time that he will show us Serie A players/fans how to shoot ………if you are gonna shoot, shoot the ball into the net, not the 9th row up in the stands.

  7. I get the Origi criticism. He looked awful today, head down, poor decisions and technique. However it’s one game, will wait a few more before really roasting him.

    However can see us next summer using most of the budget for a CF (yes sadly, may mean no RW yet again)… as Origi any transfer fee is a profit he was signed on a free, maybe we can sell back to PL for €15mn? Giroud was great today but I can see age catching up in a years time, and Ibra too will surely retire. So I reckon just like CDK this summer, we will make one big signing next summer too, and it’ll be a youngish (25 or under) striker

    On topic, the game was very entertaining. CdK needs more time, he’s not the world beater (yet) but hopefully like Leao, after a season or two he becomes something special.

    Every time I get frustrated with Leao, he responds the next game with a fantastic performance. When hes on form, what a player!

    Could write another 10 paragraphs but won’t bore you any more. Great result! F*ck Calhanoglu what a save Maignan :))))

    Forza Milan

  8. Leao was brilliant today. If he would bring that level every game, he can claim 7.5 mil. But until now he has too many games when he’s walking around thinking he’s god. 6 mil should do it for now, although I know Mendes will never agree.
    But the most important thing: if we play like this, certainly until the 70th minute, Inter can never take our title. Milano is red & black. Forza Milan!

    1. ” If he would bring that level every game, he can claim 7.5 mil. But until now he has too many games when he’s walking around thinking he’s god.”


    1. Maybe. If we had Johan Crouff as our coach then he would’ve definately come on. For him attacking was the best defence. It get where that comes from. We lost the momentum after the 3-1 goal. In the end I can’t complain since we held out until the end. It was one of the best performances I’ve sern from this Milan team. How they neutralized Inter in the first half and made them look really bad was beautiful to see. Milans pressing game is world class and our matches are almost always great to watch. Compare our team to Juventus style of play and I really know which one I prefer. Juventus is incredibly boring to watch. Milan always brings pace and hard work. Today Leao was the reason we won, like so many times before. He is something unique in todays football. I really hope we can convince Mendes to sign a new contract. But I don’t think it will happen.

  9. Not really the fault of a single player, so not really a ratings comment, but we haven’t gotten to grips with losing Kessie yet, so the defender and midfielders had a bit of a gap there.

    The switch to the back 3 looked well drilled though, can see a lot of work went into that and Salaemakers looked a lot more comfortable in that role. With the option of Dest in future too, that could be a very useful tactical option.

  10. Congrats to our team! Great win!
    But we have weaknesses…..
    The reasons we gave Inter their chances were :
    – When Tonali and Benaccer were tired we didn’t have a quality replacement
    – When CDK came off and Diaz replaced him
    – And of course ,unfortunately there is NO right winger.
    I hope Dest would blind in fast enough to take on that right wing.

    1. The problem is Krunic was not available. If he is not injured, he could have came on to replace CDK after we lead by 3-1. Krunic will obviously give more help to Bennacer and Tonali compared to Diaz.

      1. I agree with you. But honestly I was expecting more in the transfer market.
        Let’s hope Vranckx would be a good signing. We trust Moncada!

  11. I’m gonna give Origi a pass. I like a forward who looks to take on the defense. His decision making was really poor but you can see what he can bring to the attack.
    Saelemaekers looked bad, I’ve really been rooting for him to succeed here but it just isn’t working. Samu 2.0. Hopefully Dest is played in his spot moving forward.
    I also thought the midfield should have been better at coving when Tomori and kalulu are pressing high.
    Otherwise good performances! So happy, Hakan sucked, Inter is nothing but ass!

  12. For once, some decent ratings. The only change would be to give CDK a 7. He was very good at the end of the first half and the beginning of the second half.

  13. Give him (Divork) time before criticising him, he was just back from injury, with those moves he made, he proved that he can be reliable but he needs time.
    As for Leo, he’s under pressure he has a dept to pay, I can not pay for him neither you.
    I am pleased with Pioli philosophy in integrating his players, before he introduced his men new or old, especially the ones that came new.

