Raimondo: Milan take step forward in stadium plans by purchasing Sportlifecity

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan have seemingly taken another step forward in their plans to build a new stadium as they have purchased Sportcitylife SRL.

Milan are continuing to push ahead with their new stadium project and San Donato seems to be the chosen area, with plans being formalised for a ‘red and black citadel’ to open by 2028 or 2029 at the latest.

As shown by the Chamber of Commerce certificates (via Felice Raimondo), the company Sportcitylife SRL was acquired by Milan with a public deed dated 08/06/2023.

Milan have taken over 90% of the legal vehicle used by Cassinari for the Sportcitylife project, leaving 10% of the shares to the previous owner.

There is already an urban plan in place for the San Francesco area of San Donato known as the ‘Sport Life City’ which had a sporting vocation and foresaw the construction of an arena to seat around 20,000 spectators.

Now, Milan have taken over that vehicle and all the pre-approval in place, which should accelerate the process.

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  1. So is it possible this limited our funds available to purchase players which also concicdes with the date Maldini was sent packing? He was fired days before the purchase of this 08th of June, he was removed on the 6th. I have a feeling he was told he would be further hindered from strengthening the team and we would have to sell players and wasn’t on board.

    1. No no amd no
      As you can see the team is being consolidated and money spent.

      Stadium bidget comes from investors, it may have am impact later nut not now

    2. Or maybe this is already factored in to the budget. More like he was told there wouldn’t be an increase from the current budget because funds are going to be used for the stadium project. Regardless, belts will have to remain tight until this stadium is built, outside of selling players to create a larger budget, as was the case with Tonali. But once the stadium is built it will be a completely new era.

      1. That was the case with Arsenal and Bayern until they paid off their stadiums. Painful times ahead but unfortunately a must go-through. Silvio should be building new stadium after 2005.

      2. For sure they factored that in the budget. These owners have to pay back loans, have cashflow for permits, construction etc, they don’t have the means to build a stadium and inject money into the club, even if infrastructure costs dont factor into FFP. Even if they did have the money, it would need to be within our clubs operating parameters.

        Juve, Inter, Napoli, Etc. are all letting players go. The money is simply not coming in like it used to anymore.

        These owners look to be using the most cautious financial forecasting.

        When he found out what he had to work with he decided it was probably best to call it a day. I have a feeling this departure was more mutual than we might be led to believe. He didn’t want to take the fall for what lies ahead.

        1. This is a good theory Chrisp. I also think Maldini knew the writing was on the wall well before the season ended. Hence the way he gave the interview after our UCL exit. That shout out to the owners to spend, he knew they weren’t going to, so at least he put his position out in public so everyone knew what he was trying to push for. I’m thinking why bring up Dybala when no one really asked. He was covering for decisions being made I suppose. He was aiming it at them. In some ways they did follow his advice, we have more ready players coming in with Pulisic and RLC rather than CDK

          1. We balanced our debts and still sold our best midfielder, so he knew what choices and options he had, which was to take the heat and be the punching bag for decisions from other people on top of him. He refused to do that. This team was already stretched beyond its capacity in the last three seasons. After making 120 millions more than anticipated, the best case scenario we could imagine, he was still told he only had 35 million to work with. That is a slap to the face given to him and the squad, after all the sacrifices the players had to make on their end to keep the club together as well as perform more than they should have for having no backups. Despite all that, he was given peanuts to work with. So what would happen if we actually missed out of Europe?

          2. “After making 120 millions more than anticipated”

            Nope. You think Milan entered UCL with 0€ income in mind? No. And even with the 120M€ prize money they BARELY managed to get on the positive side – if I remember correctly, it’s something like 20M€ profit. So… Without the “surprise UCL-money” the season would have been something like 17th negative in a row.

        2. If that was the case, Maldini would’ve been saying something to the fans. Defend the corporate from all the accusation.
          They might used this as an excuse to sack him formally, but both parties knew that wasn’t the case.

    3. Maldini is too big of a personality to be under Furlani and co. He just had to be disengaged for decision making to be easier, especially because Cardinale is walking a very tight financial rope. Maldini had the whole players, the fans and the media and the image of AC Milan. He just had to go. The only thing that could prevent them from removing him was if he could perform a miracle. He couldn’t and so he got kicked out.

  2. Hallelujah. Finally, we are on the way to getting our own stadium.
    Half of the teams in EPL are from London, and they all have their own stadiums, but Milan, one of the best clubs in the world, has to share a stadium with inter.

  3. For this I give them kudos. They are serious about stadium project which is vital for longterm survival of the club. This area seem to have huge potential not only for stadium but to become sports and entertainment center of Milano under red and black colors.

  4. This is good news . They plan invest 1billion euro for new stadium . The downside are get ready for tight budget on transfer just like arsenal,bayern,spurs before they finish their own stadium . But once that new stadium finished it will remain forever with AC Milan and increase income greatly

  5. Stadium is vital for the survival of the club. Look at how it transformed Juve. Owners come and go but that stadium (if built) and the fans will remain. Let’s pray it does.

    It may all be for not however if Saudi Arabian clubs continue to pay these kinds of astronomical fees to all these players. They may be slowly building a super league. Soon they will start buying younger up and coming players and inflate even further the crazy transfer fees. Give them 5-10 years and we all may be speaking about SA as the center for football as insane as that sounds now. Never say never. Nobody can keep up with that kind of spending stadium or not. I would assume it’s an unsustainable model even for them esp if the SA government pulls funding. That or UEFA would have to get rid of FFP (they should regardless IMO) in order to allow some clubs to compete financially w them. Will be interesting to see how it all plays out. Crazy times

    1. Maybe that might happen down the road but i could see yesterday that the club c.ronaldo is playing for had a ban on buying players due to bad financials so maybe that wont happen and maybe those clubs just doesnt have unlimited funds as believed, Some players wouldnt want to play in saudi arabia by principle either so they will propably soon realize that not everyone is up for sale just because large sums are waved infront of them.

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