Pundit explains why Milan fans should expect ‘surprises’ from the mercato

By Isak Möller -

Several names have been mentioned in the media as of late with regards to AC Milan’s targets on the market. However, there are several reasons why the Rossoneri fans should expect surprises, as explained by a journalist. 

Charles De Ketelaere, Renato Sanches and Sven Botman are three of the several names that have been mentioned as of late. And while all of these are concrete targets, there could be more to come if the past is anything to go by.

As explained by Luca Serafini – the journalist and MilanTV pundit – in his latest editorial for MilanNews, Milan fans should expect surprises this summer. Why? Because Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara certainly have surprised us before.

The likes of Bennacer, Hernandez, Kalulu, Kjaer, Leao, Maignan, Rebic, Saelemaekers and Tomori came more or less out of nowhere and the negotiations were all advanced when the media first reported about them. It’s likely to happen again this summer, as Serafini puts it. Expect surprises.

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  1. One thing for certain, Two things for sure, Journalists in Italy have no idea what Milan management is doing or planning to do because they are not leaking anything to them.

  2. Divock Origi (Free)
    Marco Asensio (40M)
    Renato Sanches (15M)
    Sven Botman (30M)
    Charles De Ketelaere (CDK) (30M)

    Theo———Tomori———-B or K ——-Calabria
    ———————-Super Mike————————–

    So we need to find (15M) more

    1. I don’t believe that the two M’s will invest in player asking big wages, eg: Asensio

      The reporter says surprises, I think he may mean that Milan may miss out on certain targets

      The only one that is over the line is Origi, and the other well they need a lot of work from the two M’s
      I’ve got my rosary beads and a little prayer will help us

  3. Things are going slow, and I don’t know without new contract if Maldini and Masara have negotiate with agents, they don’t have power to sign them selfs, no contract so why would agent negotiate with them when is not 100% certain they will stay. If this is not resolved soon transver targets will sign for other teams.

  4. Surprises on the market? Lol. Unfortunately, Redbird not signing M&M to a contract extension yet – is holding up our market – and I wish it was a surprise – but sadly it is not. I would not be “surpised” if Maldini walked away. I bet he’s not getting the guarantees he thought he would. CDK, Botman, Bremer, Zaniolo to me are all fantasy – I will believe it only when I see them in the red and black. While other clubs making strong moves we are sitting on our hands. Ya sure it’s early as some will argue – but Maldini is an intelligent and extremely capable and proven director – and he would not wait and risk losing a deal unless his hands were tied yet again by ownership. Sanches deal is far off as is Botman. Zaniolo out of reach and so is Antony. CDK bid seems low for a club that doesn’t need to sell him. I have faith in M&M – but not having a contract extension already worked out especially after Cardinale’s meeting w Maldini should worry all us fans. This deal should have been done immediately and now our market is stalled and doubts of M&M continuing linger. Not a great situation. I pray it changes very soon.

    1. Classic fiasco, when you have to deal with transfers basically the same day so someone doesn’t come in with a higher offer Milan can’t afford, the club didn’t even renew contracts of the people responsible for those transfers or given them free hands to spend that money they have. Incredible, it will be a miracle if most of the agreed transfers aren’t ruined by this.

  5. well, I can only say that this is not a good first impressions Cardinale make to milan fans.. here, we are waiting for a big surprise especially after we won the scudetto.. but nothing comes so far.. even Cardinale cannot sort out M&M contract early.. that’s a shame..

  6. Well, yes, the real ‘surprise’ would be Maldini & co not to renew. Honestly, I am disappointed with Cardinale’s actions so far…

  7. The american cardinal —- from hero to zero. How to mess up everything that was good in less than a month!!!!!

    Cardinale – go back home and make way. You have already caused enough damage and anger as it is.

    One possible option – dump cardinale and milan and support monza instead.

    Jack Montaldo

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