Player Ratings: Sassuolo 0-0 AC Milan – Rossoneri’s attack out of order

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan failed to build on their weekend win against Bologna as they were held to a 0-0 draw at Sassuolo this evening. Several players failed to impress and down below are the player ratings for the Rossoneri.

Starting XI

Maignan (7 – MOTM): That penalty save in the first half ended up saving Milan a point and you really cannot complain about the Frenchman’s display aside from the penalty either.

Florenzi (5): He had one or two good sequences but he was ultimately too poor with his delivery, both from the set pieces and in play. And then he got injured, forcing Milan to finish the game with the men.

Kjaer (6): He had a couple of important interceptions and also a few good long balls toward Giroud. A solid display at the back especially if you consider that he hasn’t played much in recent months.

Tomori (6): A solid display at the back just like his colleague. The game sure was disappointing overall from Milan but it would be harsh to give them a low rating, seeing as they did their job.

Hernandez (6): One of the few driving forces for Milan today in the attack and that’s why he gets a pass. The final situation of the game could have been dealt with better, though.

Bennacer (6): As many other Milan players failed to put a mark on the game, the Algerian was often given the ball (and many times in tough situations). Still, he handled it well and it’s not his fault that the others didn’t do enough.

Pobega (5.5): He used his physique on several occasions to get the best of Sassuolo but he also had a couple of poor touches. The potential is without a doubt there but it wasn’t great tonight.

Saelemaekers (5): If it hadn’t been for a slight improvement at the start of the second half, before he was taken off, the rating would have been lower. He caused the penalty and also failed to impress in attack.

Diaz (4.5): In spite of a few good intentions, it’s impossible to give him a higher rating as he went missing far too much in the game. Furthermore, he lacked the final touch when he did get the chance to contribute.

Leao (5.5): He can do so much better and we all know it. The start to the game was promising but then he faded and also had no luck with his efforts in the second half.

Giroud (5): A player of his calibre should be able to do better. Sure, the delivery perhaps wasn’t on point tonight but even when it was, he was second to react after the Sassuolo defence.


Tonali (5.5): The hope was that he would bring energy and good delivery for Milan but we didn’t really get to see that much of him. At least not enough to make in an impactful sub.

De Ketelaere (5.5): He did well a few times here and there but ultimately wasn’t involved enough. Moving to CF perhaps didn’t help but it wasn’t the brilliance we saw against Bologna, that’s for sure.

Messias (6): He actually did do enough to get a pass, which was about time considering the last few performances. He beat his man on more than one occasion and at least added some edge to Milan’s attack.

Adli (6): Just like the Brazilian, he at least tried to get creative and do things a little different, which nearly resulted in dangerous chances.

Kalulu (N/A): He didn’t play enough to get a rating.

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  1. A slight bit harsh on CDK’s rating considering he was creating and attracted a lot of fouls (that the referee just ignored) just maybe wasn’t as at ease as against Bologna but he still created good opportunities like the one at the last moment to Leão but unfortunately as always sometimes with Milan we just don’t finish our chances, overall though can’t complain about the ratings given

    1. Right, CDK should have had an assist if Leao did not waste it near the end of the game. Leao was unpressed yet his shot went straight to the GK…

  2. And wen i said that diaz was going to be the same garbage he was last year people said that i was wrong yeah sure i am wrong he is even worst then last year!

  3. I’ll just say one thing: NO ONE on this Milan squad deserves more than the salary cap is. The four first Serie A matches have already proven that.

    The only thing that worked today was defense. Everything else was just awful. Zero creativity. Sloppy passes. Awful shooting. Yet another 2 points wasted.

    1. I totally agree with you . Not 1 player deserves a cent more than what Theo is making who is the highest paid on the team with 4.5 mil. Some that ask more than that don’t even deserve 4

  4. All in all, an away point with a tired team isn’t the worst result – creative issue is the same as last year and we shouldn’t have expected much change there really, fingers crossed some decent new relationships strike up through the season; a few times we looked close to a breakthrough but it never quite arrived.

