Player Ratings: Lazio 4-0 AC Milan – shocking defending; Tatarusanu fatal

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan failed to bounce back at Stadio Olimpico and instead experienced another trashing, as Lazio managed to find the back of the net four times. Down below are the player ratings for the Rossoneri. 

Starting XI

Tatarusanu (2): Lost for words on his performance tonight. He couldn’t do much about the first goal but certainly could have done better on the second, letting the ball go under him. And before the penalty, man did he f*ck up. Milan need another goalkeeper.

Calabria (4): Struggled with position throughout the game and lost eh battle against Zaccagni, which really was an important part of Lazio’s superiority in the attack. We need more from our captain.

Kalulu (3): He went up way too high before the first goal, which left a plethora of space for Lazio to exploit. His actions on the penalty were baffling as well; he looked over and saw Pedro coming but still defended like that. Two fatal mistakes.

Tomori (N/A): He was subbed off after 23 minutes due to an injury.

Dest (3.5): Incredibly poor defending on Lazio’s second goal and he didn’t add anything in attack, bar a few good runs up the pitch before laying it off to Leao.

Bennacer (5.5): One of the few players that tried out there this evening. He was at least capable of starting some attacks for Milan and helping out in the build-up as much as possible.

Tonali (5.5): Just like his colleague, the other player that tried this evening. He was present in the defensive as well as the attacking phase and that made him stand out in what was a poor display otherwise from the Milan men.

Messias (4.5): He did well to beat Hysaj on multiple occasions but the end product was painfully lacking.

Diaz (4): He does so well sometimes but mixes it with many poor actions as well. Frustrating to watch and in truth, De Ketelaere should probably start instead.

Leao (5): The winger had a couple of good runs and created some chances for Milan, but his end product was often missing. One of the better players, though, even if that doesn’t mean much this evening.

Giroud (4): A few touches here and there, but nothing more from the experienced Frenchman. As the No.9 of Milan, we need to see a lot more, even if a lot of the blame should be put on his teammates for not creating anything.


Kjaer (5): Had a couple of mistakes that could have cost Milan a lot more tonight. But apart from that, decent in most of his actions.

De Ketelaere (5): It wasn’t a disaster from the Belgian and he certainly looked more capable of making a difference than Diaz. Perhaps he should get the chance from start.

Saelemaekers (4.5): Good mixed with bad from the winger. He will probably start the next game, even if his impact tonight was minimal.

Origi (4.5): It’s tough to judge him since Lazio controlled Milan completely in the attack. Just like Giroud, not much to work with but at least he showed movement to get the ball.

Rebic (N/A): He didn’t play enough to get a rating.

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    1. Calabria should get a much worse rate. Out of position, bullied by Zaccagni (which btw was heavily linked to us before finally we got that Messiah, with the same price), and 17 times possession lost. That’s unacceptable for a defender.

    2. Messias , Theo and Giroud CAN’T use their tight foot whatsoever.
      How do they play and train football every day for 20+ years and they haven’t been able to improve their weak foot is beyond me.

      1. Indeed. If even amateurs can learn to use the weaker foot, so should professionals too with their DAILY trainings. It’s not that hard. I can shoot almost as hard and accurately with my weaker foot and these pros can’t even pass the ball with theirs. Pathetic.

  1. The coach has clearly reached his dept, the team lacks quality players. If the management is ever serious about this team a total overhaul and upgrade is needed. To salvage the season Tatarusanu should never be between the post again, either Sallemakers or Briam should start at the right, Leoa should be told to press off the ballhe isn’t some sort of secret Messi, Dest just has this mixed feeling on no account should his deal be sealed lastly if the coach cannot switch formation and change tactics he should leave because we clearly do not have the players for the current formation tactic. I fear with the way we are playing we may not qualify for champions League next season. It’s clear now that the oil money could have helped us alot.

    1. You are suggesting all this sh*t while clearly knowing there is no alternative

      ‘Tatarusanu should never play again’ brilliant, so who will play, Mirante? He sucks too fyi.

