Player Ratings: Roma 1-2 AC Milan – Midfield trio shines; Leao decisive

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan clinched their third win of the season in as many games this evening as they prevailed against Roma at Stadio Olimpico. Several players impressed and below are the player ratings for the Rossoneri. 

Starting XI

Maignan (6): He didn’t have to do much this evening and the goal was unsavable. He was okay overall with his feet but could have done better on a few occasions.

Calabria (6): He looked decent in his inverted role – albeit under pressure quickly – and got a nice assist for Leao, even if that was mostly the latter’s doing. The captain could have been a bit better in the 1v1s, but overall solid.

Thiaw (6.5): The better centre-back again with many aerial duels won and a strong presence on the low balls as well. He will be very important for Milan this season, there’s no doubt about that.

Tomori (5.5): This is a very, very tough one, but after careful consideration we have given him a 5.5 after all (initially a 6). He was simply too rash after already receiving a yellow card. However, given that neither foul justified a yellow really, we can’t criticise him too much.

Hernandez (6.5): A high-speed train down the left flank but with slightly better end products, he could have increased his rating as well. However, his importance is very evident.

Loftus-Cheek (7): Dominated the midfield with his physique at times and really stepped up in this big game. He won the penalty for Milan after a nice run and continued to make himself available before being subbed off in the 65th minute (due to Tomori’s red card).

Krunic (7): An extremely important player for Milan in the defensive phase tonight. He was there to win almost every second ball and after the red card, he was the true leader and dictated the defensive line for the Rossoneri. Good on the ball today too.

Reijnders (7): Movement is his main strength, but his passing certainly is very good too. Constantly offered solutions, especially when Milan were down to ten and that was very important.

Pulisic (6): Not a bad game from the American at all, but he didn’t have the same space tonight. Therefore, his impact was limited.

Giroud (6.5): Calm and composed from the space even though Roma tried their hardest to make things difficult for him. He combined well with his teammates tonight as well and with four goals in three games, it’s looking good for him.

Leao (7 – MOTM): He was a constant threat to the Roma defence and ended up scoring the very decisive goal for Milan, in a very acrobatic manner as well. He was just as good as the midfield trio, but also deserving of the MOTM.


Kalulu (6): He came in and did a good job, the deflection on the goal was just very unlucky.

Pobega (6.5): Added the strength Milan missed after RLC came off (the Englishman was booked) and did really well in the defensive phase.

Okafor (6.5): Displayed his control of the ball and that was necessary during the final minutes of the game.

Chukwueze (6): Mostly tracking back for him tonight but he did what he was supposed to do.

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    1. Can’t tell if sarcasm. We beat a team we drew twice in dramatic fashion last season, and with 10 men no less. This was a comprehensive team effort.

      1. Sorry couldn’t help it – still reeling from so many inane comments today about everything being a disaster. Yep, this team has hit the ground running and (as usual) put Mou’s cr*ppy Roma to the sword. Man, they have to be one of the most annoying teams in Serie A. Absolute horse sh*t all game and then 10 min of madness at the end scrambling for an undeserved equalizer.

        1. This season or so far this team is just beautiful to watch. Going forward we are just electrifying, especially now that the threat can come from both wings and midfield.

      2. I understand your point. But he actually has q point. So far we’ve won all our games from individual brilliance and not necessarily as a team effort

        1. Please enlighten me, I don’t quite get your point. Probably you can explain it to me on how did the ball get to Rafa so that he can use his brilliance and score.

          To me a mere mortal this team made of individuals whom contribute and help each other to achieve certain goal. I don’t think magic Mike can prevent goals without the guys standing in front of him defending.

        2. Look closely and you’ll see that ALL the goals scored have come as a result of what look like designed plays that the team has been practicing, designed to crack open all these densely packed low blocks that milan keeps running into

          So far, have seen three types of plays –
          1. Giroud doing the give and go to a player running into the box – Pulisic’s goal, and RLC’s drive into the box that ended with the foul and PK
          2. Long diagonals from open play to the far post
          3. Leao doing a quick pass to Theo darting from out wide to the near post.

          If you think the players just figured out how to do all these moves by themselves, and that they haven’t actually practiced these moves over and over, then you haven’t seen enough teams struggle to break down low blocks by never doing these sorts of moves, or trying and failing at these moves.

