Player Ratings: Juventus 2-2 AC Milan – Reijnders promising; midfielder struggles

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan drew their second game of the USA pre-season tour as the encounter with Juventus finished 2-2. The Bianconeri won the penalty shoot-pout 4-3 and down below are the player ratings for the Rossoneri. 

Starting XI

Maignan (6): He couldn’t do much about the goals and was solid overall with his passing and presence.

Calabria (N/A): He came off after just 20 minutes with an injury so we didn’t see enough to give him a rating.

Thiaw (6.5): It wasn’t his best game defensively, truth be told, but he did get a goal and also an assist. It’s hard to ignore that given that Milan only scored those two goals, but with some more pre-season he will probably look better defensively as well.

Tomori (6): An okay game from the Englishman with no huge mistakes this time out. But it remains to be seen if he can find a consistent form.

Hernandez (6): Nothing special from him in both phases of the game, truth be told, but he did get the assist for Thiaw’s goal with a lovely cross.

Loftus-Cheek (6): He was not as impactful this time out, perhaps because Pulisic played on the right, but he really wasn’t bad either.

Krunic (5.5): Not his best game in terms of directing the play and he also made a mistake on Juve’s second goal (not jumping to clear the cross). He must do better in that role.

Reijnders (6.5): The way he’s able to drive with the ball with pace is really a strength that will come in handy for Milan. He also got stuck in at the back and showed that he can do the defensive duties as well.

Pulisic (6): The right doesn’t appear to be his best side, but he did okay to create a few chances even if Juve doubled up on him most of the time.

Giroud (5.5): Got a significant deflection on Rugani’s header for the 2-2 goal and even though he did get on the scoresheet, it was a very anonymous game in open play.

Leao (6.5): Looked in a good mood and created more than one chance for the Rossoneri. That on/off switch he has when driving with the ball is so satisfying to watch, beating the defenders with ease most of the time.


Sportiello (6): He saved two penalties in the shoot-out and was okay overall.

Bartesaghi (6): The missed penalty aside, he actually looked decent in the actual game and used his size to command the backline.

Pobega (5.5): We didn’t really see that much of him in the game and he also missed a penalty.

Adli (6): He looked very good on the ball and also showed his awareness of the game with some good positioning.

Saelemaekers (6): Given he played as a right-back, we didn’t see much going forward but he actually did okay defensively.

Chaka Traore (5.5): A rather disappointing performance despite some good runs and interceptions. He wasn’t good enough in the 1v1 duels and also failed to finish off a good chance.

Romero (5.5): He worked hard on the pitch but didn’t really have an impact on the game and also missed a penalty.

Simic, De Ketelaere, Colombo and Zeroli (N/A): We didn’t see enough to give a rating.

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  1. If I’m not mistaken RLC was playing as an AM seemed clueless not much difference from CDK play last season (does this ring a bell).Same old non-tactics that doesn’t work. I didn’t see a 4 3 3 formation in this game. We are were we ended from last season and with new players.. my advice to management is to hold onto Adli and CDK for when a new manger arrives. We may do well in champions League but I see us struggling in the league with this display today.

    1. Why are you crying about a preseason friendly, this is a tactical exercise, it doesn’t count for anything. Remember when were destroying teams like Bayern and Co in the preseason and people got on their high horses only to finish 6th? Relax

      1. Exactly – I learned my lesson about 14 years ago when we destroyed Real Madrid in a friendly and did jack in the league.

      2. Because there was no tactical exercise. We played exact same but with new players. Any team knows how to beat Milan a year before they play us.

    2. I agree, new manager will come in max 3 months, pioli doesnt have the knowledge and skill to build these players into a winning team

  2. Really love what i see from reijnders.
    He really loves to keep possession and drive the ball forward.
    Something Milan really lacking from their midfield last season, aside from maybe bennacer.
    I guess that’s why leao said he is happy with this current squad.
    To quote leao when he talked about pulisic:
    “I like people like him who are in no hurry to get rid of the ball”
    Well now he has more than just pulisic in the team

  3. 433 is just not Milan element.
    4321, 4312 has always been Milan strength. We need a pair of twin strike force or a striker + acm.