    2. 4-0 is the answer for ACM management

      There is no one in the midfield who can take control
      No number 10 and yet they won’t Zyeich
      Acm should sign a quality CB now!
      Dest should go back to where he came from
      Last words “Thank you Pioli for help Milan but your time is up the player not interested in what you say!
      Maldini and Massara need to find a new manager for building the next stage of ACM growth

  2. Its more then time to pioli play the new keeper Vasquez has i already said Tata is one of the worst keepers to wear Milan shirt in the 6 games we had 18 shot at our gol and we conceded 13 goals Olivier and Comp always blaming the defence and midfielders but the true is that at every 3 shots at our goal 1 goes in guaranted!But we should keep playing tata last 2 games we conceded 7 goals if that is no reason to change keeper and maybe play gabbia or thiaw instead of kalulu well then dont know what to think!Maybe its time we look for another coach has pioli has reach is limits has one!

  3. It’s not like we need to get another goalkeeper, we have quite a bunch already, Pioli just doesn’t have the balls to try something new.
    The pressing was so poor Leoa and messias were so uninterested in the first half it was painful to watch.

    Using Dest as a LB was so unnecessary as it didn’t work the last time, a simple tactical switch could have saved our evening.

  4. Tonali again getting higher ratings than he should. He was shocking today. He was at fault for half of the goals because he refused to track back, he couldn’t pass the ball properly, he had no pace, no penetration, and he ruined every move with his sloppy play. A joke of a player.

    I hope we lose every game for the rest of the season because I can’t watch this rubbish.

    1. I think we need Tonali to get injured to save our season. We’re not getting any better with Benny-Tonali duo in the middle. And Pioli won’t make ANY chances unless people get injured.

    2. This is true. Tonali is responsible for more goals conceded than any other player. He never picks up his mark. Ever! He just jogs back staring at the ball. If Milan think they are good with Tonali starting in the double pivot, they are going to suffer for years. He is the biggest reason this team is conceding so much this year. Calabria was a horror show as well. Now they want to bring in another overrated Italian player in Zaniolo. They are headed in the wrong direction fast. They should sit Tonali and start Vranckx along with Bennacer. Move Kalulu to RB and sit Calabria.

      1. And his passing is awful to look at. Zero creativity, only alibi-passing and even those are inaccurate. He needs to be benched NOW!

    3. Yeah I don’t understand how Calabria gets a 4. It should be a 1. At fault in some way for 3 of the goals, especially the first when he should have gone out to Felipe Anderson.

      Tonali too. He barely made a successful pass going forward. Passed it straight to Lazio players 4/5 times when they were right in front of him.

  5. I don’t think this writer understands anything about football. These ratings are worse than the actual team performance.

  6. I think Pioli is done!! we don’t seems to have any midfield, defense is porous, mostly the right side of the defense is always the first to goofed, Calabria always out position, of what use is salamaeker? and messias?
    the annoying thing was Griella of CBS made a statement, he said Lazio allows Milan to attack from the right because they know nothing will come out of it

  7. Why not Dest as RW, he sucks at defending but can progress the ball really well! I’m pulling my F-ing hair out watching it’s so damn obvious something needs to be done and now is clearly the time for trying new things! Tata never again, Kalulu needs to find his football IQ and relearn his positioning. Why the F does it look like Tonali is everywhere but the midfield? Pioli doesn’t believe in positions? Fine but there has to be a shape and balance! Calabria used to be one of the best one on one tacklers in the league who despite his poor technique was very good positionally. What the hell happened now he looks worse that ballo-toure.
    Also wtf with these ratings did any honestly deserve more than zero? Milan were utterly dismantled in every phase.

  8. You can’t lose if you don’t give up any goals. Pioli would be smart to remember that, and remind his players too.

    Tata is awful. If Vasquez is fit, we need to see if he can do any better next match.

    Play 3 CBs or 3 mids. This insanity of being down 2-0 every game needs to end before anything else can be fixed.

    Also, the guy rating/writing this article was far too kind to Calabria. He looked like a Serie B player today.

  9. Literally, 90% of the blame for the second goal goes to Tonali. Dest was left with a 2v1 situation and he had to make a decision because knock-off Adam Driver couldn’t get his fat, lazy a** back to help his teammate. He also refused to track back for the fourth goal, which left Anderson on his own.

    Sandro is the worst Italian midfielder we’ve had in the history of AC Milan.

  10. Some people who were able to look pass their emotions and could see the Forrest through the trees have been saying for a while that Paolo Maldini has destroyed our squad over the last 2 years.
    By the emotional fanboys and self-proclaimed gatekeepers of Milan Fandom, we were getting attacked. They said we are at the same pace as last year. Well the play on the field was way worse than what the standings were/are showing.
    LoL, that’s what happens when you are led by your emotions and can’t see past your nose.
    If Pioli gets fired , Maldini better be leaving with him. It’s criminal what his incompetence has done to our squad .
    Our midfield is abomination.