          1. btw, having followed Chelsea when Pulisic was there, that was exactly what the problem was that got both Tuchel and Potter fired at Chelsea.
            Those Chelsea teams couldn’t score at all against low blocks. They would bring the ball down, and do all sorts of side passes to each other, or try a progressive pass that would get cut out, but Tuchel and Potter never figured out how to get their Chelsea teams to break down low blocks.
            So, props to Pioli for figuring out how to do this, but then, low blocks and cattanacio are as Italian as they come, and no coach is going to rise to the top of Serie A without figuring out how to win against all these teams doing the densely packed low block

    2. Are you going to do this every game?

      The gelling is largely down to Pioli doing an excellent job of integrating the new signings slowly, and sticking to the same starting 11.

      This game was largely won by the 19’ers (my new name for the small group that’s left from the Scudetto winning side) including Krunic who was another of the 19’ers that you were calling to be sold.

      It’s a long season though. We kept up with Napoli until the Roma game last season (which played out almost the exact same way except without the unlucky last minute equaliser).

      The question will be how this does when they face their Roma moment, when Pioli starts rotating, and if key players get injured especially Giroud.

      That’s why I’m so concerned that the board and manager didn’t have faith in Okafor, Origi or Colombo but then left it to the last minute to do anything about it.

        1. But you were right about Krunic….

          Unless you are Biff from Back to the Future 2 you don’t know if I’m wrong or right after just 3 games!

  1. Okafor 6.5 for playing ST, CM and FB at the same time and permanently frustrating Roma? That was a masterclass on how to play in a 1 player down situation from him. Should be 7-8/10 despite being a sub.

    1. Okafor was AWESOME. What great work rate, great footwork/dribbling; smart runs/passes/plays to keep possession when we were down a man. he was a man possessed tonight. Nice to know that when old man Giroud will need to rest (and I love him but HE WILL NEED TO REST!), Okafor can be productive!

    2. Good call.

      He was excellent and hopefully he’s won over Pioli’s trust but Jovic’s signing could restrict his chances to being Leao’s understudy.

  2. Calabria was a culprit today, always allowing more space for attackers to attack and shoot, and then bam a goal was conceded. He needs to do better. Decent game all round. A needless first yellow card for Tomori and bam a red.

    Good fight and win. Forza Milano

  3. 3 out of 3.
    Total domination for an hour.
    Very good game by Leao (great goal as well), Loftus Cheek and Theo. But for me the best was Krunic. Controlled the midfield all game long.
    Pioli messed up by not taking out Tomori at half time. A blind man saw that red coming. Lautaro will be the person most upset that Tomori won’t be playing in the derby.
    Great shifts of the bench by Kalulu, Pobega and Okafor.
    Hopefully no one gets injured during NT break (°Maignan)
    Bring on Inter.

    1. Yep – Tomori messed up today and may struggle to get his place back.
      Totally dominant performance, but for me Calabria looks like a RB playing in midfield – he added no purpose to pressing home our huge grip on the game – we carved them up at will and should have killed this off long before the end.
      RLC would have got MoM tonight if he’d stayed – closely followed by Leao and Krunic, who bossed Roma tonight in their final third
      Three in three.. and we are not quite firing yet
      Can’t wait for Inter

  4. We can debate about that foul all we want, but this is Tomori’s 3.5 season in Serie A, he should’ve known better how to handle that full of trick & whine kind of striker like Belotti.

    Krunic masterclass. 13 mil is nothing.

      1. That is a clear penalty though. The goalkeeper lift his foot high, hitting RLC’s shin, should have received yellow card too.

      2. that was DEFINITELY A CLEAR penalty! studs up high closer to the knee than the ankle! And RLC really had a chance to get to the ball to poke it into the goal if it wasn’t for that!

        As for Tomori, first yellow was a bit rough for sure; but then he was really on thin ice and made a couple of other fouls after his first yellow that were risky and that last one was just stupid when Belotti isn’t going to be any danger in that position. it’s just dumb. he needs to have better control of himself.

          1. Chance to get the ball is not considered according to the rule.

            If you punch an opponent at the edge of their penalty area when the ball is far away, it’s still a penalty kick given to their team.

