Player Ratings: Roma 1-2 AC Milan – Scandinavian brilliance crucial for Rossoneri

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan secured another three points this evening as they beat Roma by two goals to one at the Olimpico. It was a dramatic ending to a very entertaining game, with several good performances for the Rossoneri. 

Starting XI

Tatarusanu (7): It ended up being a great performance by the Romanian goalkeeper, as the red card resulted in Roma actually creating chances and getting shots on target. He made some very good saves and was always positioned well.

Calabria (6.5): The captain was as solid as you would expect and he has really got the consistency right this season. Above all, he was important in the defensive phase but especially in the first half, he combined very well with Saelemaekers.

Kjaer (8): Incredible performance from the Dane, who stopped everything that came towards the Milan goal in the last 25 minutes. He almost got the MOTM award but nevertheless, one of his best displays with the Milan shirt for sure.

Tomori (7.5): He was very good this evening in the heart of the defence, completely neutralising his friend Tammy Abraham. The latter didn’t get any space to work with and Tomori was also extremely comfortable on the ball.

Hernandez (5.5): He wasn’t as involved in Milan’s attacking play this evening and the red card obviously didn’t make things better. Both of his yellow cards were stonewall and the second one was incredibly poor defending, just throwing himself into the challenge. He will miss the derby as a result.

Bennacer (7): He’s really hit his old form again as he bosses the midfield with ease, along with whoever plays next to him. His passing was mostly spot on and his ability to move seamlessly with the ball is extremely impressive.

Kessie (7): He scored what turned out to be a decisive second goal and he was also very good at the centre of the pitch. Played the entire game and worked 100% until the last whistle. Very good from him.

Saelemaekers (6.5): As mentioned earlier, he linked up well with Calabria and this was one of the keys for Milan in the first half. They were able to hold onto the ball and although Alexis wasn’t spectacular individually, his presence was crucial for the team performance.

Krunic (6.5): He really impressed in the first half with several smart flicks and quick play that opened up space for Milan. That continued in the second half and he should’ve really had a free-kick before Theo’s red card.

Leao (7): It has been said before, but the numbers this man has doesn’t at all reflect just how important he is for the team. He was very good this evening as well and won several free-kicks for the Rossoneri, working overtime due to Rebic’s injury.

Ibrahimovic (8 – MOTM): Compared to the game against Bologna, he was a different beast this evening. His involvement in open play was crucial for Milan and he very nearly got a brace this evening (two narrow offside calls). He’s simply stunning at his age.


Giroud (6): Granted he didn’t have the best circumstances to work with, he didn’t win many duels at the end of the game and that was a bit disappointing.

Ballo-Toure (6.5): Made several interceptions after he came on and his positioning was also very good. Hopefully, he can perform well in the derby next weekend.

Romagnoli (N/A): He came on after 76 minutes but we didn’t see enough of him to put a rating.

Tonali (N/A): He came on after 76 minutes but we didn’t see enough of him to put a rating.

Bakayoko (N/A): He came on after 76 minutes but we didn’t see enough of him to put a rating.

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  1. Great performance, great victory. 💪

    But it really annoys me that Giroud is unable to get and keep the balls… Every time Tata sent it forward, few seconds later Roma had the ball again and they have attacked.
    I know we were one player down but still, I expected more from him.

    1. Don’t forget that he had no attacking midfielders to work with. All of them were subbed off after Theo saw red. He really tried.

    2. Because he was isolated up front and more so after Leao was subbed. His job was to have some of Roma defense to stay back a bit and not having all of them in our half or hovering on our D area. He did his job well.
      Great subs by Pioli to preserve the lead with 10 men.

  2. Deja vu of Milan-Atletico. 11 vs 11 Tata coult easily have gone to sleep on the line. Strange tactic for Pioli to go full defenders when we get a red card.

    1. Not strange, but the right choice. 0-2 up in their home, one man down and the last 10 minutes, what else is he supposed to do?

  3. The 3 points was all that mattered in the end. However, Pioli could have gone with a 4-3-2 or 4-4-1 formation, instead of inviting pressure with a 5-man backline.

    With 4-3-2, it would be: Calabria, Kjaer, Tomori and Ballo-Toure as the back four.

    The midfield 3 would have been Kessie, Bennacer (Bakayoko), Krunic (Tonali).

    Upfront; Leão (Diaz), Giroud

    But again, if the team can play and master the catanaccio well and get the job done – fine.

