Player Ratings: Bologna 1-1 AC Milan – CDK invisible; duo holds Rossoneri back

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan, yet again, failed to get back to winning ways in the league as they were held to a 1-1 draw away at Bologna. Several players were disappointing and down below are the player ratings for the Rossoneri. 

Starting XI

Maignan (6): He couldn’t do anything about the goal but wasn’t really called into action much after that. Good with his feet as always but no huge impact in that sense.

Florenzi (4): Really poor from him in both phases of the game, clearly lacking the needed pace at the back and struggling with his delivery in attack.

Kalulu (6): He won many duels out there today and the goal cannot really be blamed on him, even if it was his man. The big mistakes were on the flank. He was one of the few with some actual competent and smart passes out there tonight too.

Thiaw (5): Not a good afternoon from him with an indecisiveness that everyone could see clearly. Always the simple pass and nothing to threaten Bologna, which eventually meant the opponents didn’t need to press him as much.

Ballo-Toure (5): He had some decent moments, such as getting past his man with a little touch and go, but the end product was too poor. And in the end, we have to judge him based on that, plus the fact that he didn’t do enough on the goal (regardless if it was a foul or not).

Vranckx (5.5): He covered a lot of ground but his handling of the ball wasn’t always that great. Understandably so, he also didn’t have enough courage in his play, apart from two efforts that were way off target.

Pobega (6 – MOTM): A mixed performance from him tonight with some poor passing and some really good interceptions. However, he got the crucial equaliser and must be praised for that of course.

Saelemaekers (6): He was one of the few decent attackers out there today and it was surprising to see him come off after 57 minutes. He created more than anyone else in that front four.

De Ketelaere (4): Another game, another poor performance from the Belgian. He didn’t get much right and the impact was minimal.

Rebic (4): He was one of the culprits on the first goal with some poor defending and he missed a couple of chances at the other end as well. Both him and Origi held back the attacking potential today, even if Rebic at least had the fighting spirit.

Origi (3.5): For a player of his experience, it’s quite absurd that this is the level he has in him. The defenders won most of the duels against him and he struggled to leave a mark on the game.


Calabria (6): Decent but nothing out of the ordinary, clearly a lot better than Florenzi though.

Messias (6): A good appearance off the bench with especially one action that nearly resulted in a goal for Rebic.

Leao (6): He almost assisted Pobega and added the much-needed flair to Milan’s attack, but also had a couple of failed dribbles.

Diaz (6): As with Leao, he added the spark needed to try and win the game but ultimately it wasn’t enough.

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  1. Vranckx should have a 4 along with our other worst players. “Covering ground” isn’t a basis for giving him that high a rating. At least we can finally close that book and people can stop calling for him.

  2. Nobody was calling for him. Just like nobody will ever call for CDK again. This is it. Just let him go. There is nothing but money thrown down a dark pit to find there.

  3. Not a bad bad bad performance from bench players, considering we were playing with 9 players for most of the game. Took the physical toll on them. Vranckx right behind origi, cdk and florenzi. rebic got an extra motivation from the captain band,ran his socks off. Ballo, at fault from first goal, together with rebic, but he ran a lot, gave the bolgna’s right flank constant headaches with his runs. Yes he is no theo but ok today i guess. Pobega played his best game with milans shirt. Not just for the goal but he constantly won his battles in midfield and carried his team forward. Origi and cdk inexistant. Not only didn’t produce much but origi couldn’t hold the ball like giroud would and offered nothing. And cdk clueless, lazy and slow. Thus we played with 9 man. CDK AND ORIGI FAILED MEDIOCRE TEST. ( florenzi not far behind) ALL SEASON LONG THEY HAVE, TODAY’S WAS THEIR LAST STRAW, in my opinion. Hopefully we beat napoli on tuesday and play our last seria a games like finals.

      1. All that good lengthy writing and all you can sum up is ‘blame CdK’. Lol. Really, what has he given to Milan to make him such an untouchable boy? This utterly subjective fanboying has to stop really.

    1. Marry him dude…i dont care if he will end up being ballon d’or material(most probably not),we just need to sell him asap and try to recover some of those wasted money…until now he showed absolute 0,always lost in space and unable to win a single duel…doesnt have the power,the will,the fighting spirit…

      1. Honestly its the lack of guts or fighting spirit that makes me cold on him. Even if things are going badly, least you can do is run hard and work.
        He doesn’t have the mentality

        1. This. When people compared him to other case of 1st season struggles (especially Tonali), what I don’t see in this kid is the grinta. Yes you can work on the technical aspects all you want, but the mentality, well.. He’s just a different case.

  4. Milan first need to find a good sporting director to sign good players. Spending 35m on CDK, 10m on Adli and a 4m per year salary for Origi is beyond ridiculous.

    Vranckx was pure garbage. Same for CDK, Origi, Rebic, Florenzi and Ballo-Toure.

