Player Ratings: AC Milan 0-0 Juventus – Theo and Tonali shine in draw

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan were looking to get back to winning ways this evening, taking on Juventus in an important game at San Siro. However, although a few players stood out, no one managed to find the breakthrough. 

Starting XI

Maignan (6): He didn’t have much to do this evening other than help Milan in the build-up with his distribution. In fact, Juventus had zero attempts on target tonight.

Calabria (6): He was solid this evening in both phases of the game and could have had a penalty early on, brought down in the box. It was a 50-50 call, though. The right-back has good intentions and is never afraid to move forward.

Kalulu (6): He lost his man on the box on a few occasions but he also had some very good moments. His pace is a clear advantage and he uses it well, intercepting the ball with his strength as well.

Romagnoli (6): Just like his colleague, there were a few shaky moments that could have resulted in something worse but overall, it was very solid. He got injured towards the end but carried on playing, hopefully it’s nothing serious.

Juventus' Argentine forward Paulo Dybala (Front) works around AC Milan's Italian defender Alessio Romagnoli during the Italian Serie A football match between AC Milan and Juventus on January 23, 2022 at the San Siro stadium in Milan. (Photo by Alberto PIZZOLI / AFP) (Photo by ALBERTO PIZZOLI/AFP via Getty Images)

Hernandez (7): He must be praised for his performance tonight as he not only did very well in the defensive phase, but also was one of the bright spots in attack. Furthermore, he managed to avoid a yellow card and will thus be available against Inter.

Krunic (6): It was a very tactical display from the Bosnian as he got the job done in both phases of the game. He was comfortable on the ball and used his body well to defend, perhaps he could have been a bit bold at times.

Tonali (7.5 – MOTM): It was a monstrous performance from the future captain especially in the first half, as he completely bossed the midfield on his own. The way he combines elegancy with raw strength is fascinating.

Messias (5.5): He had good intentions but ultimately ended up losing the ball one too many times. It’s a performance to build on but nothing to look back at with great pride. He also nearly caused a penalty.

Diaz (6.5): He looked much better this evening as he made the best use of his quick feet to put Juventus in difficulty in the second phase of Milan’s attack, often linking up with midfield or dropping down himself.

Leao (6.5): He got carded in the first half and perhaps that’s why he was subbed off eventually. But when he was on the pitch, it was another good performance and he came closest to giving Milan the lead with a low-driven effort.


Ibrahimovic (N/A): He was subbed off after just 28 minutes and we can only hope that it isn’t anything serious. Fortunately, there is a break and that means he has bigger chances of playing in the derby.


Giroud (6.5): He fought really hard up front and he was often a point of reference. It’s never easy to face Chiellini but he got a few chances, most notably a header that was more or less straight at the goalkeeper.

AC Milan's French forward Olivier Giroud

Bennacer (6): Decent display off the bench from the Algerian who returned to Italy on Friday. He will be a very important player in the upcoming days, that’s for sure.

Saelemaekers (6): He was involved in a lot and although it perhaps didn’t result in a good chance every time, the intentions were there and he had one solo run that was very impressive.

Florenzi (N/A): He didn’t play enough to get a rating.

Rebic (N/A): He didn’t play enough to get a rating.

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    1. You and I watched a very different game then.

      Our defense was fine. Tonali was fantastic, Leao tried, rest of our offense played like severely retarded one legged chicken.

        1. Take off your rose colored glasses. If we can’t destroy this pathetic Juventus, we shouldn’t even think about Scudetto, not to mention UCL.

          We can’t win things without trequartista and RW and with strikers from geriatric ward.

          Not counting a few nice moves from Leao, our attack was toothless, uninspiring and chaotic. We had no idea how to get passed a 37 year old has been, and 3 idiots that should be playing in amateur league. It was embarrassing to watch.

          1. Yep. Toothless is the word here. Milan cannot compete in Scudetto chase with attack relying on the left wing alone. Milan needs a proper RW and a better #10.

            If Milan cannot beat THIS Juve, it will be 0 points against Inter and scudetto goes to them. That’s a fact. Now it’s only about surviving and securing the TOP-4 place.

          2. No, it was not embarrassing to watch. But I can’t understand why a player in a good shooting position, instead of shooting, passes the ball to his neighbour.

      1. You talked as if you play better than every Milan player that fought hard, when in fact you just a clueless keyboard warrior.

        So shut the f up kid! 👎

        1. Accountability, look it up. It is really beautiful word. It also has a meaning and power.

          These clowns are paid millions to kick the ball in to the goal and they are simply failing to do their job.

          I get that you’re a supporter, you idolize these guys, but say for example you go out to buy fast-food, you pay the guy there, he goes to get your food and comes back without it. Are you gonna say it’s okay? He did the best he could? He’ll get it next week? Maybe its your fault because your order was too complicated?

          Come on! Holdem to higher standards, to champions standards, to AC Milan standards!

