Player Ratings: Monza 0-1 AC Milan – Messias decisive; CDK struggles

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan claimed their third consecutive 1-0 win this evening as Junior Messias scored the winner against Monza with a good strike. Down below are the player ratings for the Rossoneri. 

Starting XI

Tatarusanu (6.5): He made two very good stops at the start of the game and was secure in the aerial play throughout the game. He nearly scored a very unlucky goal as a shot rebounded off his leg but he was spared.

Kalulu (6.5): A good display from the young Frenchman as he not only did well in defence, but also had an impact in attack. He widened the play on many occasions and was involved in the build-up to the goal.

Thiaw (6.5): Another good evening for the German as he won many aerial duels and looked secure overall. It certainly wasn’t the wrong decision to field him in the centre.

Tomori (6.5): It was nice to see him back on the pitch and he did well on the left-hand side of the defence. A lot of the build-up went through him and it was evident why.

Messias (7 – MOTM): He could have done better in the defensive phase but at the end of the day, he scored the crucial winner for Milan with a great strike.

Krunic (6.5): One must give him credit for always being available (more or less) and while he did do really well on a couple of occasions, the feeling is that he needs to be a bit more bold for an ever higher rating.

Tonali (6): He came close to scoring a goal at the end and it was an okay game from him overall. Monza’s momentum towards the end needed to be stopped, though, and Milan lost the midfield battle a bit in that period.

Hernandez (6): It certainly would have been a higher rating if it hadn’t been for his huge miss, as he did really well otherwise. After such a lovely counter he just needed to square it to Leao, or at least get it on target.

Diaz (6): He does so many things well, especially in terms of opening up space and attracting defenders. However, sometimes he must pass faster as even when he has an open option, he opts to dribble a bit first.

Origi (5.5): He had a slight involvement in the goal, to be fair, but was rather poor aside from that. His hold-up play was more or less non-existent and he was often beaten to the ball.

Leao (6): A mixed bag from him tonight, seeing as he started with a lovely curling effort that hit the post and then failed with a simple first touch minutes later.


De Ketelaere (5): Ouch. You can’t get much better chances than that, all he needed was to keep his cool and shift onto his left or fire it high.

Giroud (5.5): A couple of nice flicks here and there, but it wasn’t really a game he could make an attacking impact in.

Saelemaekers (5.5): Although he did well on a couple of occasions, for example to set up CDK’s big chance, he committed too many sloppy fouls.

Rebic (N/A): We didn’t see enough of him.

Bakayoko (6): Decent defensive display from him in the few minutes he got.

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  1. Diaz got 6?
    He does so many things well?
    Did u even watch the match?
    He’s the sole reason why Milan could never be able to attack through the middle, he stood in bad position making it awkward for his team to pass him the ball, when he got the ball he always lost it immediately, he has narrow vision, never provide a good pass forward and never create any chance.
    Diaz was 4 at best, and that’s me being generous.
    Messias motm?
    Motm should be thiaw or kalulu.
    What a joke of a rating this was

    1. God bless you, it seem like propel are just seeing that Diaz doesn’t worth Milan…. The worst players in that position for Milan, always want to score and dribble every time. Look at the rebounds…instead of passing he shoots from that angle. That guy should go…🥶🥶🥶

  2. De Ketelaere should get 1. You can’t miss that. And Theo 3.5 he was too selfish.

    Still I think if we bring new left winger, new striker, new right winger and Kessies replacement we would have same or better result than now. So in summer, Milan should sell or send Origi on loan. Sell De Ketelaere and sell Leao. With new 4 or 5 reinforcement, we would have new team. This all looks so bad. Like man who is drowning in swimming pool, even if he knows how to swim.

  3. At Tottenham i think CDK can play instead of Diaz even in this bad form. Defensive wise CDK had 3 or 4 very good display and i’m afraid Pioli will play very defensive at London(as hi did at Manchester 2 years ago)

    1. Man these CDK fans are completely delusional. How bad does he have to play before they wake up and realize he sucks. Has missed two point blank open goal shots in the last 2 games. And they want him to play more! Idiots.

