President of Parco Agricolo Sud details process for Milan to get La Maura approval

By Oliver Fisher -

The president of the Parco Agricolo – Daniele Del Ben – has spoken at length about what needs to happen in order for the La Maura stadium plan to move from a proposal to breaking ground.

In recent days, a meeting took place at Palazzo Lombardia between Gerry Cardinale and the Lombardy president Attilio Fontana to discuss the issue of the new stadium, with the Milan owner having identified the Hippodrome at La Maura as the ideal area to build.

The project is due to be delivered within two weeks and will serve to clarify what Milan have in mind regarding the size of the stadium and the volume of the project overall, such as the potential for a new headquarters there and possibly also a new youth and women’s team training complex.

Del Ben spoke during an interview with the Milan edition of La Repubblica as the president of the Parco Sud Ippodromo La Maura, and his comments were relayed by MilanPress.

“I have my opinion which I will make public at the right time, it is certain that we are talking about something we know nothing about. Sala is right about this, let’s see the project,” he began.

“It is logical to discuss something that is known and at the moment we have not been contacted by anyone except by the committees against the project which we will meet on Tuesday to illustrate the technical passages on the constraints.

“The operation of the Agricultural Park is governed by a regulation contained in the Authority’s Territorial Coordination Plan. Here it is established that – in the case of a project like that of La Maura – nothing can be done.

“Two tennis courts for which a presentation can be made are one thing, the volumes of a stadium are another. To put those volumes there, a variant of the Park Plan is needed, with a timescale ranging from one to two years. Variant that must then be voted on in the City Council. Otherwise you can make a program agreement.

“Here too it takes time, but an agreement between the interested parties — Municipality, Region, Park, Metropolitan City and area owners — bypasses any type of urban planning and environmental constraint on the park.

“However, we need to involve the Council here too, but we get there with a project that has already been shared before and it is very different. What is certain is that if the Park decides to sit down at the table for a program agreement, it is clear that there is a will to go ahead and find a solution that – for example through compensation – is also convenient for the Authority.

“I repeat, I don’t even know what we’re talking about. And then I am convinced that the next governance of the Park will take care of La Maura, which will be very different from the current one, as established by the law approved last December.

“The scheme of future governance will be this: three representatives of the Municipalities including the president, one of the Metropolitan City, one of the Council of Milan and a representative of the environmental associations. Then there are three representatives of the Region and two from the farmers.

“We are here to manage the ordinary and extraordinary administration, but as long as it is urgent and cannot be postponed and I don’t think this is the case with the stadium, an issue that has been talked about for years. Next Tuesday we will have a new board, but as we still don’t have anything in hand, we will not deal with the issue.”

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  1. this Milan have nothing to do, since sala has a say to this It will never work, move to san Sesto the mayor invited Milan clubs to build their stadium.

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