Player Ratings: AC Milan 0-3 Inter – disasterclass on all fronts for Rossoneri

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan lost the Supercoppa Italiana final against Inter in spectacular fashion as they conceded three goals. The Rossoneri thus continued their terrible form and down below are the player ratings. 

Starting XI

Tatarusanu (5.5): He couldn’t do anything about the goals and did everything right especially on the first one (nearly got a finger to it). His passing was a bit too poor, even though he made one great reflex save, hence the rating.

Calabria (4): Where was he this evening? His positioning in the first half was shocking and that showed on the two goals. He should’ve been there to block Dimarco and on the second goal, Tonali was forced to do his job (unsuccessfully).

Kjaer (3.5): Bad from start to finish. He made sure that it wasn’t offside on the first goal and he committed loads of fouls in the duels. His build-up was also very poor as he often passed it back to Tatarusanu, or just made the wrong decision.

Tomori (4): Some good moments in there tonight, but it was shocking on the third goal. The Englishman often complains and screams at his teammates but he definitely got silenced tonight. Schoolboy error.

Hernandez (5): We need to see so much more from him. He can be questioned on the first goal but overall was not shocking. The contribution wasn’t enough though, as said.

Bennacer (5.5): It would have been interesting to have seen Milan without him this evening, or rather it would have been horrible. He was the one half-decent player out there.

Tonali (4.5): He improved as the game went on but there’s no doubt that he made a big mistake on the second goal. Now, he probably shouldn’t have been there to begin with (covering for Calabria), but he completely sold himself.

Messias (4.5): A couple of good moves from him this evening but was too little impact and Milan needed him to do more in defence.

Diaz (5): He actually did well on a bunch of occasions and helped Milan create chances with his quick turns, but it was for nothing with out-of-form teammates.

Leao (5): He had a bunch of shots here and there, a few closer than others. With his reported new salary, we have the right to demand so much more.

Giroud (4.5): He played it simple maybe two-three times this evening, and it always worked out well then. However, he continued to make (or rather tried) flashy one-touch passes which didn’t work.


Kalulu (5): A few mistakes but nothing fatal from him. Not great either.

De Ketelaere (4): Upon reflection, did he play this evening? Was invisible for most of his time on the pitch.

Origi (4.5): Looked bright at the start of his appearance but faded.

Rebic (5): One of the better subs with at least some intention but nothing came of it.

Dest (5): Just like Rebic, the will to do something was there but no end product.

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  1. How does Tonali get a higher rating than CDK? He did nothing today, and got made a fool by a 37 year old striker. Shocking.

      1. Keep hating italians and watching serie a. If you hate them so much watch the prem and you can make sure whatever tea. You choose has no italians on it.

        I think we need more italians here. Spirit is dying nobody cares about the derby anymore because it doesn’t mean as much to most of our new players especially those not from italy. You could see there was no hunger from most players.

        Biggest problem is pioli. Never has any ideas. Never any new tactics. Never any options besides to run the 4231 and rotate players. That is literally where his tactical plans end…

        1. RE Pioli, I’m beginning to believe this. I think he may have taken this squad as far as he can take them. Being that we’re still 2nd, it may be counterproductive to replace him mid-season if results don’t get worse, but I think the club should consider a manager who is better tactically and who is good at developing youth in the summer.

    1. Am sick of Pioli information.. Maldini need to wake up and act fast.. We are Milan.. try and this information 433 keeper Devis Vásquez defender F. Tomori S. Kjær T. Hernández D. Calabria I. Midfield Bennacer S. Tonali
      T. Pobega attack right winger A. Rebić left winger R. Leão C. De Ketelaere.. Believe me we have player that can win any team in this world.. Our coach like Ideal.. Our player need to be hungry for trophy.. Imagine If leao don’t play well the whole team die or Hernandez.. Let our right winger start working and bring out good cross..D Calabria is the worst right back in the whole world.. Forget about Messias look for a good left footed player that can cross.. I have 1000% in De Ketelaere.. I see him moving Milan to the next level.. give him the Point 9..The last time I post was 4 years ago.. We are Milan.. Tell Maldini we are Milan..

  2. This is funny to read.

    I question myself how many fans is going on San Siro to watch this kind of Milan…

    Red Bird should and must take full responsibility for this embarrassing.