  4. Pioli is a clown. Almost gave the game away with those subs. Why he refuses to play Ibra? I think he is just jealous that Ibra gets more of the credit for turning Milan around than he does.
    Origi is useless. Tonali adds absolutely nothing to this team but Pioli will never sit him down and give Vranckx a chance. He could probably be as good as Thiaw has been but we will never know unless Tonali or Krunic get injured. CDK loses confidence every game he plays. Leave him out for his own good.
    Defense looks good but that’s about it.

        1. Just because Ibra is not fit to play doesn’t mean Pioli can’t name him as subs. You’re complaining doesn’t makes sense.

          1. Why would you waste a roster spot on someone that is not able to play? He is fit to play, and surely better than Origi or Giroud. Maybe not an entire game but he surely could give 20 mins, if not don’t name him to the squad.

        2. Wasted a roster spot for who exactly?

          Pioli can’t bring Bennacer, Florenzi, Calabria, and Maignan who are still injured.

          Meanwhile Ibra already recovered but not yet ready to play. So why Pioli can’t name him for the bench?

          The way you act as if you know more than Pioli is disgusting.

          1. Ibra provides leadership and a moral boost to our team, he is worth a spot, especially with the injuries that have been pointed out. His presence alone elevates the teams state of mind and performances.

      1. Good one. Another fool that thinks Pioli is doing a great job because they squeaked by 1-0 against Monza. Their midfield gets dominated every week. They create almost nothing offensively and they continue to be the worst passing team in any league. The defense is playing better now only because an injuries forced Pioli to play Thiaw and Kjaer. It will take an injury before we see what Vranckx or Adli can actually do. Continues to play CDK no matter how much it hurts the team. Same with Tonali. We need a coach with some courage to make difficult decisions

        1. Well he do difficult decision. They are preparing for next season. And they are counting on Charles. Vranckx will not be buy out and adli go on loan. Midfield does have problem because no Kessie or similar to him.
          They are forcing young players until they start to play. Just like with Leao Tonali and this year Diaz start to play better than first 2 seasons.
          This is how creation of new player looks like. They sacrifice result and beauty of game.

          1. Preparing for next season? This season is barely half over. Milan are not in the same situation they were 3 years ago. They are trying to defend the title, they are trying to compete in Champions League. Signing kids who aren’t going to help you for a year or two is not good enough. If they want to take the next step they need to bring in players that will help them win now. And if they are playing for next season as you say than they should give Vranckx a chance, and give Adli a chance so you can see what they can do and if they are worth keeping. Instead they will keep putting Tonali out there every week. The only thing he is good for is yellow cards.

  5. Good win. But when is Pioli going to play Aster? Or what about Adli instead of CDK? All we have is young people so we have no choice but to use them – like he finally did with Thiaw – and now everyone is raving about him. Would have liked to see both get some minutes. Wow a Bakayoko sighting? Lol. Believe it or not I actually think he can be of use playing next to Tonali, similar to Tonali Kessie pairing. Obviously not as good as Franc but point is Tonali needs to play with someone who does the dirty work and when Tonali plays w Benny – Tonali is tasked with doing the dirty work and that is not something he’s comfortable nor does it fit with his strengths. I would prefer giving Aster the minutes instead of Baka – but who knows what Pioli is thinking. A win is a win. Huge next game. Forza Milan

    1. What exactly are Tonali’s strengths then if it’s not doing the dirty work? He doesn’t offer much going forward. Not creative or particularly a good passer. He’s the one that needs to sit.

        1. So I see you are not able to explain it either. Nobody here who likes to defend Tonali can explain what he is actually good at. Isn’t that weird. But he’s Italian and he grew up loving Milan as a boy… who gives a F. He’s not good.

  6. Another win where Milan could have score with 2 or 3 goals.

    Leao and Theo looks really selfish and CDK wasted another golden chance to score.

    Nonetheless, a win is a win and a clean sheet too. But next week against Atalanta will be tough. I hope Benna and Maignan already recovered and can be use.

