Player Ratings: AC Milan 3-1 Roma – Maignan spectacular; Leao electric

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan managed to get the job done this evening, despite so many absences, beating Roma by three goals to one. Several players did really well and down below are the player ratings of the Rossoneri. 

Starting XI

Maignan (8 – MOTM): He made several incredible saves this evening, including a stunning reflex save on Abraham, and at one point he really preserved the lead on his own. He very much deserved the MOTM.

Florenzi (6.5): Experienced performance from the Roma loanee, shutting down most attacks in defence. He also added pace when going forward, also winning the ball high up thanks to that. He had a lovely free-kick that hit the crossbar, as well.

Kalulu (6.5): It must be said, considering that he’s more comfortable at right-back it was a good performance. Solid in most duels and also had the courage to keep the ball/pass it in the right moments. Had one slip-up which, fortunately, didn’t result in a goal conceded.

Gabbia (6.5): He has looked shaky this season but tonight was completely different. He won many duels both aerially and on the ground, which was nice to see. He sent the long ball for Leao’s goal as well, which is a plus.

Hernandez (7): He was the captain of the evening and it was indeed a strong performance from him. He ‘won’ the penalty with a nice shot and also got Karsdorp sent off thanks to a run forward (and also the first yellow card).

AC Milan's Brazilian midfielder Junior Messias

Krunic (5.5): It could have been a better rating for him tonight, as he did well positionally, but he was a bit too sloppy with his feet. He also had a decent chance to score but opted to take one touch too many.

Tonali (6.5): He started the game by winning a duel that wasn’t super easy. And that set the tone for the rest of the clash, often finding himself with space on the ball thanks to his positioning. A very good display.

Messias (7): He got on the scoresheet with a nice finish (his fourth goal for the club) and he had a clear advantage on the right-hand side. That worked out well for Milan as they were able to work down that flank.

Diaz (6): He looked a tad better in-play tonight (getting away with the ball a few more times) and he nearly got on the scoresheet with an absolute rocket, which hit the crossbar. The final piece is still missing though.

Saelemaekers (5.5): He didn’t really have an impact on the game. He made things a bit too difficult when on the ball and that affected his presence on the pitch. A shame, after such a good display vs. Empoli.

Giroud (7): He got back on the scoresheet with a secure penalty (perhaps he can teach Ibrahimovic) and he also helped create the second goal, although he hit the post with his effort.


Bakayoko (6): He did what was required of him but considering Roma’s red card, he couldn’t do much wrong although he came on when it was still 11v11. No mistakes tho and solid passing, so it’s a 6.

Leao (7.5): Incredible performance off the bench as, in addition to the well-taken goal, he won a penalty and got another Roma man sent off. It was an incredible run that Ibra really should have done more with afterwards.

Conti (5.5): Just like Saelemaekers, we didn’t see that much of him this evening (well, we saw him on the ball but it wasn’t spectacular nor horrible).

Ibrahimovic (6): It was a nice assist for Leao but he really should’ve put away the penalty. He hit it in his corner and it was a rather easy save for Rui Patricio.

Maldini (N/A): He didn’t play enough to get a rating.

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  1. Shervin says:

    Tonali should have been 7 or 7.5 easily. He was perfect. 6.5 for Ibra, considering he assisted brilliantly for the 3rd goal, penalty or no penalty.

    Agree w/ Mike as MOTM.

  2. Vero Rossonero says:

    Leao. How much we’ve missed him, any real left winger honestly. Incredible result given the circumstances.

  3. Ibrahim says:

    Tonali is MOTM

    1. Prince says:

      Yeah agreed with u

  4. Tomato says:

    Florenzi and Tonali deserve a higher score. Good game from Pioli also. Enjoyed this match

  5. Nagan Hendricks says:

    Jr. Messias is god sent…about time we get some goals from the right wing position

    1. Nijder says:

      Yes oh. at list Salam can see

  6. ForzaMilan says:

    – Tonali should be a 7. Milan best midfielder in this match. He controls the game and worked well with Krunic in defense the mid from Roma players.
    – Krunic 6-6.5, he played well even after his nose got injured so i’m not sure why you gave him a 5.5.
    – Diaz is a 5, not 6. Outside his unlucky shoot, he didn’t do anything important as a playmaker.

    Agreed with Mike. He’s MotM.

