Player Ratings: Monza 1-1 AC Milan – midfield duo shines; surprising flop

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan got to lift the Trofeo Silvio Berlusconi after beating Monza 6-5 on penalties. The actual game ended 1-1 and there were a few standouts, but also one surprising flop for the Rossoneri this evening. 

Starting XI

Maignan (6): He was forced to make a couple of good saves out there tonight and did well with his positioning as always. He was left exposed by a defensive mistake on the goal.

Kalulu (6): He certainly did an okay job at the back and was almost always present when Milan went forward on the right-hand side.

Thiaw (6): He used his strengths to win several duels and he looked very solid overall. In the US we saw him making a few strange mistakes but there was nothing of that tonight. Also converted a pen in the shoot-out.

Tomori (5.5): He played a lot better in the second half but we can’t disregard the fact that he made a huge mistake on the goal. He simply needs to clear that ball and we have seen more and more mistakes like this from him recently. Also converted a pen in the shoot-out.

Hernandez (6): He looked a lot more present this evening and was more up for it, if we can put it that way. He should have had an assist right at the start of the second half with a lovely ball over the top for Leao.

Loftus-Cheek (6.5): One of his best games for Milan since he arrived, that’s for sure. He played to his strengths this evening, getting stuck in and using his physique to protect the ball. He added a lot in attack. Also converted a pen in the shoot-out.

Krunic (6): An okay display from the balancer with some good passing and a few interceptions. But nothing spectacular, although that perhaps isn’t expected from the defensive midfielder.

Reijnders (6.5 – MOTM): Just like Loftus-Cheek, he played to his strengths by moving between the lines and driving forward with the ball, using his skills in tights areas as well. Had one comical moment with a free-kick that almost left the stadium but he was really good apart from that. Also converted a pen in the shoot-out.

Pulisic (6): He had a good one-two with Giroud to win the penalty, which he missed but converted the rebound. His dribbling wasn’t great either and it doesn’t look like the right flank is the right position for him. But the goal was decisive in the end.

Giroud (5): Apart from a few failed attempts, he wasn’t present enough – as has been a theme this pre-season unfortunately. He needs to improve more, even Colombo was more involved in the little time he got.

Leao (5): Surprisingly poor from him this evening. Two big chances missed, one in each half, and in the final 45 has was really out of balance. His shooting on the edge of the box didn’t impress either.


Okafor (N/A): He converted his penalty in the shoot-out but we didn’t see enough to give him a rating.

Chukwueze (N/A): We didn’t see enough to give him a rating.

Colombo (N/A): He converted his penalty in the shoot-out but we didn’t see enough to give him a rating.

Bartesaghi (N/A): We didn’t see enough to give him a rating.

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  1. Loftus-Cheek and Reijnders were two stand outs and if we see more of that it will be interesting. And despite conceding a goal, our defense did better as time went on.

    But there is a reality here. Giroud is knackered. All respect to the guy but we can’t be starting games with him anymore. He can play as a sub, but he really can be a starter. And Krunic was another weak link. Somebody call up Fenerbahce and tell them he did amazing today lol.

      1. Uh. He just walks around and then gets pushed aside lol. Does nothing of merit. And his head wasn’t in this game. Maybe he really is exiting.

    1. It’s a preseason friendly…

      And I don’t think you quite understand what Krunic’s role is. This isn’t FIFA.

      1. What does FIFA have to do it? I watched the game today, what did he do? What did he do against Barca? What did he do all last year?

        “He plays hard and knows Piolis system” that’s all I ever hear.

          1. I think you’re just trying to make people laugh at how silly you are.

            “Keeps it simple” dude can’t even string passes together.

          2. Why is “keep it simple“ good for milan?
            Will it bring more victory, goals for milan?

            We need spark at miedfield, not “ keep it simple” player
            Jeez, really not aware that Krunic has a lot of fanboy..

      2. Absolutely nothing. He doesn’t even pass. He doesn’t connect anything. And this has been going on all preseason. He’s gotta go.

        So what does he do besides ruin passing play?

          1. Oh wow. Keeps things simple and holds his position. As if that’s some qualifier. Fabio Borini used to fight for the ball and run around the entire field. With no end product.

      3. I asked you this before and you either didn’t see it or ignored it: Just to confirm – you’re saying you’d rather stick with, say, Salad and Messias on the right wing than bring in Chukweuze? Seeing as you don’t believe in the concept of “better” players or fans wanting to “upgrade” the team?

        1. It’s Saelemaekers. He plays for your football team. He helped win the title which I assume brought you some joy? So he’s contributed to your joy. Do you think you could do him the courtesy of not mocking his name?