    Ac Milan is not Toulouse and it will never be.

      1. Well, you can’t buy for 50 million 7 players and expect them to be superclass players. Maldini bought 1 young player who can’t make difference and rest are rotation players. They only managed to keep money, because players they bought doesn’t have big salary like Juventus or Inter players.
        Red Bird must do miracle. If Milan mange to reach champions league next season, than they need to upgrade squad and sell those who can’t grow anymore.

          1. You could probably swap Milan and Napoli’s squads around and we’d still be in the same position.

            It’s not about one or two players or who signed who on the transfer market. It’s more complicated than that. It’s mostly psychological.

            The day that Alex Ferguson left Man Utd the club collapsed. The exact same players who had literally just won the title finished 7th the very next season.

            The minute Mourinho lost the dressing room at Chelsea his Chelsea team went from 1st to 10th in the space of a few months.

            The same thing has happened countless times. This is how fine the detail is.

            And there’s a very real chance that this Milan team could go the same way. Their recent success was always so delicately poised. And that has always been my main concern.

            This nonsense about “they signed that player”, “I want that player”, “we need 500m”, “I don’t like that player”….is just nonsense. Gossip. Like who is marrying who in Hollywood.

            This is football. It’s played on the pitch not in the board rooms or by agents playing around on the transfer market. If the team is to pull through this period we need less gossip and more support.

        1. Well, if instead of 7 useless players they signed 3 really good players that actually help the team, they would be much better off.

          1. I get what your saying @maldinis heir, but the problem was we did win the scudetto and as you said their success is delicately poised, that was the time to bring in 2-3 really good players that could instantly start. It would have relieved much pressure and let them build something, instead they decided to keep roughly the same squad that over achieved and now they lost form and its all coming down on them quick.

      1. Maldinis heir is back to make excuses for ownership and management that put together this depleted squad. Just a little dip in form right? I swear this dude is paid by management.

      2. Management, ownership, manager. They are the real ones to blame here. We were riding off of ibra charisma all the last 1.5 years. Now we won, he isn’t present much anymore, and the leader mentality is gone. It was never Pioli. It was always Ibra. Now ibra has retired and Milan looks trash. Coincidence? Nope. Only other player who has that drive is the Magic Eagle but he is injured forever it seems..

  3. Everyone was poor, the right side of defense leaking where was Calabria?, central defense was even poorer, Tomori was awful, Kaer was calamity, no cohesion between midfield and the attack, a better display in the 2nd half but still below par, we need to fix the defense if we want to win the scudeto or go far in the champions league

      1. Yes, but giving up on Scudetto, in half way is foolish! And, lack of sportsmanship.. We thought that, we weren’t going, to win the Scudetto last season.. After 3-0 loss to Inter in Coppa Italia, semi finals, but we managed to win it..

        1. The main difference is that, last season even if we lost, we played a decent match. We didn’t loose our identity. Or at least we could see that fire on our player eyes. This season? Should I explain more?

          Of course as a fan, we’re obligated to be optimist and who wouldn’t want other Scudetto? The thing is that if Milan (management, coaches, players, etc) doesn’t do anything based on these bad results while hoping to find another Scudetto miracle are just delusional to put it mildly.

          1. I hope that, this a wake up call.. And, they fully focus on the league! Not winning the league, will hurt more than the Supercoppa.. I believe that, we can regain our identity!

    1. Saelemaekers makes Calabria look like a Serie A top winger because he recovers the ball so often or makes opponents lose the ball due to pressure. Calabria always has Alexis his back up, as he just runs back to his own backline to support Davide.

      Messias can’t defend, our right wing collapses.

  4. – CdK the invisible 32 mil kid
    – No more high press
    – The hardest thing to watch is how we build up from the back
    – Back to square 1

    1. Definitely can’t build from the back when you’re playing a useless stick like Tata. Couldn’t hit the ball off the broadside of a barn from 15 feet.

