Player Ratings: Sampdoria 1-2 AC Milan – Collective effort prevails

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan managed to claim all three points from their away trip to Genoa despite playing with ten men for the entire second half against Sampdoria. There were a few standouts for the Rossoneri and down below are the ratings. 

Before reading the ratings, please keep in mind that today’s performance was more of a collective team effort than individual brilliance, hence the moderate numbers despite the win.

Starting XI

Maignan (6.5): He made a few very good saves towards the end of the game and he was also solid throughout the clash. It’s hard to determine if he could have done better on the goal, as it was a header from close range but a very good one.

Calabria (6.5): He intercepted a lot of balls this evening and when Milan shifted to a five-man backline, he always pushed up the line and that was important for the Rossoneri (to not sink too low). A captain’s display.

Kjaer (6): He was out of position during Sampdoria’s goal as he couldn’t keep up with the pace of the attack (by the looks of it). Aside from that, it was a solid display but not much more. The home side didn’t exactly threaten that much.

Kalulu (6): Just like his colleague, it was a solid display with some good and bad moments. He seemed to be a little sloppy especially at the start of the game with a few misplaced passes that could’ve cost Milan more.

Hernandez (7): He was crucial for Milan after Leao was sent off given that he’s able to drive with the ball and trouble the Sampdoria defence on his own. He nearly had a goal as well, but the following corner gave Milan the penalty (so all good).

Tonali (7.5 – MOTM): He was everywhere tonight and really showed off his class both pre and post-red card. His vision for the game and, as was especially highlighted tonight, his defensive strength is absolutely key for Milan moving forward.

Pobega (6.5): Aside from a few misplaced passes, the youngster did really well in the centre of the pitch as he imposed himself against the strong Sampdoria midfielders. He also ran a lot, which obviously helped Milan.

Messias (7): Finally a good performance from the Brazilian, who got his first goal of the season with a calm finish. Perhaps the goalkeeper could have done better, but it was a good finish nevertheless and it was a decent display overall.

De Ketelaere (6.5): He was heavily involved in Milan’s first goal with a nice flick and there were also a few other very good moments from him tonight.

Leao (6): Two very unfortunate yellow cards. The first one shouldn’t have been given, while the second one can be debated (although usually those are given). He assisted the first goal and it’s harsh to blame him completely for the sending off, although it did put his teammates in a tough spot.

Giroud (7): He worked extremely hard and considering it was his fifth consecutive start (he played the full game today by the way), it was a great performance from him. He won the penalty and converted it – a great penalty indeed.


Tomori (6.5): He added the energy Milan’s defence needed and also allowed for the shift to a five-man backline. He made several good interceptions and looked good on the ball.

Bennacer (6.5): His ability to keep possession was needed for Milan and thus it was a smart sub by Pioli.

Vranckx (6): A positive debut with some good and bad moments, but more of the former. He certainly has a lot of potential.

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      1. Ye Calabria had a cracker of a game.
        Messias, 7: … “the goalkeeper could have done better on the goal”. That was an awful finish, it really was. Horrible goalkeeping.

  1. Funny how the AC Milan official app didn’t shotlist Tonali for the MVP award.

    So I voted for Giroud, knowing that without Tonali’s hardwork today, we might have had a bad night.

    Games like this build mental strength.

    Forza Milan!

    1. Because he didn’t deserve it. He had a few good moments but it was just another average game for him. Milan fans have blinders on when it comes to this guy.

      1. Maybe you dont know how to watch futbol. instead of following the ball look at the position of the players on the pitch. Tonali is a machine.

        1. Thank you @rodrigo.
          A lot of people on here get upset when a certain player had an assist or a goal and still get criticized , because the game isn’t just looking at the ball or the stat sheet at the end. It’s a 95-100 minute game , a lot of things are important and decide a game, not just a stat sheet or a fancy useless dribblings

        2. Tonali runs hard. Big fckn deal. MOTM just for running around a lot. I don’t want to kill Tonali but the way he gets overrated really bothers me. The goal Samp scored was his responsibility by the way. He’s a good player, nothing more. The media is determined to try and make him the next great Italian superstar, but that’s just not what he is. He doesn’t have that ability. He runs hard and is physical but has very little skill. Doesn’t add much offensively, often loses his mark defensively. When he plays well he is good, but most of the time he is just average. But no matter what he does he always gets a good rating on here.