    One thing with Adli, I hadn’t previously realised realised how relatively slow he is – a few times he did well to turn his man or received the ball in space and Sassuolo players were easily able to catch him.

  5. Thank you Mike Maignan for the 1 point we gained today.
    The ratings should be
    Maignan 10
    Everyone else 2
    There wasn’t any other player that deserved praise.
    Kjaer cannot play on this team anymore he is too slow.
    Florenzi was a bad signing this summer. 3mil fee + 3 mil salary for a guy who is always injured.
    Pobega is going to be the 5th DM once Vranckx and Krunic come back. Can’t play in double pivot
    Saelmakers was horrible. I heard people on sempremilan twitter spaces blaming Pioli for Maldini’s inability to sign a proper RW in 6 straight transfer windows. The reason was because Pioli has been praising his RWers in the media. That’s crazy talk
    Leao was his usual self. People that have watched him for 4 years will get what i’m talking about
    Brahim did nothing, Adli should have been tried at 10. Btw Piloi is right Adli cant play in double pivot or at RW, he is way too slow
    Giroud gets an A for effort, especially running back on defense. Got O service offensively
    Hopefully we get some injured players back for the derby and Maldini needs to bring a back up RB, because it looked like Florenzi pulled his hamstring
    Take the point and burn the film from this game . Awful from both teams

    1. “Leao was his usual self. People that have watched him for 4 years will get what i’m talking about”

      Be careful. Some people here REALLY hates it when people criticize Leao for being himself. 😉

  6. People keep blaming Diaz and Alexis ignoring the fact that Leao also shit, the guy being selfish most the times trying dribble through thinking that he was Messi.

  7. Diaz shouldn’t be allowed to enter the pitch again playing as an AM, we may have dept but not to overhaul the first team entirely. We really should have signed Belotti. The team look so disjointed, it was so painful to watch.

  8. Been saying it for a while and it’s not that I’m a genius, it’s that its so damn obvious everyone and their mom knows it… we needed a RW and a ST

    If we wanted to keep it cheap why did we not get Belotti for free, I mean that 3m salary is just waaaay too crazy right….? Also, even more glaring than ST is how bad our RW is and we all knew it. That was position #1 that needed upgrading with this 4231 position especially after getting CDK and having Adli to backup CAM.

    IMO we should change formations against certain opponents to play to our teams strengths, not just jam the same formation regardless of the opponent and hope to have a rare 1 in every 10+ games great performance from our legends like Messias and Diaz.

    Pathetic. Thanks Magic Mike, once again proving that he was the real mvp last season, goalie just isn’t as sexy of a position so doesn’t get the accolades he deserves.

  9. A point in not the worst result in the world! What is certain is Milan need a RW, S & M they just not good enough. It was a disjointed performance, just have to move on and focus on inter. Hopefully Origi and Rebic will be back

  10. Salamakers was catastrophic. He should get easily a 4.0. Probably, we will end up with him on the RW. At least until January. The penalty, the errors in handling the ball. Unbelievable

  11. To no one’s surprise yet another dismal performance from Diaz, Salemaekers and Messias. They just don’t have the level to be in the team. Not even as subs, more often than not. At this point it’s not really their fault, they try, they just don’t have it. Pobega was quite awful. He shows promise when plays for Spezia or Torino but he has not had a single great performance playing for Milan yet, either as a starter or as a substitute, not one, which is getting worrisome even if he’s young. Leao’s start of the season summed up: either playing with his head elsewhere or playing for Leao F.C., there’s no middle ground. The team is not teeming with quality and inventive on the attack as it is, so add the absence of alternatives like Rebic or Origi to that, along with Leao still on vacations and Pioli’s baffling decision to keep playing Diaz, and well It’s hard to win games like that.