  4. Excellent display. Dominated game until Theo committed that silly foul. He must be more aware – he should know he was already on a yellow and should know Kajer and Tomori were behind him. Stupid. Now he missed the derby which is huge. Love this team. Hope management realizes we can win it and gets additional help (Faivre and Kamara) in Januay to put us over the top

  5. What a performance from Ibrahimovic and Kjaer. Just imagine if we had gone with Rangnick and never signed these two. Where would we be right know?

  6. No doubt it was an “Ibra show” for a whole hour. It’s crazy what he can do when he is on form at the age of 40. Hats off to him playing the No. 9 and the Playmaker role, flawlessly. Pioli got it wrong many times, we scraped a win no doubt, but his decision to tell the boys to sit back after the 2nd goal was a total disaster, they should have kept on playing, Zaniolo was already frustrated, they could have drawn more fouls by keeping Roma on their toes, and that decision by Pioli almost cost us the game with the Theo red card. We can’t keep asking Krunic to play in a position where he looks like he might never grow into, even for a split second. If Pioli can’t pick a player who can at least perform averagely as a Playmaker, then we need a change in formation to bring some balance. Pioli again should have brought in Brahim Diaz for Krunic in the second half, for some minutes. It doesn’t make sense resting him because he’s not fit enough to start, depriving him of useful game time, then you turn around and start him against Porto in Midweek. That would be totally insane. Pioli has to understand that we have lost the Champions league, let us focus on the Serie A, it’s the only realistic objective from where we stand, it will be stupid of Pioli to wish for some “Magic” in the UCL after losing your first 3 games. No offence, but Theo made a crazy move with that tackle, what was he thinking? The inconsistency of the referee also brought about that challenge, he should have called foul on the challenge on Krunic before then. “If it’s a foul, it’s a foul”, you don’t make calls selectively and let a player pay for it. Why didn’t Veretout get a RED Card for the foul on Tonali in the final minute? Serie A referees need a training retreat, they are so poor. The Italian Football Federation needs to look into it. Italian referees used to be the best in Europe, WTF happened? Ballo-Toure has a problem coming off the bench, he finds it difficult to get used to the rhythm when he comes on. If he’s not starting, he shouldn’t play at all. Congratulations to the lads for the Win, focus should be on Inter not Porto, lets kick some a**. Forza Milan!!!

    1. It’s amazing that a coach can string together 10 wins and a draw from 11 matches (playing 4 top teams) and still armchair coaches moan about him.

      Man get outta here. He’s doing everything right as far as we fans are concerned, cause he’s winning. He has better numbers than Pep and Klopp this year.

      1. Agreed. Not sure why Pioli is getting any hate. Look at the results he’s getting despite all the injuries and absences. Job well done on my book. He has adapted while others have not. Hats off to him

  7. I’m sorry but Theo is an idiot. He has great speed and a thundering left foot but his defensive IQ is trash. It’s not the first time he gets stupidly sent off. So now we have to play the most important league game of the season without him. And he had fresh legs after sitting out for Covid. For me, if PSG wants to spend 70m on him then I say sell. For half the price we can probably find a replacement and then use the rest to strengthen another area.

    1. Theo at the moment he still is crucial for Milan.
      Milos Kerkez is 18 next week so his to young but a real talent while Ballo-Toure makes to many mistakes for a first choice

    2. Then you are an idiot sir. Milan can’t afford to sell it’s best players. Players like Theo are the only reason we’re winning after 8 years.

      1. There is always a next “Theo”. That’s what people don’t understand and why to this day people cry about players like Hauge. We’re winning after 8 years for many reasons, but I think primarily because of Pioli, since Theo has been out with Covid, and yet we still managed to win.

  8. A brilliant perfomance especially after those runs of poor performances. If there wasn’t any red card we would have put Roma to the sword

  9. It’s amazing that a coach can string together 10 wins and a draw from 11 matches (playing 4 top teams) and still armchair coaches moan about him.

    Man get outta here. He’s doing everything right as far as we fans are concerned, cause he’s winning. He has better numbers than Pep and Klopp this year.

  10. Of course they were panicked when Theo was sent off. Most of them are young and have only experienced a few games like those. It is expected that they may lose their cool, especially after that highway robbery against Atletico.

    They will play more important matches, they will get experience they need. But it takes time. For now, we need to be happy with huge 3 points, because last year, we would have lost this.

    We’re definitely on the right track. Experience and cool heads under pressure will come, give it time.

  11. I owe this winning to the players, all of them were amazing. Hats off for Ibra. His second goal wasnt off-side i really dont understand why he was ruled offside. So bad we will miss Theo in the Derby. its a shame. Congrats Boys

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