          1. Mr @K.
            Tonali is a defensive midfielder.
            His job is to protect the defense, break up passing lanes, control the tempo and usually take the most creative opposing player out of the game.
            And everyone gets beat from time to time. Those other players he play against are also getting paid and play in the top league for a reason
            How many defensive midfielders do you know that are heavily involved in the offensive part of the game.
            Fans are usually hard on Tonali because of the media building him up as the new Pirlo. He isn’t Pirlo, there are no Pirlos in todays football. He is Gattuso with better feet.
            Do some fans have a soft spot for him because he is Italian and a Milan fan? Absolutely. But he is only 22and is a helluva player in his position . When Milan went down to 10 men he was flying from sideline to sideline.
            Football isn’t just about scoring goals.
            He was without doubt the MVP of this game

          2. You simply don’t understand the importance of “running”. Imagine a team full of Leaos, our most skilled player. It will never work because he doesn’t have the work rate. Tonali, along with his skills, runs for two and covers ground, allowing others to do their things.

            Everyone has a role to play, and they are all important. Conte would kill to have a player like him.

        3. Yeah, he is a machine…at giving the ball away and misplaced passes. Nothing more. I’m not even talking about stats, I’m talking about what I say, and most of what I see from him is not good.

          1. @saneorssonoero you are a ball watcher. You do not appreciate movement of the ball, or his ridiculous stamina in defence. All you see is him not being fantastic at passing, because you hear the media and the media say “tonali is new Pirlo” bcs they sad that italian national team is rubbish. 20&8 is perfectly correct. Tonali is not that good at attacking, no, but his defensive workrate is fantastic.

      2. You know your football.

        Tonali didn’t deserve a man of the match status, our poster boy but definitely not MOTM in the Sampdoria match. From what I saw Pobega gave better to the team than Tonali.

        Giroud definitely the MOTM, held up play and even broke up play with the fouls he was drawing. Great match management IQ

  2. Completely reckless from Leao to do what he did when on a yellow. That is simply not good enough. I hope he lears from his mistake.

    I think Kjær deserves a 6,5 at least. His calm and tactical astuteness was important at the end.

    Tomori on the other hand did not deserve a 6,5. He should have put Gabbiadini offside when he ran through and they ended up hitting the post. That is simply poor reading of the game, and poor positioning.

  3. Superb performance all around IMO, can’t really fault the players for the red card (although it was one, that was bad luck) but again all working as a team unit, dealing well with the rotation, everyone coming into the team did their jobs.

    Giroud with another big moment and working and working for the team

    Leao rating is harsh IMO, he was very active in the attacking phase, unlucky not to get an assist due to a marginal offside

    Calabria was excellent I thought, especially once Milan went down to ten men – he knew when to push himself and the team forward and when to be restrained

    Centre backs both good, to say they haven’t played in that combination before to my memory. Kalulu stepped up again when Tomori came on.

    And quick work for Vrancx who added the right amount of energy. He made a couple of rash decisions to go forward which broke up the line but he didn’t give Sampdoria’s midfield the control they were looking for at the end there.

    Pioli managed the game well – got a bit lucky with the penalty but I’d argue that luck was ‘made’. His tactical changes with ten men were absolutely spot on, as were his subs

  4. Seriously the referee is fkin garbage 🤮

    But Milan definitely deserves this win!

    I think everyone plays great 👍

    Pobega, Calabria, and Messias played a lot better compare to their previous match

    Vranckx looks like a promising young player. I guess now we don’t need to worry if Bennacer or Tonali absent.

    Kudos to Giroud and Mike.

    1. Really??? Because he did “ok “for 15 minutes… Because he didn’t score an own goal… I guess we have nothing to worry about. There was nothing in this game to tell you whether he’s going to be good or bad. I think he touched the ball twice. But in your mind anyone wearing a Milan shirt is just Awesome!

      1. This “K” creature is really Milan hater. Nobody else say right in your blind eyes. So, why dont you go back to wherever your hole and dont go back here..!!!