      1. Did they buy them or they bought Adli who should be in 2nd French league right now, Thiaw who played in 2nd German league last season, Vranckx who came from mid to bottom table Wolfsburg or CDK who looks like he never played football so far?
        What players is Pioli not playing. ?
        Who are these great players on our bench that Pioli refuses to play.?
        Let me guess, the 2nd coming of Zidane, Yacine Adli. The player who only looked good in pre-season vs 3rd and 4th tier Italian clubs.
        You are right, Pioli is at fault for not playing these “great” players
        Who don’t even belong in top tier leagues

        1. Pioli is not a problem, at least not yet, but he needs to take us out of this hole and whether he does that in time or not will tell us a lot about him, since this is his first major crisis in Milan.

          As for Maldini, he worked with what he had. Milan needed numbers and a limited budget. He signed some players for the bench and bet the majority of his budget on CDK, which didn’t work but with 19-21 players you need to be patient. Remember Leao and Tonali’s first seasons. Vranckx, Thiaw and CDK may come good eventually.

    1. Funnily enough, our midfielders were the better ones out of that disgusting bunch. That doesn’t say much but defense, attack and goalkeeper were all horrendous.

      1. The defense starts with the defensive midfielders who are constantly out of position.
        Both Bennacer and Tonali are always caught out of position on most of the goals we conceded.

        1. No, the defense starts from the defense. Look at Napoli, they defend with only 4 defenders on opponents’ counters. I’m not saying our midfielders are performing great, but Calabria and Dest constantly getting beaten one on one is on them. Tomori, Kjaer and Kalulu’s individual errors and wrong positioning are their own problems. This discussion is pointless anyway, as nothing works at the moment for Milan from head to bottom and midfielders are part of that equation too.

    2. The team won the league last year and are second this year having spent very little. They had a poor summer in the transfer market last year but the year before they bought Maignan and Giroud who were both fantastic signings. I think maybe you can’t see past your nose talking about a title winning coach getting the sack after a few losses. If you want that kind of nonsense go follow a club like Genoa or Palermo

    1. The first goal was Tonali being lost as always. SMS was his man.
      Kessie always had SMS locked.
      No Kessie and SMS ran rampant out there.

      1. Tonali is at fault for most of the goals in every game. He never tracks back and marks anyone. Anyone who thought he could replace Kessie in any way is now learning how foolish that was. They could get Kessie back too if they wanted, he wants out of Barca, but they are too prideful to do it. they’d rather waste money on another overrated Italian Zaniolo.

  11. Giroud should get the rating n/a nonexistent.
    Cdk will come good, he has talent but will take ages (maybe spending an extra 3 million so he could have a preseason would have been a good ideA? 🤷‍♀️
    However, I don’t think origi will, just not showing anything . Dest played well other than his enormous mistake. Think he and calabria should have been opposite sides, Bcs zaccagni to fast for calabria and Pedro to tricky for dest, but hey piolis pioli. (Not saying anything about bloody formations)

  12. No player deserved higher than a 4. Champions simply don’t lose like this, nevermind 4 games in a row. This is what happens when you lose Kessie and romagnoli and replace them with players from second division leagues when you should have been adding 4 starters. Then we want to pick and choose about zaniolo. I’m begging for him to come.

    I knew this was how the game would turn out because we havent looked good all season. I’m starting to think that winning the scudetto was actually a miracle. I’ve never seen a scudetto winning team go and shop around in the Bundesliga second division the Belgian league, teams that got relegated. That’s on Maldini and owners. This slump is on pioli.

    Pioli today after everything that’s happened changed absolutely NOTHING. He went in with the same players and the exact same approach. What happened to our high pressing game? What happened to attacking in numbers. What is this wide play we suddenly play with nobody in the middle or nobody coming to support? We switch the ball constantly into the defence go down the wing and lose it. It’s embarrassing and way too predictable.

    Tatarasanu was definitely to blame for the first goal, he was so slow to react. The other goals were just pathetic. Why is he still playing. Mirante and vasquez can’t do worse. Tomori doesn’t know how to defend and kalulu is lost without someone telling him what to do. Dest is probably the most over rated player in the world. And to conclude, leao doesn’t look like a 7m man ever since the world cup.