    1. Pobega needs time. Remember how bad Zlatan was for the first 4-5 matches after he came back? I do. He was awful. Yet no one regrets we got him back. Pobega will improve for sure.

  12. What my overview is from this game :
    – Leao is unstable, too selfish you just dont know what to expect from him
    – Diaz should never again play for Milan
    – Our RW are utter garbage with Messias and Salademaker, not one dangerous cross from there in the box for the strikers
    – Adli is slow, and often has no good vision of the game
    – Our defence is our best department so far
    – De Ketelaere should get more playing time in my opinion

    Ziyech wouldve been good for the RW.

  13. Saelemakers was BY FAR the worst player on the pitch. Terrible crossing, terrible dribbling, committed penalty giving them PK. Diaz wasn’t good; but he was better than Saele — no idea how he got a worse rating.

    Today’s match our crossing and set pieces were horrible. We had some good buildup play at times; but then the final pass/cross was bad — usually short and not beating the first man and a few times overhit horribly. Saele, Pobega, Messias, Tonali, Leao (had 1 good cross, but a few bad ones), Florenzi… all bad crosses.

    I actually like what I saw out there from Adli and CDK. Adli’s first touch receiving that aerial ball was sweet and he actually got a couple of crosses in and also sent 2 long balls into that right channel for CDK that CDK got to… the second of which CDK put into the box to Leao whose shot was very weak and right at the keeper unfortunately.

    It’s like a broken record — BUT WE NEED A RW!!! We should’ve gone hard after either Asensio or Ziyech! Too bad Rebic was hurt today — he can play RW (although Pioli almost never seems to think of that).

    1. Even though Rebic can play as a RW, Pioli is determined to prove a point that Rebic is not a RW. Which is insane when you think about how A-W-F-U-L our RWs are.

      1. I think Rebic has said that he doesn’t like playing RW and even striker he can sort of make do.🤷‍♂️ I don’t think this one’s on Pioli..
        Though tbh I’m sure Rebic will do fine there

        1. Fans constantly call for Rebic to play at RW. How come no one calls for Leao to play there. It’s not like he is a shooting threat cutting in from the left for the GK. He might be a shooting threat for a fan, but definitely not for the GK.Put him on the RW , let him do his 1 move and maybe he’ll send a usefull cross after he outrun his defender

        2. If you are a milan fan then you should know rebid was tried in RW during the early stage of his milan career. He was AWFUL.. zero contribution and easily predicted

    2. Speaking of our set pieces, I’m actually Fvcking fed up with outswinging corners and whatever the heck the FK’s are. Tonali putting inswinger is so much more effective than Florenzi/bennacer doing outswinger. And for our FK routines, even our own team sometimes doesn’t know what’s going on, so just a nice normal one is maybe a good idea. On another note, I can put in better crosses than what we saw today, truly awful.

  14. Not hating on leao but that is now 4 awful games from him. Sell him for 120m before its too late. Or, he better realize that 7m in wages is a little too much. Unless he steps it up again. Whole team was so poor today, it always happens on weekday games

    1. What are you talking about. Milan scored two goals last game, and Leao scored one and assisted on the other. If that’s “awful” I would take that every week. That’s an entire season for Saelemaekers. His decision making has been a little poor but he is still the most dangerous player on the field when he has the ball. I would hate to see this offense without him.

      1. Yeah the most dangerous on the field because all our other attackers are not good, Leao is overhyped and inconsistent, saturday he will probably play poor and the week after good. He’s only good when he got space or a slow right back, Bologna was a fault from Schouten and the goalkeeper and the other games he didn’t play good, same for today. That he’s the best in our team says enough about our attack, Alexis is unbelievable, just start CDK on the right, with his left and the crosses to Leao can be deadly. A “not perfect on RW” CDK is better then the garbage now