  7. I think it’s time we cash in on CDK cos that missed goal is the last straw for me.. The earlier we realize this, the better cos soon the clubs interested will soon know that he sucks and we won’t be able to cash in on him..

  8. what kinda rating goes up to just 7? i’ve never seen an 8.
    And you cant just take ratings off from theo, for example, just cuz he missed a good chance, overall he was very solid, better than most forwards and midfielders.. and cdk was much better than a 5. It was blocked, on how many ways can you hit a ball in a situation like that?

  9. Tatarusanu is trash. Sorry to say. He instills absolutely zero confidence in his teammates and not just the defenders..around the 72nd minute a cross into the box he should have either come out and punch or save it as it was just near the 6yrd box. Leao ended up having to head the ball out and complained to Tata as to why he didn’t come out. It’s a shame even a forward knows what the goalkeeper should be doing. No stats can tell you this no matter how many saves or what not he might be good at. In-game he just doesn’t look.good.

    Also, SURPRISINGLY bakayoko did well imo.

    1. Also, I can’t defend CDK much longer with those kinds of displays. He looks disinterested and just not able to function on the field in our game plan and tactics..he look absolutely lost. You can’t tell me the coach is looking at training and thinking to put this guy in to play with that sort of performance.

      1. Pioli feels the obligation to play him because the management put lots of money and trust on this kid. Imagine if the likes of Thiaw and Pierre did this kind of show for multiple games in a row before their breakthrough. We’d never see their names again.

    2. It’s ridiculous how people like you have to trash Tatarusanu no matter what. Three clean sheets in a row and you still have to find a reason to come on here and trash him. As the past 3 games have shown, a goalkeeper is only as good as the defense in front of him. Now that the we are not letting guys shoot free shots unmarked from inside the box, Tatarusanu isn’t doing so bad. Do we need a better backup keeper… yes, but he’s the best we have right now and it’s good enough if they actually defend in front of him.

      1. Exactly my point. U look at stats. I look at the actual game and how poorly he comes across. He’s the same.guy that also gave up over 15 goals in the last few games too. He is a poor keeper point blank. Clean sheets has nothing to do with him. It’s the defence that did it’s job. He’s garbage positionally. Am I glad for the ugly victories? Heck yea

        1. That’s my point . He didn’t suddenly become much better. The defense has played better. The defense was the reason they were conceding so many goals and the defense is the reason now why they are not. It’s not Tata, it’s up to the defense.

  10. CDK needs time, and the issue is that we don’t have player in that position that has quality and he must perform imidietly. Entire buld up of the game is trash, I”m fan of Tonali but he must go on the bench, and is painful to watch him and Krunic together. Why the talk about Origi, when no one give him the ball, and when Giroud entered he didn’t touch the ball, as I mentioned earlier no build up of play. Entire attack is invisible.

  11. Messias MOM?! What. He was a defensive liablity. Tonali, and Origi was weak, the rest ok. The backline was good:’

    My grades:

    Tata: 7
    Kalulu, Thiaw and Tomori: 7
    Theo: 6,5
    Messias: 6
    Tonali: 5,5
    Krunic: 6
    Diaz: 6,5
    Leao: 6
    Origi: 5

    Giroud: 5,5
    CdK: 6 (despite the miss, worked hard and played pretty ok).
    Saelemaekers: 6

    Forza Milan!

  12. After the past 6 weeks all I’m seeing is another win and another clean sheet. Some of you lot are never truly happy unless you’re moaning. Thank god you trigger happy knee jerk half wits aren’t in charge. Enjoy your weekend in the knowledge we haven’t fallen completely out of top 4 yet and that things have to a degree turned around.

  13. I honestly don’t get this agenda to discredit CDK at every opportunity. It’s very dishonest and doesn’t serve the best interest of the team or their fans. I’ve always stayed away from commenting on the player ratings after the game because the ratings are more opinion based than geared towards the statistics and I’m never one to be riled up over someone else’s opinion. Whoscored, whose ratings are based on the stats, gave CDK a 6.7, the same as Tonali and better than Origi, Giroud, Rebic and Bakayoko. They gave Diaz a 6.8 while Tomori and Krunic got a 6.9. Now I’m not saying that their ratings might not be flawed but I doubt that they have the same agenda as this website.