          As for your comment:

          1) there are degrees of ability but it’s more complicated than a computer game since players (being human) can perform at different levels depending the circumstances (see the mystery of the Kalulu and Tomori defence partnership that went from being the platform for our Scudetto to struggling last season);

          2) having regard to (1) a key indicator of a team that is performing is when the majority of the players produce the same or better form than they did previously (at the same club or a different club). The fact that so many players who performed the season before (e.g. Rebic and our signings) and then struggled (in the second half of) last season points to a wider issue that will need to be resolved before ANY player can reach their potential;

          3) I’m not opposed to transfers but there’s pros and cons, every transfer brings disruption (because they dislodge or knock another player out of their groove) so they need to be targeted;

          4) we’ve seen countless times how too many transfers can be disastrous (see Milan in 17/18, Chelsea and PSG, and, as a contrast, Man City and Newcastle have done a remarkable job of having targeted transfers in key areas); and

          5) we needed an upgrade on the right (so probably shouldn’t have reset our midfield) so that should’ve been our main focus – and rather than changing BOTH players on the right we should’ve kept Saelemaekers as a known to counter the unknown of a new signing.

          PS This summer I would’ve kept Tonali, and bought a RW, CM and CF in that order of priority.

          1. Thanks for the condescending reply- I get it now – I think…. you’d keep Salad (yes it’s easier to type on an iPhone) and “upgrade” Messias for Chukwueze or a similar “better” rw. So would I. So I have no idea why you constantly repeat on here that we’re “FIFA fans” for wanting to strengthen the team. And no we don’t want to replace them all again next season for no reason sheesh.

    2. Man I loved the way reijnders and rlc could just carry the ball up well and create good switches of play and opportunities, as for Krunic, if we had Dominguez there we’d have a seriously dangerous midfield 3

  2. The midfield lacked chemistry with the forwards, and the back lines.

    Stefano Pioli is clueless, no tactics, no switch plays.
    There were many spaces at the edges.

    Wrong time to make substitutions. Atleast, you gat to bring in fresh legs and change formation.

    Kalulu, needs game time
    Tomori and Thiaw need to communicate often

    Leao, has to play with the team more now, else he will get frustrated.

    Atleast, Pioli must come up a game B plan for all matches.

    I’m happy Tijjani and Loftus are doing great.

    1. Once the transfer window shuts we can expect fans focusing their demands for upheaval on the manager.

      Maybe we can get through 2 managers before the next transfer window, sign another 8 players, and then when that window shuts it’s back to demanding more managers be sacked, and then at the end of the season we can just do a rebrand as we’ll no longer be the same club from a year ago.

    2. Maybe it make Sense, that he dont brought substitutions because we have another Game in less than 24h and he will play 11 other Players from Start…

      Florenzi, Kjær, Simić, Barthe
      ???, Musah, Pobega
      Chuck, Colombo, Okafor

  3. Pioli has a lot of work to do.
    The players couldn’t string 2 passes together.
    I know it’s still preseason but that looked bad.

  4. Giroud didn’t have an amazing game but he contributed to the goal and also contributed to some clear chances. Deserves a bit better than 5

  5. Reijnders might turn into our best player along with Leao, nobody gave their all tonight due to tomorrow’s game but he’s a real bright spark in this team.

        1. I don’t “despise” any players who play for the football team that I support…

          These new signings now play for my team so I support them, and will continue to support them when you’re demanding they be replaced in a year’s time to feed your addiction to the transfer market.

          1. You need to watch the attitude. I wanted the midfield and attack reinforced. Which happened. You just are crazy if you think krunic was enough. When this midfield fully gels with Musah starting, you will forget about Krunic entirely.

  6. The fans will keep complaining not until Pioli is fired! He is the one killing the potential in this team by not playing to the strength of the players at your disposal! What’s Giroud doing in the line up when you have Colombo or Noah! What’s pulisic doing at Rw instead of the hole behind the striker! Chukwese is there, Luka is there, what’s krunic doing there … creativity, no classic counter attacking play, nothing ! All hail pioli the great

    1. Exactly. I saw people blaming Moncada and Fulrani for the recruitment. When the 2 best players on the pitch were our new signings.

  7. Exactly. I saw people blaming Moncada and Fulrani for the recruitment. When the 2 best players on the pitch were our new signings.

  8. Who gave this ratings must be in dream land… Aside a few good take aways, the game is a complete shamble and it looks like the friendlies matters unlike some clowns who thought it didn’t. The right side is weak, if Monza were a decent team Kalulu would have been ripped apart cus he didn’t have any cover from RLC or Pulisic. Pioli needs to figure things out else he is gone.