    1. Back then, Milan always play with AM because of Berlusconi. With his passing, it’s time to move on from AM dependency.

      Give them time to adjust.

  4. If this real match, I think Pioli must find a way for Pulisic. He is not at his best position in right wing. And also he is not fast enough. Chuk is better for right wing.

    Also Krunic, in two matches we’ve seen, he is not the right person for his position. We need player like Bennacer. Or, Pioli can transform Reijnders, or use Adli who seemed want to show, that he is capable.

    And, don’t know what is wrong with Okafor, but Giroud is old enough to chase our through pass. Giroud is good with crossing pass.

    Lastly, we need a quite fast enough Central Defender. Thiauw, Tomori aren’t fast enough. Our CB can’t handle fast striker. That’s a homework for Pioli

    1. The pulisic situation will not be an issue for long. There will be injuries. But I wonder if he would be best used as a LCM playing on the same side with leao or a out AM in a 4231

  5. F**k off, Total follishnes. Cardinals is forcing Musah move just because he’s American where’s we don’t have concrete defence. We need again another 30M to look for a quality defender. Where’s the money?.

    1. Money? Perhaps you should sponsor them. There is a limit on how much owner’s injection can be used for transfer market. Milan must not breach the settlement agreement with Uefa.

  6. That’s why these games are in place. To see what they lack, where they lack and try to find a solution. Honestly, I was really afraid how this tournament will turn for us considering such drastic changes from formation to new players. But I am quite positively surprised. Some players seem to be finding their feet fast, like Reijnders and Pulisic. Of course there’s rust present with some players that just coming back a week ago and lack of focus is normal after just two serious pre-season games. Calabria off injured is what’s concerns me right now, they cannot rely on Florenzi who’s quite injury prone too. Hopefully Kalulu can take that RB position, he impressed playing there for France U21. I’d say no to Singo.

      1. You again? What’s the deal of you commenting every post of mine be it positive or negative? Restraining yourself from commenting under every post of mine must be like that hard fart you are holding in on your first date.

        Here’s the difference as I’ve already showed you. I for once stand by my belifes and opinion while you change as the wind blows. I exposed you on other article. It shows your lack of character and a dire need to belong somewhere, craving for affirmation, probably coming out of lack of attention given to you in your childhood.

        Now, I wrote many times before. I give credit where credit is due but I reserve my criticism where I believe it is justified. But still it is my opinion. So don’t get so butthurt over my opinion. People have different views and opinions. You don’t like it? Your problem.

        Now leave me alone you molester.

        1. You know they have mental health resources out there for you. Go get something.

          You’re almost there though. It’s a long journey to admit you’re full of s**t.

          1. Also, I didn’t change my opinion where the wind blows, a$$hole. I was not happy that Tonali was sold, and still isn’t, but I get why it was done. That’s f–king life. You can’t handle that statement, go grow a pair and piss off.

        2. I missed the game, but as long as I can follow the adventures of sheriff Giancarlo, I’m happy! See how he’s making new friends everyday, distributing the love everywhere and to everybody. Bless him, what a great human being. We love you Giancarlo!

    1. They’ve done well so far considering but it is only preseason and we actually had no trouble playing against the likes of Juve last season who we beat twice in the league.

      No all these signings are so we can beat the likes Cremonese and Spezia……

      So the question is will these players be able to breakdown a side that drops deep, slows down the game, commits tactical fouls, and hits us on the counter-attack.

      Preseason won’t tell us that. We won’t know what we play those teams with players who have never played those teams.