      2. You see @k, that is the issue. We would all take Leao “awful” 1 goal 1 assist every week, but that unfortunately happens once a month. That’s the point Leao critics wanna make when they say Leao is overrated and doesn’t deserve the 7m he is asking . If he was doing that even half the time Milan already would have given him the 7 mil. He is extremely inconsistent and they don’t trust him.
        And why are you comparing him with saelemakers. If Leao is a big player you should compare his game and production with other big players not with full back turned winger out of necessity

        1. So you are only counting the 4 games this season, and not last season when he almost singlehandedly carried them to the Scudetto down the stretch. He was the best player in Serie A last season. That doesn’t go away after a couple games. What Milan is really missing and that nobody wants to admit is that they miss Kessie big time in the midfield.

          1. Nope I’m counting last year too.
            Season usually starts in August, ends in May.
            That’s 10 months.
            Leao had 11 goals, 10 assists. And that was the best season of his career.
            This year the first month is over , Leao finished on cue 1g , 1a.
            Saying that Leao singlehandedly won Milan the scudetto is so disrespectful to every other Milan player that contributed and its also not true. Milan won because as a team they were the best together not because of 1 player, who BTW had the same G/A contributions like Hakan did for Inter 7g/13a.

          2. Damn I just threw it out there 1 goal, 1 assist. I didn’t know that it was actually, for real 1 goal 1 assist a month.
            Those numbers are not enough, especially not the Goals. He needs to step up his game. No better time than in the derby vs Skriniar. Skriniar has shot him down the last 3 years. Let’s see if Leao has actually improved. Unless, Psg saves him and buys Skriniar before that

          3. Last year’s performances don’t affect this season’s points. They bring zero goals and zero points this season so why look back to the past? We need goals and points now too to make it to the UCL next season as well.

            I remember Inzaghi scoring lots of goals. Should he be brought back too? Past is past.

  15. Adli was the best player tonight. We need him starting. Perhaps we should try a 4-3-3 if Pioli is comfortable with that. He has the skill to make up for this slowness that many are obsessing about.

  16. The game was hard because Sassuolo defended with 11 men everytime Milan had the ball.
    Most top teams would struggle against the tactics Sassuolo played today.

  17. It was a bad game by everyone except Maignan.
    We can’t just blame it on 1 or 2 players. Some want to pick on the usual suspects just because they are easy targets, but the whole team was bad including Pioli. I think Pioli is overeating the death and quality of his squad. Milan doesn’t have the quality depth to rotate half the team while having Ibra, Rebic, Origi and Krunic out, while the back up CB and DM still haven’t arrived in the club. I thought he should started with the best 11 , put the game in the bag, and than in the 2nd half bring in the back ups. This way some of the starters got tired and Milan still didn’t get the desirable result.
    Anyway hopefully Origi and Rebic are back and Thiaw and Vranckx will be available for selection vs Inter because I don’t wanna see Kjaer or Pobega play in the derby.
    Love Pobega for being a Milan academy graduate, but I don’t think he fits the system. Should be wold before his value drops.
    Bring on inter

  18. There are no leaders on the pitch. Very chaotic and no plan. I am all in for letting players rest, but this change was way too big for the players. Florenzi played like he came back on the pitch after a year. Kjaer has obviously nothing on Kalulu and Brahim is useless for Milan. I think Pioli should consider using him as a RW. Saelemakers actually looked good today. Thought I would never say that

    1. “Kjaer has obviously nothing on Kalulu”

      Yet Kjaer didn’t put a foot wrong in the match. Flawless performance. What else do you want? A hattrick perhaps? Should the 7 Million Dollar Man do those and let Kjaer help Maignan get his clean sheet?

  19. When the whole team play bad is usually the coaching staff fault. Either wrong tactics, team selection, player atittude, training so for me Pioli and his staff are the one to blame today.

  20. As the old saying goes “There is no free lunch” you buy mediocre players on the cheap you get mediocre results. I don’t know how we managed to win the league last year but it won’t happen again with these players. Origi (a reject, and another mediocre player) isn’t going to change a thing!
    Let’s hope we make the top 4 and that’s it.