    1. Friendlies really don’t matter….

      But if you’re expecting all these new players to click (and for the existing players to click with the new players) then it’s you who is dream land.

      But hey let’s keep demanding changes and not take any responsibility when the changes take a while to settle in.

  9. Yeah lack of chemistry and Taktics. Seems like they don’t know how to play simple and quick passes. Everything they did was way too slow and obvious for Monza. Also giroud may need a break. Barcelona did destroy Milan even though they just conceded 1 goal. Man I don’t get it. So many good players but nobody is leading them it seems. I hope pioli is making some changes and does not tell the same bullshit like we played well but we made some small mistakes cause for a club like Milan with so Many good player now… they should have shot at least 2 goals. And I don’t mean penalties like the one pulisic scored. Pulisic needs to play as CAM I bet he will be wayyyy better.

  10. Once we get Krunic out and Musah in that will help a bit. But Pioli needs to bring in a coach who knows some offensive tactics. They still have no real strategy or game plan offensively. It’s been a consistent problem under Pioli. The movement and passing is just not there. Still just relying on individual play.
    This guy says RW isnt for Pulisic. I don’t agree, and if it’s true then they paid a whole lot of money for a backup LW that I can’t imagine will get much playing time. Giroud looks finished. Let’s see if Ibra wants to come back.

  11. We’re getting to see a little insight into how this season will unfold with some of the people on here…..

    The focus will now move to calling for Pioli to be sacked after every game because remarkably the team has not been able to adjust in time to deal with all this upheaval – the very same upheaval that those very same fans were demanding.

    Honestly what is the point of being a fan that doesn’t like any of the players, the manager, has no appreciation for what’s been actually achieved to date, and just wants to kick fiddling endlessly with the team to the point that all you’re really left with is an empty shell of a brand – a bit like your local McDonald’s branch (the manager and all the staff have changed but the brand is still there and the food s#%t).

    1. Lmao you’re nuts.

      Our new signings like Loftus-Cheek and Reijnders are a million miles better than our midfield before.

      You didn’t want reinforcements now that Krunic is unsettled. Lol just wait and watch Musah take over the role. Krunic should look for apartments in Turkey.

      1. No. Loftus, tijjani, and musah are nowhere near as good as kessie, tonali, and bennacer. Sorry. This doesn’t mean they’re bad btw, but wow the hype is real if that’s what you believe.

        1. dudes forget Kessie, Hakan, Tonali are miles better than anyone we got and would have been less expensive to keep than to replace them all.
          Krunic would never see the field unless they hired him to cut the grass with those players fit.
          Yet people want him to stay to provide continuity, you don’t want continuity with mediocre performances….

          Gattuso had the technique and skills of a B or C league player on the ball, but was excellent at what he did best, not just okay enough not to harm the squad. He won the ball, gave it to better players and covered for them.

          Krunic doesn’t do anything very well, he is mediocre and brutally terrible in other aspects. Excellent at nothing but being mediocre. Yet a player who can only not do anything wrong nor contribute to us getting anything right is a nuissance, not a contributor. Sell him and bring in someone with a defined role and very good at something other than warming the bench, as well as garanteeing we miss out on the CL again.

          1. Hakan is more inconsistent than any other player I have ever seen. You’ve got to be smoking something else. And I’m not convinced Kessie is any better than any of the three. And Tonali lmao? Are we still overrating him?

        2. You smoking something heavy. Tonali isn’t that good and is overrated. The three are easily better than all of them. Delusional you are!!!!

        3. You’re just stupid, Zoro. Stupid. I don’t even need to reply to someone as stupid as you. Imagine not knowing anything about football. Then look in the mirror. Idiot.

          1. So did you look yourself in the mirror Giancarlo? Impressive tantrum, very cathartic, three posts in two minutes with insults, condescending statements, false narrative, your masterpiece!

          2. Bro uif u can’t express yourself properly and with respect how do you expect respect in return. You can’t call ppl stupid because they don’t share your views.
            PS this has nothing to did whether or not I agree with Zoro just an observation here and in other places u post

    2. I Like pioli but not his tactic if he has any. You can clearly see that the players don’t know where to pass the ball and where the teammates are because they don’t get instructions. Usually the manager is training every single pass and move so the players only have to make a decision but don’t have o figure out where everybody stands and what the next move is because that I impossible to do like u saw from this game. Barcelona had this down perefectly and they distrooyed us. Pioli better get some Taktik down and pls put pulisic in CAM where he belongs if he can’t play on the left

    3. This is correct. Because clearly this team is man city levels now, pioli will be the new scapegoat. This is 100% why redturd kept him. They need a fall guy. And pioli is not a great coach but doesn’t deserve to be the fall guy.