  5. There is another rating missing.
    Paolo Maldini negative 3. For what he has done to the squad over the last 2 years
    Can’t wait for his fans or his ex teammates who work in the media to praise him for how he handled the contracts of the starters that left. His strategy is that if you can resign them, let them leave for free. There is no need to sell. Now we need 5 or 6 starters.
    The worst part is that we are only 4 points from being 7th. If they don’t finish in the top 4, we’ll probably lose Leao, who hasn’t resigned yet, and most likely even if they finish in top 4 they’ll probably be forced to sell Leao just so they can finance new signings.
    Keep letting starters leave on free, open new wholes in the lineup, and sooner or later, you will have to pay the bill
    Grazie Paolo

    1. So? You want, golden generation of Mirabelli to be back? In 2022, many clubs have lost their key players, on a free transfer! Don’t try to, always find a scapegoat..

      1. If Milan doesn’t make top 4, there will be a scapegoat.
        Someone will lose their job.
        The man who lost 4 starters worth over 100 million combined and wasted another 50 million in the market with nothing to show for. His bosses are bankers they don’t keep around people that lose them money.
        And no, the only options are not Maldini or going back to Mirabelli. There are plenty of competent sporting directors our there.

        1. He tried to extend, their contracts.. Most important thing is that: Maldini didn’t sign, any of those players, that left on free transfers.. None of Maldini’s, signings have left on a free transfer! How did he, waste €50m? When we won, the Scudetto? No matter, which
          sporting director, you hire.. We aren’t, going to be Bayern Munich, anytime soon.. After a mediocre decade!

          1. What does it matter who signed those players? What kind of excuse is that?
            They are/were Milan players, and he had them under contract for 3 and 4 years and couldn’t extend them or SELL them for all that time.
            He wasted 50 mil over the summer window, which one of those players has done anything to help this team so far?
            They are so bad they can’t even get on the field.

          2. Are you clueless? How did waste 50m, Origi, Dest, Adli, CDK, Vranckx, Thiaw, Pobega. Throw in Bakayoko and Ballo-Toure in there from the previous year. Any of those guys helping the team?

          3. How does signing average , over hyped and sub-par players help Milan, open your eyes Maldini is a big part of Milan ‘s problems!!!

        2. How could he keep those players with their salary demands? Should he’ve paid from his own pocket? They cut the salary budget with a ‘focus on young players’ and now we are here.

        3. @Poli, Donnarumma and Calhanoglu had, two years left on their contracts, while Romagnoli and Kessie, had three years left on their contracts, when Maldini took charge! Maldini isn’t any time traveller, he is a human..

        4. Milan-fans should be thankful to Maldini that he didn’t sign e.g. Dollarumma’s extension. We wouldn’t be in the UCL playoffs playing against Spurs if that clown was still in Milan enjoying the salary of 3-4 players.

          1. “You forgot, about Calhanoglu? We would’ve never, won the Scudetto, if they were in Milan..”

            I try to forget that loser ever even played in Milan. But I’m eternally thankful for him also for leaving Milan and making the scudetto possible for us. 🙂

          2. You are right.. But some are here, naive to think that, Maldini made a blunder, in handling Donnarumma and Calhanoglu contract situation.. While, ignoring that, we won the Scudetto last season! And that, we got a better replacement, Magic Mike!

        5. @Johnny Seriously? Maldini, is the reason, why we won the Scudetto last season.. Owners, have to sanction the transfer.. Maldini doesn’t buy, players from his account.. Stop putting non existent blame! Or? Do you want, golden generation of Mirabelli to be back?

    2. @Poli Volatile memory and Low IQ is REALLY incurable! Just saying lol

      “Paolo Maldini negative 3. For what he has done to the squad over the last 2 years”

      Like winning the scudetto you mean?
      You do realize, if a player wants to leave for free… you cant do ANYTHING except benching them, right? The player controls the contract once it’s signed.

      “Can’t wait for his fans or his ex teammates who work in the media to praise him for how he handled the contracts of the starters that left. His strategy is that if you can resign them, let them leave for free.”

      we could’ve sold Kessie as well for some money for sure.. but we surely wouldn’t have won scudetto without him. But brainless haters will hate. So.. get well soon mate.

      “The worst part is that we are only 4 points from being 7th. If they don’t finish in the top 4, we’ll probably lose Leao, who hasn’t resigned yet, and most likely even if they finish in top 4 they’ll probably be forced to sell Leao just so they can finance new signings.”