  14. @bb where are you??? LOL. Leao comes up in biggest game of season and is unplayable and as a commentator said “terrified the Inter back line”, scores 2 goals, one left footed, another righted footed while taking on 3 defenders, and assists to Giroud – and according to this IDIOT @bb – he is “useless” and we should have sold him for 40M LMAO!!!!!! Pls do us all a favor and STFU from now on about Leao. If you cannot understand the impact he has on the game you are a moron and suggest you ask the Inter back line what they think of Leao or ask Giroud if he thinks we should have sold him. You know absolutely nothing about football. You cannot just replace these types of players. So STFD and keep on seething in your Leao jealousy you miserable person. For the game well Mike is as always Amazing. Almost thought Pioli cost us when he took out CDK for Diaz. Changed the game in Inter’s favor. Good thing we held on. Love Calabria but let’s face it he’s a fine/solid player but We need more from RB. He got burned on Inter’s second goal. Maybe Dest will give us more, but I think instead When Kajer is fully fit I can see us moving to back 4 like how we finished the game: Theo-Tomori-Kajer-Kalulu (like Maldini envisioned when he went for Botman – move Kalulu to RB – where he can offer more pace, width and crossing. For big games and CL that is our best back 4 IMO. Kajer’s experience, aerial ability and how he sprays the ball over the pitch is what we need. For his first derby CDK was solid and will only get better. Origi showed glimpses and will only get better with more games under his belt. Great win!!!

    1. bro when leao played good even then he was like hE iS nOt ThAt cOnsiTeNT hE Is lAZy hE cAnt dEFEnd like bro come on when someone has a bad match u can say something(but not this still) like dude appreciate his work hes young can make mistakes he can improve in decision making u think a young player would have experience of the world bro like the shi u doing

    2. good points i think origi needs time we should shut up and wait hopefully there would be rest for leao and giroud bro given they played the games in a row in short time thats insane lets look forward for salzburg the back line suggested is what i want i said in my first comment calabria seems weak and we need kjaer on field great game lets move on

    3. ” Pls do us all a favor and STFU from now on about Leao. ”

      I’ll be quiet when he brings the goods for more matches than he goes Missing In Action. One match doesn’t decide anything. Still ~40 to go.

      And I already said if he can produce 10 similar performances before the Xmas break, he’ll deserve the 7M€.

      PS. “Pretty useless” still ain’t the same as “useless”. Subtle difference. And playing a good game doesn’t change the fact that he was “pretty useless” in the two draws.

      1. “You know absolutely nothing about football.”

        LOL. 300 matches and ~200 goals in lower divisions prove otherwise. And those are in real-life. Not in video games. How about you? One single match a few years ago in an D-junior match where someone tackled you and you went home crying never to come back on the pitch again? 🙂

        1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Did you just try and prove to all of us you were some kind of has-been former football player who played in the G league in some random town and never made it as a pro????? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Well that explains everything! No wonder you have all this Leao jealousy. You couldn’t hack it as a player and now you see someone like Leao and think Leo’s that could have been me” LMAO!!! This is priceless! You scored 200 goals in “LOWER divisions” (translation = some beer league 20 years ago at the local YMCA) and you are somehow better than all of us?? LOL. Wow man your a bigger donkey than we all thought! Keep stewing in your Leao hate. I bet your one of those dudes who sits at his local pub all alone drunk every night telling anyone who is in ear shot of your glory days in the church league – when you scored 5 goals against an all girls team! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

          1. Not a has-been-former as I’m still playing. Unlike you who has never even played the game.

            Jealousy? LOL. No need for that. Happy with my life and happy with my football “career” too. Everything’s good. How about you? You do seem to have lots of mental issues so I’d suggest getting help before it’s too late.

      2. Playing a good game?

        Buddy clubs like PSG or City would pay an arm and a leg to have a player capable of doing this in a derby.

        Giroud had a good game. Tonali and Maignan had a great game. What Leao did was otherworldly. Ronaldo at 23 couldn’t produce this, Messi maybe.

        Inconsistent yes, but stop it anyways, Milan won’t get a better game changer if they sell the whole club.

  15. Leao is a beast – powerful, explosive, lethal. A rising superstar of the global game. He reminds me of his compatriot Eusebio. It was a strong performance by the team today. I can’t wait until AC Milan rules the world again.

  16. This guy is being way too generous to the defense. If not for Maignan they would have given up 4 goals. The defense has given up way too many chances this season. Tomori and Kalulu are over aggressive and leaving them exposed too much. They should’ve managed the game better once they went up by 2 goals. I think Kjaer with Tomori might be a more balanced combination in the back, particularly when you are trying to protect a lead.

    1. Calabria is a liability. Too many goals come down his side. Diaz was his usual, feeble self. I hope he gets injured so that Adli plays. The right side is as bad as the left is good.

