Player Ratings: PSV Eindhoven 3-0 AC Milan – total collapse by the Rossoneri

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan suffered a big loss in their final friendly class of the winter as PSV Eindhoven found the back of the net three times. Down below are the player rating of the Rossoneri. 

Starting XI

Mirante (4.5): He couldn’t really do anything about the foals but he had a couple of shaky moments, including what almost ended up being a crazy own-goal as he punched the ball towards his own net.

Calabria (5): Very average from the captain who certainly can do better in the attacking phase. He had some good interventions at the back, to be fair.

Kalulu (5): It’s hard to blame him really given that the errors started elsewhere but it’s also clear Milan don’t look completely secure at the back.

Tomori (5): Same as Kalulu, he did do well on many occasions but there’s just this sense of insecurity and that’s exactly what Milan don’t need.

Dest (3): At fault for all three goals, believe it or not, as Madueke was able to toy with Milan on the right flank. Just really bad.

Bennacer (5): He tried and tried but couldn’t really find a way through. Also lost his footing quite a lot.

Tonali (4): Did we see anything of him really? Very little, at least, and he needs to be more of a defensive presence for Milan for them to improve in that regard.

Saelemaekers (4.5): Some good moves here and there but ultimately he wasn’t put in any positions to make a difference.

De Ketelaere (3.5): Not good enough from him, failing to impose himself in the No.10 role and thus making it very tough for Milan.

Adli (3.5): Just like CDK, he just wasn’t present enough physically and PSV had such an advantage as a result.

Rebic (4): He tries to make the difficult pass always, without fail, and that hurts his play. He’s not a No.10, and he shouldn’t try to act like one.


Lazetic (4): He ran a lot but ultimately had a minimal effect on the game

Leao (6): Without a doubt the best even though his moves didn’t lead to a goal in the end.

Tatarusanu, Kjaer, Gabbia, Thiaw, Ballo-Toure, Vranckx, Bakayoko, Pobega (N/A): They didn’t show enough to get a rating.

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    1. Scudetto? Unless Milan make some serious winter signings, which history tells us they will not, they will be lucky to finish top 4. As this game shows, this team has no depth at any position. People here killed me for saying it but this team is much weaker than last season, which was a weaker team than the season before. They have let their best players leave for FREE and because of that have not replaced them with even close to equal talent. They desperately miss Kessie’s presence in the midfield, which has exposed the over-aggressive duo of Tomori and Kalulu. Tonali is not the partner Bennacer needs. Still haven’t found a good replacement for Calhanoglu from 2 seasons ago. Haven’t addressed the RW problem for going on 3 years now. Their signings have not helped the team at all, most can’t even get on the pitch for a minute. Where have they invested the money in this team? The money from the Champions League? Milan sells more tickets than any team in Serie A, they sell more Merchandise, when are they going to put it back into making this team stronger. Cue up all the management apologists.

      1. Exactly, I don’t see any really good players, even Leao is off/on. No depth is true but that’s just a money thing, this summer will show how the owners think, if we are just his little present or he is serious about us. Our scudetto came two seasons two soon, our neighbours have a better team, only Theo is better then Dimarco altough I like him if I’m honest, Dzeko and Giroud are equal imo, Lautaro and Leao are equally inconsistent and their midfield is much better. The RW is a serious problem, why not give that Primavera guy a chance, Chaka. I can see us missing out on top 4 and then if we don’t renew Leao and Bennacer we come in another banter era

  1. Ha ha ha.
    Isak turned off the game , sat in front of his laptop, and chose violence in his player ratings .
    Rightfully so.
    That was unwatchable.

  2. Didn’t watch the game, so there’s not much I can say. But if Dest was really as bad as the description then it continues a trend of him being essentially useless at RB. Pioli might as well give him more run outs at RW to see if his speed is actually useful there, otherwise forget spending a cent on him for a permanent transfer. In other news, Napoli has also lost their last two friendlies, so we’re not the only team struggling to recover form after the break. Hopefully this will translate into an Inter win (can’t believe I’m saying this) when the league resumes on Wednesday.

  3. And Milan’s doesn’t want to strengthen the squad in January, guys brace yourself for the second half of the season or don’t watch Milan matches if you don’t your ripped to shred.

  4. Remember this was a friendly without two of our most valuable players Theo and Giroud. Dest played to the left and he will never do that again that’s for sure. He couldn’t control the ball or his player out there.

    I thought the first half was horrible. It became better when they made all the changes in the 67:th. I guess the game was kind of over by then. But at least they shut the game down. And I thought Ballo and Leao actually made a goof effort together.

    Rest of the team was pretty crappy.

    1. But it just goes to show the lack of quality depth on this team. Injury to a couple players and they can’t beat anybody. Let’s count the number of players now that Maldini signed that Pioli won’t even play even when there are injuries to the starters. Bakayoko, Ballo Toure, Adli, Thiaw, Vranckx. Add in the terrible signings of Origi, Dest, CDK, they are terrible anytime they try to give Pobega playing time. You can love Maldini as a player but he has done a terrible job here. Pioli made a minor miracle happen last season, factor in Juve rebuilding and Inter having lost their manager and Lukaku, that’s why they won the Scudetto with probably the 4th best roster.

