Raiola hits back at Milan fans over Donnarumma exit: “There was no betrayal”

By Oliver Fisher -

Agent Mino Raiola has hit back at the AC Milan fans who were not best pleased with Gianluigi Donnarumma’s decision to leave for Paris Saint-Germain.

At the beginning of the summer, Milan parted ways with Donnarumma as the goalkeeper decided not to renew his contract. It was a big blow for the Rossoneri but ultimately many believe they made the right decision out of principle.

The youngster and his agent, Mino Raiola, were apparently asking for a very high amount to sign a new contract and Milan didn’t agree to that. A lot of fans were upset by this stance, while others acknowledged that the Rossoneri were simply following their policies.

Raiola spoke to RAI Sport about Donnarumma’s decision to leave the Rossoneri and try a new experience in his career, insisting that in his eyes what happened was far from a ‘betrayal’ as some are making out.

“I am sorry for the way Donnarumma was treated. He made a life choice, there was no betrayal. He could have left four years ago and he didn’t,” he said (via Francesco Porzio).

“I think Juventus still have a great regret about him. And not only Juventus. There is no fight between Gigio and Navas at PSG, Gigio will play,”

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  1. This fat fuck thinks anyone believes he is telling anything true. Yeah, he should have left 4 years ago, to where? Where would he get 1st team place for those 4 years? What a retard, I hope we get rid of Romagnoli just to not have this pizzaiolo around the club.

  2. Ofcourse there was a betrayal because hadn’t we made him a starter at the tender age of 16 and nurtured his talent he wouldnt have gotten his very young international debut when he did and he wouldnt have had the name he has. He gave the impression that he loved the club and wanted to stay with us for the long run and instead screwed us over by dragging out negotiations and eventually leaving us for free after investing a lot of cash and time on him that could have been better utilized on a different talent. At this point id wish he had left the club 4 years ago and i will hate his gut till he is six feet under. When that is said we got a great player in maignan so donnarumma can rot on the psg bench for what i care and wouldn’t even want him back for free if we had the chance.

  3. Oh no, him and his client are regretting on what they did to Milan but Milan already move on and forget them….Super Mike…Forza Milan.

    1. No, he moved to PSG for a challenge. Weakest of the top leagues where PSG won’t have real competition if they play any good. Raiola challenged him to get more money. 😂😂😂😂

  4. No betrayal just a big pile of cash into your drawer.People like you have ruined football and the future of many great players around the world. This is what you will be remenbered for.

  5. Donnarumma was offered a UNIQUE opportunity, but declined it.
    – He could have challenged for most Serie A matches ever.
    – He could have challenged for most AC Milan matches ever.
    – He could have been a legend the like of Maldini, Baresi etc.

    Maybe this 22 year old kid knew *exactly* what he was passing up, but it smells more like a massive betrayal from a greedy agent towards a young man, imho.

    Gigio has chosen his path, though. Good riddance.
    Maignan is the future and seems like a solid replacement.

  6. oh please Raiola! stop being an attention seeker! milan fans are moving forward already forgotten your client dollaruma. you got to seek attention from PSG fans instead!

  7. I hate this fat monster’s excuse even he did such thing only for money. always tempts players to stay or move for fucking money. Wait sec, we don’t even miss betrayer because we have Maignan.

  8. To hell with you Mr Mino and your ingrate boy dollaruma.No player is bigger than the club.Milan is a great club with great history ,so you can’t singlehandedly force the club to change their policy.I think high time AC milan management stop signing any player from this man.
    Now he is talking about Romagnoli going to Juventus, I’ll not be surprise if it happen at the end of the season but I believe in this current management because they are working tirelessly to improve the team….Forza milan for life…a club i love so much

  9. 1. We have Maignan who can assist in attack, save PKs and has good reflexes to catch balls
    2. You pulled your client from #1 position to sitting on the bench after you collected about 20M euros on him alone.

    Raiola, no one here remembers Gigio anymore since Maignan starts playing for us. You serving yourself more than you have your clients in your mind. And you operate your business like a con man. I’m sure Gigio is not happy with you.

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