    1. Amat, please stop. That’s ridiculous. Origi is a fantastic player and CDK is as well. The M&M project is working and you can’t snap a finger and change things overnight. My guess is you’re a kid who doesn’t understand how money/life/business works….

      1. Oooh yeah, Origi is a fantastic player, no dispute there. Giroud is an old man with no pace, and the attack plays better with a striker who gives lots of movement. Problem is, Origi is permanently injured, even at liverpool, just like Zaniolo, so when we bring these glass tanks to milan lab, we break them every other game.

  21. I never heard that Rebic said he doesn’t like playing RW. What I do know is that for EVERY match of the 2018 World Cup with Croatia, they played a 4-2-3-1 and Perisic played mostly on the LW and Rebic mostly on the RW. They both played both sides and almost every match they switched sides mid-match to confuse opponent.

    THE POINT IS — Rebic CAN play RW and there is NO WAY he wouldn’t be WORLDS better than Saele and Messias who are both TERRIBLE. And even if Rebic DID say he doesn’t like playing RW, I’m sure he would rather play RW than sit on the f’kin bench.

    1. @DB Rebic interview signalling to Giampaolo where he would like to play:” As a kid I was a No 6 or a No 8, a midfielder,”lThen, at the age of 17, when I played for RNK Spalato, my then-Coach Ivan Matic lined me up on the left wing, and that’s how I play on the left now. I also spoke to Boban, who explained to me what the club expected from me”

      Pioli on where Rebic prefers to play, April 2022:”
      Can Ante play as attacking midfielder? I don’t think so, he’s not suitable for it. I see him more as a second striker. In my opinion, he can play safely on the right wing but it’s not an area of the pitch that he loves“.

      His old coach at Frankfurt: ” what role does he give his best? The best position for him is a left winger, but he can also play very well as a second striker”

  22. Saelemaekers should never see the field again… Ever. Milan create opportunities but are so wasteful in the final third. Passes are always too late or a little off the mark, or guys shooting when they should pass. Get well soon Ibra… we need you.

  23. bro ppl said ibra got old lol bro he was most tactical on pitch at his time there was no leao even at that time we played messias brahim sal and u guys blamed him. Well in this match what i can say is rw is trash brahim has nothing to do with milan and ik that before the match attack was gonna be flop bcz of him leao is proving that hes not a penny more then 4 mil per year pobega is not a milan player i expected from kjaer but kalulu is way better thank u mike for saving 1 point bad result awful lets move on

  24. The game opened up when CdK came on and he had some great creative opportunities so I’m not sure how his rating is so low esp lower than Adli who didn’t really have as much of an impact. Certainly better than Diaz of course.
    I do get why Pioli rotated. It’s a long season with games every 3 days plus world Cup. Some guys clearly didnt have a good enough pre-season (Florenzi, Pobega). I just hope we can solve this injury bug that’s always hitting us more than other teams. But we do have a glaring weakness(RW) and proper CDM replacement required. l

  25. Well I think most people have already said what I am about to say (good comments guys) and it is funny that most people who do call me for being negative are not even commenting today because today shows that Mr negativity have always been right……..

    #Leao is the most overrated Player in serieA, because he do runs pass atleast a defender gets people blind to the fact that he shoots awfully, useless in corners and deadballs, useless without the ball, useless in transition…..he was literally walking all over the pitch, Dude got talent but his body is too lazy for those talent.

    #Diaz have no business with Milan since last season, it only pioli who knows why he is still playing cos even the blind knows that Diaz is Done.

    #pobega can not play in double pivot, dude tracks back and turns like a trailer filled up with sand

    #Florenzi had a bad game but I can let it pass, it was his first game, being rusty is expected, I just wonder why he started

    #Mike, Kalulu, Tomori, Kjaer, Theo all did very well, I do not know why people complain about kjaer, dude been out for months and still out in a good shift, intercept alot of crosses

    #Giroud is Old and we should get used to the fact that sometimes, he will have these kind of matches while sometimes, be will surprise us.