      1. You’re even dumber then I imagine, you’re the real turd here. And then you think Tonali and Bennacer are better than the signings we have now. Please go watch golf or something. You’re just too dumb.

        1. Bro did you just come here to post a reply to Zoro because he hasn’t replied you above ??? And the proceed to insult him? Buddy that looks desperate and attention seeking. Hold this L……Wtf am I seeing here 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  12. Midfield with reijnders definitely shine, only need more time to understand each other.
    Now expect it to be even better once milan sign a real dm like dominguez or even try musah in that position since krunic offer nothing but the be a back up player, or to be sold.

    My biggest concern is definitely giroud.
    I love giroud but he’s definitely not getting any younger, and it showed on the field.
    If milan don’t sign a new striker, i hope pioli give colombo more chances and even play okafor as cf

    1. Why do you guys keep mentioning Dominguez. There is nothing to what he plays that is special. Our squad is complete

    1. What goes through your head when you’re watching Krunic play?

      Are you supporting him and therefore the team, or do you join the opposing fans to boo Milan players?

      1. Now you are calling others Opposing Fans for not agreeing with you blasphemy. Just how much attention are you seeking man?

      2. You see no one here hates Krunic. He is just not good enough to be the starter. He is not a proper DM and clearly was the weakling of the midfield trio.

        1. If he was a bench player, I wouldn’t mind him. But if an offer of 10 million comes along, can I buy him the plane ticket lol?

          1. Bench players are as important as non-bench players and are often harder to replace (because the replacement doesn’t want to be a bench player).

          2. He’s not even a good bench player. And if an offer comes around for 10 million, adios. I’d rather promote a Primavera kid. Krunic is a detriment to this team. As was shown today.

          3. He’s not good enough to be a bench player either
            Ambrosini and Brocchi used to be our backup mids once upon a time
            They were 100 times better than Pioli’s boyfriend

      3. What goes through my head? My oh my this guy is so ineffective and gets pushed over so easily. Fenerbahce can’t come quickly enough to our rescue.

        1. And given it looks like he’s actually staying are you going to accept that reality or boo your own player?

          1. Doesn’t really look like it when Pioli mentioned Musah and praised Musahs abilities, while barely mentioning Krunic. Sorry dude, Krunic is still leaving.

        2. It won’t happen
          The management are dumb like Fassone and Mirabelli so they’ll go along with what Pioli tells them and Pioli wants to keep his boyfriend at all costs

          Watch them give Krunic a pay-raise

          1. Why would the directors listen to the person who coaches the players when they have you and your computer game knowledge?

  13. Nothing will change as long as Pioli is at the helm we will continue to play like a midtable team with only one real threat which is counter attack.
    Hoof the ball to leao and have him run at the defense is getting really old.

    Team is in desperate need of a top modern manager

    1. LOL. There is an Uzbek player that plays for Cagliari. Don’t think he’s incredible though. Roma wasted money on him a few years ago and he ended up being a flop lol.

  14. This will take time but the talent is definitely there. Reijnders is so smooth. Love that kid. RLC has been great thus far. Giroud needs to be a back up player. Not a lot left in his legs.

    My concern is the defense. We need a more reliable CB than Tomori. Also to rotate in and out while Tomori and Kalulu rediscover their forms.

  15. I’m 100% convinced ppl are just here to hate. I watched the game and kept a keen eye on Krunic in particular just to see how well he played and what the comments would say and true to form the disparity doesn’t make sense. I swear ppl either don’t know what they’re seeing or they’re just hating. There’s more to football than running, scoring, crossing. There’s positioning, anticipation and reading. And for his particular role that’s what he needs to have.

    I watched Krunic intercepted and closed down so many attacks but these things generally goes unnoticed. Like when Thiaw lost his man in the byline who was there to intercept the path of the attack. Or when Reinjders got his yellow , he didn’t need to commit the foul as Krunic moved across from RCM over to where Reinjders was supposed to be and covered his a$$. He covered that space already. When Timori went to the byline near the end of the first half he tracked the run of the attacker to cover the space left. These and many other unspectacular things is why he’s important to the general setup. You won’t see these things in the stats. There’s no way u can say that he’s trash. Not saying that we don’t have a better younger faster player in the team that could do a better job but he isn’t what is being made out here.

