Player Ratings: AC Milan 1-1 Udinese – attack struggles again; one clear flop

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan impeded their pursuit of the Scudetto this evening as they only managed to get one point, yet again, against Udinese. Rafael Leao opened the scoring but his goal was eventually cancelled out. Down below are the ratings. 

Starting XI

Maignan (6): You cannot blame him for the goal and he made a few good saves throughout the game. Unlike the Salernitana game, he did what you would expect and it would be harsh to not give him a pass.

Calabria (5.5): He was sort of solid defensively but he needed to be more involved in the attacking side of things. We usually see him linking up with the winger but that wasn’t the case as much today.

Tomori (6): It was a good defensive display from him and, just like Maignan, it would be incredibly harsh to fault him for Udinese’s goal. He passed but it wasn’t anything spectacular from him, though.

Romagnoli (6): He had a few headers up front but his attacking contribution was near zero. Just like his defensive teammates, though, it’s hard to make him responsible for the goal conceded after what was a good defensive display other than that.

Hernandez (6): He wasn’t as present in attack but he did save Milan on one major occasion as Ante Rebic made a huge mistake in the centre of the pitch. He certainly did enough to get a pass from us.

Tonali (6): We saw it against Salernitana and there were signs of it today; his touch can improve. He could have dealt with the ball better on a few occasions but, having said that, the assist he got for the first goal saves his rating here.

Kessie (6): He did a good job in the midfield and often won his duels, although the referee blew for free-kick a few times (incorrectly). It must be said that he has been one of the most consistent players in this recent tough period.

Messias (5.5): From your right-winger, and the one that is supposed to be more prolific, you simply expect more. What he showed tonight isn’t enough to earn that redemption at the end of the season. He was also subbed off after 65 minutes.

Diaz (5.5): If it hadn’t been for a few good through-balls that could have led to something, the Spaniard would have got a 5 from us. It’s still his size and strength that affects him as the defenders easily can neutralise him.

Leao (6.5 – MOTM): He scored the only goal of the game and it was a great one. Not a lot happened after that but he was still Milan’s biggest threat, coming close on a few occasions.

Giroud (5.5): Aside from winning his aerial duels (which weren’t many in total), he didn’t add much to Milan’s game and it was right by Pioli to take him off. One wonders, however, if it would have been better to keep him on given the style of play Milan had after conceding the goal.


Rebic (5): He nearly cost Milan two goals as he gave the ball away twice in very dangerous areas. And in attack, he really didn’t add much for the Rossoneri.

Saelemaekers (6): He looked quite bright and combined well with his teammates on a few occasions. A pass but nothing spectacular.

Maldini (N/A): He didn’t play enough and frankly, it’s a sub that was hard to understand given the score.

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  1. Leao was absolutely not MOTM, other than that one goal she sowed very little.

    Tonali was at least 6.5.

    Saldmaker, Giro, Diaz and Calabria were all 5 or less.

    Rebic was 3, and I am being generous here.

  2. These players are out of shape, what is Pioli doing in training, I saw the same thing with Napoli Vs Barcelona, don’t the Serie A coaches focus on fitness? All our top teams get run into the ground by teams who play a fast paced physical game. This is embarrassing, if we win Serie A we will do nothing but embarrass the league in Europe if we play like this.

  3. Felt like throwing my TV away during the first-half, very un-serious set of players. Junior always opted to do it the hard way and always lost the ball, Diaz can’t control a pass to save his life. They completely joked with this game.

  4. No doubt some players are having a dip, but Diaz has never played well against any team that didn’t give him the time and space to play his game. I’ve been saying it, that the good form a lot of fans saw from Diaz early in the season is as a result of the proficiency of Theo, Leao, and an in-form Rebic playing as False 9. Please do not be deceived. Diaz in his parent club was a bench player and a Third choice sub during his spell in Manchester City. There’s no magic here. The boy is poor, and not the starter Milan needs for a #10.

  5. Kessie a 6? Consistent? He was a ghost on the pitch, barely tracked back, did nothing to help the attack, and then killed the clock by giving away cheap fouls at the end of the game. He was completely anonymous, not bad like Rebic, just nothing. 4 or 5.

  6. The Management is at fault here, I applaud them for the job they did bringing in Kjaer, Tomori, Theo, and Tonali, but the summer was a complete mess.

    Top 4 is the target again this season just like last season. Maybe next season’s objective would be Top 3, and in 2025 we can finally aim for the Scudetto.

  7. After the first 45mins I was just to angry and that whole body language of the attacking players spoke something. We need players who know what they are playing for, these set of attackers we have have no winning mentality and we can’t go far with them or I should rather say we can’t win trophies with them . Junior isn’t what we need going forward, and we need that AM like since last year. Let’s just hope for top 4 and kiss Seria A goodbye, we ain’t ready.

  8. Tomori and Tonali ( out of Form )
    Calabria,Romagnoli,messais/Saelemaekers ( 1/2 game wonders )
    Diaz ( unavailable )
    Leao,Kessie,Theo, ( miss Zlatan’s guide )
    Rebic ( needs more game time )
    Giroud ( exhausted )

  9. Milan spends €5 Million to in January to bring a youngster who might never play, and Lyon spent €15 Million for Faivre. A player we followed all summer who has proved himself, and wanted to come to Milan.

    Who else thinks Renato Sanchez and Botman would be Milan players???

    The Management probably just wants Champions League appearance funds to shore up the accounts, then maybe sell the club for a profit as soon as the accounts are balanced. They would take any wins that come during the process.