        1. You think just blindly saying everyone who is wearing a Milan shirt is great and everyone who doesn’t sucks makes you a good fan? It doesn’t. Being objective and holding ownership and management accountable does. The fact is losing Kessie is a big loss. And thinking Pobega or Vranckx is just as good doesn’t make you a good supporter, it makes you a dumb fanboy. The same goes for Tonali and everyone who wants to make him out to be the next great Italian superstar. He’s not. He’s a good player sometimes, nothing more. Milan really needed to upgrade the roster if they want to take the next step to competing in Europe, and they didn’t do that. In fact, you could argue that the roster is weaker this year than last year, and if you really care about Milan you should be upset by that, not blindly waving the Pom poms around.

          1. @K and moron like you always critizing players regardless of their effort, and moron like you also think he’s idiotic opinion are weight more than a coach such as Capello,Mancini etc.

          2. Kessie had several seasons of just Ok too in the beginning, i remember people wanting him out as well at some point.
            Same with Leao the first 2 seasons, same with Tonali…
            But man gotta admit they’re improving no?

          3. “Being objective and holding ownership and management accountable does”

            I’m being objective here and i seen everyone plays great on this match. Yes they made one or two mistakes but it’s not big enough to reduce their overall performance.

            On the other hand you definitely not objective with your comment cause you look salty as fvck to see Milan can still win despite they down to 10 men and forced to defense for more than 40 minutes. You need a mirror boi.

            “The fact is losing Kessie is a big loss. And thinking Pobega or Vranckx is just as good doesn’t make you a good supporter, it makes you a dumb fanboy.”

            What big loss when Milan still unbeaten and at the top of table?

            You telling me you’re a dumb Kessie fanboy and not Milan fans, because Instead of supporting young Milan players like Pobega and Vranckx who works hard to bring 3 point for Milan, you just hating them for no reason at all and bitching on a player who’s not playing at Milan anymore. Ok got it.

            “The same goes for Tonali and everyone who wants to make him out to be the next great Italian superstar. He’s not. He’s a good player sometimes, nothing more.”

            Wow are you serious with this statement?

            Sounds like you’re a salty Inter fans who still angry that your club didn’t get Tonali and now you try your best to downplay all his achievements.

            “In fact, you could argue that the roster is weaker this year than last year”

            What a GARBAGE opinion. If the roster is weaker than tell me why Milan still unbeaten and at the top of the table?

            You’re definitely not a Milan fans.

  5. Great team win with 10 men.
    Refereeing was horrendous
    Tonali was absolutely the best player on the field, especially since the red card. He was everywhere.
    Pobega was very good, especially in the 1st half.
    I think Theo Hernandez can play for 180 minutes and still won’t be tired. His defense has gotten very good too. Now he has to learn how to use his right foot.
    Giroud was a warrior. He has been great signing .
    I liked what I saw from Vranckx
    Leao has to be smarter there. 99 out of 100 times those scissors kicks end up with a defender getting kicked in the face. 1st yellow was a bad refereeing. 2nd was deserved
    Hopefully Rebic , Giroud and Krunic are back for Napoli
    On to the next one.

  6. This Isak person who writes these articles and does these player ratings should quit. This is some Tonali propaganda yet again. He gets man of the match for one nice piece of skill in the first half (after his own mistake) and a nice ball in the second half…really?Ridiculous. Calabria, who I often criticise, didn’t put a foot wrong all night and he should’ve gotten it.

    1. Didn’t put a foot wrong? He left his man to wander into no man’s land which was the number one reason for Samp’s goal. I like Calabria, most don’t understand his role in Milan, but the goal was on him.
      Fact is only Giroud was any good tonight, Theo and Kjaer were also okay. Leao should get a 3.5 at best.

      1. If we are going to nitpick after a victory playing with 10 men, who lost his man on the Samp goal (keep in mind that Samp already has a man advantage) then that would be Calabria.
        Djuricic was Calabria’s responsibility. Tonali is following Sabiri, while Calabria is ball watching and didn’t even turn to see where his man was.
        Great team win and great effort by everyone. No need to bash any of our players after this kind of win, especially not Tonali (no matter what your opinion is about him as a player overall)
        The Kid makes mistakes like everybody else, no one is perfect, but the effort is always at 100%.