    1. Krunic is terrible what are you talking about haha he has no creativity, can’t play one-touch football, has no physical presence. He isn’t a good passer, isn’t fast, what does he do exactly? You mentioned he had an interception yeah cool dude he’s our DM, I hope he can at least get one of those a game. He’s a bum, he’s an MLS caliber player. This is AC Milan, not Hellas Verona or Everton. He’s a donkey

      1. You’re quite contradictory.

        Why would u need creativity as a central defensive mid? Bro u even said it yourself lol. It’s not one interception or positioning it’s many over the course of the game..i only gave a few examples of the more notable ones where hopefully ppl can recall. All he needed to do was protect the back four and dish passes out accurately which is what he did. How is he trash when he did what he could and he’s the only one doing it.. He doesn’t have physical presence but more physical than deers.

        I didn’t realize u call your own players donkeys and bums often esp for a guy who was important for our last Scudetto and the run in last season. You’re just as worse as these other guys. I’ll know to stay far.

        1. You need to actually be good at being a defensive mid. And Krunic isn’t. I remember one too many times where he simply was bypassed. So why don’t we sign a DM, or make Musah into one (and he has the attributes for it).

          Why do we insist on playing someone like Krunic? He’s not even good in the role. It wasn’t his natural role.

          I think the best thing for everyone is Krunic leaves to Fenerbahce, and find a more suitable place.

        2. Krunic sucks, when defining his qualities he has none, not good defensively and especially no creativity. Sorry I’m used to watching class in Pirlo and Busquets playing as holding midfielders.

          When we won the Scudetto we had Kessie and Tonali in the pivot spots. Krunic was a benchwarmer. Now Krunic is the starter. And he’s a bum! Take his poster off your wall, he sucks

          1. So I agree with this “When we won the Scudetto we had Kessie and Tonali in the pivot spots. Krunic was a benchwarmer. Now Krunic is the starter.”. And he should be a capable role player. Otherwise I dont care for calling players that helped us get our Scudetto bums.

            We’ll have to agree to disagree with defining his quality. As I see his contributions as many intangible, his positioning and spatial awareness. If you’re waiting for pirlo or Busquets levels you’ll be waiting a long time lol 😂 they ain’t coming to Milan anytime soon

      2. Btw Krunic is one of the best pass completers, aerial dueler and blocked shots in top 5 leagues in all of Europe last year. Bette than 80 percent of players out there in those categories but don’t let stats get in the way. Just saying.

    2. Krunic was awful today dude. What are you smoking? The best of our midfield is Rejinders and Loftus-Cheek.

      You are high on your own supply.

      Dude can’t break up opposing play Dude can’t pass. Dude can’t build up play. What does he do exactly besides stroll on the pitch at a leisurely pace? Dude is slower than a steam engine. Reminds me of Mesbah.

      1. Ummm agree to disagree but how exactly was he awful? Did he not interecot when needed. Bailed out Timori, Thiaw and Tijani several times.??? You’re seeing a different game but that’s fine. It is what it is. I can’t really change an embedded opinion. The difference is if he had a crap game I’d say it. If he had a decent game you won’t say it.

        There’s no way this guy reminds anyone of Mesbah. There’s no way. Hence my point is proven. 100% hate right out the gate.

        1. He’s slower than a steam engine. His sluggishness reminds me of Mesbah. Maybe the awkwardness reminds me more of poor Montolivo.

          I can’t remember the last time Krunic has had a good game. I’d say average at best to s**t as usual.

          1. That’s called taking credit away from other players and trying to reassign it to your favorite player. He was nothing more than average. And throughout the season domestically, mediocre to s**t. A good reason why we ended up drawing was because of misplaced passes… coming from… no other than your boytoy Krunic.

            I mean if you’re going to have a boy crush on someone at least pick a better player lol!

          2. You literally mentioned a good game he had and I gave u one, one of our most famous wins if the season. Now it’s that I didn’t give credit to other players🤦‍♂️. We weren’t talking about other players. Many players had a good game vs Napoli. U wondered, I provided. Can’t help u further

            If u do want to check out what he did, someone on Reddit did it for u. This is exactly what he brings. Smh

            www (dot)reddit(dot)com/r/ACMilan/comments/15b6igq/with_all_the_talks_about_selling_krunic_i_thought/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=3&utm_content=1

            Of course replace the (dot) with an actual dot

    3. Thank you.

      But more fundamentally fans shouldn’t have to defend players to other fans.

      Sure there might be the odd player that comes in for criticism due to a bad attitude or for just being bad, but Krunic is not the only player who gets criticised by this mob.

      It seems the only players these people aren’t demanding be sold (yet) are Maignan, Theo, maybe Bennacer and Leao (plus our new signings – for now).

