Player Ratings: AC Milan 2-5 Sassuolo – many culprits after defensive collapse

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan suffered yet another big defeat as Sassuolo managed to find the back of the net five (!) times at San Siro. Several players were really poor and down below are the player ratings for the Rossoneri. 

Starting XI

Tatarusanu (2): He had one good save at the start of the game but then struggled a lot. He certainly could have done more on the second and third goal, which really showcased the negative sides of his game.

Calabria (2): He got an assist but that was pretty much it on the positive side of things. Completely lost his man on the first goal and was found out of position many times. Then he caused the penalty.

Kalulu (2.5): He started the game by sending a long ball straight to Sassuolo and they nearly created something out of it. He then failed to get things under control and lost many battles.

Gabbia (2.5): Just like his colleague, the defending was all over the place and this showed especially on the second goal. Gabbia and Kalulu both got done and that set the tone for the rest of the clash.

Hernandez (2.5): Jogged back on the first goal, despite the fact Sassuolo attacked on his side, and he was then incredibly sloppy to lose the ball on Sassuolo’s fifth goal. Furthermore, added little in attack.

Krunic (4): He won some battles and had a couple of good moves but ultimately also failed to keep things under control properly in the midfield battle.

Tonali (3): He misplaced several passes today and lost his man on Sassuolo’s third goal. He can do so much better.

Saelemaekers (4): A couple of good slick moves here and there but he had little impact in attack.

De Ketelaere (5): He was one of the few that actually did some good things in the first half and yet Pioli took him off. It’s impossible to fairly judge the signing if he doesn’t get the chance.

Rebic (4): He did find the back of the net but it was ruled out for a slight offside. Other than that, he really struggled to make the most of his chances.

Giroud (4.5): He scored a lovely goal which was ruled out for a narrow offside and then got his revenge with a lovely header. However, he also lost his man on Sassuolo’s third goal, hence the rating.


Leao (3): Zero impact off the bench and his backheel passes didn’t exactly please the fans at San Siro.

Pobega (3): He failed to balance the game (albeit when it was already decided) and was also booked towards the end.

Messias (3): Just like Leao, not much of an impact besides a couple of intentions that had no end product.

Origi (5.5): He did well on more than one occasion and also scored with a lovely curling effort. We need to see more of that from him.

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    1. Owner has nothing to do with performance on the pitch. You think new players will solve the problem when there’s a coach who doesn’t know how to integrate new players into the team?

      1. @ SheerWill96.
        Maldini knew that we needed at least three quality signings this season.
        Serie A
        Coppa Italia
        Champions Leauge
        (And World Cup in between)
        All the above are many games… Milan has a short team in regards to quality. The current team is not enough to compete in all competitions.
        Redbird instead of backing up this summer Maldini and giving him a budget for him to do his work they gave bits and pieces…. Maldini had to cut off players and squeeze the budget to get De katelare.
        No quality defender (we are playing with Gabbia!)
        No quality Midfielder (we are playing with Pobega)
        No quality RW (playing with average players)
        No backup for Striker and LB when Giroud and Theo are absent or not good due to WC games…..
        All this is Redbirds fault.
        Waiting for revenue and selling AC Milan jerseys outside Yankee stadium is not a solution for a Top club like AC MILAN

        1. Is it only about getting in new players what happen to the non performers who cannot contribute to the team Bakayoko,Adli,Diaz etc they need their loan contract to be terminated for better player to arrive including Origi,Rebic these guys are not adding anything rather getting injury.
          Again I think Pioli has lost touch or confused cos the players are playing like they are tired of his tactics which he should twist a little like 433 to accommodate the type of players he has.

      2. Yeah, now Pioli can’t implement new signings. Which ones???? De Kaetelare is the only signing that is worth it, others are deadwood that can’t play at Milan…if sporting department asks for signings we need them, but when you have owners that know nothing about football…

      3. Obviously there is a relationship…. The new owner has to spend investment to buy good players and also replace coaches who are even better… You say the owner has nothing to do with it?? Your comments that have nothing to do with stupid comments

    2. It has nothing to do with ownership. I bet we have something happening in the dressing room. Probably players are getting rid of Pioli this way.

      1. Nevermind that Redbird didn’t close until after the summer window was over, so technically this winter window is their first window, but it’s hard to explain things to anti-American third-world 12 year olds.

        Something is definitely happening in the dressing room. The squad is not the same as the one that went into the World Cup break. Unfortunately, something needs to be shaken up immediately, and I think it’s the coach.