      2. Milan were stretched with 10 men, dude. Calabria had to work twice as hard and cover twice as much ground after the red. The person closest to the guy who crossed the ball in for Samp’s equaliser was Messias, and it was Tonali who lost Djuricic for the header. You clearly didn’t watch the game.

      3. Leao WAS our attack for 50 minutes, mate. Not Giroud, not Messias, not even CDK. What game did you watch? He created numerous chances in the first half, dribbled their defenders several times. Made the assist for Messias, made the assist for CDK’s (disallowed) goal. Come on. A 3.5 is an absolutely stupid rating even though is sending off was dumb

  7. Is this guy out of his mind? Is he trying to put that goal on Kjaer? That was Tonali who lost his mark yet again. This ass kissing fest for Tonali has got to stop. He gets an extra 1.5 added to his rating every game just for being Italian I guess.

  8. Unfortunate 10 man for more than 45 minutes and managed to get 3 points is more than enough. Milan still unbeaten. Impressive. Give a credit to your beloved team, dont just whining like a cat or bark like a dog

  9. This kind of win is what makes team a scudetto winner.
    Great performance by everyone in the 2nd half. They ran their socks off.
    I still don’t know why was CDK goal disallowed.
    Still don’t know why Leao got the 1st yellow, while Calabria got an elbow in his face and no yellow for Samp player.
    VAR needs to start reviewing every yellow card.
    Just because a player starts rolling on the ground like he got punched in the face by Mike Tyson doesn’t mean that he actually got hit.
    Tonali, Giroud and Theo were the best players on the field.
    Calabria was also very good , even though he, Tonali and Maignan should have acted better on the Samp goal.
    Leao put the team in a bad spot.
    Will be interesting to see who Pioli plays on the left, without both Leao and Rebic. Regardless I expect a win vs Napoli

    1. When the first cross went into Giroud, he was slightly offside. He didn’t touch the ball, but he was involved in play (forced an uncontrolled header that went to Leao) so was judged offside.

      I disagree with VAR judging more. So much time in that game was lost to people watching screens, was really frustrating how long it takes.

      1. I get what you are saying, but it doesn’t take that long for VAR to tell the ref, that player flopped, he didn’t even get touched, take back the yellow card.
        Milan went down a man because of a flop, almost lost points, and has to play without that player in the next game. VAR need to review all suspicious actions. Ref almost cost Milan the game.
        If they can review a red, as they did in inter – Torino game, they should also review an iffy yellow card

    2. So first of all, VAR reviews no yellows, that’s the rule. The ref missed Calabria’s, it was behind his line of sight, Leao’s was clear as day, an intentional elbow to the face. What the hell are you talking about, that was so obviously a yellow.

      1. I know VAR doesn’t review yellow cards, that’s why I said they should START reviewing them.
        What are you talking about intentional elbow to the face?
        Players wave their hands when they move or run and he accidentally caught him. Intentionally means he hit him on purpose, which isn’t the case

        1. But he didn’t hit him with his hand or arm, he quite clearly intentionally elbowed. Swinging your elbow to hit someone and accidentally catching them with your hand are two separate things, Leao’s was the former. Accept when your team screws up, don’t whing like an Intermerde fan it’s embarrassing.
          All yellows should not be reviewed, Var all ready review far too much. Let the game flow and the ref make the calls.

          1. That was NOT an elbow, otherwise he’d be sent off.

            It was a flailing arm and he doesn’t have eyes behind his head. Theo received one as well.

            Yellow was harsh for that.

  10. After the red card Tonali did run a lot without the ball and covered big part of the pitch. So I agree on the rates he received. He worked hard.
    We will miss Leao for the next game. It is a big loss.

    1. @samsonite
      Exactly, tonalin really Covered more than enough ground when we were down to 10men, he is not yet a finished product though but that work rate is always there

  11. I don’t wanted to rate anyone.
    To me after playing for 43 minutes with a player less and leaving with the 3 points it’s enough. This team has COJONES!

    P.S I’ve said it before, Leao often plays without using his mind…he is very immature.

    P.S 2 Rebic out,Origi out, Leao out…all this against Napoli……..

    1. You’re right. Obviously SM will always publish ratings because they’re great for clicks and engagement, but realistically everyone out there today, including Pioli, did a very professional job and secured a difficult 3 points.

