“Never seen this type of growth” – the numbers of Pulisic’s commercial impact at Milan

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan have benefitted from Christian Pulisic’s goals and assists this season but also from a commercial point of view as ‘Pulisic-mania’ sweeps across the globe.

As PianetaMilan recalls, Milan paid just €20m plus €2m in bonuses to sign Pulisic from Chelsea after a difficult season. Since arriving, he has racked up 12 goals and provided eight assists in 39 games across all competitions.

The Pulisic effect, however, is not only felt on the pitch but also off it. The captain of the United States national team took the number 11 shirt , the one that belonged to Zlatan Ibrahimović before.

Mike Moylan – the founder of Soccer.com, which is the number one platform in the world for purchasing football items – has revealed the incredible numbers on the sale of Milan products since Pulisic’s move to Serie A.

“I am happy to announce that since we started working together last February, sales of AC Milan merchandise have increased by 147%,” he said.

“Since Christian Pulisic was signed, sales have increased by 400%, with Pulisic forming the 70% of the choice of all our names and numbers to put on the jerseys.

“I am also pleased to announce that Milan are the second-fastest growing team among all our licenses. In collaboration with PUMA North America, we have seen AC Milan become the most watched team in the Italian league.

“We have never seen this type of growth over the past decade and the collaboration with Puma North America will make us achieve even greater results in the future.”


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  1. A website named “Soccer” with prices in dollars, with mostly top European clubs apparel and nothing for most national teams, shipping for free in the US or internationally in six weeks for minimum $15. Looks like “the world” is once again an unknown concept in America.

    1. Why wouldn’t an American vendor use the word “soccer” given that it is the name for the sport in American English, and it was actually invented by the Brits as a contraction of Association Football??? Do you object to the Italian language using the word “calcio”??? I bet you don’t, right?

      Because your comment is not based on the language but rather on a silly anti-American sentiment.

      So it kills you that an American vendor is the biggest world vendor for merchandise of association football items? Boohoo, cry me a river. Start your own vendor website to compete if you want. Good luck.

      Oh, so you object to the charge of $15 for international shipping? Guess what, the AC Milan official website also charges fees for international shipping outside of Italy. So does that mean that AC Milan doesn’t understand the concept of world, because they use the word calcio and charge for international shipping?

      I’ve read ridiculous comments here but yours takes the cake.

      1. Ma dai Luigi! Nice pleading but you missed the point. I won’t try to convince you I’m not anti-US, I don’t know you I don’t care. This article from PianetaMilan is ridiculous since this online store is obviously US-based, so it’s hardly a surprise that Pulisic is a top-seller. Just a joke here, the same way the NBA champions are “world champions”. Just relax, not every comment is designed to spark WW3.

    2. It’s beside the point. The point is the explosive shirt sales (even it is in fact just in North America) and the fantastic production from the player. A win-win for the club. This is what we should be focusing on.

  2. ima be honest here. i never heard of a shop called soccer until toady. If if buy football stuff its straight from the source. Perks of being in an official acmilan fan group + discounts

    1. then i look at the prices on soccer vs milan store and its 20€ more expensive there. Go figure.

      Always buy at the source if able

    2. I buy from the Milan site which then get redirected to the North American site as I’m on this side of the pond. I generally don’t do the unaffiliated sites as I can’t verify the authenticity or quality (I do use fanatics but that’s because they’re at least verified). It could be Milan uses them or not so I’d rAther purchase through the club site anyway to make sure I went through the correct routes and support the club directly..I’m hoping lol.
      Haven’t heard of soccer dot com over here but I’ve heard or world soccer as ACM suggest and ofc fanatics. But to each his own. Def can’t deny the American players impact on the team. Plus the commercial opportunities here are much greater it seems just from the comments on prices on this site. Ppl over here are way more willing to spend. Win win

    3. Some of us in America could not buy items from Europe very easily in the past. This was our only reliable source. Additionally, they used to sell gear that we couldn’t get, like pop-up goals, replacement studs for boots, etc. It became the place for us and many are still loyal. I also prefer to go to the source now but there is a reason why it is so popular.

  3. Than, is that mean we can finally sign players wise can make leap of quality, or making the same moves as last summer ending up below Intermilan in the race for the Scudetto and get eliminated out the championship league in the groupstage?

    Those numbers means nothing for me if we can’t even compet with Intermilan & Juventus in the summer market.

    1. What? I get the argument about Inter, but Juventus didn’t do anything special last summer. And they are sliding down because of it now.

      And Pulisic is a quality player. Sure there is a valid argument we need another DM and CB, but this article is about pulisic alone, who at times won this team three points on his own.

    2. its not that we cant compete. We choose not to. Gerry says spend smart, not more so that is what we shall do. And he is right you know. We are in the green, they are in the red someday we will still be able to spend and they wont.

      Eliot did the same thing and we got a lucky scudeto out of it so it can work

  4. what i don’t understand if it’s about merchandise & marketing they said we are the leader w/ super bla bla profit, then when if about compete in transfer/ players contract, we suddenly become so poor can’t even compete with shinking ship Inter/ Juve

  5. How is the italian national SOCCER TEAM doing Bartholomeo !!!!! Who cares what its called !! Its the greatest GAME IN THE WORLD !!!!!

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