    They need to wake up and wake up quick. They only have a week to bring in much needed help. I beg zaniolo to sign especially if we give messias to roma. I can’t look at saelemaekers, messias, vranckx, thiaw wear the milan jersey. Horrible signings

    1. 100% correct. Will all these deadwood in our team, im even more scared for next season since we need a major overhaul, startimg with cheap pioli. We all know how they wanna balance the budget and all.

  13. Tara is our no 1 problem.
    Move Dias to the right at least he can run and beat his man. Try a Kjar, thiaw defense. Kaluna remains as wing back.
    Giroud needs to be benched.Pioli is tact less and we are all seeing it now.
    Try a 433 or 442. Leao and Origi up front.
    Please give vaques a chance.
    Tara is our no 1 problem.

  14. It’s the first crisis of the Pioli era in almost three years. Let’s see if Pioli can get us out of this hole.

    We have to do everything possible not to lose against Sassuolo. It doesn’t matter if it ends 0-0 without a goal scored (we can’t score when we attack anyway). Put 11 men behind ball and maybe Leao can do something on the counters. A win and clean sheet will restore the confidence of the group.

    Let’s also say goodbye to Diaz, and starting playing CDK, even if he plays terrible. He might find his feet, while Diaz is just bad and not our player anyway.

      1. Are you for real? Every team goes through a crisis once in a while, this is Milan’s first one in three years, and you want more losses to lose CL qualification and everybody sacked?

        I don’t get it.

  15. Seriously, what game did you watch?

    1. Tata was not garbage, we were let down by a defensive system that was completely caught off guard. If you blame him, you’re simply a hater.

    2. You can’t blame Dest for the second goal. What is he gonna do? Attempt a sliding tackle from the back in the box? Meanwhile, Calabria can’t properly mark after the first attempt. It’s his fault, not Dest’s. Again if you blame Dest, you’re just a hater.

    3. Leao 5? Did you see that cross he did when no one was there? He didn’t even make eye contact with a possible receiver of the ball. 3 at most for him. No pressing in the first half, and minimal effort in the second. He’s already left the club in his mind. I’m not saying we should let him go but he looked like someone collecting his final check.

    4. Maybe you didn’t pay attention but Benacer got another yellow and can’t play next week. That is something we can’t accept, he should have known better, a stupid card, 4.5 if we are generous.

    5. Tonali was never properly placed for receiving passes from the back. He got forward way too early and prevented build-up from both the center and the left. He also refused to play defensively on the counterattack or was consistently late. He did not deliver. 4.5 at most

    6. Diaz had a decent first half where he really tried but was worthless in the second half. I agree with 4 but CDK has been horses*** so far when he starts and just recently been somewhat decent when off the bench. I don’t know who in their right mind would want to start him.

    This game was a dreadful display, we need to do something. Back to the drawing board.

  16. Well well well. This is a pickle isn’t it. Apart from Giroud no one else in the XI played much during the WC so we know it’s not tiredness. I hate to pin this on Pioli but he got it wrong for the second game in a row. He pushes one of his CBs to cover the most potent threat.and I haven’t seen him do it this often. He did this vs inter and now Lazio. Both with terrible effect as he doesn’t have someone with the tactical intelligence like Kessie to cover the gap in the middle of the backline. Also the pressing is poor. I don’t know how or why our press changed but it used to be effective.
    I realized he gave up in the 57th minute when he brought on CDK, origi and salad. Lol
    Half way point, not doi g too bad but we have things to fix that the Mercato might not

    1. Pioli already gave up before the halftime as he did no changes during the halftime. The whole trident behind Giroud should have been changed then. + Tonali. But what did Pioli do? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

      1. There were no players on the bench that can affect the game for us is what I’m saying as well. So even if he did bring them on at half time then it meant he would have given up much earlier

  17. I wonder what Mr. Pioli used the world cup break for because I believe he was suppose to use that to find the best system for his squad or what do they do during training. This is the 8th match since world cup break without a win. He has to be on the hot seat if we lose the next game

