Repubblica: Pobega emerges as potential counterpart in Milan’s €50m winger pursuit

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are still pushing ahead in their attempts to sign Nicolo Zaniolo from Roma and a new player has emerged as a possible counterpart, a report claims.

According to a report from the online edition of La Repubblica, Milan are insisting on landing Zaniolo as the Roma player is the first choice target of Paolo Maldini to reinforce the attack. In the next few days the Rossoneri will present an official offer to the Giallorossi.

Zaniolo is happy in Rome but was disappointed by the lack of a contract renewal offer, while the capital club want €50m in order to sell him, but Milan are thinking of inserting a counterpart in the deal to lower the cash sum.

The Giallorossi really like Tommaso Pobega who spent last season at Torino on loan, however Milan do not want to lose the 22-year-old midfielder on a permanent basis. Zaniolo is waiting to hear more while Maldini will make his attempt, and then the ball passes to Roma who could fund some additions for Jose Mourinho with his sale.

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  1. This looks like the Conti deal all over, get an injured player who hardly plays in exchange for a huge sum of money plus a future Italy international

  2. If zaniolo was available for 20 mil i would be open to the notion of the transfer as he is still young and still has potential room for improvement. When that is said payingg anything above that would come with a huge risk due to his long row of inuries including some very problematic Anterior cruciate ligament injuries so even at that price i would have some rerservations. The fact that roma seemingly demands between 40 and 60 mil euros should make us run far away with our cash and assuming we actually paid lets say 25-30 mil + pobega who in a short time will have a value of 30 mil euros it would be beyond insane.
    I would take berradi over zaniolo any day even iif both cost the same.

  3. Please don’t do that don’t drain our boys
    Give rebic. Give Roma money.
    They need money. Or give him on loan

  4. Why do we insist on Zaniolo? I really don’t understand. He is expensive, he doesn’t sell t-shirts and he doesn’t seem to be a clinical player. What has the scouting department been doing all this time? Aren’t there any Italian or French prospects to be brought in. The idea of letting Pobega go is a mistake. I don’t think we will see a very encouraging transfer window

  5. First… Zaniolo is good at attacking. No doubt about that. In fact he is VERY good. But 50 mil is too much. I would say 30 mil is the proper price. Roma knows business unlike our beloved people here in Milan, so they won’t lower the asking price.

    Zaniolo is an unstoppable beast in his best days. But his best days aren’t many due to injury being a big problem.

    Factoring in the fact that most of few good performances came against really low quality relegation teams doesn’t look very bright. That goal against Feyenoord is more Feye’s defensive mistake than Zaniolo.

    I would not part with Pobega. He is developing into a really good player, just perfect for our team. He can play both CM and CAM. We will need that considering we have a shortage of classic CAMs since Adli is unproven, and Renato is injury prone. And Diaz is.. Diaz.

    Forza Milan.

    1. “First… Zaniolo is good at attacking. No doubt about that. In fact he is VERY good. ”

      No. Nope. Na-aaa. Just look at his stats. Even Saelemakers contributes to more goals than Zaniolo. That pretty much sums it up nicely.

      We already got a useless RW (or two) and they don’t even cost and arm & a leg to get.

  6. I am so sick and tired of these people constantly overlooking him. He’s an absolute beast of a midfielder and more of a replacement for Kessler than Sanches will ever be. He’s exactly the box-to-box/attacking midfielder hybrid Milan has been missing for so long. This is idiocy. We signed Calder for his glass knees. Also conti. And now you want to bring in a prospect who has the same issue. Jesus christ. This better not be true.

  7. Truly i like zainolo. But not inexchange with pobega for him to bought. And if that will be the case i think it will be better to give messihas a parmanet stay at milan and saleamakers should be give another chance devolopment. Because. Tommaso Pobega as already provid it to us that he desived is stay at milan why not give him a better chance. Instaed of loaning him out again. In summary i would say #tommasopobegastay

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