      It has always been that way in Serie A. The point difference between 2nd and 7th never really exceeds 8/9 most of the time. Leao is gonna leave for sure if we don’t renew this winter window. But, if we sell Leao, we literally don’t have any chance to stay in top 4. So, No UCL. Aka.. No budget next season. Now you decide. Get on Maldini’s shoes.. Wanna sell Leao to get about 100 mil and lose out on top 4? or would you take the chance to wait till the end of the season to renew Leao?

      Its easy to blame.. but apparently, it’s hard to use the one braincell left. Use it mate.

  6. 😂 😂 😂 😂 Have you ever watched a match so shocking that all you can do is laugh? All I want to say is if you don’t have players to fit your tactics then try adapting your tactics to fit the players available.

  7. Shouldn’t even of gave them a rating today because they didn’t play. On today’s performance and in relevance to previous games. Absolute disaster. The goalie never looks confident, the defence has suddenly forgot how to defend. The midfield is lost. The attack has NOTHING. isolate leao and the rest doesn’t matter, but even then leao has been lousy.

    For defence, do they even know how to position themselves? Tomori all of a sudden is our worst defender. Theo no longer makes his darting runs.

    Midfield can’t blame them too much they’re only two people but they need to get better at protecting the defence.

    The absolute worst part of this team is the attack. Leao has been off form so frustrating as we know he’s good but the rest of them are absolutely useless. Where is the creativity? Where are the chances? Last year we were so much more direct towards goal and that made us scary. Now? We play so wide and keep switching the ball from wing to wing and put in a brutal cross. Theo no longer runs down the line, leao gathers the ball at the half way line. What does this accomplish? Giroud is completely useless out of the box and the right side is never doing anything. For the creative center. CDK is non existent, we say give him time like we did tonali and leao but there’s a difference. I saw something in those two, I see nothing in cdk. Poor Diaz tries his hardest but he’s either not good enough or the players around him don’t compliment him.

    To Maldini and redbird. You go and win the scudetto by miracle and you have the world at your hands. What happens? You let Kessie who was your best midfielder walk and you let romagnoli who was good in the air and a decent passer walk. WHO WAS BROUGHT IN TO REPLACE THEM???? we had an opportunity to ntake the next step in quality and bring in solid players and we brought in depth players. Dest, thiaw, vranckx. They’re mediocre at best. CDK was supposed to be your poster boy signing and he’s failed miserably. Origi is a waste too. We had an opportunity to build something important and that did t happen, we have a chance to correct it in winter and we don’t. So is it Maldini or redbird? It’s a huge failure.

    Onto pioli. This is a new season where you haven’t had this much trouble since you first arrived. How will you react? Your tactics have been so poor and even playing theo more in the middle and leao more depth has failed. Also, are you a yes man type of guy? Walk into Maldini office and demand better players. If he says no at the point it’s on him. This team is hurting bad.

    I said it in the beginning that this milan team doesn’t look like the one we saw last season and it’s worse than I thought. I’m really scared they don’t even make top 4. I don’t know what else to say

    1. Excellent comments. I have been saying the same since mid summer when it was obvious instead of taking our opportunity that has taken 10years to gain, we pissed it away.
      The only thing i would add is that keeping players like bennacer and Leao will be very difficult, why would they stay?

      1. At least Bennacer finally renewed, so if he does go Milan will get some decent money for him. On the heels of these recent performances, though, I can’t imagine Leao isn’t giving heavy consideration to not signing even if his demands are met.

        1. And after his recent performances, teams might be cooling on him a bit. Dude just shoots anytime he gets within 25 yards of the goal now. Then the entire team starts doing it.

          1. I think that’s mostly just him trying to force something to happen because he seems to be losing faith in his teammates. Body language at final whistle against Lecce said A LOT, in my opinion.

        2. Kessie was the glue keeping it all together
          The president
          We should have given him what he wanted
          He’d be 1st picked every ggame and protect the defence or play higher up the field better than Diaz or cdk and break down attacks

    2. Well,.. it’s neither Maldini nor Redbird.. it’s Elliot. They pretty much ruined the team by selling it to Redbird with the worst possible ‘handover’ timing.

      Chelsea handed over in two weeks time, but ELLIOT took 4 months? FOR WHAT?

      This whole redbird thing is bull$hit because with two disastrous seasons, Elliot is gonna take over.. but by that time, we would go back to 10th place.