  14. It’s not relevant to missing that chance but it seems to me the goal drought is deflecting from a bigger issue regarding CDK.

    He is a very one dimensional player that doesn’t look suited to playing as a(n attacking) midfielder.

    He does not play a 360 degree game that is required when playing in the middle of the park. This makes him very easy to close down.

    CDK has a much narrower scope of movement that I associate with a winger or a forward. He doesn’t have the pace or the trickery for a wing.

    He was signed having completed a season in Belgium in which he scored a lot of goals as a false 9. That’s is very clearly the sort of player he is. He is long and languid when he moves, inviting comparison with Kaka but he’s simply not that style of player.

    1. If you watched it all that closely, you will also have seen that the chance was wasted by Saelemakers. He did not set up CDK at all. He tried his own chance and shot against the goalkeeper. The ball deflected into CDK’s feet but by then the chance was wasted. Saelemakers should have passed to CDK before the defenders were there to block it. Giroud wouldn’t have scored either. The chance was wasted by Alexis and CDK was right to be mad for it.

  15. Another solid win!

    we need to keep fielding strugled players when facing smaller team like this hoping they can find their groove

    but when stronger one coming, need to field the most in forms one, whoever they are

    so happy we are back to winning ways, although ugly, a win is a win

  16. This was more like the old Milan, attacking at speed and looking fairly good in defence. No blame on CDK for that, most forwards would have took that first time. Still no sign for Maignan though, which is worrying ahead of Atalanta. We cannot lose that game.

  17. A week ago I would’ve given anything for three back to back wins and clean sheets….

    Very impressive turn around.

    And interesting to see the return of Bakayoko.

    One of the things I find most fascinating about football (and sport generally) is form and how players can go from hero to zero in a short period of time. I also believe the onus is on managers to get the most of their existing players, and get them closer to playing like heroes than zeroes. In fact one measure of a top, top team can be how some pretty average players perform like superstars.

    For every Maldini there needs to be a Tassotti (a player who’d probably be playing at Serie B level nowadays having been loaned out to death) and for every Pirlo a Giaccherini.

    In fairness to Pioli he has got the most out of most of his players but there are still players who haven’t made it. The focus has been on the new signings because it’s considered a cardinal sin in modern football not to use the transfer market.

    But Bakayoko is a player who used to be a super star (or at least player at a high level at Monaco before moving to Chelsea where he struggled before moving to Milan where he did well before moving back to Monaco, Napoli and back to Milan where he’s struggled.

    So what level is Bakayoko?

    The player who played for Monaco and Milan Part 1 or the player who played for Chelsea and Milan Part 2????

    Now undoubtedly players need to take responsibility and this player seems to have been happy to sit on the bench and take a salary. But if Pioli could get the Bakayoko Monaco/Milan Part 1 then we’d have a ready made solution for our midfield at least until Vranckx is ready or until the summer.

    It certainly seems a waste to leave him rotting on the bench even if he has been difficult to deal with on the transfer market.

  18. For those debating, Tonali actually does have some aspects of his game that’s being wasted unfortunately. Mostly as a result of the coach’s tactics. Passing, or at least a huge potential to be an excellent passer, is one aspect.

  19. Thank u milan ! So important that ibra on the bench 2 games and already we win ! Bravo milan love u and keep going the good work

  20. It’s just so funny to see so many football experts siting here by the keyboard and writing nonesense like someone is useless and did nothing. You guys are delusional. Have no idea how football team of this level works and if there are some problems it needs to be solved. Team should work on players phsychology and performance not throw them away like a bunch of bricks. If you guys cant support team in the hard times, go support fckin inter you merdas. Whoever are here writing posts about our players and pioli, you did not deserve last year’s celebration. Why torture yourselves? Just leave….

  21. Past few games Ibra has been back with the squad… past few games have been wins. Not convincing ones and super fragile still but wins nonetheless. Coincidence? No.

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