  18. Just keeps getting worse and Pioli has no answers. First goal starts as usual with Calabria being out of position, leaving the right side wide open, then doesn’t close the man down, ends as usual with Tonali not tracking back and picking up his man. Someone should go and check how many goals Milan have conceded because Tonali not picking up his mark. That is the number one reason Milan sucks this season. He can’t come close to doing the things Kessie did for this team. He’s a third option MF at best. Calabria needs to sit and move Kalulu to RB. There is so much wrong with this team it is impossible to think that this is almost the exact team as last season minus one player. Shows how much he did. Milan’s press was their strength, now teams beat their press so easily and it exposes the defense. They really have no offense, they always relied on creating turnovers and waiting for Leao, Theo or Ibra to do something brilliant, but they have no offensive strategy, no movement off the ball, terrible passing. Everything Milan did offensively and defensively relied on their pressing. It’s gone and now they have no offense or defense. Instead of trying to sign Zaniolo, Milan should try to get Kessie back from Barca. The only chance to save the season. That and sign a good CB and move Kalulu to RB. Then get Zlatan back on the pitch.
    It’s easy to blame Tata, but the other team is literally shooting unmarked from 6 yards out.

  19. This is a minor setback. This is the time when we need unity and we need to support our team, our management and our owners.

    There is no need to panic, nothing is lost. There is no need for some ill conceived movement on the market, we have a strong team that had bad luck with injuries, but once they are all fully recovered, we will be back, stronger than ever.

    We just have to believe, stick together and I am sure we will turn things around.

    Forza Milan!!!!

      1. No!

        Maldini said we’re strong as we are, we don’t need anyone else. Massara said team is good, we don’t have any special needs. Pioli said team is solid, there is nothing to change. Cardinale isn’t saying much, but he is in US, so… Anyway, they all agree we’re great just the way we are. We have to trust their wisdom.

    1. It COULD be a tiny little “minor setback” if it were one single match. But it has been already 4-5 absolutely horrible displays in a row with NOTHING that would suggest things are about to get any better.

      Sassuolo will grab 3 points and then… Inter will absolutely make us suffer with a catastrophic 6-0 win in 1,5 weeks. I can’t even stand to watch it sober. It’ll be so painful. A living nightmare. And I bet the f’ng Turk will score the first one after 3 minutes of play and celebrate like he just won the WC. I’m f’ng gonna kill myself after that.

      1. Inter also lost against Empoli.. Skriniar is leaving them, so relax..😁 They aren’t a, consistent team! 🙂

        Most important thing: They are in top four, only because Juve were, docked 12 points.. Or else, they would’ve been in 5th position, after Lazio win! 🙂

      2. I feel the same. What a clown Hakan is.
        But at the same time, I really hope nothing changes in the next few games for Milan. If it’s going to take losing the next 3 games or Hakan scoring a Hat trick against us for Cardinale, M&M and Pioli to wake up or get away from my beloved Milan, then that’s the risk I’m willing to take.

  20. This is true story: We are under America n ways of handling European soccer. They own; Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United. After Ferguson left United, Manchester created biggest brand on the world, but never won anything. Chelsea and Liverpool are without Europe next year. They use special statistics for football, and when we see them selling Ac Milan, we can expect results from new owner.

  21. I have said this many months ago that our defence plays badly when Tatarusanu is in goal. Tatarusanu makes the entire defensive line nervous. He should not even be a sub, Vasquez and Mirante can’t be any worse. For a keeper of his stature he still struggles with positioning.

  22. Woww… Tata the robot GK only got 2 rating ?? Haha.. not surprises. No mirante. Milan should get mor capable GK. Windows still open bro Maldini…

  23. Gotta switch formation. Double pivot hasn’t been working for a while, especially without a proper playmaker in front of them and capable fullbacks (Theo is the only one we have, really). I’m praying we ge Zaniolo and Aouar and switch to a 4-3-3. Even Pobega, Adli and Krunic would benefit by playing in a 3-men midfield.

    With a fully heathy squad (wishful thinking, I know), this should be our starting line-up: Maignan (or even my nana, but not Tata, please!); Kalulu (probably our best option at RB), Kjaer/Thiaw, Tomori, Theo; Aouar, Bennacer, Tonali; Zaniolo, Giroud, Leão.

    De Ketelaere should be played as a false 9 instead of Giroud if the game asks for a more mobile/participative striker; Rebic needs to play more often too, and he can play across all attacking positions. All four of Pobega, Adli, Vrackx, and even Krunic can feature in the midfield too, and fit better than they do now.