        1. That’s exactly what we are saying. Redbird didn’t spend a single euro the past mercato. Budget was from the club’s economic strategy. They just confirmed.
          This mercato where Milan needed players they still deny to cash in money….And I’m not talking about Zaniolo. Milan have not yet filled in crucial departures from past season (Kessie etc).
          I don’t suppose you all expected Adli and De Ketelare that were playing in a totally different league, to arrive in Serie A and dominate???!!!! That will not happen this season.
          So the truth is that AC Milan NEVER strengthened their team. Especially a demanding season with so many games and a World Cup being held.
          Obviously there is something going on in the dressing room. Even Gerry Cardinale who has no clue about football could understand that!
          One problem is your key player (Leao) has his mind of the team cause of his renewal negotiation. Second by my opinion is that key players of our team have been burned out due to World Cup . Finally players that had a super and over their standards past season, this season are not playing over their quality (Kalulu etc).
          And off course we are playing as if there is no goalkeeper. Everything that goes towards the goal,counts.
          Finally…. We are not all anti American 12 year olds. I’ve seen Milan lift two Champions League trophies here in my city (Athens) and I grew watching great players like Van Basten,Gulit, Baresi, Maldini….and several more which I don’t want to mention because I’ll get depressed by comparing today’s players.

          1. Thomas, Milanelo is refering to Redbird, not Elliott. THIS WINTER MERCATO is Redbird’s first transfer window. Correct, they haven’t spent a dime. On who would you spend money on? Which CB that is an improvement over the ones we have now can we afford in January? Most teams don’t sell their good players in January because they have to go an replace them themselves.

            Finally, I also grew up a fan of the same players you did. I’ve been a Milan fan since the late 80s/early 90s, and I’ve been to games at the San Siro. Including a derby, games against Juventus, and Champions League and I don’t live in Italy. I’ve lived through this club finishing in 11th place twice. No Italian team is in a position to spend 100m on multiple players, let alone a single player. All I’m saying is people need to CALM DOWN.

          2. Vero Rossonero
            By my opinion Milan lost a golden chance to dominate Serie A.
            If what Maldini wanted was granted in the summer things would be different.
            I just remembered that the budget was decreased when Redbird took over.
            During Elliott, Maldini had agreement with Lille for Botman and Sanchez…If I recall…And everything changed due to the transaction with Redbird.

          3. “I don’t suppose you all expected Adli and De Ketelare that were playing in a totally different league, to arrive in Serie A and dominate???!!!! That will not happen this season.”

            Happened with Kvaradona though. 😀

  1. I have no words. This isn’t normal in anyway. Have we ever conceded these many goals before? (12 in 3 matches). We need to stop conceding goals but Pioli sends out the team to attack and leave big gaps. His style of play rely on one on one situations all over the pitch. Of course these players are going to lose all those challenges when they have ZERO confidence.

    1. I finished with them last week it’s a waste of time we have a manager that has not got clue and the player s are just not good nough plèase someone believe me this time

  2. I know I shouldn’t be saying this but why does it make me happy to see us lose this way? Maybe it’s because I think some actions are gonna be taken if we continue to lose this way.

    1. Yeah. Me too, this weird happy feeling.
      I personally think a win is only going to bury the problems inside the club.
      I hope we keep losing until we get a new owner, new high IQ management and a quality coach and quality payers as well.

  3. CDK had a few, very few flashes of brilliance, but bar that he’s absolutely awful, he could’ve easily gifted Sassuolo a goal on the occasion of that one good Tatarusanu save, furthermore he lacks aggressiveness, he comes a cross as soft, without confidence and completely lost in the middle of the park. My review: 2.5

    1. You clearly have something against that kind. Even though he was one of maybe two bright spots in the entire team, you’re willing to ignore a decent game he had and disasterclass game everyone else had just so you can take a dump on him.

      Picking literally anyone else to crap on would make more sense.

  4. The cycle is over.
    The covid stoppage saved Maldini and Pioli’s job in 2020, but the world cup stoppage should cost their jobs.
    A lot of people were upset at the owner for denying Maldini extra money for this transfer window, but if you watch Milan over the last 6 months how do you go to your owner and ask for 25-30 mil to sign Zaniolo, a forward, when our defense and midfield are absolute dog 💩.
    Means Maldini is out of touch with reality of the situation.
    Time to do that house cleaning that Gazidis had planned in 2020 that got postponed

    1. And yet, Botman was his first choice to strengthen the squad over the summer, but the ownership and Gazidis pulled the plug on the deal and decided an attacking reinforcement was the priority… or have you forgotten?!

      1. Right, it was ownership who decided to sign CDK instead of another CB who was cheaper than Botman. Have you forgotten that Maldini had to go ask for more money from ownership to buy CDK. I doubt very much that they picked CDK, i doubt that they even knew who CDK was.
        And apparently Botman was the only CB that we could buy.
        Also why didnt Maldini identify another CB this January and go to ownership and ask for money to sign him, but instead he ask money to sign Zaniolo. Don’t we still need a CB and a DM?
        I guess if we can’t have Botman then we don’t want any other CB

          1. Explain it with some sense if you can and without your already established bias against ownership just because of where they are from