  5. RLC was MOTM in my opinion, he is a bit underrated. I have a feeling though he will get injured soon..
    Reijders is good but his rating is a bit generous.

      1. Yes, I remember some on here calling him and Pulisic Chelsea’s trash. They’ve been arguably our 2 best players so far. Pulisic was robbed by Patricio today. Should’ve has his third goal in as many games.

  6. Tijanni R should improve in the box, for the past three games he keeps getting into good position after a cutback from leao but he always fails to convert. I think he should improve on his placing or first time shot.

  7. Did you seriously give Tomori a 6? Sorry dude, you have to quit your job. He played like an absolute fool today. His rating should be a 4. The first yellow was a completely unnecessary foul and he could’ve been sent off in the first half for a couple other fouls or screaming at the referee like he always does.
    Pioli should also get a 4 for not taking Tomori off at the half. As I mentioned he could’ve gotten a second yellow in the first half. If you don’t know by now that you can’t trust Tomori on a yellow card than you are some kind of fool. You can argue about the second yellow maybe but he was pushing the limit the entire game. And they are unnecessary fouls where the player has his back to the goal. It’s just stupid.

    1. I am with you on Tomori, he is playing horrible almost a year.
      We should have sold him to premier League and bring decent CB in his place.
      I prefer Kalulu over Tomori any day of the week

      1. Man, you are pathetic. Are you longing to get Tata back as well? The team is moving up. Getting better players now. And unlike you thought, it’s working.

  8. Good ratings for everyone, but I think Thiaw should be a 7. Did a very good job throughout the game. Reijnder-Krunic-RLC look like they have been playing with each other for years, lol. We played far better against Roma compared to so-called weak team Torino/Bologna. Now what will the haters say now? We just pretty much outclassed Roma.

    1. Thiaw also had that SICK long perfect outlet pass to Leao that led to a nice run by Rafa and a corner kick (and it was right after Thiaw made a great step up tackle to take the ball away from Belotti).

      We might be better off versus Inter having Thiaw and Kjaer be our starting center backs than Tomori!

    1. We’re three games in…..and need to finish in the top 2 at least to justify all of the changes!

      (That’s not my expectations for the players or the manager who have the excuse of having to deal with the upheaval, that’s just the directors who are primarily responsible).

      I bet you’re glad the directors didn’t get their way with Krunic!

      1. If we win the CL and CWC I think even those people who wrote off the 19’ers will have to be satisfied….

        (It’s ironic that those of us who were appreciative of the efforts of the 19’ers and and who were not demanding wholesale changes are considered the “doomsayers”)

          1. It’s not even about football.

            They just love the transfer market and are always looking for changes because it means more transfers. They’re like shopaholics!

  9. Great display by the midfield, at one time solid and creative. Thiaw is really turning in a great defender and Leão, well, Leão is what we already know he is, I mean, a crackin’ player.

    BTW: where are the Krunic bashers? Haha…

  10. Great game from the boys. Got the job done. Leao channeling his inner “Ibra” there.

    Midfield pulled their weight again👏🏼. Krunic playing DM with more confidence, pretty impressive.

    Before you all become too quick to hang Tomori, Thiaw’s decent performances have also been made possible by Tomori commiting to staying back to hold the line. Which put Tomori under some pressure in the last few games. It’s just the game of Football, Pioli took a gamble to keep him on too. Shit could have gone either way. Great forward play from Thiaw.

    Okafor did well holding up play, but Chuks could have done better to draw more fouls on the RW with his skill.

    3 wins out of 3. Good for confidence going into the Derby. Bring on the Merda💪🏽.

    Forza Milan!!!

    1. Lucky goal from Roma… an unfortunate deflection out from Kalulu in the dying minutes of the match. Milan was in total control of this game even when reduced to 10 men.
      Good game & great performance 👍

  11. 11 v 11 milan showed their dominance. If this doesn’t show our fans and opposing fans how much we greatly have improved nothing will. This team has gelled quickly and up until the red card we showed how strong we are. The movements of the players is so impressive and how they understand each other is amazing. RLC was an absolute beast while everyone played well.

    If I have to criticize its definitely going to be our discipline this year. Theo in the first two games and tomori red. All stupid yellows that should never have happened. Tomori is doing things good and things bad. Leao found his form again and was devastating. This team isn’t to be messed around with.