  1. Diaz 6.5…really?
    I would give him 3, that guy is useless, he basically gets the ball and gives it to another player, like a postman. Physically he’s weak, let him play futsal. Please let him leave asap and let Rebic play instead, or get a decent AM.

    1. If you’re weak, you have to be fast, have amazing technique and know when to fall down. He can’t keep possession, he is no longer fast, and for some f*king reason his technique evaporated. He is not worth to even be a 1st substitute. Maybe 3rd when you run out of options.

  2. I have to disagree with Diaz getting a 6.5 rating, he just isn’t effective anymore . I hope Adli turns out to be the playmaker this team needs as the last two months our game has dropped a level.
    I also feel Bennacer did well when he entered gave the midfield more creativity so he deserves at least 6.5.

  3. Once again when you see the Milan lineup, you can immediately tell how the game is going to go…. The first 20 mins was spent playing school yard football with Milan unable to keep the ball. Juventus made sure to choke the LW to silence Leao,  once again Diaz’s position was the last felt on the pitch, with the lad always drifting to the left where he finds comfort with Leao and Theo. For the one millionth time, the RW was nonexistent. Messias offered nothing, holds on to the ball too long and make a late decision to give it away Pioli needs to make a Tactical change, Diaz for now is at best a bench player. Bennacer should be trained to fill the playmaker role, he has a better vision of the game, and has more speed and ball control… We can’t keep losing games from the beginning because of self inflicted handicaps. The defence where the better players on the pitch today. Romagnoli is the MOTM for me. Controlled his lines well, and hardly made a mistake, and tutoring Kalulu. And also Tonali was a beast in Midfield.

    Our attack was left dead with Leao being pocketed, I mentioned this before in previous games. Other teams are beginning to identify where our strengths lie, and we end up being neutralised. The match was played only on the left side of the pitch, this is a serious problem, we are not dynamic, WE NEED REINFORCEMENTS ON RW AND THE PLAYMAKER POSITIONS. We can’t stress this enough… Let the management stop chasing Botman and cheap unwanted defenders. This is another painful draw, because it’s a match that could have been easily won. Inter would have won this game by at least a two-goal margin.

    As for the referee, he was not generous enough with the cards on Juventus. Another loopsided refereeing.

    Well, there goes another season, as we battle for top 4 again, maybe this time will get a trophy for it.

    1. agree totally ,I know Sael. has a lot of haters but the dynamics changed when he entered for Messias, they knew our strength and as you say choked the left side, I believe we should have had Giroud on and Ibra on at 10 rather than Diaz, it is alway “headers” which may be effective on corner kicks but we need more direct shots on goal, Theo, Calabria and Saele. get it….

  4. Diaz : 4.5 . Again we did not see him. Thanks for everything but he can go back to Madrid, he’ll never be a top player. All the opposite of sandro Tonali who is just amazing. I am glad he is a Milan fan, he is definitely the successor of Gattuso.

    1. Original auther/commentor has Diaz 6.5, overall maybe correct when you consider his play defensively with his interceptions and passes at the wrong end of the pitch, BUT he is on the pitch to facilitate offense, that is his primary “role” and he ain’t cutting it, pushed off the ball and forced to pass before a defender knocks him off the ball or on his ass…..Rebic at the 10/CAM, for now Saele. RW, Leao LW, Do not wait for second half to put your best players in. Pioli not playing to win, he is playing not to lose.

  5. Been saying this for a long time. We don’t need a new 30m defender. Just give Romagnoli the contract he wants it’s not that much. Save the money and invest in our attack. Every time we play poorly it’s because we are toothless in attack…

  6. Maignan – 6
    Calabria – 6
    Kalulu – 5.5
    Romagnoli – 5
    Hernandez – 6.5
    Krunic – 5
    Tonali – 7.5
    Messias – 5
    Diaz – 5.5
    Leao – 7
    Ibrahimovic – 4
    Giroud – 4
    Bennacer – 5
    Saelemaekers – 4.5

    1. Diaz – 4.5
      Messias – 4
      Saele – 4
      Giroud – 3

      Rest I agree with you.

      Sadly that is almost our entire offense, excluding Leao and Rebic. It is sickening how poor and brainless those guys played.

      Remember these last 2 games, this is when we lost Scudetto.

        1. I know truth hurts, but sooner we stop idolizing these people and start looking at them realistically we will see they have one job, “put the ball in the goal” and even though they are paid millions to do it, they are failing miserably.

          Closing our eyes and ears and pretending like this isnt happening is not gonna make them stop being awful. Accountability is, holding them to higher standard, saying it how it really is.

          Time to man up. Realize we’re still not good enough and if trend continues, wave Scudetto goodbye.