      1. Calabria has always been weak in the defense, as much as I love him, I’d rather start integrating the more talented Sergino Dest into the team

    2. I’ll still shut my mouth but only until the next bad match. Most likely we won’t have to wait for month. Hope I’m wrong though.

  17. Let me clarify to those people who are so polarized and confused about the Leao situation. Nobody wants Leao to go. If you think he’s not becoming a top player, that’s wrong, he’s up there. He’s not consistent but he’s got all the right stuff, he just needs to out it together in more games more consistently.

    I’m assuming the people who want to sell him aren’t because he isn’t good, it’s because they know the management won’t budge on salary (like they have proven with Gigio, Franck, Alessio, and Hakan, although who cares about Hakan guy is a loser) and they know that he eventually will leave for free so might as well sell while we can get a crazy high price rather than have him go for free.

    I doubt anyone wants to sell because they doubt he has quality.

    1. Idk man, there’s a few ppl on here that say very plainly that he sucks and doesn’t work hard (which is so wrong). Also I don’t buy at all that he’s inconsistent, his worst game this season he still was the most dangerous player on the pitch.

    2. Most probably share that fear but that is no reason to call him “lazy” and “useless” like @bb does. Is Leao the finished product yet? No. Not many are at his age (save for Haaland and M’Bappe) are. Will he continue to improve and get to their level? I believe so, but there is a chance he may not. So I get the skepticism. But being skeptical is different that constantly bashing the kid because he is yet to find that consistency. If he was a problem in the dressing room or didn’t give his all in training, then I get it. But according to Pioli that isn’t the case. Pioli said Leao is always professional and gives his all. So what more can you ask for? We finally have a player that is capable of changing a game. Last time we had such a player was who? Kaka? So just as we are patient with Tonali, we should afford the same patience with Leao. Now I get some will say but Tonali isn’t asking for 7M/season. That is irrelevant. It’s Tonali’s business what he chooses to ask and play for. Everyone’s financial decision is theirs and theirs alone. But I will ask this: If Tonali says tomorrow he wants 7M/season would we all call him useless and not loyal to Milan?? I think not. Remember Leao also owes 20M to Sporting, so a salary of 4.5M means he is playing for free for the next 4 seasons. Who would do that? I bet if that 20M didn’t exist he would stay for less. So let’s enjoy and support Leao along with all our other young players and watch them develop and hopefully our new owners will make exceptions (or get rid of it) to the wage cap Elliot imposed so we can keep our best young players when they develop into stars. If we do sky is the limit

    3. Nope. You are mistaking people who wants him to be sold for the contract situation and people who just thinks he is lazy and bad and had just three months of good form.

      There are some pure Sh*thead D*mba*ses in here that genuinely thinks Leao is bad, as is sellableFor40Mil bad, because he doesn’t press ‘enough’ apparently for them. lol

      I appreciate Leao very much and I think he WILL win the Balloon one day, but I am all in for selling him for any amount over 100 mil because it’s far better than losing him for free which is the course we are on it seems until there is a contract agreement.

  18. Also while Kalulu and Tomori are usually good they were definitely not good today. 1st goal was on Kalulu and Tomori for BOTH acting like strikers and being waaaay too high up the field. Second was due to Calabria getting beaten and Tomori also getting beaten. Calabria 6, Kalulu 6, Tomori 5.5.

  19. No one mentioned Bennacer.

    Literally Bossed the whole midfield all by his own. Literally EVERY attack began with him. We should tie him down ASAP. We can replace Leao, but we won’t be able to replace Bennacer. CDMs like him are near impossible to discover and they cost a fortune. Tchouameni went to real for 100 mil. Losing bennacer would be the biggest mistake of this Management.

    1. One match amongst ~40. Still got a lot to prove. 10 more similar performances before Xmas and he’s earned his 7M€. Let’s see whether he’ll produce something next week or go back into hiding…

      1. Dude come on you’ve got to let it go. You’re wrong about Leao he’s not inconsistent he’s a threat to score every game that is consistent. How many players who make 7M a year are more consistent?