      As soon as as of those lose form they’ll turn on them too. It’s just so pointless these people being fans of our club. They do more damage than good.

      1. Krunic is actually a bad player. He’s out of place. He would have fit in with Mesbah, Kevin Constant and others. He’s like a banter era player. He’s clumsy, slow and awkward.

        And you keep blabbering on we want to sell Theo, Mike, the new signings. But that’s without merit.

        Loftus-Cheek and Reijnders have already shown they are oozing with class. And I didn’t even want Milan to sign Loftus-Cheek because at the time he wad non-EU. But he’s proving something already.

        Krunic on the other hand needs to pack his bags.

        We didn’t sign Musah to sit on the bench.

      2. No player is untouchable(and certainly not Serie B players like Krunic which shouldn’t be at Milan to begin with)
        I wouldn’t care if we sold Leao for 200m and others for the right price if they no longer perform

        Go be a Jube or Merda fan you pos
        You zoomer mofos are the most obnoxious cancer to be wrought upon the Milan fanbase

        1. I could turn this into a Life of Brian “what have the Roman’s ever done for you” sketch…

          What have these players ever done for you?

          Apart from drag Milan of the wilderness.

          Apart from deliver the Scudetto.

          Apart from deliver back to back champions league qualifications after a decade of failure.

          Apart from getting us to the semi-finals of the champions league…

    4. As a defensive midfielder or deep lying playmaker, you are either superior in marking, covering space and retrieving possession, or you are excellent at building the game and dictating the play from deep….


      1. I still can’t quite figure out what they see in Krunic. This is almost like glorifying Brocchi, Poli, Montolivo (on his decline)… It’s just strange.

        1. Please don’t put Brocchi on the same sentence as those 2 other clowns
          At least Brocchi was competent and a solid back-up player who wasn’t a starter

        2. And whilst Milan struggled to get the most out of Brocchi, Poli, and Montolivo, Juve were wining back to back Scudetti with Padoin, Sturaro, Giaccherini, and our former players Matri and Borrielllo, who for some unknown reason, like Bonucci and Higuain, could only perform for Juve, and all managed by our former coach.

          Maybe it had something to do with Juve being a stable club and Milan being in chaos.

    5. THANK YOU! Jesus Christ, finally someone who understands what Krunic’s role is all about! I’m not saying what a player he is as I’ve been saying many times he’s a patch at his best but a role he plays now, he does it well. People here are all about flashes and big moves but some roles demand to keep it simple and quiet. And that’s what Krunic does.

      1. Exactly it’s not that I want him as a starter all the time but he does the job when called upon and currently provides some stability and familiarity currently until others (hopefully Musah) get up to speed. We need players like that. Unspectacular, does not need to be flashy. That’s what the deer, RLC, Puli, Chuk and others are for 🤦‍♂️

    6. I think the nature of it is people want to see the team improve and we all have different ideas on how to do that. I don’t like to call it hate but rather passion. And fans have the right to be passionate about their team. And some people here like to agitate you if you don’t agree with their ideas. But at the end of the day I think its just a bunch of passionate people who wants their team to win.

      Personally I would like to see what this young group of players are capable of under a more modern tactical coach like di Zerbi. But some thinks its down to the individual which is of course OK too.

      1. Fair enough I can roll with that. Ill say passion. and I agree about the part on agitation. Holy moly but I’m coming to grips. Been out for a couple weeks, came back and wondered wtf was happening tbh
        I’ve never seen the bashing of players and then bashing of commenters before, sorry passion I suppose. 🤷‍♂️

  16. Milan didn’t sign Musah to be on the bench. Krunic is going out. When Pioli was gushing about Musah it says it all to me.

  17. If Pulisic is no good on the right and we have Chukwueze for that position, where does he play in this system?

    Same for Okafor with Leao and giroud?

    1. The answer is AMC, because we still play with a 4-2-3-1. But for me, Pulisic looks like a complete waste of money so far. I hope he improves, but time is ticking.

  18. Anyways for my actual comment on the ratings. Man I’m liking the deer more and more lol. I think they should try him either at CAM or just as a left attacking mid and have him stay further up rather than complicating his role by requiring him to do alot of defending. Or have him as a roaming playmaker like kaka. Then have two of RLC and/or Musah and/or Krunic to mop up behind him. Also the players up top need to have sharper awareness because he makes these crazy threaded balls that should be capitalized on.

    Thiaw has been slow out the gate this season but I think over time he’ll get up to speed literally and figuratively.

    Timori and Kalulu just needs more time to get back their mojo..

