Player Ratings: Salernitana 2-2 AC Milan – Maignan disastrous; several negatives

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan failed to maintain the pressure on Inter as they only got one point away at Salernitana this evening. Poor defending was the main cause behind the draw and down below are the player ratings. 

Starting XI

Maignan (5): Ended up costing Milan the game, unfortunately, as his mistiming on the first goal put the Rossoneri in a difficult position and also gave Salernitana momentum. Almost cost another goal as well with poor decision-making.

Calabria (6): He was subbed off in the 73rd minute but that was more to regain some energy on the right flank. He linked up well with Messias and you cannot complain about his performance at the back either.

Tomori (5.5): An unusually poor day at work for the Englishman as he lost Djuric on the second goal, just letting him dive for that header. It looked like he was sleeping. He also had problems with his marking throughout the game.

Romagnoli (5.5): He led the play for most of the game but somehow managed to misplace every single pass in the final five minutes of the game. In such a situation, being a captain, you need to act as an example and he simply didn’t with poor decision-making.

Hernandez (6): He got the assist for the first goal after a very nice run, although it was really poor defending. His rating would have been better if he had got his crossing right, though, with little success on that front.

Bennacer (5.5): He wasn’t shocking by any means but there were a few chances when he could’ve played in his teammates and the balls were simply overhit. He was also carded and will miss the next game.

Tonali (6): Many feared the worst when he went down injured but he carried on playing and was a sense of stability for the Rossoneri, although he perhaps faded a bit in the second half.

Messias (6): Good performance from the Brazilian who had the upper hand on his defender and also scored the first goal for Milan. He linked up well with Calabria, as mentioned, and that opened some space for the Rossoneri.

Diaz (5.5): He did manage to cause issues for the Salernitana defence with his movement off the ball but not so much on it, and that is obviously a downside. He didn’t get the free-kicks with him today either.

Leao (6): It would be harsh to give him less as he did create some chances but it was just a shame that it didn’t amount to anything in the end. Perhaps he could have been a bit more composed.

Giroud (6): He got the assist for the second goal and his movement was generally good today, and there were a few almost chances for him when his teammates nearly picked him out.


Kessie (6): Unlike some of his teammates, he was actually quite composed on the ball and won a lot of duels with the opponents. His performance was good, therefore.

Rebic (6): He sealed one point for the Rossoneri with a shot from distance, which saves his rating, but he also had a lot of poor crosses/passes in the final minutes of the game (like many others).

Saelemaekers (5.5): He wasn’t that much involved in the ball and he could have been the hero, as Florenzi played in a good cross, he wasn’t ready to meet the ball.

Florenzi (N/A): He did play as much as Saelemaekers and he was involved in some situations, but it’s hard to put a fair rating on his performance.

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  1. Giroud and Maignan deserve 4’s for this match, Giroud looks terrible when playing away. We can’t win without a striker and a stronger CAM, we should’ve jumped for Barak, Diaz is physically too weak for the league. This performance was worse than the spezia one. Messias did well in both attacking and defensive phases, and then came Saelemaekers who did nothing but make things difficult for us and give possession away.

  2. Milan have one problem. His name is Brahim Diaz.

    He’s occupied the most important position in our setup without any effect. He’s unable to break down defenses.

    1. He is a gimmicky player that should come of the bench and provide a change of pace. He isn’t a starting caliber player but some will continue to hype him up because they hat Hakan, but Brahim has no business being Milan starting #10

    2. after the game against Lazio, as the news mentioned that management would redeem the loan of Diaz for € 22.
      For me , That’s just kinda waste money when they invest some money for player That’s very weak when it comes to physically challenge by opponents. They need to solve this issue

    3. Could not agree more. We are playing with 10 men and we are missing arguably the most important piece. Like playing chess but you start without a queen.

  3. All I can say is “We just don’t have the players”. Most of our wins have come when opponents allow us play our game and give us space. I pointed this out during the Lazio game when everyone was thinking Diaz was back. For teams that seat deep we find it difficult to break them down because we don’t have intelligent players, our Trequartista is handicapped and our RW is not even half a threat on their most decent days. Salernitana were satisfied sitting back when they were level. The defence had a bad day today, albeit with funny decisions by the referee.

    Rebic came on good, we hope to see more from him in the coming games. Our attack especially in the 18-yard, was too slow. We need to be more decisive and intentional, watching them was such a drag.

    We need to Manage your expectations guys. You can plant corn and harvest apples. At least we are still in top 4, its good for the management.

  4. What they were doing for a week in Milanello? All the players played very bad. Lost the ball easily and wrong pass manytime. I think they are not ready yet for scudetto this season. Lost from Sassuolo and Spezia, also draw here told that.

  5. The worst, literally the worst team in any of the major leagues. They already know they are getting relegated, and yet they made us look like idiots for the fun.

    How do you not get that these are the games that get you the title, this are the games you must win at all cost. Stupid f*cking idiots.

  6. Tonali, this year, is getting the Kessie treatment of last year. No matter how bad he plays he gets a high grade. He was our worst midfielder today, non existent. Bad at set pieces as well. There isn’t one player on this team that can send a decent cross

    1. I didn’t agree… He played well.. it was the stupid tactics of trowing long balls into strikers that ruined us… Don’t know why they decided to skip the midfield against the green lantern. The second goal was kessie fault more than tomori…

  7. Awful performance from maignan and Tomori. Maignan blunder for first goal then Tomori blunder second goal. Maignan almost causing blunder another goal again when he drible ball in his area and salernitana player can get the ball from him,lucky romagnoli save salernitana player shooting . I hope maignan stop doing that dangerous drible in his area . Tonali and Bennacer not compatible play together in double pivot,we need box to box DM and so sad we only had kessie as box to box DM ,no choice to play him again as starter if we still want in race of Scudetto but if just top 4 our target then just bench kessie

  8. Half time ended. The game went on. In the 75th Minute, it showed Giroud. I legitimately thought “oh right Giroud’s playing”. That is how nonexistent he was.

  9. Go ahead Milan keep trying to waste money on Botman when we need 2-3 players in attack added to address our issues going forward

  10. I believe we as the fan deserve this bitter taste, if Maignan does something good, we glorify him as if he was an incredible goalkeeper. If Tomori excelled in one game, we make him the king of the field.
    Diaz is subbed in one of the games and we won, this made him a superhero forgetting all the poor performances in other games.
    Pioli, poor preparation will never get us any trophies and that’s the difference between good coaches and average couches.
    Championships are won through these easy games. How many easy games we lose that we shouldn’t
    We need to remember that these people got paid a lot because they have to be good at what they are doing.

  11. How did Kessie get a 6? He had 1 tackle, 1 interception and 28 touches in 45 minutes. And I was talking about Giroud for months, he can’t even direct a header pass towards a teammate (even the one that Rebić made into an assist was awful), literally like a wall that you have to hit correctly so the ball bounces off where you want. You can’t tell me that is a good player at 35. He will always score goals due to his stature but he is completely useless for 70-80 minutes per game.

  12. I was disappointed with Oliver Giroud and as you all probably know I am a huge fan of him.He had opportunities to score ,and should have found the net ,that said service to him was very poor ,and the balls that were crossed in were awful…Giroud is a scorer ,and technically is brilliant….He still has plenty to offer ,and the goals will come again ..
    This was a very disappointing result ..Maignan is normally brilliant ,but a very nervous performance from him …so yes I am very disappointed and surprised by this result .

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