Player Ratings: AC Milan 4-0 Lazio – Giroud with another brace; Leao shines

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan got the job done in style this evening as they won 4-0 against Lazio in the Coppa Italia quarter-final. The Rossoneri will face Inter in the next round and down below are the player ratings for tonight’s outing. 

Starting XI

Maignan (6.5): Lazio had just one shot on target and it was straight at the Frenchman, so he wasn’t really called into action. He intercepted some crosses well, though, and was very involved in the build-up as always.

Calabria (6.5): He had a clear advantage over Lazio’s left-side (mainly Zaccagni) and he was also very secure in possession. He’s regaining good form again after the injury that kept him out for quite some time.

Kalulu (7): You cannot really ask more from both centre-backs this evening. This man is so calm in possession, even under pressure, and his pace really makes for the perfect partnership with Romagnoli.

Romagnoli (7): He was just as sound as his partner in the defensive phase, keeping Lazio’s attack extremely quiet. He also got a wonderful assist for Leao’s goal, picking him out from distance.

Hernandez (7): A mature performance from him as he was smart to win a lot of fouls and only went forward when he was supposed to. Very solid in defence as well, which he sometimes has struggled with, and he got an assist.

Tonali (7): He showed once again how important he is for Milan, although it was a shame that he got booked (he will miss the first leg against Inter). His pace is something people don’t always think about, on one occasion he even headed the ball to himself when moving forward.

Kessie (7): He was very calm and especially kept Theo from getting booked, or at least so it seems as he stepped in before things got too heated with the referee. It was a good performance that was crowned with a nice goal.

Messias (6.5): It was an inspiring performance from the Brazilian and even though he didn’t get a goal or assist, he had an advantage over his defender and thus opened up space for Milan to attack into.

Diaz (6.5): After some tough months, the Spaniard is indeed looking a lot better. He was able to stay in possession most of the time this evening and his quick turns really open up space for Milan.

Leao (8 – MOTM): Another top-class display from the winger, who assisted Giroud’s first and also got a goal himself after a nice run. It’s becoming quite clear that with him in a good mood on the day, Milan have a very high chance of winning.

Giroud (8): It was another quick-fire brace from the Frenchman who’s doing exactly what Milan need him to do: score goals. They certainly aren’t missing Ibrahimovic right now and hopefully, the No.9 can continue like this.


Bennacer (6.5): He did well off the bench in a period of the game where, really, Milan just need to keep hold of the ball and he does that very well. Also some good passes to break the lines.

Rebic (6): Not his finest performance attacking-worse, with some sloppy passes and poor moves, but he’s always an asset in terms of pressing.

Saelemaekers (6.5): He had some dodgy decisions just after coming on but then showed his good sides as he was able to often make his way past the Lazio defenders.

Maldini (6): He didn’t play loads (coming on in the 77th) and it was in a period when Milan didn’t attack a lot either. However, he almost got an assist as his free-kick, after a deflection, found Kessie in the box to make it 4-0.

Tomori (6): Just like Maldini, he didn’t play loads and Milan weren’t exactly under loads of pressure. He did what was needed, though.

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  1. Great game from the boys. We took our chances well. Lazio defence strategy was too sluggish, they gave Diaz all the space in the world and let him express himself, he certainly won’t be this lucky with other teams, a great game for him nonetheless. We still need a stronger, more reliable #10.

    Kessie was absent for the most part, he was fortunate to pick up that goal from nothing. It will be interesting to see how PSG pays so much for an out-of-form player seeing how even Barca are in doubt from recent rumours. Kessie shouldn’t even get tempted to renew, and if he decides to, the management should do it for less than what they previously offered. Let’s see how it feels to raise the bar in your favour with every step of the negotiation. Give him a taste of his own medicine.

    Tonali would be seriously missed, it would be difficult to fill that void in the next round. It would be a difficult game against inter without being able to boss the midfield and having an unreliable attack. Thankfully, there will be two legs to play.