          2. Man, did you start following Milan yesterday? Maldini said Milan need a few good signings to take the next step, he WAS DENIED. We had a top defense last season, same players were playing last year. Kalulu and Tomori played great, Kjaer was coming back from injury and Gabbia was there. Thiaw was brought in as young talent. 5 central defenders, 3 of which played almost every game when we won the scudetto. How many did we need, 17? If they had a limited budget they had to buy an AMC since we only had Diaz and so on… Honestly, stop embarassing yourself, these are basics…and leave that pathetic idea of a bias, grow up…

          3. All the pathetic Maldini defenders are out now. All you have to say is Bakayoko, Ballo-Touré, Adli, Vranckx, Thiaw, Origi, Dest, CDK, PObega. Not one of these players have added anything to this team. They gave him 50 mil to spend and he bought trash. Why would owners give this man any more money to waste. Look at what Napoli got with the same amount of money. Maldini has depleted this team

          1. Is Noa Lan a defender?
            Milan needed a defender. And if Maldini wanted Noa Lang why didn’t he sell Rebic to buy Lang, since Lang is a LW, or we going to stack left wingers in the squad.
            People wanna defend Maldini to a point where they think that ownership tells Maldini which players to sign and which not. I mean how silly is that?
            They might tell him no, that’s too expensive, but they are not picking his players.
            Where was Maldini plan B,C,D if he can’t get his plan A Botman.
            Like use some common sense

          2. So are you saying that M&M wanted Noa Lang who costs around 20 mil, but ownership stepped in and told M&M don’t buy Lang and go buy CDK for 35 mil?

          3. Easy. Milan was looking at Botman and brought in Thiaw as the prospect. Milan has Kjaer, Tomori, Kalulu and Gabbia. Kalulu and Tomori were perfect last season and Kjaer was coming back. Milan obviously did not need a CD starter as there was no point in that. What are you talkin about? 😂😂😂😂😂 You sound like you have no idea who plays for Milan and which defenders played when Milan won the scudetto. THE SAME PLAYERS THAT ARE PLAYING NOW…Maldini publicly said Milan needs a few signings to take the step forward but did not get the funds approved…stop being ridiculous, it is beyond embarrasing…

        1. I didn’t say they picked Botman, I said they vetoed any big money signings for defense, and instead dictated it must be for the attacking positions, then M&M chose CDK. You would’ve known this if you had followed Milan’s summer mercato.

          And they did sign a cheaper than Botman defender, his name is Thiaw. You see, you either need to spend on real players like Botman or Tomori, or go cheap like Thiaw or Kalulu and wait for them a few seasons.

          Milan ownership has forbade any January spending and Maldini made that clear early on. Then Zaniolo was an opportunity that presented itself where the player could’ve been signed for an amount that was much less of his actual worth, and Maldini tried to capitalize, but got rejected by the management.

          All in all, hindsight is a great thing. I’m sure the management also regret their decision and if we go back in time, they will give Maldini the all-clear to sign Botman instead if CDK.

          1. • Botman only cost 2 million more than CDK.
            • where is this information from that ownership vetoed the Botman deal and dictated that Maldinis big signing must be for the attacking position?
            • Botman got away because Maldini, as with every other negotiations, dragged the negotiations for his own contract for a month and during that time Botman signed for Newcastle.
            Thiaw played in Bundesliga 2 last season and he is a prospect, Milan needed a ready made defender. Napoli got Kim for 15 mil. Milan could have probably got Kiwior for the same money in the summer.
            • Did ownership force Maldini to spend big on an unproven player like CDK?
            • Stop trying to fabricate stuff that never happened just so you can exonerate Maldini for the piss poor job he has done in the transfer market

          2. * I know. It was either him or an attacking player which ended up being CDK (only one big money signing was allowed) Maldini wanted Botman, management decided it must be an attacking player.

            * The information is there, google is your friend. As I said before, you’d know this if you had followed the summer mercato. Gazidis and the owners pulled the plug on Botman and dictated that an attacking investment is the priority.

            * Absolute misinformation. Botman waited for Milan and had a pre-agreement, but eventually signed for Newcastle because Milan decided to spend the money on an attacking player (CDK). Newcastle’s bid was higher too, so Lille preferred them. If Milan had spent 15m on a defender, then they couldn’t invest in CDK or someone similar.

            * Yes, the management only allows investment in young players who can return the investment in the future. Again, these information must be basic at this point for any Milan fan who’s been following the news.

            You lack information, and are oblivious to the fact you are talking in hindsight, which is an easy thing to do.

        2. You have absolutly no clue what you are talking about. Maldini didnt buy a CB cause that would stall Kalulus progress and they thought that Tomori and Kalulu would be good partners. Maldini wanted Botman but he saved the money to Keteleare and went with Kalulu

          1. If M&M would have bought Botman, people would have slaughtered them for getting a CB when we already had the best defense in the league and “ruined” the development of our young CBs (Kalulu, Gabbia & even Tomori).