  5. Saelemaekers easily best player on the pitch. He even had good crosses this game. Not his fault rebic and adli both it. Totally unjust rating

  6. I get that Dest had a rough night, but let’s cut him some break. He was playing against a very good winger and was playing in unnatural position for him.
    Also he was absolutely not at fault for the 1st goal.
    That was a combination of poor Calabria clearance, Tonali losing his man(the goalscorer), and as usual, Tomori and Kalulu marking the same player.
    The Kalulu Tomori at CB experiment should be over and done. One of them should play with either Kjaer, Gabbia, or Thiaw, but both of them together don’t work anymore.

  7. I know it was a friendly but still, that was a disgusting showing by every player. SMH

    Let’s face it, without Leao and Theo we are an average team.

  8. I hope Maldini and Massara are seeing the end product of their work. I honestly would prefer spending all the budget on two at most excellent players instead of a pile of no-shows. It would have been fine giving youth players rather the chance .

    And Pioli oh Pioli. Can someone tell the coach there are other tactics and formations in football than just 4-2-3-1 ? My God! Isnt the coach capable enough to adjust and device to suit his current crop of players ?
    If we should see 4-2-3-1 fielded on resumption, thats the end of the title defence

  9. Friendly results don’t matter at all.

    Dest was playing out of position and wasn’t at fault for all 3 goals.

    There is a weird desire from many on this website to root for Dest’s failure.

    It’s counterproductive and toxic.

    Milan will be fine as long as the injury situation continues to improve.

    1. Dude said he was here to improve and be back at Barcelona. No wonder noone wants him tbh. Why should we invest in him? Especially if he’s sub par.

  10. The team is looking awful, sluggish, fatigued, depleted of motivation, out of shape tactically and physically; our bench is very weak and the starters know they can’t possibly lose a spot with what we have. We have been collecting one awful friendly after another and I can only hope we get to sign someone and that the players will shape up quickly because it’s pretty worrying.

  11. I’m normally in the camp of “its a friendly” but my god that was awful and I’m convinced Milan are figured out. Every team seems to understand our tactics better then we do. They know where the guys are going to pass before they even do for god sake. Hopefully Pioli has some tricks up his sleeve…

  12. Ohh our season are doom due to this loss.. lol.. loss will show team weakness, win will show that the team is working.. now up to the coach

  13. This isn’t that important but it just shows how poor our summer went. We lost good players for free and we signed 1 unproven talent and we’re paying the price. Team lacks so much quality when our out and out starters aren’t playing.

    1. Waiting 2-3 games means 1-3 points of possible 9 and that means BYE BYE SCUDETTO. Milan cannot afford to “wait and see” next week against Salernitana, Those are the matches that decide scudettos in the long run.

  14. All the budget went on a quality player, CDK, he’s been poor. There isn’t enough money to address the holes in the squad. The scudetto came ahead of schedule. It’s going to about 2 seasons, and some luck with the youngsters, before we see a strong squad.

    1. He was showing some good moments yesterday with vision. Also finally one dribble meaning his confidence levels slightly rising. Dude has shown he can be amazing in his first 2 games. But he’s a lost cause for this season which is fine.

      Sempremilan smoking crack with their ratings imo. Press always doing their best to break down players.

  15. Maldini is so overrated, if his name was De Alessio he would be out already. Like what did he do? He didn’t replace Kessie, bought some stupid youngsters bc we think that always works. Still didn’t replace Calha and still have a rw problem. Eliott just ****** us and these owners are even worse. Leao just carries this team and if he doesn’t have his day we look average. We just need to hope Theo stays fit for 6 months otherwise we have a problem. Only Moncada is class, just imagine you scout all these talents and they don’t even listen to you, Enzo Fernandez gave us the green light and we wanted Sanchez, then you think oke get Sanchez in but he didn’t even join

    1. ” Eliott just ****** us and these owners are even worse. ”

      LOL. Yeah. FIxing the finances of a near bankrupt club is just awful, awful thing to do. And why the **** haven’t RedBird bought new players yet?!!! Oh yeah, because they got the club after the mercato was over. That’s why.

      Some people… SMH

  16. It’s either Milan is a scudetto contender or pretender. However, It is obvious we are pretender this season. If we didn’t watch it, Milan may lose the top four. What happened last season enter the management head and they think the team has arrive with average players. in term of team quality last season Milan was ranked 4th and this season I will personally rank Milan 5th. Which serious team lost player like Kessie and failed to replace him. I said at the beginning of the season that Beneccer and Tonali partner is far from the real deal. No wonder Pioli kept using Kessie last season even when it was obvious he was leaving.
    We dual too much on CDK transfer last summer while it was we need to strengthen the team in other departments.
    Let hope the management, Maldini and Massara find it necessary to inject at least two quality players this winter.

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