    It’s absurd that Milan have these players in their squad. Zero quality and it showed miserably today. Smh

    1. You are nothing but a troll,Maldini is Milan,he managed to convince some important players come to Milan only with his word as a guarantee when Milan was lacking money.You just trash talk him and the rest here all the time,you need to stfu and stop calling yourself a Milan fan…

  5. Why cardinale don’t press charges against merda referee and var, which obviously are paid by juventus and Co merda ?

    He “saved” a lot of money in last summer market, but he will lose all revenue in next year, di** head…

  6. Better performance than I expected, but let’s not forget that Bologna played without their 3 best players Arnautovic, Orsolini and Soriano.
    Pobega was definitely the MOTM.
    CdK was the flop. Again and again. He needs to get the Adli treatment. Keep him on the bench. He might be a GK, a CB, maybe a striker, but he isn’t a n10. You can’t hide from the ball and be n10. He has zero influence on the game. Maignan would be a better option at 10 than CDK.
    I don’t get how was Kalulu not at fault for the goal. He was late and got beat to the ball by the player he was defending. Kalulu had a good game, but he is very much at fault on the goal, no matter what happened on the flank. If his name was Romagnoli, he would have been destroyed in the ratings.
    If they ever make a “dumb and dumber 3” Origi and Rebic need to play the roles of Harry and Lloyd. Those 2 are bad comedy on the field. Should never play together.
    Let’s hope inter and Roma don’t win either

    1. Even messias was more impactful than CDK even though he played for only half an hour well that’s enough to say how good of a season CDK is having.

    2. Again and again, the only thing separates CdK with Yaccine is the price tag. Of course when you’re a coach, and you’re given a player with such price tag (extremely high in Milan’s dictionary) and he’s supposed to be your Scudetto gift, the least you can do is to play him here and there.

      The funny thing is that several members here insist on giving him a full time playing chance. How on earth that we’re gonna stand that kind of performance 90 minutes full?

  7. Last summer was such a wasted opportunity to add strength and depth to a good young side.
    I look forward to this coming summer were we have the opportunity to rectify so many mistakes.
    Origi, CDK, B.Toure etc etc.

    If CDK can’t show anything against the mighty Bologna, he may stay home. We have primavera players who deserve a chance and would do more than him.
    If some team wants to buy him, take the money and run. If not send him on loan.

    There is no comparison between him and Tonali/Leao. They were raw yes, but they still could do the basics.
    We need our money back and to invest it where we need players like RW or Striker. That 35m would go a long way to solving those issues

    1. Maldini messed up horribly on that one. 35 mil in the garbage. However, he signed magic mike for 15mil, probably 100 mil worth now. Some people like vieri, etc are 200 mil. 100 mil more realistic. Maybe another stupido manager somewhere will at least pay half or something for cdk this upcoming summer window.

  8. Luckyly milan draw in this match. Next time try adli double pivot with pobega. Dont understand why he not play yet, hes good passer than CdK or brahim.

    Once again Origi play like a clown on the field. Next season make it cash for origi and rebic. Rebic wasnt the same player before get some injured..

  9. I see. Pobegba was good in interceptions. However, his attacking was too slow and unintelligent. Although better than CDK.

  10. I’ve often wondered about the reason for these often ridiculous and inaccurate ratings but it’s clear to me now that they’re designed to pander to a certain group who pose as supporters and ignite the comments section. Very poor taste.

  11. Can’t belive Pobega gets only a 6 and is critisized about his passing after sending a bunch of good long thru passes which sadly Origi couldn’t use. But that’s on Origi if he can’t out run, out muscle anyone. He couldn’t even control the ball when it went straight in to his feet. Pobega was the best player in our team by far. He constantly covered for Balo as a LB, he scored from a position of a defending mid and he sent a bunch of good passes forward. Origi was the worse followed by CDK who needs to be tried in a difrent position he is not good as a AM period. Maybe he can be more of a CM and switch places with Pobega(who looks better in attack) like in Belguim, or a CF, RW he needs to be tried in those positions. Rebic and Balo were bad too but they put in a lot of effort so i respect that. Any way Origi/Balo need to go 100%, Rebic as well if he can’t hit top form. CDK deserve to be tried in a different position, but if he doesn’t show anything there as well, cash on him in the summer too.

    1. Totally agree. Except not just origi and balo gotta go. Add to that list rebic who is past his prime and gotten super slow and clumbsy this season. Add florenzi to the exit list, again way past his prime and doesnt offer anything. Add cdk allthougj young but i must stop there otherwise it’ll insult some people. Vranckx is a bit of a question mark for me. He is young and he had a couple decent showings in the past as a sub, and he’s got the characteristics of becoming better, speed and physicality.

  12. Origi was the the real flop here. He have 4 years contract . Lets hope some stupid EPL club buy origi next season for 5-10m euro . Rebic too bad after several injury become down performance too,maybe AC Milan can sell him 8-12m euro . CDK if any offer 20-25m euro come from EPL club ,i suggest AC Milan accept that before his value decrease too low like paqueta . I dont know which position good for CDK in 4231

  13. Pobega isn’t much different than Tonali, which is a good thing. Give the kid a but more credit especially when he’s dealing with these teammates.

