Player Ratings: AC Milan 2-0 Atalanta – Dynasty on the left; centre-backs shine

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan claimed three huge points at the San Siro this evening, beating Atalanta by two goals to nil after what was a convincing second-half display. Down below are the player ratings of the Rossoneri. 

Maignan (7): He had a good game, as you would expect, in terms of distribution in Milan’s build-up and he didn’t really face that many shots throughout the game. He did, however, make a crucial save on Zapata towards the end.

Calabria (6): It wasn’t his best game with the Milan shirt, especially not in the first half with a lot of misplaced passes. He did improve slightly in the second half but not enough to get a better rating.

Kalulu (8): His best is absolutely key for Milan as he’s able to recover and intercept so many balls despite being behind when the situations start. At his age, it’s just so darn impressive and he deserves nothing but praise.

Tomori (8 – MOTM): He did a tremendous job at the back just like his colleague and Milan’s strong defender has kept them in the Scudetto race this season. And it’s what could win it for them as well. Tomori, of course, has been the leader at the back.

Hernandez (7.5): He did look very nervous in the first half but improved as the game went on. He was certainly not nervous when he went on the run that resulted in his 2-0 goal, which was just stunning. And it was a very important one as well.

Tonali (6.5): He got the job done most of the time and also showed off his brilliance at times. It wasn’t anywhere near the display against Verona, even though that is indeed hard to top. But still very solid.

Kessie (7): He didn’t make many mistakes this evening and, above all, he won a lot of duels against what is a very physical Atalanta side. He embraced his role to the fullest, in other words.

Saelemaekers (6.5): It’s quite clear that he has improved a lot towards the end of the season and although he didn’t get any points today, he came close. Nevertheless an encouraging performance that also included a lot of positive defensive work.

Krunic (7): He had a few misplaced passes in the first half, truth be told, but made up for that with some nice flicks for Leao. And in the second half, he used his body to keep Milan in control of the game and also made a crucial tackle on Boga. Furthermore, he won the ball for Theo’s 2-0 counter-attack goal.

Leao (7.5): He got the elusive opening goal and although he didn’t get the chance to shine 1v1 as much today, he looked a lot better when Rebic came on. He was then allowed to drift further inside and that’s what happened on the goal.

Giroud (5.5): Not a good evening for him at all as some wanted him off already at the half-time break, rightfully so. The situation didn’t improve in the second half and bringing on Rebic changed the game.


Messias (7): A strong performance off the bench as he got the assist for Leao. It wasn’t an easy ball to play but still, he had the confidence to do it. And it was decisive in the end.

Rebic (6.5): He worked hard and used his runs in-behind the defence to help Milan in the second half. Had a chance to score but was denied by the goalkeeper. Against Sassuolo, he could certainly be an option from start.

Bennacer (6.5): He’s just so comfortable on the ball and it really showed today. Nothing spectacular, but just what Milan needed in the game.

Bakayoko (6.5): Many were surprised, including yours truly, when the loanee came on this evening but he actually did quite well in the defensive phase. He made life difficult for Atalanta.

Florenzi (6.5): A leader on and off the pitch and his presence provided calmness for the rest of the team.

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  1. Good job today. The boys pulled it off, One step closer.

    Everyone on the pitch did their jobs, incredibly well also. It’s difficult to single out any poor performances.

    The boys knew the job they had to do, and made sure they did it right.

    Lets not stop here, there’s still one more final to play. One more push, the same fighting spirit…. We can almost taste it now.

    San Siro was alive from start to finish, the Curva Sud cheered until the end,…. we all deserve this guys.

    Let’s do this,….This Season is ours💪🏽

  2. Leao Leao Leao! How I love you Leao! Pls no more stupid comments regarding this kid. Onwards and upwards! Forza Milan!!

  3. Bennacer was awful, Pioli did great with the game management and subs besides the Bennacer and Bakayoko subs. Game was well managed.

    Kalulu is a better CB than a RB, sorry guys I don’t care if he likes RB he is better at CB. Tomori and Maignan are amazing at what they do, on the track to becoming club legends if they continue this quality consistently. Calabria awful in first half but waaay better in the second half surprisingly was better when Zapata was physical with him, seems like it woke Calabria up. Theo remarkable run and a great game overall, he looked up for it from the start. Finally Kessie just played DM, he’s an awful attacker and DM is where he should always stay. Tonali and Krunic are excellent and are the engines of this team. I’m so glad Pioli finally has stuck with the 433, our AM’a are abysmal so why play a 4231…? Took him. While but Pioli finally figured it out. Leao off for most of the game but shows up when it matters, boy is becoming a man here at Milan, stellar! Giroud very sloppy today, Saelemaekers fought really hard but he’s just limited. Messias great pass to Rafa otherwise meh. Rebic industrious as ever, perfect sub to finish the season our with.

    One more game guys Forza Milan!!

