PM: Hauge’s Milan adventure to end after 9 months – he has said his goodbyes

By Oliver Fisher -

Jens Petter Hauge has already said goodbye to his team-mates as he prepares to begin a new adventure with Eintracht Frankfurt, a report claims.

PianetaMilan reports that Milan are getting closer to completing the sale of Hauge less than 12 months after he signed in October 2020 from Bodø/Glimt for €5m. The winger seems destined to continue his career in the Bundesliga as Eintracht Frankfurt have come back with a bid that is now very close to the original requests the Rossoneri having seen an initial €8m offer rejected.

Milan started by asking for €15m but had then dropped to €12-13m to let the Norwegian leave, and the new Eintracht offer for Hauge is €12m with bonuses included. The talks are advanced and the player may soon leave for his new destination, given that the report adds how Hauge has already said goodbye to the Milan coaching staff and is preparing for his new adventure.

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  1. Aaditya Verma says:

    All the best bro may you shine in Bundesliga, it’s a shame that you couldn’t do more for us but it’s not your fault, you are a good player and may one day you be a great player make milan realise their mistake of selling young players they need it they didn’t listen to locatelli, cristante and many more but you have a great chance and may success come to you.

    1. Saski says:

      Well said bro

    2. Yemi says:

      Feel u bro

  2. warrior says:

    we lost a grest young player i dont know why the coach doesnt like playing himbut im sure he will even do more better

  3. Cruzio says:

    Bad news of the transfer so far. Am so pissed to hear this news. I wish you well. We lost a great player who will come back to hunt us in the future.

  4. ranu says:

    wish you the best there,milan should know they miss you, after pioli I beg you to come back, he’s only one Won’t like you

  5. babarg says:

    Sad, but better he goes somewhere where the coach lets him play.

  6. melcu says:

    All the best. At least now we can watch him play..

  7. Seyi Ajilore says:

    A Young player with prospect has been sold. So pathetic and unfair.
    I wish you the destination destinations.

  8. Marius says:

    I was sad when paqueta was put in the corner and forced to go; i was sad when the management decide to swap mediocre rebic with silva who proved to be a fantastic player. Now i am sad to hear they let the kid go for capital gain.. and bring good old ilicic..
    Ibra, giroud, ilicic .. the dream ancestors team for Pioli… All this mess created by a awful coach.. i am sad

  9. SheerWill96 says:

    It’s obvious they determine the quality of the player by his price tag. I think that’s the only logical reason why they’re selling him and keeping Leao. They should just agmit that Leao is a gamble that didn’t pay off. Also look at Atalanta about to sell Romero for close to €55m butt Maldini is feeling like a genius for making €8m from Hauge. He decided to keep his son only because he’s a Maldini and not because he has great talent. Honestly, I don’t care that they’re selling Hauge but my problem is that I don’t know why. If it’s for gain then isn’t it obvious that you can make a €30m profit from him in the future. If it’s talent, isn’t it obvious that he’s a better winger than Krunic. Then there’s Samu who seems like he’s going to survive this mercato and remain with us again. I respect Maldini as a legend of the club but as a technical director I gotta admit that he’s made mistakes that a novice won’t even make. Some of their decisions just doesn’t make any sense.

    1. Saski says:

      Well said I only wish the management can read these comments…..though I no the problem is not maldini because he truly loves Hauge the main problem is pioli he never believed in HAUGE at all .last season at some point I prayed that we will loose out of champions league so that pioli can vacate the site he is not worthy to be there at all

      1. Zymotix says:

        I hope that Milan Will face Hauge again in UCL either in the group stage or knockout stage, and his the one who makes Milan eliminated and pioli get fired. What a great story…

        1. Martin Bernhard says:

          So you are basically saying that you value hauge higher than ac milans fortunes and actually wish us to lose if we meets him to prove your point that we should have kept him, what a joke but guess you can just switch club with hauge.

          1. Marius says:

            Clever twist of words.. but the guy above is a milanista and he only sayed that he prefers revenge from hauge only to get rid of this Pioli who harms milan in the big way.. i also prefer losing this year champions ligue than remain with Pioli at helm.. on long term we will be on the right path

          2. Martin Bernhard says:

            Marius, clever twist of words ? really thats infact what you are doing yourself and yes he did infact clearly imply what i referred to. Well if he wishes us to drop out of the cl group stage or the following rounds to be right in this estimate that we shouldnt sell hauge well then he does infact wish milan badly you cant twist it otherwise. Real milan fans would always wish milan to win and prosper witrh whoever the coach and team might be and whether you support him in his mindset just because you want a new coach doesnt change anything to be frank.

          3. Footballlover says:

            Hauge is bigger then AC Milan

        2. Ivy says:

          You are pathetic bro, if you are fans of Hauge, so you can choose to follow Eintracht Frankfurt right now and don’t talking trash to Milan, Milanisti is what they can accept even in the bad time, losing 1 talented player will never change historical club value.

    2. Zsolt Bertalan says:

      Danielle Maldini is not a gamble.The kid will be good.
      Yes,Krunic is useless.

    3. Titis Indra says:

      Well said, the same happened to Luan Capanni who thrive during his primavera stints but get less chance during last year pre season cos the coach give more chance to Daniele Maldini ( the son) n Emil Roback (Ibra’s hand picked prodigy).

  10. Monto says:

    Wat an awful transfer sad he left …best for d future

  11. C.O.D says:

    Insert a buy back clause at 20 million…… we can get him back please.

