GdS: Possible replacement for Pioli emerges in case of bad end to season

By Oliver Fisher -

It cannot be excluded that AC Milan decide to change head coach if the end of the season does not go as the management hope, according to a report.

According to the latest from La Gazzetta dello Sport (via MilanNews), Stefano Pioli is very much not at immediate risk currently and has the faith of everybody at the club, but it is clear that if he does not guide the team to a top four finish things could change.

If the Rossoneri have a negative conclusion to the 2022-23 campaign and miss out on the Champions League then the decision could be made to head in a new direction, and Luis Enrique is among the names to monitor.

He left Spain after the World Cup in Qatar after they were knocked out by Morocco on penalties and is now without a job. At Milan he would reunite with Ricky Massara, with whom he has already worked during their time at Roma.

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  1. If we are ready to back Lucho, he’s a world class coach with a proper style of play unlike Pioli.

    I don’t hate Pioli but he stutters every season and is a single system coach

    1. Only reason to back Pioli is consistency chaning your coach every season is pointless and inafective. But we have to all agree that Pioli in not the anwser if we want more than an odd domestic trophy every 2-3 years.

  2. I prefer Pioli than Luis enrique

    I don’t want a coach who left de gea, Alcantra from 55members squad of spain for wc2022.
    Pioli has 1 or 2players he prefers, but he have good relationship with most players.
    Luis enrique is worse in managing players or tactics.we might loose our best players because of ego of Luis enrique

    Pioli is 10x better than Luis enrique

  3. You all blame Pioli for the results, but if he wasnt here we wouldnt have won serie A and probably wouldnt reached CL either based on our squad. Everything we have reach so far is in big part his contribution. We could never know where we would have been now with some other cheap coach. We are in course to reach quater finals in CL, we are still in course to reach top 3 to automaticly qualifi in CL group stage and based on squad investement he did and does a pretty good job to be honest i mean even Ancelotti doesnt win every game, neither Guardiola at Man. City (who also never won CL with City) and there is a huge gap between transfer budget every year. We are in rebuilding phase, not every transfer pans out but we are in the right path. Every coach has his strenghts and weaknesses, not every time the tactic is perfect, but everyone is learning and Pioli too.

    1. Pioli is nowhere close to Pep or Carlo. To suggest they are shows how little you understand the game. Pioli has been a coach for a long time, he is very much who he is at this point and to be frank I’m disappointed at how he’s failed to bring the best out of many of the players. Tonali has regressed, Tomori has regressed, Saelemaekers is missed used, he’s a one trick coach who’s slow to adjust. Pioli isn’t the source of all our problems but there are better coaches out there.

  4. Reckon shevchenko might take over… He had a wee visit the other week to see the team… Wouldnt be a bad thing. Did a good job with Ukraine..

  5. “At Milan, he would reunite with Ricky Massara, with whom he worked, already worked during their time at Roma.”

    I don’t believe Milan will miss on top 4, but in what world if they do, Pioli gets fired, but Maldini and Massara get to keep their jobs?
    There is a new owner. A new owner usually wants to hire his own people.
    Maldini and Massara only have 1 year left after this summer. Not a big deal if you gotta pay them 1 year to sit home.

    If Milan misses top 4 everyone is getting fired. Massara might be reuniting with Enrique at Juventus or some other club but not at Milan

    1. Not anymore, very rare to see ha coach with more power than a technical director, also rare to see a coach get to choose his own, staff yes.

  6. Why not Pochettino?
    He’s style is similar to our game last year.
    Would be great to give him this squad with a few additions

  7. as the article says, everyone trust is with pioli. so all this is a mere speculation. like, luis enrique looking for a job should be the title(?)
    well in case or if milan got to change coach, would rather pick de zerbi over luis enrique.

  8. What more do we expect from a mediocre players. Even Guardiola couldn’t make wonders with this team. What Pioli achieved last year is amazing. It is a scudetto I will never forget. It was almost like Leicester premier league title win. Enrique would definitely not do better. I prefer Pioli.

  9. Pioli is not the problem of AC Milan we cannot even sign the right players nor keep the good players yet you blame it on the coach what a stupid mindset

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