    Another option would be a 4-4-2 – with Giroud and De Ketelaere up front; and even a more drastic change to a 3-5-2/3-4-3 should be on the cards. But let’s please move on from the 4-2-3-1, we just don’t have the right players for it right now, and the players we have are a better fit for other formations…

    1. A change of formation will just confuse them and add to the problem. The issue is in their heads. They have lost all confidence. Now they can stick with the formation but interpret their roles differently. Krunic can play as the attacking midfielder like before to add more steel to the midfield. Most importantly, Pioli needs to forget our usual style of playing and focus on defending and not conceding a goal first, maybe score on the counters. After one or two wins or clean sheets we can get back our confidence and then go back to our usual game-plan. Right now it’s not working, not the press, not our usual wing-plays, nothing.

  24. I’ve been saying this for the past 2 seasons and always getting attacked on here. Ever since they let Calhanoglu leave for free and didn’t replace him. Haven’t had a decent corner or set piece since. Then they don’t learn and let their most important, most consistent player, Kessie leave for free and of course did not replace him. Were they foolish enough to think Tonali could fill that role. How could anyone not expect this team to be worse off? Inexcusable.

    1. We didn’t any ANY decent corners of set piece during Calhanoglu either. But we did see over 100 consecutive corner kicks taken without a goal scored during Calhanoglu’s reign though. And it’s a fact.

  25. I think some would say pioli out for using same predicted formation again. Why not try rock solid christmas tree formation like empoli vs inter and it was working out.

  26. For me Milan should get help from the board some stupid people called me ” we just have new owners” well I say Elliott are still on the board so we could have more for transfer budget tbh . And I’ll say suggestions 1) Tata shouldn’t start again neither mirante Milan has Jungdal and Vasquez that they will have way more reflexes and better psychical than a 38 yrs old . And generally should kick all the players they believe they did not work out anymore like messias salemaekers kjaer origi rebic ballo toure bakayoko florenzi dest. And add some players for the academy only for depth issue like Bakoune coubis chaka traore el hilali nasti Colombo D’alesio bozzolan eletu marshage Jungdal and with the whatever money we could get from the sales from the players we could get top quality players that can bring some new faith for this team not once but in time this team needs to get rid of mid players injured players inconsistent form and find goal scorers aouar zaniolo is really needed

  27. we ned ibra back soon,goddamn he is our talisman.
    first time i read the article goes wild with tata,he’s bad and not improving

  28. What a mess. For the love of god drop tata. How much worse can the other keepers be. If they are bring primavera, under 17 or something. Pioli has lost the plot. Yes he doesnt have depth in his squad but come one, he is one dimensional coach. Can’t change his tactics if his life depended on him. When literally any team attacks us our defense is always scrambling, . TONALI AND BEN CANNOT HOLD THAT MIDFIELD ALONE PERIOD. Been getting overrun since the beginning of the season. Toanli IS NOT A BOX TO BOX PLAYER like kessie. Now we have also lost creativity upfront. We’ve always relied on the left side for creativity but we are just clueless now. Pioli gets a big 0 for me. He should have seen these issues since the begining of the season, he still hasnt figured it out yet. I bet you he will play the same tactics next games. Yes maldini and co didnt do us any favors in the summer mercato, but come on we still have a better squad than verona etc. Definetly better than the current showings. Always, will be a milan fan, been with them for decades. Better days will come,but i don’t think pioli is the one who is gonna take us there.

    1. I couldn’t agree more Crazymilanfan. It was astonishing to see Pioli change absolutely nothing from the inter game . The team clearly lacks 2 world class midfielders that would make a world of difference but after the team’s performance today you can argue that Pioli will have to be replaced. Shocking .

      1. Indeed. If Pioli fails to make any correcting measures he needs to go. There is no excuses. Something needs to be done NOW. And that something isn’t “continue as is”.

        The first thing is to bench Tonali. Then put Kjaer & Gabbia as CBs and Calabria & Dest on the bench. Permanently. Then switch formation.

  29. I am tired of this economic reality BS. We need to decide whether we want to count beans or win trophies. 30 million for CDK while Enzo went for 18? Bad decisions and short sightedness from Maldini and Massara.

    1. Were you not alive 4 years ago when Milan was sanctioned and banned from Europe for not “counting beans.” Also here’s a bit of a news flash for you, this is Serie A. There are no infinite transfers budgets like in the PL. No special look the other way treatment like UEFA gives RM, Barca and PSG. This is f*king Italy where everyone is broke.