      As for the match..

      The defense…
      It’s outright pathetic. I don’t know what happened. But pioli MUST find a way to fix it in next two days. Defense is our ONLY strength as our attack is non existent.

      We blame CDK as a failed transfer.. but here is a question.. in 3 years.. have you seen ANY no 10 play even half decent under Pioli? if the answer is no, then it’s definitely not CDK. Dude clearly has enough class to shine.. we are incapable of using it. We think Saele is useless.. we just don’t use his strengths.. which isn’t crossing.. it’s ball control in right spaces.. !

      Pioli has NO idea how to create an attacking strategy. The only blessing is.. with a good defense, you can win league with a mediocre attack. Which is why we won last season. Our attack was just Leao winging it. Hell Mou won Treble with just Eto in the team.

      The Milan of last season had Kessie..! In my opinion, we should take Kessie back from Barca on Loan. The whole team would completely change overnight.

  8. Another embarrassing display by Milan. This team is complete shambles right now. Someone explain to me what position Calabria is playing, because it itsn’t RB. He is never on the right side of the field, that side of the field is wide open and Lecce and Inter both exploited that. That can’t possibly be what Pioli is telling him to do. We are now seeing why CHelsea didn’t want Tomori and why he can’t get picked for England.
    Tonali being made a fool of by an old, slow Dzecko. My god this team misses Kessie, and if he ends up going to Inter it will be a colossal failure by Milan management.
    As far as I can tell Milan’s offensive gameplan seems to be everybody take turns shooting the ball from 20 yards out and putting it 20 rows into the seats. How is Pioli allowing this? How is he not telling them that the next person that shoots from 20 yards out is sitting the bench! Inter is not a good defensive team and that’s all they can do? And I say this every time but Milan is the worst passing team if professional football. Pioli has no answers the team has no ideas. All he does is bring on some useless subs and hopes that things will change.
    Milan under Pioli never has an offensive identity. They relied on a stingy defense and created chances throught their pressing and some individual brilliance. Now the defense is a mess and the press isn’t what it used to be, they can’t create any offense. Top 4 will be tough this season. Most of this falls on management continuing to let starters leave for free and replacing them with cheap kids that aren’t ready yet. Sad state of affairs.

    1. We better hope inter and Barca don’t do that swap Kessie for Brozovic because it will be hard to watch Kessie bullying Tonali and Bennacer in the derby like he used to do in training sessions.
      How about Hakan? He has been so good for Inter, even in a new position that inter is thinking about getting rid of Brozovic who up until this season was arguibly the best regista in Europe

      1. Wow you are the first Milan fan who is speaking the truth. Hakan on Brozovic his place is fantastic, when I watch them sometimes I don’t know what I see. He’s just so much better also mentally, looks like another player. We also played him as a winger sometimes, that’s the same as playing Leao on Bennacer his place now

  9. I wonder how Pioli keeps sticking with Tata wen we are conceding so many gols with him in gol hell play Vasquez cant be worst then this guy!The defence is another position that i dont understand is choices like if Kalulu is not performing why not play Gabbia or Thiaw who are 100% fit instead of playing Kjaer who had just come out of injury again!Why not play with one 4-4-2 with Tata/Vasquez

    1. He obviously thinks Tata is the besst option they have right now. Honestly, hardly any of the goals they have conceded have been his fault. The defense has been horrendous this entire season, even when Maignan was in there.

    1. Are you kidding me, Maldini strengthens which squad? signing overrated , hyped up. mediocre players. and you call That strengthening?

  10. Team is not responding to pioli anymore. Half of the squad is seria c material. Bad results were way overdue. We’ve been playing like shit for a while now, despite good results. I dont know if our 11 players are tired or puoli has lost his jewels. I say 11 players because the rest are just water boys. Maldini has seriously messed up the transfer market. Cardinale slowly is looking like the old chinse guy that we had , pure scam. I said a few weeks ago that next season will be year 0 for us and i was criticized. A bunch o players will leave, and some should leave. Even ben’s contract, his release clause hasn’t changed, around 50 mil. Easy affordable for any pl team. Cdk and the rest of the bench should also look else where to play the game. Maldini better perfom miracles next season, or he should go too. This season is over for us. Top 4 will be a miracle. Well, it is what it is. We the milan fans are used to the suffering. Hopefully we’ll bounce back sooner rather than later. Forza milan.