            Most people on this site seemed to be almost ready to lift Kalulu-Tomori on the same level as Baresi-Costacurta after just one season. Correction: HALF A SEASON.

            Anyway… Yeah, it looked as we didn’t need a new CB but boy were we wrong. Kalulu is no CB. That has been made pretty clear this year.

  5. Milajn is in complete disaray, unfortunately i think it goes beyond the coach as it seems like a mental collapse when we now meets bumps on the road but we can at least start benching tata permanently at the very least, he looked completely clueless in regard of two of the goals. I stopped watching the match at around 65 minutes so i cant say how the last goal was affected by his lack of capabilities in the goal but in this case pioli really should have subbed him off at half time and given vasquez the chance.

    I think everyone at this club from players, coaches, management and for that matter ownership should have their salary pulled for the lack of work done both on and off field this month.

    Finally instead of talking about our short comings id rather see the curva rise up and instead of signing anti interista songs while we are getting trashed to start taking this to the milan head quaters and start protesting and preferably with a few molotov cocktails in their hands.

    1. milan cant start camarra even if they wanted to as he is 14 years old and at that age you are not getting any dispensions

  6. I dont know anymore whose merda here.. just sent Pioli out of the team.. what kind of coach to play loan brat more rountine that skilful permanent player. Just count it amd make comparion of how ratio of loan players than their own playing each match in this season?

  7. Utter diagrace! We seem to have hit the rock bottom, and it may take some time for us to get out of this darkness. The way things stand today, we may run the danger of not qualifying for the Champions League next season. I feel so much frustration inside, but I will spare others of my rant.

  8. At this rate, Vazquez need to play goalkeeper. Adli needs to play CAM. Brahim Diaz is too inconsistent, and Charles DeKetelaere should play CF. If Zlata isn’t going to play again, then you need to start Origi or CDK because Giroud is too tired and Lazetić doesn’t get any minutes.

  9. Are you sure we play with our defense today?I think this players don’t want to play for pioli is when you hate your boss,this when you will not work harder for him again.

  10. Don’t know what to say anymore.. I cant believe we have just been thrashed aside by sassuolo at home.. Berardi who Maldini wanted and was once again turned down by owners just ate us alive. This team, coach, directors and owners are pathetic. Shame on you all.

  11. We ll finish 7th. Rafa will be sold, Theo will leave next year, and we’ll fight with Torino, Fiorentina in the next 5-10 years for a spot in conference league. This is what happens when an already shallow/ very lucky team losses 2 key players(Mike,Kessie). Btw, let s not forget Napoli spent 70M on Osimhen. My trust in the long term strategy is 0

    1. Idc if Theo stays or leaves, it’s not that he will make us from a UcL side to a conference League side. He’s poor defensively, only good at attacking

  12. The beginning of this unbearable results start from Tata. From the beginning of the season, when Mike was in the goalie spot, Milan was doing well, but ever since Tata come in, some cheap and unacceptable goals stated coming in that cost us loss and draw awfully.
    Secondly, the stubbornness if Pioli to see that some of his players have left him, disclosing his tactics to others is what is contributing to our nightmare.
    Thirdly, Lack of investment by Redbird is finishing the predicament. If Rebird would invest, Maldini would have sign all our first target e.g Botman, but since there’s less funds, Maldini is force to go on cheap players.
    Finally, our fitness and others biological coaches are contributing.
    But I would Star 🌟 it at Tata and Pioli.

  13. They should add coach and management ratings as well. Different opponent same game and scoreline (just about). How in the world does calabria still hold a starting spot is beyond me, and yet pioli fails to recognize that. Hell even dest can defend better at the moment. Any seria d can score us from set pieces and yet pioli fails to fix it. Whole season long none of our midfielders can properly help our defense and yet pioli fails to fix it and managment fails to address it. Sorry to all pioli defenders but he has lost it. Every team has figured out how to crack us ( with ease) and pioli has not changed a thing in tactics. Midfield has been getting overrun the whole season and pioli still doesn’t throw bodies in there to stop the bleeding. Yes midfield has been our most stubborn problem this season, and now all the wheels and parts are just coming off. Everyone is in panic and plating like headless chicken. Menagment, has just the same amount of guilt for this worrying situation. We pay somewhat 14 mil wages alone for players that have been warming the bench the whole season because they are seria c material + plus whatever they spent on them in the beginning. They obsolutly brought in 0 reinforcement and 0 talent. Even worse, pioli’s cycle has come to an end and no1 can deny that. And yet menagment will not replace him because of lack of funds. Any other team would have fired him under these back to back humiliations and not convincing game play whole season long. Im all for balancing the budget since berlusconi days are long gone, but emergency funds should be available. And this is an emergency. Dig deep and get a proper coach. Cadinale and maldini will realize that when attendees numbers start to drop due to bad bad bad form and sponsorship money etc start to crumble, then they haven’t balanced anything have they. Hope, to see changes soon. And even more at the end of the season. Even if maldini has to leave and replaced by a seasoned manager. We lost a few quality player for free, thats a lot of money lost for any team. Forzza milan.