    #salamakers and messias are always awful so I am not surprised but one thing they do well is that they give their best, they run for every ball and also helps the team defend…..if you are pioli and you have Leao who is always disinterested, you Gon need a forward who will sacrifice to track back and balance the team, they are awful in attack but whose fault? They came cheap, so if we want a good RW then we spend, it simple.

    #CDK and Adli, I have always said this, Pioli is very bad in handing technical players, I dont know why, look at Hauge and paqueta I am not saying they were the best but pioli sometimes is just too sentimental… can Diaz be in the pitch when these two were in bench for a match against sassuolo….these two dude are special and we should start playing them immediately

    All the teams now back the bus for us, waiting for counters, so now we have to learn how to break defense and make a goal, so far it have been hard but I know it is not impossible….Intermilan will do the same thing, they give us the ball and wait for counter as usual so if pioli want, let him keep playing out of source Diaz, the general play is good, it’s just that some players are still in vacation but I am hopeful….Atalanta and sassuolo away match is not gonna be easy for anyone…..bring on inter

    1. Yep, yep. I do want to comment on these though:

      #Leao is the most overrated Player in serieA, because he do runs pass atleast a defender gets people blind to the fact that he shoots awfully, useless in corners and deadballs, useless without the ball, useless in transition…..he was literally walking all over the pitch, Dude got talent but his body is too lazy for those talent.
      – Some people here say he’s the MVP last season and therefore all the negative comments about him are just hate/jealousy/whatever. 🙂 But still… You are absolutely right.

      #Giroud is Old and we should get used to the fact that sometimes, he will have these kind of matches while sometimes, be will surprise us.
      – Pioli made the mistake already on Saturday when he fielded Giroud for the full 90mins. Obviously he thought he’d play Origi or Rebic vs Sassuolo but… We cannot expect Giroud to perform well every 3 days.

      #salamakers and messias are always awful so I am not surprised but one thing they do well is that they give their best, they run for every ball and also helps the team defend
      – This. They are bad and they know it. But they work for the team and that should be appreciated. There are freeloaders (or actually just one) in the squad but Saele & Messias aren’t those. They are just poor at attacking/creating.

  26. The team were distracted ahead of the derby and UCL. 6 points from those two games and no one will be complaining about this. Milan won the scudetto about 2 years ahead of schedule. The weaknesses in the team are obvious and won’t be fixed until next summer, and even then, finding a young, reliable striker is extremely difficult. The WC changes everything. The scudetto will be won and lost depending on how everyone recovers in the new year.

    Leao will be fine one the transfer windows closes.
    Rebic cannot play RW as he’s the only cover for Leao.

  27. This wa an awful game through and through. Bright spots being Maignan and Bennacer (stellar again). Everyone else was average. If anything, this game showed just how useless Diaz, Alexis and Jr Messias are. Our right flank is simply tragic. Leao drifts in and out so we can’t rely on left flank.

    Injuries up front took a toll. Not having Rebic and Origi showed and Oli G was just too tired. CDK as a 9 isn’t very effective – he’s better off in support.

    I’d try CDK on right wink with Adli in the middle. Can’t be any worse than Diaz/Jr/Alexis combo.

    I hope our strikers recover for Saturday. Need that link up forefront.

    1. I’d try CDK on right wink with Adli in the middle. Can’t be any worse than Diaz/Jr/Alexis combo.

      Anything is better than Diaz/Jr/Alexis combo. I’d even put Kalulu on the RW instead of those two! And Diaz should be the 3rd or 4th choice for #10 from now on.

  28. Pioli got 3 because he subbed Kjaer with Kalulu too early so when Florenzi injured, we play with 10 people for last 15 minutes..