  11. I honestly think you guys are too nice to Tata. He has no business in this team. He’s too slow, can’t lead in the box, and can’t distribute. Serie B level maybe. The fact that we are still playing him is mind-blowing.
    I know the only alternative is a kid whose experience is a league no one has heard of but… can it be worse?

    And CDK is… I’m sorry, the kid just ain’t it. I know we want to be patient, but he makes Dest and Brahim (who have no good reason to still be here) look good. We already have to deal with Bakayoko and Caldara. Now, this? Loan him out at least. Will it kill his future here? Maybe, but I see in him nothing but another Lucas Paqueta.

    What are we doing???

    1. Agreed on Tata, he shouldn’t even be a bench warmer. But I’m still holding hope for CDK, I think his potential is massive and he’ll be a “one who got away” success story if we give him the punt. I’d like to see how he does playing up front more regularly than keeping on at trequartista.

      1. Honestly I’m sorry but CDK has no balls. He has no fighting spirit.
        People shouldn’t compare him with Leao/Tonali, its not the same at all. They always looked talented but inconsistent.
        This guy looks like a Zero.
        Anyway you don’t pay 32m for a kid whos not able to contribute anything. Maybe pay 5 to 10 like adli and leave them on loan.

        1. Tonali came from Serie A, and Leao from Portugal and Ligue 1 which are both higher quality than Belgian Pro League. CDK has had a larger adjustment to make and has only had six months so far to do it. He played further forward for Brugge but Pioli insists on using him in the playmaker role even with a shortage of rotation options for Giroud. Tactical inflexibility is one of the things holding CDK, among others, back IMO.

          1. Honestly his position is not the problem. He simply cant do the basics.

            Anyway to your point about where he played….. That’s why u don’t spend 32m+ on an unproven kid from Belgium. As i say look at Adli, his price.

            32m on a 21yo u should be getting a super star!

            Alvarez and Enzo Fernández cost less combined.
            They came from South America and are kicking ass. No more excuses

            Honestly i saw him play before we signed him and i never understood the hype.
            Question is, did moncada pick him or not?

          2. Strong disagree, but okay. A lack of confidence is his largest problem at the moment and Pioli’s inflexibility and inability to tailor a system to the players he has is not helping.

    2. We are top ni r to Tata because we know what Tata is. As long he doesn’t make a mistake that cost us a goal, he had a good game.
      But how about the people that signed Tata. He was bad last year and they still kept him on.
      Napoli just swapped their back up GK Sirigu who is probably Ibras age with Gollini from Fiorentina who up until last season was starting GK of Atalanta.
      While our management signed some dude from who knows where.
      It’s not like Pioli has better options on the bench but he insist to play Tata

      1. “That I actually miss krunic so he can start over cdk and Diaz. That speaks volumes.”

        This!!! I was joking a while ago that ever since Krunic got injured Milan has been really poor. Turns out the joke’s on me. He IS the missing link here! 😀

  12. The better team won.
    We are not the same team from last year, we are much weaker.
    People can make fun of Kessie being a bench player at Barca but that says alot about the quality of our players, that our best midfielder the previous 4 years Can’t even get of the bench in another team.
    Everyone that blames Pioli does that because they overrate the quality of our players.
    We got lucky last season.
    Outside of 3,4 players, the rest of them are average or below average .
    And we don’t have a single player that can actually pass the ball.
    Bennacer is good at passing laterally or backwards. All his forward passes are either too far or way behind, or they are too early or too late. Same with Brahim. Tonali is out there like a headless chicken.
    Can Leao shoot the ball low once?
    How about that defense? Oh boy. Where are all those people that were upset Tomori wasn’t called up for the NT? He gets beat like a drum in every game.
    This team needs a lot of work over the next few transfer windows. Hopefully will have the UCL money to do that because if we finish outside of top 4, it will get really ugly

  13. Also, did you see who was there? Maldini, massara and singer from previous owners Elliott. Ya i know he’s a chairman they own a small amount but where is cardinale? If you treat milan as a business and don’t love the team you will fail. Inters headquarters had over 10 guys there Zhang doesn’t miss a game. I want someone who cares about this team, not somebody who wants to make a quick buck

    1. EXACTLY, thought i was The only one with this opinion. Zhang doesn’t spend a penny for Inter without selling and he isn’t very popular with Inter fans but still he shows up and he’s there. Cardinale is probably busy with doing nothing. If you buy Milan you need to be there for the fans simple

  14. I missed the game but it seemed awful.

    We need to get out of this dip. There is a very real risk that this exact team could go back to being the team that lost to Atalanta 5:0 right back at the start of this run.

