Raiola hits out at Milan for not supporting Donnarumma in explosive interview: “Did he kill someone?”

By Oliver Fisher -

Agent Mino Raiola has hit out at AC Milan for not producing any kind of official statement to condemn the hostile reception Gianluigi Donnarumma got at San Siro.

Donnarumma came back to his former home for the first time since leaving the Rossoneri in the summer to join Paris Saint-Germain for the Nations League semi-final between Italy and Spain, and also for the first time since being Italy’s hero in the Euros final against England at Wembley.

From the beginning though it did not exactly go to plan for the 22-year-old as a banner appeared on a bridge stating that he will ‘never be welcome’ in Milan again, while outside the ground a fan displayed a similar banner.

Calciomercato.com reported that the atmosphere ended up influencing Donnarumma’s performance as he was clearly distressed by the situation around him, so much so that he made errors and when he got back into the dressing room he burst into tears.

Raiola gave an interview to il Corriere dello Sport during which he responded to the hostile reception his client got, and he somehow found a way to blame Milan as a club.

“I am disgusted by the whistles at Gigio, and now I wonder why Milan did not officially intervene to distance themselves from the dispute, to defend him in some way, after that ignoble banner appeared on a bridge in Milan,” he said (via MilanNews).

“Shall we talk about the threats? Did he kill someone? The truth is that Milan did not know or could keep him, it doesn’t make much difference. Try asking anyone, if a father, what would he recommend to his son: stay at Milan or go to Paris Saint-Germain?”

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  1. You go ask yourself… You are really a pity guy…
    May GOD bless you after what you did… I wonder when you will use your money that you got from PSG… you will never use it … even a single cent… Trust me… REPENT

  2. I would disown my son if he chose PSG over AC Milan.
    Its not like he was struggling financially earning 6 mil a year. Unless they win CL all other trophies he wins with PSG are meaningless.
    Like everyone else he has to suffer the consequences of his choices.

  3. We got no official statement from him as to why he left (money). So he didnt give a damn about the fans their opinion about him shouldnt bother him then.

  4. Raiola has a death wish blabbering about PSG. It is a club owned by an Arab. Italians don’t like to do business that way. Mino better watch out his fat mouth.

  5. Milan wher his family Mr mino raiola, as they gave him all opportunities to be what he is today, but you pretend that you are his father, and that you gave him the best advice, but best advice for your commotion, you dont have heart Mr mino raiola, so now what you execpt, he will suffer for your greatness 😂

  6. – I’m more disgusted with what raiola did.
    – Did milanisti kill Donnarumma?
    – I am a father, if raiola ask me then my answer is stay at Milan.

    1. Raiola is SCUM he would sell his own mother.

      He wants to destroy Milan because of what happened to his client in Milan?
      Never do business with this manager again, he will destroy Donnarumma’s career
      Raiola what is your Client Donnarumma doing playing on the bench for PSG?

  7. Stupid question raiola..Milan are his parents too,so why he left?,its because of you from the beggining..you killed that young donnarumma and turned him to dollarumma..

  8. ah, Raiola is trying to shoot on Maldini
    heres the thing

    1. He is not a Milan player anymore.
    2. Both Raiola and Donnaruma are snakes
    3. Even PSG not going to make statement, why should we.
    4. Nobody like backstabbers/betrayers. Raiola, hopefully Romagnoli is the last player on Milan soil. No one here likes you.
    5. Donnarumma you surely regret going to PSG, going there just to warm up bench is surely going nice for you. Funny cause you can get the same money staying here.
    6. We have SuperMike. Dont need you here anymore
    7. We clearly shown the great defence doesnt depends on a single goalkeeper. All defender played the part well, so why should we treat u extra.


  9. He didnt kill someone but was the fans also trying to kill him or physically attacked him? NOO!! just an insult and booing which he deserves!!! so dont act like you are a white knight you piece of sh**t!!!

  10. Milan give everything to him and his family,
    they stayed behind him and support him when he was developing as a player and making mistakes.
    Milan offered him 8 mil pers season and qualify for the Champions League… so what I would say to my kid in this situation is that if a decision is made to leave then show some respect for the club and the fans. If it was ambition and not money he would have played in Barcelona, Real, Bayern or some of the top clubs in the Premier. It was about money piece of s*** he is not worth talking and stop with the news for Dollaruma and Raiola.

  11. Big Man
    I am not a fan of keeping players that wants to leave
    I hate it
    He wanted to leave, fine
    No one is irreplaceable, but he shouldn’t have left the club with no gain
    For Instance, see what giroud did to Chelsea, he renewed before signing for milan to make them have a compensation from his sales. That’s a old a player with no special connection to Chelsea.
    Now we re talking about a player Milan gave everything. We gave you debut at 16, at 18, we paid you 6m a year and forcefully sign your brother paying him another 1m a year. You re so greedy, you never thought of compensating the club for all the favours, you left with no gain to the Purse of the club and you want us be happy?. You re a joke
    Now this is a threat, we won’t leave him till he retires from the national team. We want to cut the long journey so short
    Imagine you left for free, and we went to buy Mike for 16m
    Thank God Mike is a better goalie but you leaving for free is a major loss. And you ll forever pay for it.

