PM: Milan’s summer operations hit €60m – questions raised over strengthening of team

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are among the most active clubs in Europe on the market, but question marks have been raised as to whether the team has actually been strengthened.

PianetaMilan takes stock of the current summer mercato starting with the departures of Gianluigi Donnarumma to Paris Saint-Germain and Hakan Calhanoglu to Inter on free transfers. Both of these have not caused too much damage economically as the club has already spent €60m this summer – the most in Italy.

There are still targets that the club are after but the next signings will be ‘as cheap as possible’ such as Nikola Vlasic of CSKA Moscow for the No.10 role, midfielder Tiemoue Bakayoko from Chelsea and perhaps opportunities late in the window like Hakim Ziyech from the Blues.

Every operation is thoroughly evaluated, which is why the negotiations for the return of Brahim Diaz took so long, as well as Sandro Tonali’s permanent signing and even Fikayo Tomori being bought out.

In terms of the business done so far, it could well be that only Tomori and Maignan are in the starting XI come the start of the Serie A season, with Tonali, Brahim Diaz, Ballo-Toure and Giroud expected to be deputies in their respective positions.

Sales may end up being vital to raise funds and therefore invest more in starting roles such as the attacking midfielder slot and the right wing too perhaps, but the market is far from over.

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  1. With so many loan deals from last season and two starting players leaving on free, this was all inevitable.

    At this moment, we are at best where we were last season quality-wise, then we’ll have to see who we can get for the attacking midfield and right wing positions.

  2. IMHO, we need a RW and an AM. Just get Pessina and Zaccagni: for the first we have the 50% buy back clause and for the 2nd 12-15 mil would be more than enough. Combined would cost 30-35 mil at most. By “sacrificing” Samu/Krunic/Caldara/Conti or L(azy)eao if needed, we would be fine, in retaining a top 4 position and a descent CL. Plus, we will have 2 lads per position.

    1. Ignore all the rhetoric about the ‘50% clause’. It doesn’t mean 50% cheaper than anyone else buying Pessina, because Atalanta know Milan have that clause and would quote a higher price as a result.

      Also, they have no motivation to sell because apparently some genius added an expiry date to it, so he’ll be worth ‘full’ value to them if they refuse to sell for a year.

    2. Vasio you are missing a point here in regard of pessina as we doesn’t have a first refusal so even if they were interested in selling the player to abroad for lets say 30 mil it doesnt have to mean they would willingly reinforce one of their direct rivals for the cl spots so they could just as well demand 40-50 mil or more from us so unfortunately this isnt as easy as it might seem. Add to that apparently atalanta has a contractual setup that stipulates that if pessina plays 100 official games for the club the 50% resale clause will expire so doubt he will return to us atleast for the forseeable future. Theres ofcourse also the will of the player…

  3. I would argue that to gauge whether we are stronger or not you would have to look at the whole picture and focus on each area as a whole.

    ATTACK (Strikers and attacking midfielders):
    The addition of Giroud gives us more depth which allows us both a strong replacement of Zlatan when injured but also a second striker if Pioli needs it. We still need to replace the inconsistent Hakan and possibly add a new prolific right winger. Until we do I would argue we are a bit weaker than last year.
    Possible incomming players: Illic, Ziyech, Kaio Jorge

    Not much has really happened here yet. We made Tonali a permanent player and Pobega is now with us. I would argue that Pobega makes us slightly better off in this area than last year, that is if we decide to keep him. I do think we will bring one more midfielder in especially since both our starters will leave for the African Nations Cup in Januari. Overall a bit stronger right now with Pobega.
    Question: what will Krunic’s role be?

    Possible incomming players: Bakayoko

    Making Tomori permanent and the addition of Toure makes our defensive line as a whole stronger than last year. There is a worrying element in ur defense though, and that is the contract situation of Romagnoli. I for one would like to see him renew, but if that is not possible I would prefer us finding a swap solution. I would also like to see another Italian center back (we need Italians in our squad).

    Possible incomming players: not sure we have any at the moment, but we should consider Lovato as a future Italian center back.

    1. What are you writing about and what powers have you given to decide which is good and which is not, I want to know what your source of this information is because Milan absolutely does not think like you. As for Krunic, you probably don’t know what a good player is because Krunic is an excellent technician and knows how to play the ball very well, the problem is the minutes and the fact that Pioli uses other players more.
      Escape is an alternative in case of multiple injuries and we will only see his games in the Italian CUP. Ziyech and Bakayoko do not come 100% to Milan. At the moment, all attention is given to Vlasic and Milan is trying hard to bring this player. Milan is dissatisfied with the play of Alexis Saelemaekers and Samu Castillejo, one will surely leave this summer because he is blocking the purchase of left winger, Milan already has several names. until the first of September he could come to the club

      1. Arguing for Krunic to get more playing time is your biggest mistake lol. He’s not good my friend. Sensible article. Spot on. We haven’t done anything special YET but retain some players from last year – Tomori, Tonali and Diaz. We added Giroud in replace of Mandzukic and added the young french Senegalese LB but lost Dalot. Took step down from Donnaruma to Maignan and lost our starting ACM. So how have we “improved”? At best we stayed the same or arguable got worse (Maignan is not better than Donnaruma and still no starting ACM)…RW still same. Maybe Poegba will help a little assuming we don’t sell him. Until we sign a starting ACM and RW at the very least I’m afraid our stay in CL will be short lived.

    1. This ownership and managment saved the club from potentially bankrupting and if not before then the pandemic really could have finished us off. Point is better have a club managment that seems like misers than a defunct club and up untill now they have done a great job bringing us back to cl and getting us a 2nd place i serie a.

  4. Well to me most of the players that left are in grates but as a club we will need to move on cos no players can. Hold the club to ransom.
    At the same time we have not impressed in the transaction done so far compared to the players that has left us, we are in CL we need quality players and we should not make mistake of letting Leao go or swap as the case may be milan has notured this young lad with potential

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