      1. Broke or not but both Milan & Napoli spent 50M€ last summer. One made good signing, the other didn’t. Guess which was which.

        So it’s not about the money but HOW you spend it.

  30. Can anyone really believe that Milan could win again when it is evident that the time is not functioning for various reasons? Players that are far below expectations; e.g. Tata, Giroud, Tomori, Brahim, CK, etc. Defensive errors are fatal, midfielders are literally struggling and non-existent attack! Having an injury-prone goalkeeper who is out of action for months is unheard of. This is the current state. Evidently that the summer mercato was a total flop! An overhaul from top to bottom is urgently required.

  31. Not sure why everyone is upset – apparently we have a “complete” team and don’t need any new signings lol. Season is over anyways no way anyone catches Napoli now. Also all those donkeys who screamed for us not to be sold to the Arab group – well where are you now?? Ya really sucks to be Newcastle right about now lol. But he’ll who would want that “dirty” oil money and for sure “nobody wants to be like Man City or PSG” right??LMAO. Idiots. Money talks and we just don’t have it with Redbird just like Elliot. So we just have to sit back and hope/pray the young players we purchased in summer develop. But By the time that happens more players will be sold like Theo and Leao and older players will be washed up like Giroud. And the pattern will repeat itself. So this is what everyone wanted when they $hit on the potential Arab owners – well u get what u wish for. Now we live with it. Now IF Redbird actually cared about this season they will allow M&M to make some moves like – sign Aouar, Zaniolo, Sportiello and bring Kessie back on loan before he goes to Inter – BUT this won’t happen so we have to pray we hold on to top 4, which by the way we are playing, looks increasingly unlikely game by game. Forza Milan

    1. You keep acting like the fans or the people commenting here had any influence over who Elliot would sell the club to. But a lot of people here do wanna deflect blame to the owner instead of the management and their decisions.
      Milan won the title with 7 points ahead of Napoli last season. Since then Milan lost 2 important players in Kessie and Romagnoli, Napoli lost 4 in Koulibally, Fabian Ruiz, Insigne & Mertens.
      Napoli summer mercato Milan summer mercato
      – Min Jae Kim 18 mil – CDK 32 mil
      – Olivera 11 mil – Thiaw 7 mi
      – Kvara 10 mil – Messias 4.5 mil
      – Raspadori 5 mil loan – Florenzi 2.7 mil
      – Leo Ostigard 5 mil – Vranckx 2 mil loan
      – Simeone 3.5 mil loan – Adli 8.5 mil
      – Ndombele 0.5 mil loan – Dest loan
      – Anguissa 15 mil buyout
      Spent 68 million euros Spent 56.5 million euros
      Napoli received 80 mil Milan received 13 mil
      from players sold from players sold(Hauge)
      Napoli got better and Milan got worse and
      made profit of 12 mil was in hole 43 mil

      Look at the names they signed, compared to ours.
      6 months later Napoli has 12 points advantage.
      The difference is in the decision makings of the management, not the owner. Our sporting director keeps losing our best players for free and cries for money and then he spends that money poorly, while their sporting director spends the money he makes from his ability to make sales.

      1. *
        Napoli spent 68 mil,
        Milan spent 56.5 mil
        Napoli received 80 mil from players sales.
        Milan received 13 mil from players sales (Hauge)
        Napoli got better and made profit of 12 miliion
        Milan got worse is hole 43 million

        1. This was on top of 2021 summer Mercato when Milan spent 85 million on mew players.
          Received “whopping” 5 mil from sales.
          And lost Donnarumma and Hakan in the process for free

      2. Good points .
        I would also add that Napoli just picked up a GK from Fiorentina
        Peirluigi Gollini in a swap deal for Salvatore Sirigu.
        Gollini was a starter for Atalanta all those years while Atalanta was good and is 27 years old.
        Sirigu is 36.
        Why our sporting director couldn’t facilitate a GK swap like that? Don’t we need a GK?
        And, Gollini is going to Napoli to be a backup, while we need a starter until Maignan comes back who knows when

  32. 1. Pioli reminds me of Ranieri who won Premier league with Leicester City then disappeared in World football. Though Milan lacks quality players our last season might be lucky than tactics because 7 goals in two consecutive matches is horrible.

    2. I also don’t understand why we are playing Tata who can’t use both hands and feet, a goalkeeper who concedes four out of five chances is below average.