    1. All good comments Savo about the players. Spot on. Other than it was really more of a 4-1-4-1 formation (not 433) with kessie staying back and to ali going forward joining Krunic up the pitch in the middle.

    2. Bennacer and Bakayoko were strategic subs. Tonali would miss next game if he got another yellow. And both Kalulu and Tomori are not tall enough again Zapata so Pioli added Bakayoko.

      1. I know they were strategic but Bakayoko is a detriment when he comes on the field every time. Bennacer sub was ok in theory but he was awful unfortunately. Love him usually but not tonight.

  4. 2 more points needed.
    I don’t wanna hear anything about a foul on the first goal, Pessina threw himself on the ground.
    To me MOTM was Kessie, with Kalulu and Tomori close 2nd.
    Leao has a way too high of a grade , outside of the goal he did nothing.
    Giroud and Calabria were the flops.
    We need to beat Sassuolo , we owe them that after what happened in the 1st game at San Siro.
    Forza Milan

  5. Let’s win the Ultimate One!❤️🖤 Though we might win the scudetto tonight if Inter should Draw or Lose! I see a frustrated Inter tonight. Forza AC Milan!!!❤️🖤

  6. Kalulu deserves a 10! He was PERFECT. Didn’t put a foot wrong. At goals by Leao and OMG Theo! (After that GREAT tackle by Krunic).

    Disappointingly, Calabria second straight TERRIBLE match. If Florenzi is fit enough he needs to sub in at halftime or at least MUCH earlier in the half. Kalulu’s speed bailed out Calabria so many times.

  7. Next year, I think 3 in the back would be great the way Kalulu is playing — Kalulu right, Tomori middle and Botman left.

    This will allow Theo to play further up the pitch as a left wing back (like he does for France national team) in a 3-4-3 formation (or a 3-4-2-1). Have florenzi as the right wing back.

  8. 17:23 kalulu interception
    29:40 Kalulu amazing speed and effort getting back to win a tackle after Calabria was embarrassingly beaten
    38:21 Kalulu another interception
    51:44 Kalulu amazing hustle and tackle won after Atalanta do beautifully passing out of the back against a nice press by us
    59:10 Kalulu another INT
    66:22 Kalulu wins a tackle against the much more muscular Zapata
    71:47 Kalulu another INT
    72:21 Kalulu another INT
    80:55 Kalulu wins tackle taking ball away from Zapata again
    86:12 Kalulu with perhaps his best and most important intervention of the match anticipating so well and jumping out to not allow Malinovskiy to get the ball. He has the hardest and most powerful shot in Serie A and maybe in the world right up there with Haaland


    Tomori was fantastic too of course. Leao; Theo; Kessie; Maignan; Krunic. Those were our best players today.

    1. Agree. Kalulu was absolutely phenomenal. I love the lad. What a gem we got for almost free from Lyon!!!!

    2. 10? Are you crazy? That grade is only given when you are perfect against world-class opponents.

      And just to mention a few imperfections from Kalulu is this game. He was left stranded by Muriel, but Calabria came in and rescued him…He was outjumped by Zapata on two corners…

  9. How is that possible that Kalulu is 17 mill euro only Transfermarket?
    He may look unnoticeable, calm, and his appearance is pretty humble, he looks like a shy schoolboy at first glance, but what he does on the field is goddamn legendary. And he is everywhere!
    He is better than the most CB in Europe. And his performance is consistent regardless of if he plays against big teams or small ones.
    17 millions only? I think it should be around 60 considering he is definitely better and younger than Kulibali.

  10. Krunic is not being talked about enough. He was an absolute dream. Such great player to have around, giving his everything off the bench or as a starter, playing any position Mister puts him on. Swiss army baller. And always grateful for the opportunity.

  11. Good job boys…we will defeat sassuolo comes 22nd of this month…The Good lord is with us..I’m really happy for the day

  12. Our right side are disaster on atacking . Calabria as RB often lose to zapacosta, you cannot perform like that if you are captain team. Nothing to say about lord saladmaker,he is always the same as he is 2400 minute play time with just 2 goal as right winger. Better start Florenzi if he fit for starter vs sassoulo as RB . Let’s pray for happy ending in the last match . We need Ibra for last match too,his experience and champion mentality can boost our young player

  13. I am going to stick with Olivier Giroud for the last game of the season ,it’s the penultimate game ,and the most important one Olivier to score ,and Ac Milan win the scuddeto. I believe we will do it .
    What a season we are having ..what exciting young players we have .Yes age with experience of Zlatan and Giroud..

  14. My ratings:

    Maignan: 7
    Calabria: 5
    Tomori: 7
    Kalulu: 7
    Theo: 7

    Kessiè: 7,5
    Tonali: 6,5

    Saelemaekers: 6
    Krunic: 6
    Leao: 6,5

    Giroud: 5

    Rebic: 5,5
    Messias: 6,5
    Baka: 6

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