Raimondo: Milan could be fined for Tonali’s involvement in betting scandal

By Isak Möller -

As if the discovery about Juventus midfielder Nicolò Fagioli wasn’t enough, the involvement of Sandro Tonali and Nicolò Zaniolo in the betting scandal has really caught the calcio world off guard. 

Tonali, who was sold by Milan to Newcastle in the summer for a fee of around €70m, was questioned by the police at Coverciano yesterday along with Zaniolo. Shortly thereafter, the Italian Football Federation announced that the players had left the Italian camp.

The investigation will have to determine their involvement and what the consequences will be, but today’s edition of Gazzetta dello Sport stated that those who won’t cooperate will get a three-year ban. Most likely, therefore, the bans will be reduced.

So, what does this mean for Milan? As reported by Felice Raimondo, unless Milan’s legal representatives knew about the betting and covered it up, the most they can get is a fine. The Rossoneri fans can remain calm, therefore, and it remains to be seen what the outcome of the investigation will be.

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  1. The online fans are never calm 🤣🤣🤣, they have another chance to insult each other, prove to be wiser than the other, and vent their personal frustrations to each other, keyboards are in trouble 😂😂😂

      1. 😄no need for self introspection, we are wiser than the person on the other side of the screen, wiser than club owners, directors, professional coaches and players, they are fools and lucky 😂😂😂

    1. It’s not certain that Milan knew about it. The accusation was issued a couple of days ago. As far as I know, nobody knew about it at the time Milan was negotiating his sale.

      Some people got suspicious because the sale was fast. It appeared evident that we needed money to reinforce the team, and Newcastle came knocking and offering a hefty sum. We did it rapidly because the market takes time and we planned on buying 10 players, so we needed his sale to go through as soon as possible, to open up our mercato instead of leaving everything to the last moment (you saw how the Taremi situation failed because it was left to the end).

      My recommendation for everybody here is; let’s not suspect our own club of wrongdoing with no proof whatsoever. Let’s leave it up to the Interisti and Juventini to accuse us. I’m not about to accuse AC Milan myself!!!

      If – and it’s a big if – something is proven that Milan knew about it and covered it up to sell him fast – then Milan will be liable to Newcastle and to the FIGC and could be punished financially and with point deduction. Hopefully it’s not the case. The situation is concerning but until – and if – there is proof of Milan’s involvement, I’ll trust the club that we knew nothing about it,

      1. I wasn’t accusing the club for a moment, i am suggesting that did they find out about his misdoings and react appropriately and accordingly….just a working hypothesis

        1. If the knew about it and sold a player that they knew he can be banned from playing, but didn’t tell Newcastle about that possibility, they have committed fraud (I think so, it makes sense.)

      2. @Luigi bro you’ve been posting alot of the details bro and I have no clue how you know so much but thanks for the info 😁

  2. I read somewhere that Juventus found out about Fagioli betting issue in August and tried to cover it up. At least that’s what this Corona dude claims now. That would be a violation with potential for relegation. Of course evidences must be presented for such claims. If Milan’s management knew about Tonali’s betting… It could be just a coincidence they sold him suddenly and right before this came out right? Right?

    1. I just hope you’re right. I just hope that Cardinale is savvy and serious enought to have realized the implications of a cover up. It would really set back all that he’s accomplished. On the other hand, I’m not surprised at all that Juventus has completely mishandled the affair. That club is rotten through and through.

    2. Therés actually an article from maybe january/february 2023 that claimed that newcastle utd already was planning to attempt and buy tonali in the 2023 summer mercato but i cant seem to find it currently but its out there somewhere and if i find it ill try to post it here but cant remember if its from sempremilan or newcastles utd’s own website or a different place for that matter.

  3. Well if Newcastle hadn’t knocked on Milan’s door at that time to buy Tonali, would Tonali still have been sold? because at that time Tonali was not even on the transfer list. Newcastle suddenly came with a lot of money, even becoming Milan’s biggest sales record. IMHO, this might prove that Milan management doesn’t know about the betting.

  4. Idk who got banned over a couple of bets in the last decade. Usually it ends up in a fine and probation.
    Should have bet on tennis 😀

        1. I’m citing to the available precedent. We’re just at the beginning. They’re already saying organized crime is involved. We’ll see I guess.

  5. “Milan’s legal representatives knew about the betting and covered it up”. So I was speaking to a friend of mine and this came up. To sell Tonali was just weird and we wondered if other people( eg directors) knew so decided to cash him out. Hopefully not but I can see it totally happening. Bookies talk too and I’m sure inner circles depending on the level might know. 🍿🍿🍿😁

    1. maybe they knew and did nothing about it and got fired for their troubles and Tonali got sold at the first offer 😀

    2. What I’m hoping is that, unlike the hopelessly corrupt Italian owners of Juventus, the fact that we’re owned by what is essentially a hedge fund means that they are acutely aware of compliance issues. Then again, all sorts of financial institutions engage in shenanigans…

      1. Exactly this lol.
        I wonder if they have stakes elsewhere in betting companies 🤔. It’s a great way to make money of course.

    3. If that was wierd – nobody thought Maldini would be fired – so maybe cos he knew….lets get some wild conspiracies going while we wait for concrete news 🙂

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