  14. Calabria is no captain material. I’ve said it last season too. He lacks basic football intelligence. Grinta alone is not enough. Kalulu should go back to his natural position and bring Kjaer back. At least he’s better in the air and has the experience.

  15. Our wing backs were disastrous. The 2 captains should show better leadership if we are to turn things around. The least said about the goalkeeper the better…we are going back to our post Allegri days, no spirit, no energy, and the trams have figured out our Achilles heel, no fighting back…

  16. Well I watched the match and two players can be played with their performances…on was Oliver Giroud
    who for us I would give him man of the match award ..
    He was the only one who offered any offensive ..
    I have said this so many times ,so please listen if crosses are delivered into the box for him he will deliver ..Very unlucky with a lovely finish ,but was ruled offside ,but then scored with a terrific header .
    He was a constant threat in the air and also some lovely flick ons ,sadly he was at fault for sassalos 4th goal ..So well done Olivier ..much more like it .
    Another one that did well was origi ,it’s the best I have seen him play in a Milan shirt ,.what a terrific finish from him ,,really looked strong and aggressive and he linked up really well with Giroud…I must admit I was not a fan of Origi ,but on this performance,I think he should start up front alongside Giroud…
    As for the game ,what can I really say ..I was convinced we would win this game ,but on this performance we deserved to lose ..I am very disappointed…I also thought we would finish second in the scuddeto . I am wrong again ..
    Please tell me what we need to do ..
    I am a very disappointed fan at the moment !

    1. I agree. Those two were the best. IF Origi could keep that level he’d be useful. And I don’t mean the goal but his attitude. He was there to make a difference and EARN more minutes. That’s what everyone else should be doing. Earning their place in the team.

  17. I think the coach mr pioli is getting everything wrong, why is it that he doesn’t like try new things, watch the like of Adli, bakayoko etc rather he like playing one set of players.Why is it that he like killing players, he bought new keeper and he is still using the same keeper. Am just tired of this man, no changing of formation, no changing of players just static with one formation and one set of players. I think some players need rest.if you buy him players he will still don play them.

  18. CDK actually with his best half in a long time, and he’s the one subbed out at half time, unbelievable. If we want to give him self confidence, why sub him out when he’s actually playing well???

    Tata is a joke, could have stopped 3 of the 5 goals if he were any good. At this point, insisting with him is Pioli’s malpractice. Give Vasquez a chance. Can’t be any worse. Tata is one of the worst goalies I’ve ever seen. Sassuolo had 7 shots on goal and scored 5 times. Sure, the defense has a huge share of responsibility too but no professional goalie should concede 5 goals out of 7 shots on goal.

    Calabria needs to be benched. He’s been leaving huge gaps behind him. We don’t like RB resources; get someone else there. Be creative. Saelemaekers is actually a better RB than Calabria. This was Saelemakers original position; he was forced into RW and he’s mediocre at RW, but he is actually a good defender. Or, get Kalulu there as RB; Kalulu’s main failures happen when he is out of position but Kjaer has influence over him and is able to remind him of his positioning; Kalulu always plays better when Kjaer is playing.

    A defense with Vasquez-Kalulu-Kjaer-Gabbia-Theo could be performing better than the current preferred starters, given that Tata, Calabria and Tomori have been very poor this season; Kalulu has also had his failures but I think that with Kjaer helping him, he’ll do better. Gabbia is taller player who can cut crosses. Kalulu is too short for CB. Let him be a RB.

    Rebic is a better RW than Saelemaekers and Messias. Try him there.

    When Origi is healthy (which is rare) he is actually decent. He is currently healthy, so, alternate him as starter with Giroud because Giroud can’t start every game at his age. Giroud played well today but so did Origi.

    This team likely wouldn’t be conceding 3-5 goals per match and would be scoring more:

    Giroud (Origi)

    Saelemakers could be a sub for Kalulu if he keeps failing. When Rebic doesn’t do well, try Dest as RW. He’s a better RW than a RB.

    Be creative, for Christ’s sake! Making these various changes can’t be any worse than what we’re seeing now, especially, getting rid of Tata.

    People who defend Tata keep saying some goals are not his fault. Yes, they are. He is slow to get to some balls that don’t get shot directly at him. He has atrocious positioning. He doesn’t leave the small box. He doesn’t return the ball well, giving the other team more possessions. He is Serie A’s worst goalkeeper.

    I lost all confidence in a head coach that can’t see what I’m saying which for me is pretty obvious. If Pioli can’t adapt and change, he needs to go.

    Today the offense showed signs of life and with a bit of luck could have scored more than two goals, but if the defense concedes 5 goals, obviously we can’t win. Our defense seems to have forgotten how to track runners. It went from our strongest sector, to the weakest. Kessie was essential as a defensive midfielder to stop these wild runs we’re conceding to the opponents. We never replaced him and that’s on Maldini and Massara, not really on the owners.