    Pioli has shut me up with this 4 3 3. I like it so much and the midfield players have all shown they’re perfect for the role. Even I will say, krunic was very good today. Wasn’t crazy about how the team played in the last 15 minutes and I feel like another midfielder like musah should have been brought on. We need to continue like this and improve and I’ll have no doubt we’ll be scudetto challengers.

    @maldinisheir, even you have to admit that this team has greatly improved this season and it shows why we needed that many changes!

    1. Agree mate. I also think Pioli could have brought Okafor on sooner too to stretch them but I agree with your post. Krunic was excellent today.

      Our midfield is now very physical, all three are units and Reijnders and RLC can really carry the ball. It won’t be long before they add goals too

    2. Agree. We have improved a lot. Right wing improvement is obvious, but even cheek and reijnders so far look much better than tonali. I’m not gonna lie, i was sceptic at first ( all the chaos at the end of season), but man was i wrong. Hope we keep.this form and our boys stay injury free.

    3. It was almost the exact same performance as against Roma last season, with most of the same players!

      And it could’ve even gone the same way at the end.

      It’s still too early to judge because this team will face adversity or injuries or a last minute equaliser at some point this season and that will be the big test. Last season the wheels came off after we conceded that last minute goal to Roma.

      My criticisms have been directed at the transfer market generally, and the decision by the directors to replace half the squad after we met and exceeded expectations.

      For the directors to justify their decisions we need to finish in the top 2 at least and get through our champions league group.

      For the manager and players we need to be patient and not get too ahead of ourselves or turn on the manager or players if we do have problems.

      PS Anyone fancy a bet on Mourinho being the first manager sacked this season???

        1. And as was revealed last week, the negotiation for Pulisic already started six months ago, who was in charge back then if not Maldini? The director might have changed but the scouting team remain the same.

          1. One more:

            Don’t you know that Maldini asked for larger budget? What is that for if not for more signings? Had Maldini have 100m transfer money like Milan have after selling Tonali, Maldini would have sign many new players too.

        2. I don’t really care who did.

          The transfer market is like gambling, it’s mostly pot luck since nobody has a clue how a player will actually fit into a new team and team mates. Some big new signings will fail this season and some will succeed.

          I will say RLC was the type of player I wanted us to sign to replace Kessie.

  12. Was that Krunic or Casemiro in the heart of Milan midfield? Bossed those Roma bums.
    Strongly dislike Roma since Mourinho took over. They play awful football, they are dirty and they complain and whine all gane long. Especially that garbage Mancini. He is the Materazzi of this era. Trash defenders, who are dirty and just run their mouths.
    Happy for the win but would have liked Milan to trashed Roma.
    What a start of the season after many wrote Milan off in June.
    Inter is up next for smacking.
    Awesome goal by Leao. That fool Chelik should have also been sent off, but dude didn’t even get a yellow.
    Giroud has been great these 3 games.
    Midfield looks better and better every week.
    Forza Milan

  13. I’m going to officially out my hands up and say I was wrong about Loftus Cheek. I don’t know whether he was poisoned by Chelsea like Pulisic was, but man this player I don’t recognise..he’s a beast. Roma were terrified of him, his ability to carry the ball is something we haven’t had for a long time. He made that penalty single handedly. Why we are seeing is the player I though was there in 2018.

    What’s positive is that in previous seasons we’d only have maybe 5 points now. We saw the game out really well today. The team has grown from last season

  14. I never understand these ratings, is the 7 highest you can go?
    I’ve never seen a 9 and there were times when a 9 were in order.
    Leao was an 8 easy tonight.
    Tomori not even a 5.

  15. Milan outplayed a poor Roma team pretty easily. Good to see
    RLC was superb and Krunic mopped up well, though there was little pressure.

    I thought Okafor and Chukwueze were really poor, rabbits in the headlights.

    Tomori may get a longer ban for following the ref around screaming at him after the red. This was worrying, mostly because we didn’t have a leader out there to rein him in ( like the famous clip of maldini screaming at gattuso)

    Oh and Thiaw was truly impressive carrying the defence

    1. Okafor poor? You really have no clue about football. The guy came on for a team that was down to 10 men and held the ball up incredibly well, won several fouls and even completed a few good dribbles. He even did some good defensive work. Okafor was fantastic when he came out.

