President Scaroni ‘does not want to think’ about the Scudetto this season

By Euan Burns -

AC Milan president Paolo Scaroni has admitted that he is not even thinking about the chances of Milan winning the Serie A title this coming season. 

Speaking during an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport (via, Scaroni was asked about the team’s chances in the wake of having signed eight new players for the 2023/24 season so far.

He, of course, highlighted the desire of everyone at the club to win the title, but he refused to put any pressure on the situation.

“Look, I don’t want to think about it… I’m just saying that we are ambitious and we want to win, but we must also take into account the fact that playing in the Champions League and progressing in the Coppa Italia, as happened last season, is just as important. It is the fundamental condition to remain at the top in Italy and in Europe. We have to continue on this path, always going on the field to win. If another Scudetto arrives, then, I’ll be the happiest man in the world. As Berlusconi would have been,” Scaroni said.

Milan are going to be up against Monza in a friendly tonight which has been arranged to honour the late Silvio Berlusconi, who owned Milan in the past and owned Monza up until his death earlier in 2023.

Inter have also seemingly had an impressive transfer window, but other top Serie A teams have struggled to secure the players they want in order to bolster their squad.

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  1. So the coppa talia is as important as serie a, sure thing 😀
    Don’t get me wrong it would obviously be nice wining it but that competition has never been a goal we had up high in fact we won it once in thje 30+ years ive been supporting the club.
    Cl and Serie a is a completely different matter.

  2. Understandable, after such a massive overhaul, one can’t be expected to compete for Scudetto right away. Napoli last season was the exception, not the norm.

    I think a top 4 finish with a respectable run at CL would be sufficient for this season. Next season though, would be hoping that we’re back challenging Scudetto.

  3. Normal is wanted to win the league not only secured ucl spot because that means you only want the money you don’t care to win plus coppa italia it’s would ok to win or not at last in ucl only keep on progressing to 8 to 4 and if the team has strength go to final even but the priority is to go for the league to win it not just a spot for ucl. Maybe that’s me but I found for any team to have priority to win the league every if they can of course. Not be happy with just ucl spot so again maybe that’s just me

  4. People obsessing over what Scaroni says to the media.
    It’s what they say in the locker room that matters.
    Both Milan and Napoli won the scudetto last 2 years and neither Maldini nor De Laurentiis came before the season saying that “it’s scudetto or nothing”. Matter fact neither one of those teams was even predicted to make top 4 before the seasons when they won the title. They won because they played without the pressure.
    Why put unnecessary pressure and target on the team by saying silly stuff to the media just to satisfy a small portion of fans who are still in their feelings over what ownership first move this summer was.
    Also people should look at the action not words. Milan isn’t spending over 100 mil to not go for the title, and they are not even done spending this summer.
    BTW didn’t Cardinale, the owner said this just few days ago: ““Dear fans, rest assured my investments are to boost Milan and win. I promise you,”.

    1. 🔴⚫️ Where did anyone of us bring up what you are insinuating, the fact is that most people moved forward and actually has been pretty happy about the incoming transfers done by the ownership. Just as well as the great majority of us has moved forward, the other side of the pond should do as well,
      I understand your assesments though in regard of playing down the pressure but if anything is silly here its scaroni comparing coppa italia with either of the other 2 competitions we will participate in.

      1. He is basically saying that every competition matters. Milan hasn’t won the Copa I think since 2003. Matter fact since 2011 Milan has won only 2(TWO) trophies. A scudetto last year and a supercopa in 2016. 12 years, only 2 trophies.
        So yeah every competition matters.
        And no a lot of people have not moved on. The only thing they have moved is the goal posts about what they complain about after the previous complain was proven wrong.

        1. Of course every competition matters but deffently not at the same level as eachother but yeah last time we won it was in 03.
          Well i disagree theres only a handfull of posters here really complaining about the management or transfers but sure some does but the same can be said about people who think they have somekind of moral high ground who keeps calling maldini names or some who thinks that the new ownership actually has proven anything yet.
          I like all the incoming transfers by the way and would gladly have setteled with those we have aquirred but the season will prove whether they are as great as they actually seem on paper.
          Chukwueze and reijnders is very interesting moves and i would also add musah, romero and pulisic if he stays fit. Anyways i expect us to make a strong move for the scudetto this year regardless of scaronis comment,

    2. You say people are obsessed with what Scaroni says, then you conclude with what Cardinale says. Do you think Jerry would say face to face to Milan fans “I’m here for revenues, profits, brand and money”? At least Scaroni is consistent and honest.

  5. Target are 1-4 serie A . Remember guys not just 4th serie A the target. With massive overhaul not only player but also management ,it is better stay low profile , we have many young player that need time for adaptation , better not burden them with target must win treble or we will get trouble at the end of season

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