      2. No – your just one of those guys that would rather be right about Leao and we lose than wrong about him and we win. Instead of celebrastimg our win and praising Leao you still try to bash the kid LOL. That’s pathetic. I wish Tonali would come out and ask for 7M a season and see what the response would be. Would he receive this much hate? I think not. Shame

  20. Bennacer in that game without much flash/fanfare was the catalyst that seemed to start every attack……Leao played to his potential tonight really turning it up on defense and pressing Inter’s counter attack to make ill timed passes. As to critizing Leao, nobody on the Rossoneri gets a free pass, sorry Leao has given up after losing the ball and mopes around, today and at the end of last year he was playing the game 100% of the time, I credit Pioli doing some great coaching/training/motivating this past week. AND Maignan, “Il Giaguaro” wow wow wow………He is the difference of us winning the Scudetto and the derby……..what a game, Forza Rossoneri

  21. After tonights game I hope there is no more “sell Leao” comments. Two goals and assist against Inter. Thats all I am going to say

  22. Great Victory by Milan. Great game by everyone
    Best game I’ve seen Leao play and I’ve been one of his harshest critics for his dissappearance in big games and inconsistency . He finally showed up in a big game and in a big way . Congrats, hopefully he keeps it up for Milan sake.
    I want to thank Hakan for the great pass to Tonali that led to Leao’s 1st goal. He is out Trojan horse
    Great response by Milan after conceding the goal. CDK lost Brozovic there but it was a well set up action by inter.
    One thing is for sure ,that Inter’s biggest strength from the last few years , their defense, is absolutely atrocious this year. They were awful on the 2nd and 3rd goal
    The only GK I would put above Maigna is Courtois. Mike is unbelievable. Saved our lead .

    1. Keep your applause! Leao will show up when he wants to, just like the final run of last season, and he doesn’t need your critique to do so. Don’t try to patronize. Your so called criticism was baseless and overreaching for a player like Leao. You are not just satisfied with the type of player that he is, He is the best we’ve got, and he is still improving, and can be the best among his contemporaries. So you either get behind him and support him, or you be patient with him while you talk less.

      1. “Leao will show up when he wants to”. Ha ha 😂
        You just proved why a half of Milan fans and most of the media has an issue with Leao. Why he is called lazy and doesn’t deserve the money he is asking.
        The best in any profession show up every day not only when they want to. People that are not enamored with him can actually see that. To say that Leao’s criticism is baseless is delusional.
        Yes I’m not just satisfied with the player he is, because he can be better, HIS MENTALITY and CHARACTER is the issue . His mentality of show up only when HE wants is what will hold him back as it did with even greater talents like Balotelli, Cassano , Pato , Ronaldo etc
        It’s easy for you to just go and criticize Saelemakers , Diaz. Calabria etc, those guys have physical and technical limitations but they always give the best effort. If Leao had their mindset he would be one of the best, but he doesn’t and that’s why he is and will be criticized.
        People usually criticize the most talented or those who suppose on the top,to be the best, the leaders, only the weak criticize the lowest men on the “totem pole”
        I am only behind Milan, the players come and go. If Leao is still here in February or not couldn’t care less, as with Giggio, Kessie, Romagnoli, Hakan. Milan will go on. Anyone can be replaced. And as the cases with those other players have shown, this new Milan doesn’t bend to irrational demands by players
        Great win for all the Milan fans but even greater for the Leao only fans.

  23. So much aggressive name-calling in this thread. Strange how people feel so threatened by the critique of a player who only really just showed up this season. Leao is certainly incredibly talented. Does he train hard? Pioli says so, but who knows. Managers protect their players. If he does, fine. But at the end of the day what players do or don’t do in training is irrelevant. They need to perform in real games. Leao was MOTM for sure, but he needs to become consistent before he can be the club’s highest paid played and undisputed star. I think it was Juro who mentioned Kaka as the last player who was able to win matches on his own like that. He was indeed, but Ricky also did it consistently and he played his ass off every game. So kudos to Leao for this performance, but I think it’s fair to expect this to be how he plays 7/10 times, not 3/10. Certainly people pointing this out don’t deserve to be called “Sh*thead”, “D*mba*ses”, or banned. It’s too vitriolic.

    1. @Vero Rossonero

      Critique is very much welcome. No player, no matter how good they are, are above criticism.

      Lets have a discussion. You mentioned Leao’s lack of consistency. I didn’t see him playing bad at all in last season. If your definition of consistency is running the whole 90 mins, that’s Saele must be the best player in your eyes in Milan and missed Balon D’or just by a little bit. LOL

      EVERY Team figured out if they shut leao down, Milan can’t score nor win. Because, RW is non existent. Pioli can rather drop a deadbeat log of wood there in RW and it would be more useful than Messias and Salamander combined.