    3 Maldini didn’t realise that chance comes once because we had Zlatan who can’t play, Giroud who is not younger then he added Oligi who is injury prone. Almost all of his summer businesses were like trying luck since the only disappointment compared to his status before coming to us is CDK while others were already garbage and not promising.

    If we continue like this we will miss champions league since two Roma teams and Atalanta have improved their games

  33. I watched the game last night ..Yes a awful performance…I felt sorry for Olivier Giroud as the service to him was non existent…Only one who could deliver a cross was from the sub salemakers at least his intention was to deliver crosses into the box ..
    Rebec did quite well also when he came on.
    As for Rafeol Leao ,what on earth has happened to him he just could not get passed his man ,let alone deliver any crosses in .Yes a huge disappointment from the whole team ,,Calabria the worst performance from him ever ..
    I must apologise from my earlier remarks before the game as I predicted we would win ,and that Olivier Giroud would score ..

  34. Romagoli was just feeling like a king.
    Milan keep making their former players that walked out important.
    Pioli is tact less, ur current squad can’t play in your formation maybe as a result of drop of fun and injuries.
    Why not use the available and change formation.
    Imagine Dias playing on the right, it would allow CDk and Adil compete for the AMF.
    One of the reasons for drop in form is no competition.
    Leao feels entitled, Giroud, Theo, Tomori and Calabria, Tonali even Tara, let everyone compete for his position, u would see them. Sit up.
    Kalulu should remain as a right wing back and compete there, so thiaw and gabbia can compete also.
    Until then, forget about top 4.

    1. Pioli doesn’t want to make people upset so therefore Tata, Calabria, Leao & Diaz are always in the starting 11.

      It’s time to make the players FIGHT for their minutes. That’s the only way a team can evolve. No season tickets to starting 11 for anyone. Do or die.

  35. Wow reading all these comments are hilarious.

    I would love to know what nationality a lot of you are, all you do is complain about transfers and don’t seem to understand FFP or you’re slating all the players who won the scudetto and don’t seem to remember the multiple years in the wilderness of no european football. Obviously it’s a very poor spell within a mediocre season so far but try and look at it with some context compared to a few years ago, nothing wrong with having high expectations but Milan are in a much better place.

    It’s clear that 95% of you have never attended a Milan game and maybe you should just play with AC Milan on football manager so you can sign all your ridiculous wish lists rather than pretending to support them by commenting on here.

    1. Thank you!!! I was waiting for this!

      A bunch of cry babies on here.. we’re off last year’s form by 4 points. Napoli is on a crazy record breaking form.which further distorts perceptions, with only 1 team in Serie a history able to keep up with them. All of history!

      We’re also 2nd. I remember Traore and Mesbah days. These new fans are coming out the woodwork. It’s been a rough last decade. I’m happy where we are right now overall. We’re just in a rut right now that’s all. Plus there’s FPP breathing down our backs and an unfair financial playing field.

  36. Milan fans are in pain!! serious pain. comments have gone ballistic.
    I can only look from the outside. if it continues like so, heads should roll. i never wanted an extension for Pioli, he seemed to be on his toes when he was fighting for his job. now after the extension, and scudetto everyone is relaxed and NOT HUNGRY, that is my simple view. i also believe team chemistry is low because there are lopsided agreements and treatment of certain players – leao in particular.
    Pioli IMHO has lost the dressing room, its all talk but no results. he should be given a ultimatum.
    If he starts Thiaw and the other bench warmers, he would at least have an excuse. Alas, it seems some players no longer have faith in him and he cant rally his troops no more. sad days ahead

  37. “everyone is relaxed and NOT HUNGRY, that is my simple view. i also believe team chemistry is low because there are lopsided agreements and treatment of certain players – leao in particular.
    Pioli IMHO has lost the dressing room, its all talk but no results. he should be given a ultimatum.
    If he starts Thiaw and the other bench warmers, he would at least have an excuse. Alas, it seems some players no longer have faith in him and he cant rally his troops no more. sad days ahead”

    Agreed. Except I wouldn’t call them “relaxed”. I’d use the word “unmotivated” instead. I’m sure NO ONE is relaxed in Milanello.

  38. Despite the thrashing, Milan are still in second place.
    These same players minus Kessie won the championship last year. I am very optimistic that they’re turn it around and show that this was only a fluke.
    Keep the faith people.

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