  29. Considering we rotation squad for derby. This result not that bad , maignan save us 1 point from save penalty berrardi. Lord saladmaker & junior just their usual habit play worst. I thought pioli want to change florenzi with kalulu but he change kjaer. Lets move on and focus on derby

  30. no clue why a giroud is playing in that team, we do not like him and we do not need him, you can bring giroud when 3-0 at front, until then we need a teamplayer and this guy might be a tennis player but not soccer…..100% fail is this mercato, not having a number 9 and not having a RW but we have 3 LW !”!

    1. Are you kidding?

      I don’t think you speak for many when you say we don’t need him and I don’t think you speak for any when you say we don’t like him.

      Giroud was:
      a) instrumental in winning the title last year
      b) key to our win v Bologna at the weekend
      c) a 35 year old player his second game in 3 days (in 2022 intensity, this isn’t 10 years ago)
      d) likely only starting because Rebic and Origi were both unavailable

      I would have liked to see Belotti arrive as part of a plan for the next 2-3 years, but that’s not happened and it’s not Giroud’s fault. He’s continuing to do what he did last year, be an important focal point for the attack.

    2. “no clue why a giroud is playing in that team, we do not like him and we do not need him”

      We don’t like him? Who’s we? Inter-fans apparently. You just outed yourself because all Milan-fans love him.

  31. So… The RW… If you didn’t notice Dybala played as a RW yesteday and scored 2 goals. No regrets? Naaah, we’ve got Messias & Saele.

    1. C’mon @bb. Don’t do that.
      Playing a RW in a 3421 and a RW in 4231 not the same. It requires players with different characteristics
      In Roma’s set up Dybala has ZERO defensive responsibilities. None.
      Milan RW is a hybrid winger. Basically half a midfielder, half a winger. They are required to run up and down the whole sideline on offense and defense. Milan plays with double pivot who are more central there is no one between the RW and the full back. Dybala could never play on the right at Milan , neither can Brahim. If you are mad of Leao’s effort in tracking back, you would have been livid if Dybala was playing on the opposite side.
      Dybala Basically plays as a 2nd striker for Roma especially with Pelegrini ( who is excellent player) behind him

  32. Leao is the most overrated player in the league, luckily more fans in this comments agree with it. He’s only good against slow rightbacks and does the same trick every time, can’t score to save his life. He’s lazy also, and then i see Martinez yesterday at Inter, that’s a class player, not Leao, Martinez is doing it every single week, his numbers are much better then Leao. Lautaro gets 7M with 3 year good performances, Leao won a mvp, if you know it I know it, nobody knows how, for 3 good months this guy ask 7M. If he’s really worth that he stepped up against Atalanta and Sassuolo, Bologna was a fault and poor goalkeeping. I’m scared for the derby

  33. If only ‘master tactician’ Pioli decided to use cdk from the first minute… He crates chances for leao who, btw, is also a morale player.. if he is poor served, he will get lazy and drop his ritm. Diaz cannot link the game, pobega is allways bad positioned. I understand that we have to rotate players in order to keep them energized but, why don’t we begin the game with our best players and change them at half time when we already secured the victory?

    1. agree, imo you play your best 11 at the start of every game with the intent to step on their throat from the first whistle, you take away any hope, yes I am fully aware of the schedule,derby, etc. all the “top” teams have the same issues,worry about tomorrow, tomorrow, Inter plays today a team not nearly as good as Sassualo, we will see who they field. Tired or not a player and team going against not only a rival but Scudetto contender Saturday would “feel” a whole lot better with 3 points in their pockets. Momentum/wins seems to erase fatigue from one’s mind and body. Forza Milan

  34. awful game leao shooting from range missing a volley from pobega and the 93 minute miss from him he is face to face with gk and passes him the ball diaz and sal were digusting pobega is not a dm he seems more of cam then dm, florenzi played bad but was his first game and look he had with him on rw lol i think origi and rebic can do great against inter lets see

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