Porto director confirms ‘negotiations are proceeding’ between Milan and Taremi

By Isak Möller -

Mehdi Taremi to AC Milan still isn’t over. The situation has been a roller-coaster since yesterday, when it was reported that an agreement had been reached. However, the player demands have been holding back the deal today. 

Milan already have an agreement with Porto at around €15m, but they have not been able to convince the player and his entourage yet. The main issue seems to be hefty commissions, which the Rossoneri are not willing to pay.

As confirmed by Porto’s director Vitor Baia this evening, the Rossoneri are still working on the signing and it cannot be ruled out yet. Lorenzo Colombo has been given the green light to join Monza and has thus left a hole in attack.

“An agreement has been reached between Porto and Milan for Taremi, but the player is still missing. Negotiations are proceeding,” he told SportItalia.

Milan drew Paris Saint-Germain, Borussia Dortmund and Newcastle in their Champions League group, described as the group of death. Giorgio Furlani knows how important it is at least to reach the round of 16 and Taremi’s arrival would increase their chances.

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  1. Get a striker and maybe a regista on loan in these last 24 hours.
    Bayern just sold Gravenberch for 40 + 5 mil in bonuses to Liverpool. They bought him for 18 mil last summer and after only playing 900 minutes across 3 competitions for Bayern, they sold him for 2.5X. That’s crazy profit for a player that barely played after 1 year.

  2. It’s over. The window closes tomorrow at 8PM Roma time. Even if an agreement is reached there would be no time to register an extra-communitarian player (the paperwork is more time-consuming) before the deadline. It’s mind-blogging because by being obstructionistic and greedy but the deal not going through, the agent will get a round zero, so I don’t understand why the agent did not accept whatever we were offering. As for Taremi himself, 3M€+1M bonus per season is a sweet deal for someone aged 31. We did well in the negotiations and came up with a great package which Porto accepted so the fault was the player’s and his entourage’s; very unprofessional in my opinion after weeks pushing for Milan and saying he’d not accept any other club, then pulling off at the last minute. This guy isn’t serious; maybe it’s for the best that he won’t join. I regret that we’ll miss all the goals he is able to generate but there are also reports that he can be a pain in the locker room and there is a lot to be said for a team that has harmony in the locker room like we had in the Scudetto-winning season.

    1. At 31 this is going to be his last major contract with a big European club, so I understand why he’s trying to get the best terms for himself. As far as commissions to the agents, attorneys and hangers on….hell no!

      1. Agreed. But IF we were serious we would not have only offered 1.5M season – the SAME salary he makes now. Why on earth would he accept a new 4 year deal at the same salary when he can just become a free agent at end of season and test the market??? 1.5M for a starting caliber striker who scored 80 goals the last 3 seasons is below market and insulting. Caldara makes 2M lol. To me it shows we were never serious about signing him in the first place at that rate.

        Now being in the group of death in UCL – we need the depth desperately and don’t have the luxury of being frugal or righteous at this point. Missing out on the knockout stages of UCL will cost us 40-50M which is fundamental to our transfer campaign next season. We cannot and should not risk that over an additional 1.5M in wages for our future starting #9 and if we have to pay an extra 3-5M in commissions – to his greedy agents – then so be it. This is the COST you pay for FAILING TO PLAN ahead of time and WAITING till the last minute of the transfer window to address a huge area of need. The fault is OURS. So shut up and pay. We all saw what happens last season when we refused to invest in January – we missed out on UCL and only made it due to Juve’s suspension. It’s not worth the risk to potentially miss knock out stages and that kind of $$ over another few million now….

  3. The issue is his salary and commission add ons….some section says 1.5m is on table….Well it still can be managed its like a one whole day is left

    1. It seems personal terms were agreed before the clubs agreed a fee. However, Taremi entrusted new intermediaries who raised the demands for salary and asked for a few million in commissions, which moved the goalposts and frustrated Milan.

      1. Technically, we aren’t allowed to agree personal terms before the club gives us a green light and we agree to the transfer fees. That is considered tampering, unless Porto gave us the okay to negotiate prior to the fee being agreed

  4. People really believe that Milan only offered 1.5 mil salary for Taremi?
    Milan gave more money to a lesser known, and less established players like Okafor, Musah Reijnders, but somehow they are only offering 1.5 mil for someone who is proven in a bigger club like Porto, domestically and in the UCL.
    He might ask for a higher salary than what Milan offered but no way in hell Milan only offered 1.5 mil

  5. While you do make a lot of good points, we supposedly did have an agreement with him before reaching an agreement with Porto. Few days ago, it did seem that Milan and the player did agree on terms, and only the agreement with Porto was missing.
    But now, all of a sudden, he is not happy with his salary, and his agents want a big comission.
    It’s mostly the player and his agents that did display an unprofessional behavior, trying to get as much money as they can.
    Too bad, even for us, since we’re left with no good deputy to Giroud.

    1. We agreed terms before having a transfer fee, that is illegal and called tampering, very unprofessional as well. So everyone here did this assbackwards.

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