  14. I’ve had enough of CDK,he got to play a lot but still poor..I pity for adli smh..sell origi,CDK,florenzi and ballo..get a really good striker,RW,DM and LB

  15. It’s a big dilemma for us aiming for champions league and compromising for champions league spot….by the end of the night we might be 5th and pending juve appeal we night drop further…..we should first foremost aim for champions league qualifications….that’s should be our realistic target and the way with thin we are approaching league we might not even qualify for champions league…..let’s forget about who performed better the season is almost over we have time in summer to think over but right now pioli need to prioritise league…..we cant afford to compromise on that…. .

    1. This is my exact point. Realistic speaking, it will take a lot of luck to win the UCL, then why sacrifice the most opportunity that is within our hand to qualify for next season UCL.
      I don’t really understand the logic behind tihs

  16. Meanwhile, Man City lead 3-0 after 30 minutes, playing with their best eleven…
    Won’t the poor players be tired in CL? Does Pioli know something that Guardiola doesn’t?

    1. Big difference that pioli and guardiola understand and you don’t.
      The city v Munich tie is over. So their focus is on the league. If they had won 1-0 like us, he would be saving players

      1. Well, if you take a look at their lineup from the previous league game, before the ‘tie was over’, your theory crumbles.
        They still played with their best team and won (even if they played against the bottom team), while we struggled against Empoli with our best players on the bench.
        Not to mention that City’s subs are almost at the same level as the starters, unlike us, where there is a huge difference.

      2. Well, maybe the other point is that it’s better to start with our stronger line up, take the lead, and make changes so they can rest, rather than inserting them (Leao, Diaz, Giroud on most cases) when we desperately need a goal. Even though, they have less minutes on the field, it’s more mentally tiring for those players from my POV, having ended a game in a unsatisfying state of mind..

        And it’s not the first time that we had to go thru with this kind of Bologna case. And yes, for some of us, it’s frustrating to see that we don’t learn from our experience.

        1. Totally agree. Starting strong and THEN resting players makes so much more sense.
          Another point is that in Italy, in the late stages of games where a weaker team guards an advantage, there is very little football being played. They defend low, they just break up the play with repeated fouls, they waste time and they protest every decision. The ref points at his wrist saying he’ll add extra time, but what exactly happens during that extra time anyway? Panic, confusion, long balls over the top. Bringing players like Leao into that situation doesn’t have any effect.

    2. You are comparing Man City starting XI with ours? If Leao gets injured we don’t have a 50million dollar replacement on the bench. It’s game over in the UCL.

  17. The highest obstacle I’ve seen with CDK is that he is too afraid to not make a mistake. He can’t take on a player, he can’t shoot when he gets a decent chance.

  18. When is Pioli going to learn. Start your good players, then rest them at halftime. Instead he starts all the bad players, they fall behind and then he has to bring on the starters anyways. Altho, it’s really Maldini’s fault that the depth on this team is so awful that we cannot rest anyone without dropping points.
    Is there anyone still defending CDK on here? I would love to hear what excuses they are coming up with now.

    We really could have used Ibra in this game. It’s a shame. Origi is terrible and Rebic is the clumsiest football player Ive ever seen. Always tripping over the ball and his own feet.

  19. I’m never surprised enough with the random ratings this dude on here gives.. ballo 5? Did you watch the match at all?

  20. We could win 3-1 if the referee didn’t sucks. Like holy F that stomp on Rebic and handsball was a clear pinalti!

    Balo Toure deserves at least a 6. Sure he played bad at the first 10 minutes but after that he did quite decent.

    Agreed with Vranckx, CDK, Origi, and Rebic rating. The last three name was a disaster especially Origi and Rebic who wasted a lot of chances. They’re not fit as Milan starter nor backup anymore. I hope next season they find another club.

  21. Origi, Rebic and CDK are simply non-existent in the attack!! There lie Milan’s problems. The team is literally playing without a striker!!! Even Girous is a non-starter but should be used as a reserve whenever required.

  22. Unpopular opinion but ……The team did better than the ratings suggest. The ratings are just frustration by the writer as fan who expected more. But this was basically an entirely different team who played a Europe contending team. They did very well and we dominated for large stretches. Plus we were unlucky with calls. This really should have been a victory. I would say for an experimental team I’d take the points, we’re still within shot of fourth. These are points won imo than lost points. You dont play Bologna this season and automatically expect points. I think many of you think they’re a walkover. They’re not. Motta has been doing an incredible job and has been linked to bigger jobs across Europe.

  23. Clear penalty, but Rebic is useless. I can’t wait until he leaves. I hope management hold a gun to Pioli’s head and make him play some of the kids from our Primavera. El Hilali is better than Rebic and Origi.

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