    2. Agreed for the most part. Have to disagree with the Okafor assessment as he held the ball up well. Maybe Chuk didn’t do as well.

      Also loved the Maldini Gattuso reference. I remembered that game. Even I was scared of Maldini when he did that lol. Shut Gattuso the Pitbull up lol 😂

    3. Okafor has a LOT of quality. Not sure what game you watched. His touches were in point. He created a lot of distraction to relieve the pressure on our 10.

    4. Yeah Calabria should have shut that down – even Theo as vice captain..- it’s not Tomori’s first rodeo – he needs to control his passion – CBs need to be calm assassins..

      1. Yeah it should have been stopped, even Thiaw got carried away, won’t get away with that in CL.
        With Ibra, Kjaer, Kessie etc not in the team we need someone to take control of those situations. Theo is too hot, perhaps Mike or Giroud ought to be taking charge, if Kjaer was on the pitch he would have

  16. Our mid controlled and dominated the game. Excellent display by all 3. Rafa what a goal and always a threat that kept the D honest. Harsh call against Tomori on that foul but he still should be a bit more mindful being that he was already on a yellow. Excellent overall by the lads. Forza Milan!

    1. Nobody has a lower bar for a “great performance” than Krunic. He did a good job that’s it. RLC was a great performance. Leao was a great performance. Thiaw was excellent. Krunic did his job, which against a Roma side without Dybala and Abraham that was just sitting back almost the entire game was not that difficult. Even down 2-0 they were still sitting back and letting Milan have possession. It was not until The red card that they actually became aggressive. I like Mourinho but the game has passed him by. His teams are awful to watch. Even when he has offensive talent he still plays like a coward.

      1. You take Krunic out of that team and the whole thing falls apart.

        He’s essential. He’s also a 19’er. Show some respect for the 19’ers!

      2. You’re so full of it, desperate to downplay a great performance just because it’s Krunic. I’m not his biggest fan, either, but he hasn’t put a foot wrong in 3 games now.

  17. My notes for the game:

    First off, we would have won like 3 or 4-0 if wasn’t for that red. That card made Roma look good. Which means we were absolutely sensational and dominant. BUT we really should be finishing our chances earlier. Nevertheless I enjoyed it up to the red. Then sweated.. thankfully 3 mega points.

    – RLC has great strength and like I’ve said before he’s starting to figure it out. If wasn’t for the early sub would be my motm. I liked his aggression and Roma couldn’t handle him.

    – Shout out to Calabria who was everywhere, CAM, RB and CB early on. But that loss of footing on the goal undid his good work.

    – Krunic is needed for his tactical intelligence on the ball. I don’t think anyone else in the team comes close for a mid,.except maybe Tijji. He also makes people people press him, widens the opp and dishes out of the press to create opportunities for the attackers. Krunic tells people where they need to be and when like he did with Thiaw , Calabria and Tijji at various points in the game..if you’re looking for another instance where he does this check out the Napoli game last year. Amazing game by him. Sorry to the Krunic haters. There’s no way you can say he had a bad game, good in duels, dribbled when needed and read the game well

    – Thiaw was a playmaker by design when he played on the right. Seems like a different player everytime will get that role for each game which keeps the opposition guessing. First game was Krunic, second was RLC and Now it was Thiaw. He also defended extremely well and organized the backline. Loved the leadership

    – Puli and Tijji need to put away their chances esp the Puli chance but that was a sick save from Rui Patricio

    – Tomori needs to do better as someone who has been in the league for a while. However the ref conditioned his night and it was more the ref than him. Both him and Thiaw shackled Roma’s attack.

    – Pioli need to do better with the game management. He needed more defensive subs, it was one too many attackers to bring on after the red. I get that offense is the best defence but balance was needed.

    – Ref was terrible at controlling the game. Timori and RLC cards were not worth yellows. He could have even not called the second yellow simply because that wasn’t a yellow. He also let someone almost take Leao’s pants off but no card. Hope he doesn’t ref big games in the future.

    1. I agree with a lot of that although I thought Pioli did well with the subs.

      It’s counterintuitive but bringing on attackers was the right call as it took pressure off the defence.

      Okafor was excellent when he came on and did everything you could ask from an attacker when a team is down to 10 men.