    We’re in free fall and I think it’s more on Pioli, M&M and the players than on the owners, because we had a 50 million budget last summer, Napoli had a similar budget, and we got worse than last season while Napoli got better.

    If the owners don’t say to these people “we’ll fire you if you don’t fix the team” then it’s on the owners’ too. An intervention is needed.

    Curva Sud is great at not being fairweather fans and keep supporting the team but it’s probably time to protest and boo and whistle because there are too many wrong things that need to be corrected rather than overlooked.

  19. Well I watched the match and two players that can be pleased with their performances…1st .Olivier Giroud.
    who for us I would give him man of the match award ..
    He was the only one who offered any offensive ..
    I have said this so many times ,so please listen if crosses are delivered into the box for him he will deliver ..Very unlucky with a lovely finish ,but was ruled offside ,but then scored with a terrific header .
    He was a constant threat in the air and also some lovely flick ons ,sadly he was at fault for sassalos 4th goal ..So well done Olivier ..much more like it .
    2nd player that did well was origi ,when he came on as sub .The best I have seen him play in a Milan shirt ,.what a terrific finish from him ,,really looked strong and aggressive and he linked up really well with Giroud…I must admit I was not a fan of Origi ,but on this performance,I think he should start up front alongside Giroud…very impressive.well done Origi
    As for the game ,what can I really say ..I was convinced we would win this game ,but on this performance we deserved to lose ..I am very disappointed…I also thought we would finish second in the scuddeto . I am wrong again ..
    Please tell me what we need to do ?
    I am a very disappointed fan at the moment !

  20. I hate Milan losing but I don’t mind US owners that know nothing being slapped by their lack of investment. Perfect timing, they can sell the club or Cardinale can start begging around for money since the owners of Milan are actually broke when compared to almost any other club owner…

  21. Any comments criticizing the players and coach are 100% fair. Complaints against the ownwership and management are baffling. Before the world cup break we were title contenders and nobody was complaining. Now suddenly these same players don’t know their jobs it seems. Our competition “strengthened”, but somehow we’re still above everyone in the league (until this weekend at least) except for Napoli. Of the clubs that “strengthened”, one (Juventus) was able to do so because they cheat (and have now been punished), and the rest bar Napoli are in financial trouble. Inter can’t renew Skrinniar, Lukaku is on loan; Roma can’t renew Zaniolo and is looking to sell players because they’ve spent a bunch of money; Lazio only makes free transfers; Atalanta is a selling club, etc.

    And even after this weekend we’ll still only be 2 points out of a CL spot. Nobody is catching Napoli, so that’s not the comparison here. At this point the goal this season, even before the last couple of games, is top 4. People need to stop drowning in teacups. STOP. We’re not a “relegation” team. We’re in the top 6, literally. Our form is abysmal right now, absolutely, but this is down to the players and the coach. They need to look at themselves. It’s quite possible Pioli has lost the locker room. If it were up to me, Pioli would get one more shot to right the ship in the derby, and if we lose he needs to go, because something has to give.

    1. Thankfully, Juventus got punished, which guarantees us competing in at least Europa league. Now, if Juventus penalty gets overturned, than we are in real trouble .

      1. Dude, it’s still way too early to hang our season on whether there is one more team above us or not. Who is to say we don’t end up finishing above Lazio, Roma and Atalanta anyway? Or still end up in second place. After the games are over this weekend we’re still 2 points of second. People are behaving as though we’re 10+ points off a CL spot. It’s crazy. And speaking of mighty Juventus they’re currently down 2-0 against Monza. Before they were penalized they were looking like a juggernaut. It just goes to show how results are as much player quality as they are psychology.

        1. As I said with Juventus, penalized we get AT LEAST secured europa league spot.
          We can sound as much as we want like Maldini who just few days ago was bragging how we are solely in 2nd place. Well we could be solely in 6th place by the end of today and our next game is vs Inter. Things can get out of hand real quick.
          We barely won vs Salernitana and since the Roma game we have been getting embarrassed. This is not just a poor run of results.
          3 from inter , 4 from Lazio, 5 from Sassuolo and now we go back to Inter who just 10 days ago easily beat us

          1. “As I said with Juventus, penalized we get AT LEAST secured europa league spot.” If you mean at the end of the weekend, then sure, that’s a correct statement. If you mean at the end of the season, then I repeat that it’s way too early to be concerned about Juventus or anyone else. Lots of games left to play. Most important thing is to sort out the problems because if not then these results will keep on repeating and then we will end up 6th.

    2. “Any comments criticizing the players and coach are 100% fair. Complaints against the ownwership and management are baffling.”