    And transfers aren’t going to fix this. It’s not that simple. This is psychological. And it’s impacting the whole team and squad.

    There are no easy fixes. Pioli has his work cut out.

    The fans just need to be patient and stop constantly looking over their shoulders at some other players. This is the team. You either support this team and these players, or you don’t. Some other fantasy team is irrelevant.

    1. That’s just nonsense!
      Any big club that cant field half decent professional players needs to recruit to fill the gaps.
      The problem is each window we fail to do so the more gaps appear.
      So no, ignoring the problems wont help.
      And yes, fans can exert pressure on owners to fix the team

  15. Only Zlatan can save us now. If the players were playing this poorly when he was on the pitch he would karate kick all of them. Please hurry back Lion.

  16. They have stopped playing for Pioli. Ownership has also allowed 2 strikers with a combined age of 77 to be on that roster. They have allowed a medical team and training methods to continue despite clearly demonstrating that it is injuring players constantly. They’ve been slow to react, the maignan injury needed to be addressed and this is the result. We still finish top 4. Because serie A is so goddam weak. If we don’t, we will bleed players through the exit door and the squad will continue to get weaker.

  17. Pioli should go
    Is not for Milan
    Milan need coach not to kiss players ass
    That get pay and them have to fight with pride
    They don’t have pride, no character’s
    They will be happy to have 6 place

  18. Pioli should go
    Is not for Milan
    Milan need coach not to kiss players ass
    That get pay and them have to fight with pride
    They don’t have pride, no character’s

  19. Bring Kessie back on loan (do NOT let him go to Inter) and sign Aouar to fix the midfield. Do some ppl really still think we don’t miss Kessie on this forum??? LOL. Donkeys! See if you can bring Ziyech on loan at RW and pray Ibra Rebic and Mike come back and stay healthy. We are in this mess but it is salvageable with a few investments this winter. But sadly doesn’t look like we will do anything and all that work and suffering to get where we are will be undone if we miss out on top 4…SAD.

  20. Why everyone giving Calabria a hard time on the first goal? Kjaer was the problem, not him. He had to cover Lautaro because Kjaer was too slow in playing the offside trap and that left DiMarco was a 2v1. Couldn’t do much for here from.Kjaers blunder. Where are all the ppl who wanted Kjaer to start. He was so atrocious. Theo is clearly exhausted from the WC and has no one to sub him. There’s so much just wrong with the state of play and the players themselves. The depth players are not good enough

    1. Because he is a RB who is never on the right side of the pitch. He is always out of position, leaving the right side wide open. Lecce exploited that and so did Inter

  21. The current Milan team personnel is not capable of winning any trophies. The players are not physical enough to handle team that play hard physically. In the Supercoppa the team performed like school kids and Inter players were all over AC. The backline is the weakest I have ever watched and a better keeper is badly needed. If AC wants to mix it with the best European teams then they have to attract the best players available on the market. You buy school kids players, you end up playing in juniors soccer competition. Unfortunately money talks and brings top results. Spend money on good players or perish.

  22. I would rather start players with a will to do well (Rebic, Dest, Adli) rather than someone showing no will or interest to improve.

    1. Yep. Good attitude is vital. Especially when you’re lacking the skills and other things. You can make up for your deficiencies with good attitude.

      And with bad attitude not even the skills of Messi will help you or team.

  23. I cant really say that i care that much about the super coppa trophy but i do care about getting trashed by inter, the crisis is real even if some of the other games easiy could have gone in a different direction this is what we are left with and there is no way around it that the last weeks perfomances has been appauling.

  24. Player ratings??
    The owners should be rated for this season’s Milan.
    Jerry Cardinale was busy playing golf in LA, instead of watching his new team.