    I noticed Pioli want Theo to Ty different things in attack. We know he can make his runs. But vs Barca it seems he was given the task to send crosses in from the byline. This time around it seemed his instruction was to pass across the defensive line and over to the other wing. Some.made it through. Interesting because this might be Pioli wanting to have solutions for the low block teams (not that Monza is one of them but was good to try out anyways).

    Bartesaghi looks decent tbh. Not sure if or why we need another LB. He’s clearly not a finished product and made some rash challenges. But I like his personality and lack of fear.

    RLC did ok..not sure about his best work. He did lose his man in the build up to the goal tho. Not sure he’s clicking with the others yet though but time….

    Puli has faded recently but I’m wondering if it’s as a result of playing many different positions since he came. That surely can’t be a good thing.

    Giroud is also slow out the gate but I guess he’ll also get up to speed or.lack thereof lol 😂

    Okafor looked enthusiastic. He replaced Leao so I guess he’s gonna be Leaos sub. Chuk I hope can come up to speed with Serie A defences..they’re not like in Spain where you do get some space

    Overall positive signs and more time clearly needed to gel. There’s a lack of fluidity in midfield and u can tell players are not familiar with each other’s runs. But that being said to eke out a 50-50 share of possession vs Monza is a great sign as they tend to hold the ball very well

    1. Thanks for that great review.

      I agree with a lot of that.

      I’m a bit concerned Puli might get a bit lost if we don’t decide on a position for him and stick to it.

      On Bartesaghi one thing that youth players can bring is sharpness and hunger, and ironically that can give us an edge against the so called “weaker” because they tend to move the ball quicker and match those sides in terms of hunger.

      It’ll be interesting to see how we go. I think Pioli has got the right mix in terms of the old and the new. He didn’t really have much choice with the midfield, so we’ll be starting the season with probably three new players there with Musah.

        1. Lol he’ll play every game because he’s Pioli’s prince charming
          That’s why Milan haven’t bought any DM
          We could have had Hjulmand, Dominguez, Redondo, Koopmeiners etc.

          Same with right-back
          Pioli blocked the singing of Singo because he’s obsessed with that **** Calabria

          1. These guys don’t read and then twist people’s words. Trust me a few days off this site and you comeback you’ll see the utter nonsense that ppl pull you into. It’s not worth it tbh. You end up defending a position you never had to begin with just to bring the conversation back into your direction

      1. Thanks bro 😁. I see you noticed the Puli issue too but hopefully it gets sorted out quick. Esp as he’s in a new team with other new players. Doesn’t bode well for his integration.
        Bartesaghi is exactly that, an unknown quantity so it’s hard to figure out and to plan for which is great for us..
        The team def looks good on paper. It’s really on Pioli now. I also want to see what Musah brings

    2. LOL Now I know for a fact you didn’t watch this game without Krunic tinted sunglasses on.

      I just can’t see what the guy has. He’s like a banter era player playing for Milan now. I mean I think even Andrea Poli was a better player in his day.

      Thank goodness we have a good base. I can’t imagine a team full of Krunics. The guy supposedly does all these things, but just not very well.

      Have you ever been to a Chinese buffet that serves burgers, pizza and tries to do it all? Yeah you’ll end up with a poor to mediocre experience and possible stomach issues later in the day.

      RLC did great this game. Get a grip. And so did our other new signing Rejinders. It’s just so difficult for you to even give credit where it’s due, while you enjoy watching your boy crush, Krunic, play. And play rather poorly.

      And as far as us wanting a new leftback, Mario Rui is leaving Napoli as a free agent.

      1. Lol this is how I know you don’t even read people’s comments. You just skim a few word and spew the same diatribe over and over. I didn’t mention Krunic in my ratings just to avoid that topic. But yet here you are…..

  19. Love the discussion. Here is my rating:

    Maignan: 6,5
    Kalulu: 6
    Thiaw: 5,5
    Tomori: 5,5
    Theo: 6
    Reijnders: 7
    Krunic: 6
    Pulisic: 5
    RLC: 6,5
    Leao: 5
    Giroud: 4,5

    1. Best ratings so far. Except if give RLC one or a half less. He did lose his man that made the thru ball on the goal. Otherwise fair. Thiaw and Timori def culpable in the goal but so too Kalulu as he was upfield.

  20. What I have seen in recent times is that Milan play with an attitude of ” we are ac milan and we will win this match” this happened in the 22/23 season whereby the whole team knew they’re fully capable of winning the match especially towards weaker teams, whereas in 21/22 season they played with “we are afraid to lose attitude” that’s why we were able to beat teams week in week out because we were afraid to lose.