  22. Pioli, it’s time to hand over period. I’m bold to state that from the American owner to all the management are very stupid. How can you be joking with the fans emotions? From grace to grass is what we’re seeing. I’m ordering all fans not to buy anything from Milans shop. All these nonsense must stop. No spending and yet expecting some great results. That’s stupidity in the highest degree. Pioli is adamant to the voice of the fans, he don’t want to change formula and using the old style 4231. What kind of nonsense is that. I command Pioli to be sack now.

  23. This is not an individual issue.

    This issue is with coaching and management.

    The team looks disorganized, this is down to Pioli. When you are in a rough moment you have to regain control. Why does he still send our fullbacks too far up when we’ve been defensively frail?? Why does he have our CBs lose organization and high press when the confidence is low.

    Sorry but this loss is 100% on the coach and the management.

    Still playing this same formation…. crazy how bad pioli actually is.

    1. I mostly agree. In these moments one needs to go back to the basics. Say what you will about Allegri, but when Juventus started the season terribly the first thing he did was to set up the team so that they don’t concede a single goal. Can’t lost if you don’t concede. Then from there you start working on how to control games and score. EVEN AT THE KICKOFF there was a dangerous situation where half the team was on the left side and the idea was to send it back to Tonali to then kick it up to the group of players running down the left, but it got intercepted and there was an immediate 3 v 3 counter attack down our right flank which was completely empty. 5 seconds into the game.

    2. You are exactly right. I would just make one small adjustment to your comment, as the formation is not necessarily an issue. A change of formation might even confuse them more, but I’ve been saying for the past three matches, Pioli need to forget our usual approach now that the confidence is at rock bottom. We can’t attack gung-ho style and leave huge gaps at the back when we’re losing all the one on one challenges. He just needs to sit back, defend for a clean sheet and maybe do something with Leao and the boys on the counter until confidence is restored. Even a 0-0 would help, but he kept sending the team with the same ideas and they kept leaking goals. 12 goals in 3 matches !! Must be some kind of record.

      1. I don’t like blaming Pioli, but on the point you make , he messed up big time. A game against Inter was an eye opener.Even from our friendly matches we started conceding goals.

      2. “12 goals in 3 matches !! Must be some kind of record.”

        Welll.. Milan had NEVER before conceded 4 and 5 goals in a row. A new, beautiful record for Pioli and the lads. Well done! Well! F’Ng! Done!

        But wait, there’s more to come! Next Sunday! Inter – Milan 7-0!

  24. I don’t think it’s lack of transfers that’s our problem. This squad is better than Empoli’s or Verona’s and other lesser teams in the league(no disrespect to these teams) I don’t see them conceding 16 goals in their last five matches. Something is very wrong with this team. Every opponent attact almost leads to a goal. We make these teams we play look excellent only because we are absolutely horrible. Something is definitely wrong in the dressing room. Our players are decent and above average players so you can’t tell me they suddenly forgot how to do the basics in football. How come we are not re-negotiating bakayoko’s loan since he doesn’t want to leave and we don’t want a permanent purchase and Chelsea seems not to want him either. This guy could help with his physicality if for nothing else. Switch up the tempo Pioli and let everyone know that no one has a guaranteed starting position. Bring in players from the youth team and shake it all up. Juventus did that and at least there was a reboot. For me, any club or team can face a Crisis but what will matter is developing a strategy to quickly turn it around. Pioli l, this is what will make or break your coaching career. They say you won the Scudetto by luck, it’s time to either make me believe they were right or put it to them that you are a top coach carving out a place for himself in history. I hope we make a come back really soon. Forza Milan!!!

    1. No Ibra no party, now we see who actually turned this team around… and people actually thought it was this chronic loser Pioli??….

  25. Copying and pasting user Rubbinio’s comment from the Pioli post-match conference article, because it just hits the nail on the head:

    “No team is spending outside EPL. Like it or not this is the reality. Outside of EPL no team spends 90 Mil on 1 player, not even 30 mil. Look at this transfer window no big team made any deals outside of EPL. Not Bayern, not Real, not Barca, no one in Serie A. The problem is not the budget it’s UEFA who introduced FPP and never enforced it equally. When the likes of Brighton and Bournemouth bid 30-40 mil on a player while making 2 mil in tickets and have losses year after year something is messed up. Unfortunately until all other leagues get together and protest nothing will change. And that won’t happen because the likes of PSG who want to be able to break the rules as they see fit.”

    1. 100% agree 👍. Most importantly, which of our competitors for top 4, or now top 6, spent more money than Milan, especially without selling players?

  26. Next the question will be, how many goals that Inter would net???. We play like trash, and Inter in a very good shape. A draw with Inter will be a miracle if playing like today.

    1. Calm TF down.

      You all act like a bunch of kids. Yes our form is shameful but that will turn. No we won’t keep up with Napoli but under no circumstances are we going from winning the league to ending up 10th. Just stop with that nonsense.

      We Girouds goal would have stand today, we would have won this game wirh 2-3 goals… and this argue would have been about us possible being able to catch Napoli or not. Man TF up

      1. I don’t think we or anyone else is catching Napoli, even before this result. Let’s get over this fact already. It’s a delusion.

