Raimondo sheds light on Zirkzee commission: “The player always has the final say”

By Ben Dixon -

AC Milan’s story of the summer looks to be their pursuit of Joshua Zirkzee. Frustratingly, though, as most tales do, there is a foe in the way, in this case, Kia Joorabchian and his commission demands. Today, Felice Raimondo spoke about the situation and shed light on the possibilities of the commission.

As much as Milan may have led the race, just because you have does not make a deal complete, and if football worked in such a way, it is impossible to suggest how different things could be. However, the Rossoneri are running a real risk of losing a race at the final stages, but it is not their fault, so to speak.

Instead, the finger can be pointed at Joorabchian, who has demanded a €15 million commission to be paid for the transfer to occur. Which the Diavolo are against, and Giorgio Furlani is trying to lower this whilst also concocting other plans, as we reported exclusively last night.

Ahead of the mercato’s opening and the activation of the release clause, Raimondo spoke about the commission regulations to Milan News.

Mr Raimondo, taking the Milan-Zirkzee issue as a starting point. Is it technically possible to ask for such a high percentage (37.5%) for a commission?

“It depends on whether the mandate was signed before 1 October 2023 (when the new ceilings set by FIFA come into force) and, if the mandate is later, whether FIFA has temporarily suspended the new rules worldwide pending the CJEU’s ruling. If such high fees are demanded, the answer is obviously to be found in one of the two previous hypotheses.”

Another question is who should pay the commission. Shouldn’t a player’s representative be paid by his client? Why should a club take on such significant charges?

“Commissions follow the mandate, so the agent is paid by the entity that entrusted him with the task (to represent, player-side, or to buy or sell, club-side). However, especially in the case of zero parameters or payments with rescission clauses, signing bonuses – improperly termed commissions – are often demanded, which the player, in agreement with his agent, can request from the purchasing club.

“Think of the recent Mbappe’s case. There are, then, other cases in which even the fee that should directly pay the player is paid by the club. In fact, after the conclusion of the contract with the club, the player can give his written consent authorising the club receiving the professional service to pay the sports agent directly on his behalf according to the terms and conditions set out in the mandate.”

From a budgetary point of view, do the commissions add up to the cost of the player? Is there amortisation for the €15m?

“Many clubs, such as AC Milan, amortise the commissions (and any other related costs, e.g. sell on fees) together with the cost of the player’s card. Let’s think of the case of Leao, whose historic cost in Milan’s balance sheet increased by 20 million after the Rossoneri re-contracted the sell-on fee with Lille (a solution linked to the fine that the boy had to pay solidly with the French club). Thanks to that operation, Milan will amortise the new residual cost of Leao until 2028.”

In the market narrative, the part of the ‘big bad wolf’ is being played at the moment by the agent who would actually obstruct the transfer. But is this legally possible? Or does the player in fact have to be aware of this fee and approve it?
“It is not possible for an agent to prevent the conclusion of a market negotiation. The player always has the final say and therefore endorses and tolerates the way in which he is represented. Otherwise, the fiduciary bond underlying the mandate would be broken and the mandate would be revoked.”

From 2025 we read that this will change with ceilings set for commissions. What will change in practice in club-agent-player relations?

“If the European Court of Justice deems the regulations established by FIFA to be legitimate, from 2025 the old proxies renewed by 1/10/23 will expire and, therefore, the new caps on commissions will be definitively applied. That is, 3% of the gross fee without bonus (fixed base only) in cases where the mandate is entrusted only to the player or only to the purchasing club; 6% of the gross fee without bonus (fixed base only) in cases where the mandate is entrusted to the player and also to the purchasing club; 10% of the value of the card in cases where the mandate is entrusted to the transferring club.”

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  1. His contract was signed Aug 30, 2022 so it is allowed but on the other hand its good to know that they actually are setting up some limitations as Ive previously said here on this website I was pretty sure that the 10% was now the max agents could demand but its complicated in regard of this deal from how i understand it.
    This also further explains why he is extorting us for 15 mil because he most likely wont be able to do it in the future when he signs a new contract unless he is obviously sold for 150 mil, thats at least how i percieve this but I might obviously be wrong in those estimates.
    There is obviously also the chance that all these commission demand rumors is just make belief by journalists.

  2. So reading between the lines of what is obviously a fairly rudimentary explanation, there IS wiggle room.

    I read that as: Zirkzee is only under obligation to REQUEST that Milan pay what is not even an official commission – let’s call it ‘a bond’ to Joorabchian. Milan can say no (and clearly have), and Zirkzee can still officially sign, but will undoubtably be bound by a second clause with Joorabchian in the case this happens – likely something where he is guarantor on a similar sum of money. The negotiation therefore is probably between Milan and Zirkzee for the club to stump up the clause fee, and then between Zirkzee and Joorabchian to try to reduce it for the good of their ongoing relationship.

    There is obviously a series of complex knots to untangle here.

  3. That’s really interesting info and especially that rules limiting it are coming into effect – this case sounds like a good example of one where those are needed (the agent clearly trying to take advantage of the lower fee) but when you read about how many South American kids are traded around with very little say in their own future, hopefully this will place some limits. Then again, I’m sure PSG, Chelsea, Barcelona and the like have a bunch of workarounds and bribes lined up already.