    I don’t know whether its the manager fault for not motivating the players or the players know that if I don’t score someone else will score so the responsibility of scoring is shifted to another person.

    2ndly Giroud seems to be the weakest link in attacking. I know it’s preseason but this is not the Giroud of 2 years ago. Probably age is catching up with him or he is slowly losing the love of football I don’t know 🤷‍♂️.

    Lastly Pioli tactics are not working out currently, he doesn’t have the urgency to change things around, 1st half, 2nd half same thing. His substitution are late for any impact. Gradually he is losing the locker room, if not careful he might lose the trust of his players.

    But with all said I am not a football manager or football player just a concerned milan support about the future. 🔴⚫️

  21. Hey guys, I have read almost all the comments and most of them are comments about Pioli’s favorite player. to be honest i have one sentances about him. I’m really surprised by Pioli’s tactics and his dependence on Krunic, from my point of view Pioli’s level of football is very low he has proved it day by day. he doesn’t deserve to be the manager of a legendary club like Milan. now about his favorite player, I can describe him in one sentence, Krunic has never done anything important for this club ever! I can say more. If I were Milan’s coach, I wouldn’t even (I repeat again) even let him onte into San siro watching match. it’s my view of Krunic

  22. We still in friendly matches. But the results aren’t convincing, for “Complete-Midfield”. Our Forwards become look dull, Wingers found little spaces (Maybe Because no AMC anymore so opponent DF can be more rigid to close more spaces). I think our mezzala need go more advance to show more threads to defenders.

    Our forwards don’t show us their potentials yet, and defenders look cagey and keep making mistakes, not aggressive & fierce like usual.

    We need show more concentration & more speed to keep aggressive & playing vertical.

  23. What is giroud still doing here in Milan that guy was never a good striker because he can’t keep the ball to himself not dribble past a defender in a 1 v1 situation I think we need a better striker who can do this or start thinking of okafor as our striker. And on krunic mayb pioli is starting him so as to get good price for him cos I don’t see where he would be playing when the league starts…. My own opinion

  24. It was a disappointing game to be honest ,but loftus cheek definitely man of the match .
    His physicality shows through ,and he has great pace.i did that he could be our best signing.i was a little concerned with fitness ,but a huge asset if he remains injury free .pulisic was ok ,but he will do well
    Big disappointment for me was Olivier ,Giroud as you all know I am a huge fan of his ,but he clearly has an injury,but when he remains his fitness,he will do well
    Another surprise and a huge disappointment was that of Rafeol leao ,he seemed well out of sorts ,perhaps it’s because he is trying to hard to be our star man .of course he is a huge talent and well come .He just need to relax more on the ball .So please Olivier ,recover from your injury as we need you to be back at your best . Olivier and rafeol leao will score goals .We have a great midfield at the moment .We still seem to be struggling defensively. We have a good squad and we will challenge for the scudetto this season .
    It does take time for new players to gel
    So let’s get ready for the real season to begin.

  25. Pioli out? Already? Geez what’s with all these fantasy football managers on this blog. Didn’t they get the players according to Pioli’s request?

    How come you bash the coach but praise new signings? Isn’t the coach the one who deploys players in the system and gives instructions? So if the new signings impressed you, wasn’t that also thanks to Pioli’s instructions? You seem to have chosen your next scapegoat already.

    And Krunic’s role doesn’t demand him playing flashy, he’s not Fernando Redondo of defensive midfield. He keeps it quite and clean back there. And while he’s a decent player at his best, his movement and cover for certain players last night was good. Be reminded he is not a DM at all but plays there per Pioli’s request. We urgently need a proper DM. And that’s not Musah. At least not in a three man midfield. Maybe in two man midfield, something like Kessie occupied.

    1. Omg thank you Ted 🙏
      Been saying this. But maybe not in as kind words lol 😂
      It’s like what do they expect him to do, defend then run and score a goal upfield like Kante? Sheesh

  26. It’s pretty obvious that none of the people who are bashing Giroud
    a) are not over 30 and b) don’t play any sports.

    As you get older your body reacts to breaks more aggressively – meaning getting back in to peak fit takes longer and longer. Sure, Giroud & Kjaer look like their careers are over but you’re ignoring one major thing here: their season started 2-3 weeks ago and their bodies take 2-3 weeks longer to recover from the break compared to the 20-years-olds.

    Giroud will be back to himself in a couple of weeks and so will Kjaer. Pioli knows it. He’s been around long enough to know what age does to people. Clearly you guys complaining how those two are finished have not. 🙂

    1. We can say the same thing for Krunic. People don’t play sports here I’m convinced. Not everything has to be flashy

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