    It still pains me how the management aren’t talking about reinforcement on the RW, it’s so obviously nothing comes from there during play. Our attack is do one-directional, and it leaves us predictable. Salemeekers is not the best player for that position, and Messiahs looks way off, without confidence going forward.

    The defence as always held their own, Romagnoli showing up every game. The management needs to find a way to keep him. Magnian didn’t really have much to do. Kalulu is such a utility player in that back-four, Kudos to them.

    There’s still a lot of work to get to where we desire to be, and this team needs the support of the management to make the reasonable much needed actions. Great win for Pioli and the team, he must be really proud. Forza Milan!!!

    1. Some comments should be deleted by the Admin, who exactly is this guy? Milan beat inter and thrashed Lazio and you are here still complaining…get a life bro

      1. How can the Admins even take someone like you seriously, especially if this is the most you can come up with with the life you have. The admins are not authoritarians like you. Maybe you need to evaluate the life you have.

        I gave credit to the team like a fan would, and still pointed out places in the teams play, where everyone here would like to see improved upon.

        Everyone is happy with the win, but we would have to do better in several areas, especially against top teams who can smell our deficiencies from a mile away, that all my criticism was all about.

        1. Keo you spend a lot of time to analyse the gameplay, which to me proves you’re a real Milan fan. However it’s true that you’re being too critical on some players. Saelemaekers really does a lot of good things but he needs to be more consistent. Doesn’t mean he isn’t a good fit for Milan. Of course improvements are possible, but it’s not a FIFA playstation game. This team is doing very well in the current circumstances both on and off the field. There will be false notes from time to time, but at the moment Milan is the club with the brightest future in Serie A. Also we don’t struggle against the top teams this season, they struggle against us. Besides from Napoli (who were really lucky in the end), they all lost or drew against Milan. Just try to enjoy that.

      2. Agreed with kossy here

        Some fans are just ungrateful and over critical like holy F how he can said Alexis and Messias didn’t have any contributions or creativity when both players already scored goals and assists? It’s just blow my mind 🤦‍♂️

    2. @keo
      “It still pains me how the management aren’t talking about reinforcement on the RW, it’s so obviously nothing comes from there during play. Our attack is do one-directional, and it leaves us predictable. Salemeekers is not the best player for that position, and Messiahs looks way off, without confidence going forward.”

      Nothing comes from there during play? Did you even watched Milan matches? 🤦‍♂️

      Messias already have 4 goals; 1 against Atletico that won the match, 1 against Roma, and a brace against Genoa. His dribble also helped Milan a lot.

      Alexis is a young player, he still 22. It’s normal if he looks off at some matches. But he can still improve. This season he already had 2 goals and 3 assist. Not to mention he did quite well in defensive phase too. Can he do more? Absolutely. But to say nothing coming from him or Messias is a disrespect for them! 🙁

      Also no, our attack isn’t one-directional. There’s plenty of video and article that explains how Milan attacks in details. Please read them before you post embarrassing comments like this again.

      1. Bro, the RW is seriously lacking in creativity going forward and it’s as clear as day, even the game time commentaries take note of it.

        When Diaz gets the ball, his first instinct is to drift to the LW, no matter how marked the LW is. He drifted to the LW immediately he got the ball in the building up to the Second and Third goal; and for the third goal, please watch the replay if you can and you’d wonder where Messiahs was during the build up, he was in our defensive half. The was no RW presence during the build up to the third goal, so much that Diaz had to drift to the LW first, and buy time for the “much relied upon LW” to run in from defence to pick a pass. Now this is why I keep saying that the attack is one-dimensional. You don’t need to watch videos and articles, you just need to watch the game.

        I enjoy the wins no doubt. No disrespect to any player, but the truth must be told. I’m sure you’ve seen what happens in games where Leao is marked out.

        Milan is all we have. We all hope for the best. One love. Peace!

