GdS: PSG inform Milan they are willing to pay €70m for Leao – the response

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are aware that Paris Saint-Germain are ready to make a big offer for winger Rafael Leao but the club and player have a clear stance, a report claims.

This morning’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport (via MilanNews) writes that PSG are willing to offer up €70m to the Rossoneri for Leao, and are hoping to convince the player by offering a contract worth €6m net per season.

Of course such a big package is a temptation for each party involved, but the initial reaction from both the player and the management is that they are not interested in the advances from the Ligue 1 side.

Instead, Leao – who is having his best season in Serie A so far having hit double digits in goals – seems willing to extend his contract beyond the current deadline of 2024 up until 2026, earning a pay rise in the process as a reward for his explosion this campaign.

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  1. He is smart player. If he goes to psg, he will be sit on the bench. Left wing is neymar spot and he know he can’t replace him for now

  2. no doubt he is talented, but needs to work on his game, my “unpopular” opinion as well is that he is somewhat lazy, maybe his ego with all the praise he gets, or just a lazy player, but Pioli sees it (maybe afraid to critisize Rafe) but the other plaers see it as well. Watch him when he looses the ball or does not get the service he thinks he should…..throws up his hands, mopes around, body language of a child,slows to a snail’s pace. I know Sale. is not anywhere as popular and talented, nor is Tonali but they sure and hell “get after it” when on the pitch. Next game watch him rather than the rest of the action. Surprised Ibra has not crawled up his ass about it.

    1. You are right, Leao is too lazy for my liking, old men like Zlatan and Giroud make more movement off the ball than him, and he is usually only effective for 45mins or less. Think at times he should come in as a sub, let Rebic start, at least even duo Rebic form has deepen, you are certain he would help the full back and press for the ball. Pioli needs to put Leao on his toes, make him earn the spot or have him sit and watch.

    2. It’s not “unpopular opinion” but a simple fact. He did absolutely NOTHING against Empoli when Milan/he lost the ball.

      Definitely not a team player.

  3. If the club’ decide take the offer , it is huge capital gain consider we buy him just 30m euro including bonus from Lille. We can just use that money sign versatile player that can play LW,AMF,SS, RW like Dominik szobolai or Noa Lang with just 20-30m euro , their salary not that high too only 3-4m euro still on AC Milan reach

  4. At that price, I’d sell. He’s got loads of talent and has improved massively this year, but he’s still very prone to go AWOL during games. If he hasn’t renewed by the end of the season, cash in.

  5. If he’s not renew before the end of the season then sell him, i like him but he’s not Kaka and with that money we can invest on 2 good players.

  6. Leao is a special player fast, skillfull, strong, young, and creative. He has explosiveness that is hard to beat. Not easy to replace in the market. No wonder psg is very interested. We should not let him go at all cost for now, specially we still lagging in AM and RW.

    1. I’ve scoured the comments, your’s is the only 1 I like, imagine failing to get an equally exsplosive player nxt merca, or buying 1 for 60+ mill only for him to flop the first few seasons just when Rafa seems to be picking up speed on his development…we would strengthen the right with Berardi only to loose the left, in a season where we would be aiming even high in all competition if we manage to win something in this one, not worth the risk, better to get Domenico and leave the left as it is.

    2. What does his speed & skills do for the team when he only makes a successful dribble 2-3 times per match and fails to deliver a decent ball after. More importantly he does nothing to get the ball back.

      We need a consistent player and not someone who plays well for 5 minutes every week or two.

  7. Milan should sell him, and get a player like Charles De Ketelaere instead. I think the team need a more creative player at the center and more offensive too. Leao is great, but he is still missing something, especially at shooting. He is very skillful, but Milan needs more goals in my opinion and stop depending on only center forwards

  8. Leao če rasti u svakom pogledu i zato treba bit oprezan sa prodajom . Ima sve predispozicije da za dvije godine bude novi Mbape

  9. Damn, loads of Inter fans on here heaping hate on Leao. It’s funny you all trying to make seem like he’s rubbish when every team double and triple teams him. He doesn’t look lazy he looks effortless. I think his slight dip in form over the last month can be attributed to him starting every game for the last 6 months not being lazy.

    1. Do not exaggerate. He is a great player, but Milan needs more offensive players who can score goals. Look who are the top 5 of goalscorers in Serie A. None of them play for Milan. I think if Milan is able to get a good profit from that sale. They should do it and get someone else. I like Darwin Nuñez as well, and he is a great scorers in Champions and his league. That is what Milan needs again if it was possible.

      1. How much more offensive do you want him to be? He has 11 goals his season playing from the wing. That’s a fantastic offensive contribution.

    2. 100% right Nelli.

      He has 11 goals this season playing from the wing and always has 2 or 3 players marking him.

      Anyone thinking we should sell him needs to stop getting their football knowledge off computer games.

  10. Remember his age and he needs someone like IBRAHIMOVIC AROUND HIM TO KEEP GIVEN HIM MORE CONFIDENCE don’t let us castigate him

  11. I think Leao seems lazy to recover because he has his mind on conserving his pace during games. Yes, he needs to improve some aspects of his team play but generally speaking he is AC Milan Mbappe in the making. Who even thought Messi will be performing below par at PSG. Leao is still developing let’s not put unnecessary pressure on the boy.

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