      I think we can forgive Calabria one error especially as he pushed Spinazzola inside and it was then really up to those on the inside to block the shot (which they did but were u unfortunate with the deflection).

      The game was very reminiscent of the first game against Roma last season where we conceded last minute goals and then couldn’t recover after that. For that reason it’s a big win especially for those players who went through that.


  18. 1. Roma is a disaster. Even with Milan down to 10, Roma didn’t do anything until the last 5mns of the game. Absolutely atrocious. They were never a match for us.

    2. Tomori red card is a BLESSING as he will miss the Derby. Truth is, he’s been pretty terrible since last season and needs to be benched in favor of Kjær/Kalulu, especially in the derby.

    3. This team is head & shoulders better than the team last season. The new signings hit the ground FLYING! Not even running. Midfield looks stellar and we’ll see how they do against Inter.

    4. Okafor needs more minutes. We can see from his cameo today how much quality he has. Same with Chuk. For them to integrate they will need more minutes. Hopefully they can start in games against the “minnows”

    5. For a change I am very OPTIMISTIC with our depth and now going into the Derby, baring any injuries in international duty. The DERBY will be 🔥🔥🔥


    1. Totally agree, team is looking good. New arrivals =awesome. Our depth is day and night from last season. However. Im curious to see how pioli will use that depth or rotate the players.

  19. If you see, almost every goal on Milan net is from right side (calabria side), calabria is lack of mark ability, often the opponent outskilled him

  20. Missed the game and absolutely delighted that we won. Judging from the commentaries it appeared that we’re outplaying Roma too, so great to hear. Would be watching the replay later 😀

    3 wins in the first 3 is amazing indeed. Too bad there’s international break coming so soon. Would’ve been ideal to face Inter while carrying the form. Hopefully everyone comes back healthy, especially Maignan.

  21. There nothing yet to talk about Krunic, his name have been silent, almost everyone is patiently waiting for him to flop then they will start dropping stupid comments like “I said it this guy is useless, they would have sold him, Pioli is in love with him, he I useless, bla bla bla”
    But praising him now that he hasn’t put a foot wrong is so difficult, pure characteristics of Milan fans, they will never praise what they have instead their eyes and praises will remain with other team players, selfish and ungrateful mutherfvckers.

  22. I was only looking out for comments on KRUNIC here. His haters should realize this guy deserves some respect. I saw him turn three players twice in seconds and I had to rub my eye thinking I was seeing double….. Man was so great!❤️ Let’s just appreciate his efforts and halt the unnecessary hate on him. He’ll still make mistakes which is normal for any player…. The Krunic of EMPOLI and BOSNIA is alive with great consistency. The team did well except for Tomori who tackles at the wrong time. He’s been like this since we won the Scudetto. Now I see why Chelsea sold him despite his pace as a defender. Forza MILAN!! ❤️🖤

  23. If Tomori leaves Milan the next CB that will be on the fans bash list is Thiaw.

    It’s a tradition from Milan fans right from I don’t know when.
    Zapata, Machisio, Romagnoli and now Tomori the next person will be Thiaw.
    I remember how everyone talked down on every other CB when we got Romagnoli, I remember how everyone hated Romagnoli when we got Tomori, now we got Thiaw and Tomori became the next victim, same way Thiaw will be the next victim when we sell Tomori and get another CB.

    This was Tomori first bad game this season and it’s like this, everyone calling him fool 😀😀

  24. @Malda, he’s no doubt a good player but he’s never calm when tackling. I’m a defender too. I barely amass cards cos I tackle with timing. He’s got to learn that as I feel that’s his weak point

  25. For once I think you are too strict with the grading, especially defensively. Here are mine:

    Maignan: 6
    Calabria: 6,5
    Tomori: 6
    Thiaw: 7,5
    Theo: 7
    Krunic: 7,5
    Pulisic: 6,5
    Reijnders: 7
    RLC: 6,5
    Leao: 7
    Giroud: 7

    Kalulu: 6,5

    Forza Milan!

  26. Would have brought in the fresh legs of Musha for Reijnders late in the game. He plays with a lot of energy and was excellent in the World Cup. As a Pulisic fan, I came from Chelsea to Milan this year and have been really impressed with this team. I especially like the play of Hernandez in his runs up and down the left side – the best left back I’ve seen in a while.

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