L’Equipe: Sensational return to Milan for Donnarumma cannot be excluded

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are looking at the potential return of Gianluigi Donnarumma who is not having the best of times at Paris Saint-Germain so far, a report claims.

Donnarumma’s exit aroused plenty of disappointment and anger in his decision to reject Milan’s contract offer in favour of joining PSG. Many believe that he chose to leave in the wrong way, having constantly professed his love for the Rossoneri but in the end allowing a situation to happen where he left without the club receiving a fee.

L’Equipe (via TMW) report that the future of Donnarumma is closely linked to that of Leonardo as the PSG sporting director could leave at the end of the season along with the goalkeeper.

The French newspaper talks about the possible return of Donnarumma to Milan, especially if the club are taken over by the Bahrain-based fund Investcorp. However, a return to the Rossoneri seems very complicated given how good Mike Maignan is and the bridges burned in his farewell.

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  1. This story is of course complete and utter bullcrap, but let’s entertain the idea for a second… Gigio is already used to sitting on a bench, he would be a great replacement for aging Tata or Mirante.

  2. Impossible, because then we would have to pay for him. Transfrmkt values him at €60m ( though he ain’t worth €30m).
    We have an already legendary keeper, what we need is a CF, AMF, RWF, LWF, DMC & LWB.
    So pass.

    1. Are you mad? So you think Milan should lose a great goalkeeper like Mike Maignan for the drama queen, Dollarumma? No way for double the sum you’re calling. Gigi is vomit and Milan is not a dog.

  3. If he want to cut his salary down to 2m a year he’ll be a good backup to maignan, maignan is still superior to him in term of mentality, command of area, and big gap on ball distribution

  4. The only club’ in Italian can pay his salary are Juve. Let Juve buy him from PSG and curva Sud bully him if Juve come to sansiro in serie A or coppa

  5. No, no, no
    No way it’s true…
    1) We have Mike
    2) the Fans never will allow it
    3) PSG will require 40-50 million for him
    If it’s Italy, the only destination for him can be Juve

  6. He himself will never like to come back. However,we have the Eagle mike. He allowed his greedy agent riaola to confuse him. Dollarumma is crying raiola is enjoying his commission.

  7. mike is our king we dont need dollaruma i cant see his face i dont want him in the milan shirt again f***ck off

  8. pis off we dont need you we have one better mike the great if milan bring him back a big mistake hope this is joke

  9. If he were to ever end up back in ac milan id suggest him to wear a helmet on his mellon sized head as it might not be bills lightly dropping from the sky but silver coins raining on his head this time around.
    Kidding aside i simply cant see him returning to the club ever again as milan has more to lose to let him back than not as a large ammount of fans will detest the players guts till he dies and the management would hereby create unnecessary troubles with their own fan base. As already mentioned further up we already has a cheaper and technical better goal keeper in maignan compared to donnarumma so no point wanting him back.

  10. I do hope our Franck Kessie and Romaniogli stories end like this…with us having better players after.
    Our Hakan story is sad and Milan really need to look into the no10 role. I really liked Messias for the role because of his goal awareness, shot accuracy and excellent passing, though he’s slow and not physically strong. Brahim should go home.

    1. Part of Messias’s and Saelemaekers issues at RW are due in fact that we do not have an effective #10. Seriously consider this option, Swap him and Kessie, let Kessie play with Bennacer at the double pivot. Tonali is excellant at ball distribution and seeing passing lanes, does not get pushed off the ball. He played higher up last year when he was not as polished as he is this year. Sandro Tonali===”cane pazzo” Forza Milan

  11. Psg want to sell donna for 60m and he wants to return to milan. He wants contract for 1 year, so he can go to Juve for free after that. I think this is more believable

    1. Wkwkwkwk . Yeah that Will be his second free transfer at AC Milan . That easy crazy plot twist if that happen and curva Sud maybe kill him if that happen

  12. Lol. He will go to juve or inter eventually. No to us. We have the best keeper in the world. And mike REALLY loves milan, from the deepest of his heart

  13. We brought him up and raised him when he was nobody, after growing up he then said he couldn’t believe in our projects no more, stabbing us in the back.. absolute betrayal… Shame on any future management that take you back

  14. But I thought he’s enjoying his “new adventure” on the PSG bench. Mike is killing it at Milan so why would we take back this traitor?

  15. we have a better goalkeeper up and coming in Plizzari who would certainly be a sufficient replacement goalkeeper for Super Mike

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