  7. Diaz got me frustrated,,
    It’s not tonali vs locateli as expected but its tonali vs betancur, betancur was great for juve,, but tonali is the boss for italy right now i think,,,

  8. Best part was letting Giroud take the free kick. What idiot thought that would be a good idea?

    We have Tonali, Theo, Calabria, even Krunic, nah f*ck that, lets let the one player that only scores goals with his head kick the ball. Brilliant! Stroke of genius.

  9. Pioli — PLEASE PLAY REBIC MORE MINUTES! We need to have him on the field more. whether it’s for Brahim in the middle CAM position or for Messias on the right or even up top instead of Giroud (that’s where he played and scored and assisted in Liverpool). He creates danger with slick give and go passes, his relentless pressing and physicality creates turnovers… Brahim and Messias don’t do anything.

    1. you are absolutely correct, I know Pioli “labels” him as a winger……sorry he is a professional soccer player, he knows what to do in the middle of the park, quick to turn, good with both feet, strong, tough and good with his back to goal, what do we have to loose,think outside the box Stefano, ’cause all your BS ain’t cutting it, We had the offensive talent today……on the bench…….to little to late

  10. I looked at the ratings, and in reality the players each play offense and defense at some level,to some degree during the game, today our offensive players got higher ratings for their defensive play rather than why they are on the pitch, Theo and Tonali both designated as defensive players contributed more to our offense than Diaz or Messias both offensive players….Rebic and Saele. on the bench, Pioli is gone if things do not turn around, I like him but his “etched in stone” players “roles” are archaic and being a defensive player himself seems to think ,clean sheets, are something to hang your hat on, sorry Stefano,the one who scores the most wins, in any sport. The more you score the more you win.

      1. we shall see, last two years ,Diaz (offensive “facilitator”) 46 matches, 7goals, 6 assists. Theo (d-back) 52 matches, 11goals, 10 assists. , just babbling. Viva Milano

        1. And how’s that Pioli fault? He didn’t asked for Diaz.

          You wanna see a new playmaker who’s better than Diaz then give your money to Milan so they can buy a new one. Oh that’s right, you don’t have the money 😂. You just a poor clueless keyboard warrior who thinks know better than Pioli because you played Football Manager. So shut the F up. Period.

          1. Of course Pioli’s fault. He doesn’t (never) have plan B. You are a clueless blind keyboard warrior. Shut the f….up, period.

  11. i think the problem we are facing now is playing identity because other team has started knowing our strength which leao, that yesterday he was pocket and we are off in attack we need a consistent striker, rw, lb, central defender and i think kessie should go bring back yacine adli and pobega flush out bakayoko, sandro tonali was a bomb we should have beat juve are the being we have a good striker. Forza milan

  12. Everybody is right here I shld say. The team has a big issues at hand starting from the management to few of the players. We need to invest in quality playmaker and central strikers that can hold and run with the ball with their physical abilities and will make our opponents not to pay attention on the left wings only.. I will always say this for now the defence is not the issue but the attack. The attack is the major language of football nowadays.

  13. I believe Milan must buy Dybala to replace Diaz, Zaniolo to replace Messias and Vlahovic to replace Giroud. Only then, Milan can be fearful again.

    1. and WHERE will the money come from to get these 3 players? You have a wonderful magic trick to share with us? Vlahovic will be one of the most expensive players on the planet this year — all of the very richest clubs want him and you think we can get him PLUS Juve’s BEST player plus Roma’s most promising young attacker? So do you think we can get Haaland and Mbappe too? You obviously don’t understand how the finances of the teams work Labeed…

  14. DIaz was at best a 5. His offensive contribution was zero. Only Messias worse. Although both were good defensively.

    I am looking forward to see Yassine Adli as trequartista. Much better than the options we have today.

  15. Diaz isnt an AM he prefers right side. Messias doesnt understand those quick balls ibra wantedto make nor did he do anything suprising in offense. He doesnt tries himself to do something. He asks others to pass. Bro sprint and show urself what the frick is wrong. Ibra and leao only provide offense. They cant handle two other postions. Leao wasnt nice on target he wasted two shots if someone was to see. Giroud was terrible offensively when ibra got subbed off game ended. Milan should start rebic RW. So atleast CAM will be bad anyone could cover it.Giroud has now become sub player. Rebic-ibra will be could to see + leao and theo will make good attack while seeing calabria and tonali too. Probably bennacer also. Krunic sucks. Diaz and messias should not get more chances. Florenzi or calabria is amazing. Kalulu isnt real CB actually we should play gabbia he seems good and is nicely positioned. Theres no issue if he doesnt offer offense like kjaer. But sprint speed uh.

  16. I thought the pitch was atrocious,yes it was the same for both teams ..I was very disappointed that AC. Milan did not win this game ..I thought we had the only real chances to win the game ..I thought Giroud did well when he come on ,but think he should have scored with the heading opportunity that he had ..
    Leo was magnificent again ,the problem is I think we overplayed the final ball at times .That said we can still definitely finnish second in the league,and we can def win the cuppa cup.So all is not lost and plenty to play for ..

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