‘Positive talks took place’ – Fabrizio Romano gives update on Lopetegui-Milan rumours

By Oliver Fisher -

Further confirmations have arrived regarding the news that AC Milan are in talks with Julen Lopetegui over becoming the next head coach.

This morning’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport claimed that Lopetegui is now the big favourite to replace Stefano Pioli and that Gerry Cardinale has even approved his potential appointment.

According to what is being reported by Fabrizio Romano, Milan ‘are advancing in talks with Lopetegui’ over the potential of taking over from Pioli at the end of the 2023-24 season.

Lopetegui has ‘given priority to AC Milan’ over West Ham and other European clubs after ‘positive talks took place about the project’, as per the journalist.

However, Romano adds that there are ‘further steps yet to be discussed soon’ suggesting that it is not yet a done deal, presumable because other candidates – perhaps such as Thiago Motta – will be evaluated.

As a reminder, Romano also stated that Milan will part company with Pioli once the season is done because the board have lost faith in him following disappointing results in big games this season.

Lopetegui has had spells with Porto, Sevilla, Real Madrid, the Spanish national team and most recently Wolverhampton, a club he left just a few days before the start of the season.

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    1. If he does sign I’ll wait before i judge and whine. Pointless to cry about him when he hasn’t even started..was not thrilled with pioli either but it turned out ok

        1. Not thrilled with Lopetegeu, just like i wasn’t thrilled when Pioli got hired.
          But who are these people that knew football that were on Pioli’s side?
          Are you talking about Maldini and Massara?
          Maldini was an ex player with zero management experience.
          That’s Zlatan for you, in this current management.
          Massara was a secretary at Roma. At least Moncada was a scout before getting promoted.
          Also, don’t forget that Pioli wasn’t the first coach the people who “knew football” back then hired. Remember Marco Giampaolo?
          Plus, Pioli was hired after Spalletti turned down the people who “knew” football.

          1. Correction, Spaletti didn’t turn us down. He had contract with Inter still and they didn’t want to release him. They preffered to pay him salary till the end of contract rather then him going to Milan.

          2. @Rossi
            Inter couldn’t care less about Spalletti going to Milan. At that time Milan wasn’t a threat for them at all.
            Inter wanted Spalletti salary of their books. Spalletti was getting paid more to sit at home than what Milan was offering. That’s why he turned them down.
            Do you actually believe that Inter would rather pay Spalletti, on the top of already paying Conte high salary just so he doesn’t go to Milan? No sir. Spalletti didn’t want to negotiate contract resolution out of spite because he got fired plus he was making more than Milan offered

          3. Its not about us imagining, that’s exactly how it happen. If Inter wanted they could have realeased Spaletti from the contract, which they didn’t.

        2. We have people who know about football.. moncada and furlani are not the only 2 people employed in the club ya know

      1. Why people is angry us that we have the chanche to appoint motta for example but dont even try we go after som mediocre coach instead

  1. Always a risky move to get an abroad coach who moreover hasn’t got any experience on Serie A.

    With the recent new Conte got close to Napoli, and Allegri doesn’t seem to view leaving Juve as an option, Motta should be an even more priority. As we can ‘offer’ Bologna the replacement on the form of Pioli (as stated on some news too). Consider his severance as our signing fee for Motta.

  2. Pioli is better than Motta. Pioli is second in league, Motta is fourth in league.

    It is different with Lopetegui. Management is in love with Lopetegui, He become Loveguy. In management eyes, Lopetegui become Loveguy.

    1. Bro pioli is 2nd with (MILAN) and motta 4th can finish even 3rd with (BOLOGNA) imagine what he maybe could do with milan who have a better squad

      1. But Pioli have 2 focus. European cup dan league cup, but Pioli still get second in league. So Pioli can arguely better this season.

        1. That a poor argument. Milan has been playing like sh*t meanwhile bologna has been playing with a clear system and is overarching.

          Do you even football?

  3. Sadly if Romano is reporting this then there’s validity to it…

    I just don’t get it. Why isn’t Ibra tearing the hair off his head to land Motta??? What are we missing? Everything about him seems to fit our project…

    1. We aren’t prepared to pay buddy…all these clubs allegedly in crisis can outbid us.

      The whole moneyball concept stinks, it’s not about analytics, they’ve been used for years, it’s about trying to find cheap players who will Replicate numbers of top players.

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