    1. Well… Think of it this way: With the money he saved on the flights he could buy a better player than Milan had on the pitch yesterday. The players were THAT awful and unmotivated.

  25. Our right wing is defensively so shit with Saelemaekers it’s painful to watch. Why was he not playing?

    We were unlucky against Roma, but Torino, Lecce and Inter games were just bad… really bad. We clearly need a convincing win now to get us back on track

    1. At least Immobile felt sorry for us and decided to take a rest and give Milan a chance against Lazio. Too bad Milan’s mental state is so trashed that instead of winning 4-0 we’ll actually lose 4-0 next week.

  26. I don’t understand how Pioli got the Scudetto last season, his tactics seem completely clueless. Inter had a perfect counter for Pioli’s system and he didn’t seem to be capable of doing anything about it.

    Players like De Ketelaere and Vranckx I am very confident area great players (I am Belgian and people who think CDK is a mistake are seriously mistaken), but they need a coach who can use them. Since the beginning of the season it seemed to me that Milan was not a team but a collection of players whose job is to win the ball and then give it to Hernandez or Leao whose job is to dribble everyone and then shoot, while Giroud is looking to knock in every ball coming off the goalie.

    Of course no one else can do well if that’s the extent of Milan’s play. It’s best to just buy a bunch of Bennacers and put them all over the pitch.

    Milan has become an awful team to watch. I don’t even think the word ‘team’ can reasonably be applied to them.

    1. “it seemed to me that Milan was not a team but a collection of players whose job is to win the ball and then give it to Hernandez or Leao whose job is to dribble everyone and then shoot, while Giroud is looking to knock in every ball coming off the goalie.”

      This! Look at Inter’s players yesterday. Anyone of them looked like they were/are competent to pass the ball and create. EVERYONE defended (incl. Lautaro & Dzeko), everyone gave everything on the pitch and helped each others. We don’t see that in Milan.

      Milan players seem to have one or two “agendas” on the pitch and play solo. They don’t work as a team. They don’t defend as a team and they don’t attack as a team. They lack players who dare to pass the forward. They lack the imaginary and “fun” to create something new and unexpected in front of the penalty box. Even the simple one-twos Inter made were 1000 miles ahead of Milan’s.

      1. Look at the Dimarco’s goal. You don’t see that happening with Milan players. Why? Everyone thinks about themselves and not the team. And they’re lacking the passing skills. Even though it was a combination of 3-4 BASIC passes that unlocked the defense. They weren’t some pirlo-esque magical passes but simple, basic passes you should be seeing countless and countless of times each match. Yet we don’t. Why? Because the passing is incredibly awful amongst Milan players.

        1. Let go with 4 33.. What Milan lack is a good midfielder that can hold the ball and make good pass Right side in the midfield Bennacer central Tonali left you can Pobega

    2. Nice one..forget Giroud for now and give De Ketelaere the number 9 role.. I have 1000% confident in him.. we are Milan and we have the DNA to win any team..

  27. I watched the game last night’s no good blaming Olivier Giroud as the service to him was poor ..AC Milan only have one decent centre foward and yes it’s still Olivier Giroud..De ketelaere is not a no 9 never will be ,in fact his performances have been pathetic.
    Rebec I believe can be a very good player ,if he stays injury free .What about rafeol leao ,all he seems to do is run into trouble and hang on the ball too long ..He has been given a decent pay rise ,let him start to deliver …
    What the team is doing is forgetting how to defend and indeed do not seem to be sure of one another’s whereabouts..Yes keep getting in each other’s way .
    We are far to frantic on the ball ,it’s like a Calvary charge and as soon as there is a sight on goals from 20 yards out plus ,let fly ,rather than taking time and putting decent crosses in ,that will be appreciated by Olivier..He did not have one decent cross put into him all evening .The best form of attack is a decent Defense ,at the moment that’s chaotic.players getting in each other’s way .Yes we miss kessie big time .
    Let’s just win the next game and perhaps confidence will return .

    1. “He has been given a decent pay rise”

      Actually he hasn’t been given anything yet as he wants more than Milan offer. Then there’s the whole another thing whether he deserves what Milan has offered him etc.

      He won’t sign the extension. Not after the Lecce & Inter -matches.

  28. We need good quality on free transfer to guide the young players and be competitive and compact again and sure they have passion and love stay and about money

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