Portuguese journalist says Leao ‘can renew but it’s not easy’ with time not on Milan’s side

By Euan Burns -

Portuguese journalist Claudio Garcia has said that Rafael Leao can still renew with AC Milan but it is not going to be easy and the time that passes does not help the club. 

Speaking during an interview with Tuttomercatoweb (via SempreMilan.it), Garcia, who is also a friend of Leao, discussed his complicated contract renewal negotiations.

She started by explaining that she always felt very strongly that he would renew his deal with the Rossoneri due to how settled he feels at the club and in the city.

“I always thought he would renew, because that has always been his will from what I know. He feels good in Milan, he feels good with the team and he feels good with Pioli,” Garcia explained.

Garcia warned though, that the time it is taking to reach a deal is only going to hinder Milan rather than help, meaning a renewal is looking less and less likely by the day.

“However, every day that passes is not helping Milan: it’s a situation that becomes more and more worrying as time goes by. I knew that Milan wanted to close before the World Cup, but the situation is complicated and there are many problems to solve around Leao. I still believe he can renew, but it’s not easy,” she said.

Leao will be out of contract in June 2024 which means that if he does not sign a new deal this season, Milan will need to sell him this summer or accept that he will leave for free a year later.

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  1. ……..Dear god…SELL HIM!!!!!!!!!!Sell him,not today,sell him yesterday,or even better,sell him last year!12 months of talking about new contract??Are you f c k n me??

  2. Leao contract renewal should be placed like options at bookies to bet.
    I would bet 45% of money on his free departure in summer 2024 and 55% on his sale in summer 2023, and 0 on his contract extension.

  3. Time for renewal has passed. Now agent will pretend they are busy with the league and UCL and prolong the talks till end of the season and then the bidding war can start and they can drive their commission up to high heavens because Leao enters last year of contract.

    It is down to will of the player, but we have seen how persuasive competent sporting directors from EPL can be and how much influence agents can have when they want their ridiculously high commissions, so I seriously doubt Leao will be able to resist.

    Bottom line we messed up… again. But there is still some time to save face and make some money.

  4. He’s gone. If Milan’s directors have half a brain between them, they’ll be doing the groundwork for the sale and planning how to spend the money already.

  5. He’s waiting to see where Milan finish this season. If we quality for the UCL, he may stay or he’ll leave for the EPL. He will not leave on a free transfer, don’t be stupid, there’s over a year for him to be sold.

    1. Dollarumma and the traitor Hakan did. El Presidente Kessie did. If this situation is so complicated for AC Milan, how is it going to be easier with someone else trying to sign Leao? If he wanted to stay, he would. If we hit this summer market without pen to paper, we have to get rid of him.

  6. Why should the mighty Milan still begging one player to renew contract as if he’s better than the others? What a shame please look elsewhere and discovered another gem. Yes

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