  7. Milan has an attitude of letting lead slip. This was one of our flaws last season. The management should work on that. Or when we are losing the game ,our attitude interms of responding is not consistent. The Coach is in his firth season. He knows the team too well,he should figure out that and work on the team.After all this investment,the management won’t accept some excuses. Forza Milan

  8. This is the reason Madrid is always the Best. See their response after they were two goals down, despite it being a preseason game. Milan should buck up,if we want to be one of the Best.

  9. I support and agree 👍 with you. Milan need a ery good center defender. Thaiw is not even as good as kalulu in any way his marking is ver poor he can’t even run as young as he his, his reflect his very poor.
    ery lazy…thu he can improvemore but the hype is more than his performance . The only good thing about him is long pass and area balls. Please try to observe him very well.

  10. The 433 isnt as good as it seems. Well not in the way Pioli is implementing it..there’s alot of space in the midfield Deers and Krunic offer the same type of play so they seem to run into each other or take from the other. Deers have nice passing but like ive said before smaller frame can get him out muscled. I’ll have to rewatch the second half. They should resort to the 4231, it’s more compact

  11. To those that say we are too critical towards CDK… do you see Romero movement with and without the ball? Don’t you find joy watching him?

  12. RLC 6?… pretty sure his man got free on both corners so cost us 2 goals. but ok, 6. yeah… because he drives forward nicely… wow.

  13. Pioli once said that in this preseason they must give their all, but on the other side, they seem hesitant bc of fatigue and injury. So if we lost 3 in a row this preseason they must reflect their weakness and improve in the real serie a, another period 😀

  14. You need a world-class coach to unluck the potential of these players, both at individual- and team level. Unfortunately, Pioli might not be the man to do so.

  15. Let just be calm for this on going practice for our team,Milan will bounce back, because this new prayers and junior players that involves in the pre season game are not in the first tram and reserve, remember that our new signing are not playing with the team even the remaining players that will work on signing,like Musah and left back defender,so will all know that they supposed to be together and training for the moment,just wish them best of luck,Forzan Milan

  16. It’s just a pre season warm up, but anyone writing off a 4-3-3 with four new players trying to integrate together and saying “it can’t work” is somewhat overreacting IMO.

    And we’re going to have to show some patience with Pioli into the season. He’s lost all of his midfielders from the last two seasons and will have to rely on two or three new ones and finding a system that works for them. We might not hit the ground running…

  17. Chill, it is a friendly pre-season game. Every coach is using these games to test different formations. If we look at the current roster of available players and compare it with the last season, there is no doubt that the team is upgraded with much better players. The only doubt i have is Pioli capability to unlock the potential of these players. He is a good coach, but i think that he reached his limits.

  18. As i thought the match ended at 2-2 and was really tired as it was 6.15 in the morning here i whent to bed but from the looks of it i apparently missed out on a penalty shootout and from the looks of it one we lost, oh well.
    Either way i wasnt especially impressed with either half but the second one was pretty disastrous from the get go but i feel confident nevertheless that when the team starts to gel better we are in for some very fast and direct football. Anyways its training matches so whether we win or not doesnt matters as much as getting up in gear,
    Thought the referee was pretty lenient in regard of allowing juventus to manhandle our players and certainly should have had gotten several more cards in the match as they several times looked like they tried to hurt some of our players.

    1. I don’t share your optimism Martin. Seems like there’s lots of work to do. I don’t want to get into the signings for now because the commenters here will crucify me lol but I’ll cough that up to new team and tactics. Hopefully Chuk makes the Mercato worthwhile,🤞

      1. Well thats fair enough and no ill wil from me if you are a bit pesimistic but overall i can see this team develope into a strong one as we havent even yet played with the strongest lineup yet and overall i believe the team has improved in depth and quality but sure it will take some work to do. Overall i believe we should still play with 4-2-3-1 as we will have to find room for both leao, chukwueze, pulisic, romero and okafor so in my view the 4-3-3 should only be used when tactically necessary.

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