        1. I truly agree with you on this note, I was like what the heck, look at the amount of time Diaz waited to get Theo in front of him(obviously from the left wing) before he could lay the pass that resulted to Giroud second goal. It wasn’t a sight to behold

          But Kudos to the boys for a well deserved victory, I believe Milan is on the path to becoming the champions they once were, and of course it’s not going to be an easy ride to the top, there will be plenty bumps and ditches in the road

        2. @keo

          “When Diaz gets the ball, his first instinct is to drift to the LW, no matter how marked the LW is.”

          Lol that’s not because Diaz instinct but he did it as Pioli instruction. If you really watched the match, you can see Pioli keeps giving instructions to Diaz, Leao, Theo to attack Lazio right side because that is their WEAKEST side. Their RB -Elseid Hisaj- can’t hold Theo and Leao speed and set play. Sergei Milenkovic and Luiz Felipe can’t do much to help the defense either because they are busy holding out Diaz, Tonali, and Kessie.

          Now go check Derby replay and tell me from what side Milan can scored the second goal. If you still say from Leao side then i give up 🤦‍♂️

          You clearly disrespect Alexis and Messias. You claim they didn’t give any contributions nor they have creativity 🤦‍♂️

          1. @ForzaMilan, half of these guys don’t know anything about football tactics. Don’t waste your time on them. They just want to talk trash and disrespect Milan players.

        3. @keo, you are absolutely right.
          No hard feelings, we all support Milan.
          But truth is that both no10 and especially RW is consistently (with few exceptions) not good enough. Sale is a useful rotation player but it is unthinkable to believe that he will be a starter in this position. Yes he is relatively young but it is clear that his qualities are limited (for a starter RW).
          Diaz is clearly more skillful, I wouldn’t write him off but he needs a lot of work to improve his repertoire and gain stability. Again, something better is needed in order to move to the top level as team.
          All in all, these 2 positions make our attack clearly one-dimensional: the past 2 years all the creation and threat comes from left. It’s getting too easy for the opponents to read our game. Improvement in these 2 positions would benefit the left wing as they (Theo, Leao, Rebic) would find more space.
          This whole story goes of course beyond the latest game, it’s a bigger picture.

  2. I thought Tonali’s card was a really poor decision on his part. No need for a tactical foul there and now he won’t be available for the first leg against Inter. I’d drop him to a 6 for that. Otherwise I the ratings are fair.

  3. I believe Milan will sign NOA LANG from club Brugge , they are keeping his profile low so his value won’t be doubled and other clubs won’t have to fight Milan for his signature… that guy is very good on the front three during the run of play he leao and Adli can altanate . This Milan is giving me great joy.. ❤️🖤AC MILAN TILL DEATH DO ME PART😘😘

  4. I agree either everything @keo said. They are not criticisms, they are good points about our weaker points. It’s a fact that our right wing is weaker compared to our left and needs improvement over the summer. Also we need a better player than Diaz to play behind the striker.

    Kalulu and Romagnoli are doing great by the way, is didn’t expect they’d be this successful as a pair.

  5. I found it difficult to understand how some football fans watch game. Why will you be saying Saelemaekers is not doing well in that position.

  6. @keo is 100% right. Nothing comes from our right wings that’s why we are predictable.. look at Liverpool both wings are active during their matches same with man city. We need a better right winger and a good attacking midfielder if truly we want to become champion that we are.

  7. Of course it is obvious our left side has been FAR more dangerous with both Leao and Theo on that side. Having said that, Messias actually had his best game yesterday since his back to back games with goals (with Atletico Cl match included there). But Messias has been very poor IMO in last few weeks — his first touch has been off, losing possession a lot. But yesterday, he showed very good pace on 2 or 3 occassions. Not sure if the Lazio man covering him was very slow but Messias looked VERY fast a few times and his dribbling was better yesterday than it has been. I hope it continues; but anyway, if we can find the money (after spending on Botman this summer, perhaps Isak from La Liga (he is amazing) and other spending), we should try to improve RW position for sure.

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