    1. My brother from Nigeria, you are on point and have spoken my mind, this guy claim to be a fan of the club and left that way, what if the management aren’t proactive enough to quickly sense what his plans are, to quickly sign Mike, he doesn’t wish Milan well, what if we didn’t get a bargain price for Mike, he knows the club is not dat bouyant financially, where are we going to get money to sign quality keeper from. My conclusion is, he is not a fan of the club, so he doesn’t wish the club well. He was planted to destroy milan and God pass him.
      Hanhan, Milan couldn’t get a dime from his sale, after all the investment, left for free, playing hard ball with the club until he runs his contract out, it is unfortunate.

      1. If he was thinking about the club do you think he will request that much? He cares only about himself. Most fans are blaming the management for the recent non renewals but he already push the wage cap. He’s one of the major problem

    2. You hit the nail on the head my brother, He ain’t seen nothing yet, the booing was limited because it’s the country playing, wait till he comes for champions league game in Milan, then he will cry and cry

  12. He left like a piece of shit and he was welcomed back as such. I don’t see a problem in calling a piece of shit what it really is, a piece of shit.

  13. He is no longer our player, we do not discuss players who do not play for us!

    Super mike was booed with monkey chants and made crazy saves!
    You were only whistled and booed , and you are crying in the dressing room? A grown ass guy, old enough to have a girlfriend and stay on his own, Dictating terms to Milan, and you are crying like a wimp? Go ahead!
    Talking about fathers, it depends on whose father we are speaking with: Tonalli’s father or Romagnoli’s pops or Kessie’s pops!

  14. I hope Donnaruma’s wife walks in 1 day and says:” hello love of my life, I’m leaving you after 9 years because my friend Mino tells me to do so and my new boyfriend has more money. I’m also not giving you anything back for everything you’ve done for me, but you’re still the love of my life. Hope I’m still welcome the next time I come by.”

  15. I am a father,my Junior played for Austrian U15 team(burgenland)now at AKA in Graz….and I would never send him to PSG instead of AC Milan.Not all of us are greedy forgetfully bastards.Such an idiotic statement,but if you know who said it,you will not wonder.The guy has made huuuuuge deficit,devastated blow against AC Milan,it’s just his modus operandi,and there is nothing to be surprised about.The list of things that AC Milan has done for Dollar guy,and his family,and his of-no-use brother for years is way too long,Raiola knows that.Instead of being italian hero,capt. at Milan,heroic figure for the next decade for whole Italy,Giggio has chosen few pezos more.Should we blame supporters for those writings?He should be lucky for not being treated much worse….I hope he is not going to get what he deserves Forza Milan!

  16. But did Milan Fans kill someone? They disrespected him just like Donnarumma disrespected us. And a smart and caring Father with that salary Milan offered would say stay at home were everybody loves you and has given you so much.

  17. Hey you greedy agent, I will not talk much but does follow money will not achieved great in life, this is just the beginning and about is position at Milan we are far far strong that before..

  18. …as a father i would have told him to do the honourable thing and NOT look at the financial side of the deal Mr.Raiola, LIKE YOU DID !!! ….Donnarumma was still getting good money at Milan….it was all a matter of greed !!!

  19. For me, for sure, stay at Milan! Even in long run, a club with good foundation is better than a club with rich owner (for now). Owner can change, club stay forever.

  20. All points well made..

    Raiola needs to be careful.

    He’s not made any friends, only a collection of greedy footballers that will drop him as quickly as they drop their clubs. And he is quite a sizeable target.

    Agents like him are hopefully going to disappear as quickly as they arrived, as long as the majority of clubs stick to their guns, like Milan and be true to their priciples and their investors. At the end of the day, it’s just a job and companies have rules and wage caps to keep the status quo within their ranks.

    And Milan or PSG?! WTF! Milan are mentioned in the same breath as Real Madrid, Liverpool and Bayern Munich. PSG have no European History and are just a an ailing rich man’s project..

  21. PROVERBS 22.1
    If you have to choose between a good reputation and great wealth, choose a good reputation
    (Good News Translation)

    So is there a problem we have to discuss any longer? Forza Milan!

  22. Milan is supposed to Defend Donnaruma?? LOLOLOLO. What a joke. This fat bastard needs to shut his mouth. It’s sad, the Italian media makes whistling at a former player more of a story than players getting racially abused. He got whistled at. So what. Grow up. If You can’t take the pressure sit your ass on the bench. Milan doesn’t love you kid. Deal with it. And Riaola should open his fat mouth to condem those fans who racially abuse players and not complain about fans who boo players. Donarumma is a child. Get lost and stay in Paris

  23. Yeah I know this shit will have kessie thinking twice because he doesn’t want to be the best t victim. Hakan we coming for you during the derby.😁😁😁😁

  24. What a loser this Raiola is! His infinite bloated ego speaks for himself! He is another mercenary like gigio! Gigio got what he deserves and is tasting hianown medicine! It is not an argument to say if he killed someone or not! Do not thrive on self pity u malicious Raiola! Both of u behaved in an opportunistic manner. And both of you yo be held responsible for your actions! May u Rot in hell!

  25. Raiola, you’re disgusting. You disgusts me. You’re greedy, selfish and tyrant. #99 is never welcome at Milan and we’re not responsible for protecting him.

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