      Running 90 minutes doesn’t mean ANYTHING. Haven’t you watched ENOUGH of Saele? We don’t need Leao to run 90 mins. We need him to run just 4 minutes if it contributes to 2 goals and 1 assist, or 1 goal and 1 assist back to back.

      A good player is someone who can turn a game all by his own. Do you see Neymar running 24/7? Do you see Mbappe running 24/7? Do you see Vinicus running 24/7? Do you See MESSI running 24/7?


      Because attackers aren’t required to do that. All they need is to position themselves in passing lanes to put pressure and Leao does that masterfully. Haters just don’t see it. They see that as ‘walking’ ‘laziness’,. Attackers are NOT supposed to tackle, THAT’s NOT THEIR PRIORITY SKILL.

      I never understand how Somehow something as simple as this eludes people’s minds in here.
      Seriously mate, what else do you guys expect from Leao? Dude literally won us 2 out of 5 games by his own. If he is shut down by teams, milan can’t win. What else do you need to get convinced that leao is literally holding up our whole attack?

      All of Atalanta, Sassuolo Marked him by 3 players and 2 CDMs and ended up drawing the match. Inter and bologna made the mistake of just marking him with defenders and he beat their defenders. The only players/wingers who are capable of doing that, aren’t available for anything less that 250/300 Mil. How much do you think a young 23 y/o Kaka would be worth in Todays market..? Also, have you seen Kaka play? you think Kaka ran after every ball? if a 23 y/o Kaka played now, ‘Critiques’ would be calling for his head by now for being Lazier than Leao and ask management to sell Kaka for 2 dollars and 10 cents. Do you know why? These ‘Critiques’ don’t appreciate Quality and are here to just hate.

      It’s NOT Criticism.
      No one’s gonna play their best game every match. It’s Physically and mentally IMPOSSIBLE. Anyone who ever played a whole 90 min match of football in the streets knows it. They also know HOW Exhausting it is to beat a defender by Sheer pace and dribbling. You’d know exactly why Leao walks after an attack. Couch potatoes will always think it as Laziness. That’s where all of my Gripe is.

      But I know, haters gonna hate. So I won’t try to change anyone’s mind. everyone can think whatever they want mate, just that they Shouldn’t cry when they get proved wrong over and over again is all I am saying.

      1. Most of the forwards and skilled player don’t usually put all out effort when it comes to press or tracking back. And they are usually allowed to do that so they can focus on the offensive side. As they say you make exceptions for exceptional people .
        The issue with Leao is that he is not involved at all during big chunk of games and sometimes during a whole game. No one scores or assists in every game but to be on the field but totally absent It’s unacceptable
        Leao is double teamed sometimes because teams know that he doesn’t pass the ball, he won’t move the ball, he will try to take them on. Teams are baiting him into it. They are using his selfishness against him. As teams used to do with Kobe Bryant in NBA. Kobe never changed and that what cost him more titles
        Leao has a tremendous physical and technical talent, we all see that. Some of us are critical of him because we’ve seen other players like him don’t reach their potential because of their attitude. People don’t criticize Leao because they think he isn’t good, he can be great, but they see a flaw in his attitude, mentally, character that can hold him back.
        The difference between good players and great players is the consistency. Great players do it every game, good players do it every now and again

        1. LOL @Vardar. Pioli has always said Leao’s attitude is great, he gives his all in training and always sacrifices himself for team. HIS words. Again more of ppl who don’t like the player personally making up BS. He’s not Cassano or Ballotelli – who always caused trouble on and off the pitch and in the dressing room. There are no such stories about Leao. To claim otherwise is completely FALSE and a weak attempt to try to justify your non-existent narrative that Leao is somehow has a “flaw in his attitude, mentally, character that can hold him back”???? I’m sorry but that is again a bunch of made up BS that has NO basis in FACT. It’s the same baseless argument that @Vero Rossonero tried to claim above. You are both making up stories that have no basis in reality. It’s a shame. There is nothing wrong with Leao. Instead of always trying to tear this kid down we should praise him. But no some fans like yourself unfortunately find ways to bash the kid by making up fake news. He doesn’t run enough?? LOL. Like @Milan4lyf perfectly said above, do you want him to run like Sales and do absolutely nothing?? Ha! Come on man, if you don’t alike the player for whatever reason that fine, but let’s not make up fake news about the kid when all he does is be a professional on and off the pitch. You and the rest who chose to bash him should be thrilled as the better he does the better we all do and that means IF we have to sell him or chooses to leave we will get a bigger transfer fee. So pls stop making up fake stories and instead enjoy the time we have with the player.