    1. Are you forgetting the sanctions Barcelona are under and the fact that Chelsea sold many players last season and most do so again? We’re in an era of digital currency, not brown paper bags.

  4. If that’s the case, does he really want Milan then? Maybe he really does want a transfer to England. Which is a shame, because he’s virtually guaranteed a starting spot if he comes here.

  5. All this speculation/anxiety regarding the agent’s commission is kind of silly. If JZ wants to be the sharp point of La Diavolo’s spear he will make sure the deal gets done. There seems to be a whole lot of noise surrounding this situation. Bullshit is all we truly know and it is spawned from Click bait “journalism.” The guys anctually doing this 50 million dollar waltz dont exit one of these meetings and immediately start sharing all the details with some 3rd party. The only people who really understand what’s going on, are the lawyers doing the negotiating. That said, I appreciate this articles attempt at shinning some light on the more technical details that define these types of big money deals. However, I didn’t really take much from this article beyond it’s proving how complex these big deals actually end up.
    Milan fans seem to be suggesting JZ’s agent is just a bad faith back alley scum bag who keeps Joshua muzzled and locked away who is only concerned with getting what HE wants, rather than what Joshua wants. This is just a load of bunk. Friends, as the good writer detailed. 15 million is 37.5 percent of the total deal. In no way shape or form is Jz’s agent trying to get 37.5 percent of a 40 million dollar purchase fee, just for being JZ’s rep. He is not doing this without Jz’s knowledge and if Zirkzee really wants to hear 80,000 heads scream his name after he lights up one of the true temples of world football, his agent is not gonna scuttle the deal because he’s trying to score an absurd personal commission. That would be such an egregious exploitation of his client he’d be signing the death warrant of his professional reputation and career. JZ’s agent is simply saying that Zirkzee is worth more than his release clause and they see the release amount of 40 million and their 15 million “agent” fee as a better representation of “fair market value.” However much over the 40 million they eventually agree too- JZ will pay his agent a percentage of that amount- probably 10-12 percent. If they get Furlani to cough up the full 15 million they’re asking, JZ’s agent will probably earn in the ballpark of 10% which would be around 1.2 million dollars. JZ could be a generous guy and maybe the agent earns closer to 20%. That would be massive for the agent at around 3 million. Most of the 15 million dollar fee Jz’s agent has made part of the deal, will go to Joshua to do with as he will. There is actually nothing sinister or shady or greedy in what JZ and his camp have required for a deal. The worst thing you could say about the 15 million fee- is that it ends up being an inflated valuation. The only way for that to happen is if Milan refuses to pay the fee and JZ then fails to find another team willing to pony up the full 55 million. One of the Premier League big spenders in search of a new striker will be fine with paying the release clause and an extra 15. Which means- the fair market value for Joshua Zirkzee is 55 million dollars. NoT the 40 million dollars written in his release clause. That was a number set before his break out season under Motta. He has reached that level and his team values him at 15 million more. If that’s what he can command on the open transfer market- he has done so because of his hard work and talent. Why should the millionaires and billionaires at RedBird Capital or any other club- expect to get a player for 15 million dollars under his market value simply because his release clause was undervalued when signed? Zirkzee and his agent aren’t being “greedy” they’re saying, he’s a 55 million dollar
    Player- Milan shouldn’t expect to pay 15 million under market value for a player. IF that player can receive that desired amount from another club or multiple other clubs. If Rasmus Hoiland can pull 70 million from United. One of the big clubs will pop 55 on a kid with the potential ceiling of Joshua Zirkzee. In the right environment 55million could prove to be a steal for the young man. So why should Josh and his family forgo the money at which he is actually valued- so AC Milan, a company owned by a billionaire and valued over a Billion quid, whose executives are millionaires and the company had record revenue last season and is one of the most successful clubs in world football from a financial perspective. Why should AC Milan and her rich executives get a player on the cheap? They should get a player for fair market value. The only way they should pay under market value for a player- is if that player is willing to make a few concessions for whatever his reasons. If he really wants to stay in Milan and play champions league rather than move to Manchester and be in whatever version of United shows up next year- well maybe then they show some wiggle room on that 15 million. After all only a fool doesn’t start high when negotiating.
    AC Milan is gonna be a better team than most of the premier league teams next year. They’re gonna be better next year than this year- JZ wants to stay in Italy. In Milan he’s gonna be the guy and he’d be allowed to develop real chemistry with Rafa, Puli & Co- and to be In AC Milan, one of the true Giants in Europe, at a time when they are re-staking their name among the Top clubs in the world, fighting for championships. He’d be a fool not to sign with Milan. He’ should Join Rafa, Theo, Puli, and Mike and be apart of a returning Milan to the top. If they get this summer Mercato right- Milan could be one of the very best teams in Europe next year. Hopefully they can get this done so Joshua gets to hear San Siro scream his name when he hits twine on the first night of Champions league. ZirkZEEEEEEEEEEEE

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