    1. Kourosh says:

      Agree with everything. For me MotM is a tie between Tonali and Mike. And yes Diaz was terrible as usual.

  7. Ibn O. says:

    Kalulu made most interceptions and at some point in the match made the most passes…all for a 6.5?

    Tonali was a beast, deserves more credit too. Maignan was perfect!

    Thank them for putting in the shift to keep the match winnable. The subs just added gloss to a great match

    1. Giorgi Kvatchadze says:

      I absolutely admire Kalulu and believe that he has very bright future ahead.

    2. Ibn O. says:

      Even Pioli singled out Tonali and Kalulu for praise. I just read his interview!

      These boys are the future.

  8. Aaditya Verma says:

    I’m happy that suddenly the right wing looks lively because of messias, he outrun vina on many occasions i also see gabbia being more comfortable than kalulu and if we get botman the defence shouldn’t be a worry also tonali was monster so was florenzi both have great set piece ability. Theo was great. Maignan you beauty!!!!!

  9. Giorgi says:

    Incredible win despite so many absences. Leao is such a monster! Delighted to have him back. Hopefully soon to be followed by Rebic. Mike, Tonali and Kalulu had phenomenal performances and as a matter of fact the whole team did really well.

  10. dragonfire says:

    At first im like very worried as we put Gabbia and Kalulu in the middle. No romagnoli no kjaer no tomori. But they did well, kudos to them.

    And how many post we hit today! Forza milan

  11. leao maravilhoso says:

    maignan 10
    florenci 7
    kalulu 7
    gabbia 6,5
    theo 9
    tonali 10
    krunic 7,5
    salemaekers 5
    diaz 6
    messias 8
    giroud 7,5
    leao 10
    bakayoko 7,5
    ibra 6,5
    conti 6
    maldini 2 touches with ball

  12. Zoro Caloro says:

    Tonali and Maignan both deserved an 8. 6.5 is a joke for Tonali, he was definitely joint MOTM. Florenzi is also looking like a different player the past 2 months. 7 for him. Rest of the ratings are ok but Diaz should be 5.5/5, besides his shot he was meh again. Need to give Maldini some more minutes.

    1. Kourosh says:

      You are on point about everything👏

  13. K says:

    This snarky writer needs to show a little more respect to Ibra. Yes, Ibra needs to realize that everyone knows that he goes bottom left on every penalty pretty much, but he’s still the best offensive player on this team. Played 15 minutes , setup the Leao goal and almost another to Maldini.

  14. JOE says:

    Milan should have a better playmaker this month, due to Diaz performance.

    1. Kourosh says:

      Exactly. We need an attacking midfielder. Forget about another defender.

  15. Kourosh says:

    Sorry but once again the person giving out these ratings must have been drunk. Tonali was a monster and MotM.

  16. Nelli says:

    Tonali and Krunic ratings should be higher. Diaz is to weak on the ball. He’s got loads of potential but he needs to hit the weight room and improve his field vision.

    1. Kourosh says:

      Weight room can’t do much for a midget though. What good is muscle on the likes of Giovinco, Insigne or Diaz? They are either good enough to escape the opponent or they will get outmuscled even by grandmas out there.

  17. Victor Ohizu says:

    Sandro Tonali shld be 7 at the least. Krunic deserve more than he was given. Saelemaekers should be 6. He did well enough to earn 6. All the same a decent performance from the team.

  18. Dre says:

    If Milan is to depend on Krunic and Bakayoko, I think we will be in trouble. Overall good game to Tonali,Maignan and Kalulu.

    1. Chief says:

      totally agree, value is what someone is willing to pay you for what you have, nobody would give us anything for those two, both old, as they say you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, only will get worse.

  19. Anaximander says:

    6,5 and a half for Tonali? Which game did you see? He was easily 7,5. And both Kalulu and Gabbia were shaky. They did not serve better than 5,5. They gifted Roma at least 4 quite dangerous chances to shoot.

  20. Milan from aus says:

    Why does florenzi never get any love?

  21. Chief says:

    Was worried about when Donnarumma left and Maignan seemed just adequate early on , but this last game has shown me he is just as good, way quicker. Team is starting to gel, and players understanding their roles…..don’t start adding new transfers and disrupting the chemistry, bench players getting some playing time adding to their confidence and regular starters getting some rest…..good team chemistry is what will bring home the Scudetto not transfers

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