    1. Zymotix says:

      That’s great idea

  12. Sam says:

    We sell hauge and keep krunic thanks to Pioli,the coach who is at his last year contract,and the novice management who only think about bullshit capital gain, help other team to develop thei player (Duaz with dry loan). What a mess!!!
    It would be better to send him on loan for 2 years.
    Milan keep wasting talented player

  13. Zsolt Bertalan says:

    All the best,kid. This is a mistake.

  14. orangjawa says:

    We will regret this. Remember when we exclude Hauge and this lead to disappointment second half result of our European campaign last season. And please remember one last appearance of Hauge when he scored against Sampdoria. What a waste of talent.

  15. Rosso says:

    all for a paltry 7 million capital gain – we lost more than we gained. Eintracht will sell after 1-2 yrs for 25 million. Look what happened with Andre Silva.

  16. Rosso says:

    Talented players depart – Silva, Paqueta, Hauge without really trying them as much as we gave chances to Samu and Rade – less talented players.

  17. felden says:

    maybe because of our strategy, our wings are supposed to cross a lot, but hauge likes to cut inside and shoot more

  18. Yants says:

    Capital giant gone bad…$roma and Hakan could have got at least 75 million euros…ACM got $0 don’t forget $roma emerged from the youth sector, ACM spent $0 so it could have been pure gain. Now Hauge…this is a complete mess to say the least

  19. Juro says:

    We sell Hauge for 7m profit lol.are we that desperate?? Why not PLAY him so he a]can increase his value then (if you have to) sell him, like Atalanta just did with Romero (paid 10M for him and sold for 55M?). WTF is 7M gonna buy you lol. Keep him and play the kid increase his value. Makes no fkn sense. We sell low, buy high, let our players leave on free transfers lol. Great job management!!! LOL. What a fkn disgrace. I’m sure we will add his name to the list of players we gave up on way too soon – Locatelli, Cristante, Paquetta, Andre Silva…..

  20. Trojan says:

    Locatelli gone paquet gone Huge gone pessimism gone next will be gabia pobgea tonali
    Who is next milan who is next.
    This idiot coach do t like player like huge or gabia or pobgea who is next idiot. I am surprise by Maldini. So surprise
    To keep player like Leo or bring all France player for free. Looks like homedepo
    Good luck Huge. You will be so best player

  21. Rosso Joburg says:

    Good decision by management. Third choice player in a position that is a strength. Has no real chance of replacing Rebic or Leao. He will not have any opportunities in Milan.
    I have seen no evidence he can fill another slot that we actually need improvement in.
    We will never play him so he can improve as so many suggest here. We are in the business of winning matches.
    Also think of what I have seen is that he is a clumsy player with limited potential. If I am wrong congratulations to Frankfurt for taking the gamble to buy and play him. From the team selections Pioli agrees with me.

    1. Marius says:

      You have seen no evidence? Are you fkng joking? The lad didn’t have a chance as LW … Who could try him in different position? Who? I tell you who, stupid Pioli, but nooo.. he was so stuborn to exclude hauge from first eleven. At bodo glint he was used even in central position and was doing great there.. but out coaches are blind.. he was 3 th choice for LW only because of pioli personal preferences not because he didn’t earn his spot.. he is better than rebic and leao .. not to mention joker krunic

      1. Martin Bernhard says:

        you are freaking deluded if you think hauge is better than rebic on the other hand i would have accepted keeping hauge if we had been able to fetch a good fee for leao and then letting hauge develope with us but to say say that hauge is a better player currentlly than rebic is beyond ridiculous and right out farcical. Will he one day be better maybe but no guarantees. Norwegian league is propably the worst of the 3 top scandinavian leagues (1.denmark, 2.sweden, 3.norway in that order) so whether he played in various positions there isnt necessarily a great indication of if he would do great there in serie a. Add to that there can be numerous reasons why he didnt play as much as we all would have liked. For example he had played pretty much a full season before arriving with us in october as their league is arranged from the start of the year and not mid year like in most leagues, maybe he didnt follow the team tactics as ascribed by pioli, maybe didnt train as well as expected, maybe didnt like living in milano and didnt learn italian language very well etc and so on, Some of you gus want pioli out but the day when he is gone and if milan doesnt do as well as currently you will all be the same people moaning about that we sacked him.

        1. Rosso Joburg says:

          What he said!

      2. Rosso Joburg says:

        The guy that probably did try him in those positions and felt he was not good enough was Pioli in training. You don;t know what he has seen. Definitely not better atm than Rebic and Leao.
        His experience at bodo glint? Eliteserien is not Serie A.
        The amount of comments about our coaches being blind, when they actually get to see the players perform much more than we fans do.

  22. Danielson says:

    Maldini will regret this and pioli will be sacked

  23. Steve says:

    Saya adalah fans milan dan juga fans Hauge. Kontribusinya sangat krusial walaupun waktu bermainnya sedikit. Kesalahan menjual Hauge, harusnya Krunic yang dijual …

  24. Geek says:

    Hauge’s market valuation is going to triple by this time next season.

    German Bundesliga is going to nurture him and make him too class

    It would have been nice if we inserted a buy back clause of some sort.

    I hope Leao impresses this season, or else!!

    1. Rosso Joburg says:

      Only if he plays! Else he will devalue. We are not a build up for resale club.

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