          1. “LOL @Vardar. Pioli has always said Leao’s attitude is great, he gives his all in training and always sacrifices himself for team. HIS words. ”

            That’s Pioli’s opinion. Vardar’s opinion is his. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Even you. If Vardar (& I) think Leao’s attitude is sometimes flawed, so what? You think otherwise? So what? Which is the absolute truth? There is no such thing. It’s all opinions as the attitude cannot be measured.

            So why don’t you lay off your anger against people who don’t share your OPINION?

            If you use Pioli’s opinion as the measuring point or fact, then people should be happy with the RW-situation as well since Pioli has said “it’s fine”, right?

        1. Yes @bb everyone is entitled to their own opinions but an opinion is NOT FACT which you try to pawn it off as to justify your hate for the man. Second, @Vadar is some dude in a random city who ISN’T THE COACH OF MILAN and who doesn’t see Leao EVERY DAY IN TRAINING nor interacts with him every day! LOL. Seriously are you that thick bro? Wow! Again if Pioli says he is a professional wand works hard all the time, and selects him in his starting 11 all the time over a player like Rebic – then I believe him. So should everyone else. The rest is just made up BS

    2. I think if you asked the majority of professional football coaches they would disagree with your comment that “at the end of the day what players do or don’t do in training is irrelevant.” LOL. That is exactly what coaches look for – players who train well. That’s how they select their starting lineups. So in one breath training is irrelevant, only the game matters.

      Ok. So Leao shows up in one of the biggest games all season (the derby) and delivers – but wait, now that doesn’t matter he needs to be “consistent” and “play his ass off every game” and have that performance EVERY game? LOL. I guess you don’t think much of Pioli as a coach because if he didn’t think Leao was working hard do you really think he would still play him? Or let me ask the question another way: if Pioli thought Leao was not “playing his ass off every game” WHY does he still play him over a player like Rebic (when healthy) who “runs like his hair is on fire his every game”?? Could it be because Pioli like everyone else knows Leao can change a game in a split second like he did on the derby and that having him on the pitch automatically gives more space to other players like Giroud because he draws a double team every time???? It’s just a crazy thought backed by almost every expert football commentator. Hmmmm.

      But I guess we should have players like Rebic and Sales starting every game because both players “play there ass off every game” They are consistent in playing hard but apparently not Leao even though Pioli thinks so and we play a press system that if he wasn’t working hard Theo would be caught every time and the opposition would score on mostly every counter attack. But that doesn’t happen. why is that May I ask?? Could it be because Leao does play hard? Just a thought LOL.

      Funny I don’t recall anyone ever criticizing Ibra, (even when he was younger) for not “playing his as off every game” and not moving unless the ball was passed right at his feet lol. Was/is he lazy? No he’s just a forward lol.

      When Tonali had string of bad games was he training hard? I don’t know. Pioli says so but who knows. Coaches protect their players right. Come on brother. Leao is not Cassano or Balotelli. The opposite actually. Let’s support the kid and trust Pioli knows what he’s doing.

      That’s not fair to Leao. Does he need to be more consistent in finishing — YES. I have said this before. But consistency comes with time and experience. Let’s give him the same patience we give other players like Tonali and let’s not make up stories that imply he doesn’t try or is lazy.

  24. Origi will come good with time all he needs to do is play a bit…..common its his first season here give a man a break…..about goals we’ll lot of ppl might not agree with me but it was kessie who was shielding last time around kalulu and tomori are good modern defenders…..aggressive never shy to tackle and go hard at players….its match day 5th we played with 3 of the top 8 teams already…..but last night milan did proved they aren’t champions by luck but they are by playing it on field…..hakan he is milan’s Harry maguire sort of player lol

  25. I agree with this rating for starting 11. But they give it too cheap for the subtitutes. Dont forget Inter’s 2nd goal (Dzeko) was conceded when the substitutes came on & we lose the midfield battles (because Brahim dont help much when pressing), & Saelemaekers can’t beat his marker even once (not like Messias Jr), & Origi actually struggled because failed to make better decision in final third (maybe because he dont really know how his team-mates move yet)

    1. EPL clubs have waaaaaaaaaaaaaay bigger incomes than Serie A clubs. If you are eager to compare salaries, then compare against the ones playing in Italy.

  26. You obviously can’t read lol. Rabiot (Juve) ‘makes 7M. Here are the others to make it easier for you to understand MVP of the YMCA league LOL


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