    Elliott is not an investor enthusiastic about sport. Don’t get your hopes up guys manage your expectations.

    1. Cos milan are willing to redeem Diaz loan from Madrid for € 22 M , rather than sign Faivre for € 15 M . As I Said milan has No real target either scudetto or qualified to UCL Next season If they keep playing like this

  10. Pioli – 3

    You can make substitutions at halftime. When you see an obvious re-run of the Salerno game, you shake the damn tree.

    We are too slow in the back, sitting on the ball while everybody is marked.

  11. Messias is burden
    Pioli responsible for making the player not enthusiastic and pessimistic as his personality reflects on the players
    Romangoli and Kessie both should be send to the stand noooo more play
    Giroud needs crosses never will happen in presence of Messias or Leao
    Calbria good player but he is no improving in the attacking part especially the crosses he should be replaces
    Hernandez got the same infection of other player as he start passing to the goalkeeper and defender and forget to push forward as he was doing last year obviously it’s Pioli negative effect
    Diaz is physically weak technically should only playing in the last 30 minutes only
    Tonali he needs to focus and get proper passing in his last 6 games he loses the ball easily bad positioning and most of his passes wrong
    Tomori not energetic and enthusiastic as before with decline performance not because of injury but the Pioli negative effect
    Mangian is under performance due to negative effect of all players mainly Romangoli and Pioli
    Rebic is most clumsy player in history of football
    Salesmaker was discouraged and suppressed by Pioli as he prefer the lazy useless Messias
    All in all Pioli is big joke

  12. I have a seriois question to ask. Do we really think Botman is going to make these performances better?? No. Renew alessio for a lower salary that he will accept, but not as low as we’re offering. Then save that money and use it on 2 attackers. That’s where this team struggles when we play poorly.

  13. After kessie out next season , and if we get botman&Renato ,better change formation to 433. Adili,Renato,tonali,krunic,Bennacer,saele,pobega can fill compete for 3 spot midfield. Purchase junior as supersub and buy RW starter quality. With this we only purchase 4 player botman,Renato,junior and new RW. For striker can wait next year ,just renew Ibra or if Ibra refuse just sign free transfer striker

      1. If AC Milan only purchase botman,Renato,junior then they can buy good RW consider we receive champion league revenue + money from hauge sale at end of season 12m euro. We don’t need AMF if play 433,just bring back Brahim to real Madrid. We have player must sale too like caldara & castilejo and perhaps krunic ( if coach allowed) to make room salary for new recruitment

  14. *subs giroud off*
    Alright guys, time to put some crosses in.
    Messias & saelamakers useless
    Brahim useless.
    Giroud needs crosses, he down get them.
    I watched last half an hour. And I think I saw Theo play as a lb, rb, cb, am, and cdm.
    Why kalulu no play a game like this?

  15. Look this was a poor performance and especially from
    service to Giroud …The crosses did never come in .to much looking for self glory and overdoing things ..
    Even when corners were taken ,awful ,instead of putting the corner straight in had to give to another player to put it in ..I also thought Giroud was taken off at the wrong time …that said a poor performance..
    I believed that we would win this match .

  16. I don’t think Milan deserve to win the scudetto with this team. Mark my words we will be lucky to have the 4th place especially after Napoli, Atalanta, Juve and Inter will be out of their international duties.
    The team is really struggling with consistency and losing easy games. We saw this last year and again this year.
    I now have doubts about Pioli, he also struggles to lift the team up and get the best of the players. In addition, it seems to me his style of play is becoming very predictable and when you face teams for the second time, they know how to stop the Rossonenri.
    I believe Milan require new management (Zindane), at least 4 to 5 (like Dybala, Zaniolo, Depay, etc) signings of big stars. They cannot rely on Ibra forever. Even though I believe when Ibra plays, the whole team plays well.

  17. You people at SempreMilan are a joke with the Kessie situation, why do you all like him so much?

    He performed a 6? Losing the ball and not being available at all like that? He has been given the job to roam forward and make himself a bigger presence, the hell did he do to warrant a 6?

    oNe oF tHe mOsT cOnSiStEnT pLayErS, hey remind me, who got sent off within 20 mins in the CL and cost us a important game? and the rest of the time he walks around like Bambi on ice in the midfield

    Good thing none of you are on the board otherwise you’d probably suggest offering him 10m/yr to keep him

  18. Romagnoli WAS to blame for their goal (I know there should’ve been a handball called; but he missed his clearance and he should’ve cleared it away and none of us would be talking about the handball and Milan would have 3 points). Also, his headers to goalkeeper were so weak, it is a waste; he should’ve redirected a flick on header toward teammates because that 2nd ball is often the most dangerous and creates goals. He is also too slow and Udine players got behind him…thank goodness Tomori has pace; but we should start Kalulu in place of Romagnoli. I’m sorry — I do like Romagnoli, he was our capitano for many games; but he is not the best choice as Tomori’s partner right now.

  19. And Messias is so inconsistent (but mostly plays badly). For every 1 good game he plays, he has 3 or 4 or 5 bad games. Why don’t we play Florenzi instead of him or Saelemakers???? At least he can get in good crosses toward Giroud (and once he’s back, Ibra)…

  20. What makes a difference between a champion team and a mediocre is the mentality during this decisive period. Milan don’t have it.

  21. Wow guys, I’m blown away with your comment on Kessie and Rebic. Kessie consistent, wow I’m speechless. Rebic deserve a 3 rating max. Beside scoring some goals I’ll never understand how he became a pro…

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