  27. Always was saying Pioli is not a tactician and after 3 heavy lose we saw it finally? The guy can not read his game. He can’t field his players properly and in top keep experimenting till everything is broken.

    Milan better letting him go. Get better coach especially there are some top coaches unemployed these days

  28. i think pioli should know we scored 2 goals today and our attack was much better we should start more of leao giroud cdk rebic i think that will work and with 3 of them we scored 4-0 twice in ucl, we need someone good in defense for now just keep kjaer with someone although we might concede still but 5 goal is pathetic

  29. I dislike RedBird as much as the next guy, but while some small portion of the blame is on them, most is on Pioli and his coaching team.

    We went from having one of the best keepers in the world to the worst keeper in the league and we haven’t adapted our play style or changed formation. Kessie has been gone since June, we’re still playing like he’s on the pitch. New players are there since August, Lazetic since January last year and he failed to integrate any of them. And before you say they are obviously not good enough, remember that Leao needed 2 years to start playing, Tonaly full year, Kalulu more than a year and he wouldn’t be playing now if the rest weren’t injured at the time. Pioli is incapable of change, and horrible at integrating new players in the team.

    There is a reason he was only a temporary solution aka he was a placeholder until we find a competent coach. Last year was a combination of us overachieving and everyone else sucking, but now, league moved on, we stagnated and all our weaknesses are exposed for everyone to exploit.

    And don’t give me injured players excuse. Who decides how hard and how intense trainings need to be? Injuries are nothing new, we’ve been suffering since Pioli arrived and at no point in time was our team complete. Its been years, yet he is failing to adapt and our players keep getting injured.

    These results are long time coming. Pioli’s mediocrity is finally exposed for everyone to see . And most of the blame is on him. Not all though.

    It’s Cardinale’s move. He can either intervene and sack Pioli or our free fall will continue, Inter game next then Tottenham. We will lose them all. And if we fail to qualify for UCL, it’s gonna be as much on RedBird as it is on Pioli.

    1. “There is a reason he was only a temporary solution aka he was a placeholder until we find a competent coach. Last year was a combination of us overachieving and everyone else sucking, but now, league moved on, we stagnated and all our weaknesses are exposed for everyone to exploit.”

      Shiva, how can you say this if we’re still only 2 points behind second place??? I get that we’ve had a terrible month, and I’m also frustrated, but statements like these imply we’re mid-table. Let’s pretend Napoli didn’t exist this season, how would the table look like to you then? What would you be saying? “Come on boys, we’re only two points off”? Napoli is gone, from EVERYONE. If someone else wins the league this year it is because they will have COLLAPSED. Let’s keep things in perspective. What have other clubs done to improve so much?How are other offenses scoring against us so much? Isn’t Lazio’s offense the same as last year? Inter is the same. Roma added Dybala, wow. Juventus is the same. Atalanta added Lookman, wow. So what changed is our defense. It’s just not working anymore. That’s on Pioli. Juventus’ defense was missing Bonucci and a bunch of midfielders and yet were air-tight for like 10 games before the points deduction destroyed morale. Why? They have a coach that knows how to defend. That’s all we need. Pioli either needs to be more flexible or we need to fine another coach who can be.

  30. As long as Pioli keeps putting Tonali and Calabria our on the pitch this is not going to change. They are the two biggest reasons for this leaky defense. But they’re Italian so they’ll keep their spots.

  31. I’m not sure it’s the ownership.

    Look at what Milan is missing … a leader. The defense struggles because Maignan is out. He is a leader in the back. Tata makes extremely poor decisions all around. Some “saves” happen because he just can’t get out of the way. The defense is also missing Kjaer. Tomori is a strong center back. But he does not appear to lead.

    No real leader in the middle. Not like we’ve had in the past with Pirlo and company.

    Missing Ibra up front. If you’ve watched Brahim play with Ibra, he performs so much better. I can only imagine how much better CDK would be with him healthy.

    Our right side is the weakest. Not a quick fix by far. I just want to scream every time I hear “Saelemaekers disposed”.

    Pioli is one dimensional. Teams are happy to give up possession because they know there is no creativity. Kick it long to Rafael and pray.

    Just my thoughts.

  32. 5-2 against sasuollo is the best thing that could have happened to us. Now you have to finally and rightly admit that you have not strengthened the scudett team. Baka as number one target of M&M, 3,5mio salary is just stupid after seeing a whole season how he played at Napoli. There were great chances to buy Botman and Enzo but we didn’t seem to want that. Finally I would like to note that one of the worst players was appointed captain, that alone shows how impotent they are in Milano. Great that bad work and failures also come to light

  33. There’s not “many culprtis”. There are 2. Why all of the sudden are we terrible no matter who plays? Because of Pioli and the Management. Those are the 2 bad apples here. Get rid of these jokes.

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