  12. I tend to be critical of Leao (because I expect more), but this time I feel he was hard done. The attempted overhead into the face of Ferrari was a yellow, but the first yellow was soft from the ref. Yes, maybe he should have thought twice about attempting a bicycle kick on a yellow, but when he started the kick there was no Samp player next to him and then suddenly Ferrari pops up and puts his face into Leao’s boot. What can you do about this? Bicycle kicks are not illegal. The worst part is that we’re now down an important player against Napoli with a tiring squad who can’t rotate because all of the bench options are injured. If Origi is cleared to play he’s going to be LW and poor Giroud is going to have to put in another 90 min shift at ST. Hopefully Origi is cleared to play against Zagreb and Giroud can at least rest for that game, with Leao giving 100% due to his suspension for Napoli.

  13. How in the world does Pobega get that rating? He had yet another clumsy foul running straight into the back of an opponent (that’s like his 4th of 5th one this season in very limited playing time). His passes are inaccurate and he’s slow.

    Other than him, I thought the team played well and Calabria had his best game in a while. I guess Pioli putting Dest in for him last time maybe woke him up and motivated him.

    Giroud is an animal. never stops running. Getting back to help on defense. Running down long aerial balls/clearances from our goalkeeper/defenders and his hold up play was fantastic. Excellent PK too.

    And Maignan — we are so spoiled to have him. I think after Courtois, he is the 2nd best goalkeeper in the world.

      1. Grow up. He’s an Italy international who was one of Torino’s most important players last year and is new to this team and it’s setup.

        Just because he’s not Kessie doesn’t make him ‘terrible’ and it’s attitudes like this that drive good young players like Locatelli out of the club.

        Personally I think Pobega has gotten better with each game so far, it’ll be interesting to see how he does for game time when Krunic is available again. But even if you don’t rate the games he’s played so far, he’s no ‘terrible’ by any stretch.

        1. Being Italy international is nothing to be proud of now. They can’t even make it to the World Cup lol. Who cares? This is the worst generation of Italian players since football began probably.

    1. After which courtouis? You must be high on cannabis, Mike is the current number 1 keeper at the moment, both in stats and saves…… courtouis is not even better than neuer, ederson, Alison

      1. Angry man Kossy at it again. Call a person high because that person @DB had the audacity, the unmitigated gall to call Mike Maignan the 2nd best GK in the world. Imagine the insult being ranked 2nd to Thibaut Courtois, the man who won everything with Real Madrid last season and won them the UCL final.
        Mike is great, but you thinking that he is better than Courtois is not a fact but only your opinion. Saying that Neuer(used to be great), Ederson (LOL) & Allison (great defense in front of him) are better than Courtois at the moment is idiotic.
        Maybe Kossy needs to be on some of the stuff he accuses other people are , he might not be so angry all the time

        1. @Z.. Unfortunately It is a fact. Tho most of the time @Kossy is high on stuff when he comments lol but he is right this time lol Mike is Better than Courtois because the latter is not even in the best 5 in the world even after Winning UCL. Winning UCL doesn’t make a goalkeeper the best. But undoubtedly Courtois is fantastic and honoring Mike as better doesn’t take anything away from Courtois. Alisson, Ederson, Neuer, Mike And Emiliano Martinez are ahead of Courtois.

          1. How is it a fact? Based on what proof you can say it’s a fact?
            It’s just a person’s opinion on who they think is the better GK.
            Fact is something that is provable.
            Everything else is just a theory and opinion.
            Mike is great , Courtois is great, Neuer has been great, but none of us can say for a fact this guy is better than the other. Especially in a team sport where the GK a lot of times look good or bad based on the defense in front of him

          2. @Z YUP we CAN SAY who’s better. In fact.. You can EASILY Check if it’s a fact or not on Whoscored.-com and compare the stats. It’s not really rocket science mate.

          3. Oh no. How can I forget the fact checkers?
            I mean if they say it than we have to believe it because
            their ratings of players are the gospel. Nothing but absolute facts.
            What’s next FIFA23 ratings?

          4. @Z. AaaaaaH. LMFAO. You know.. it’s better to just declare yourself as a Retaard instead of braindead comments like that, right? Wait.. you probably don’t have enough braincells to process that statement.
            Have a good day mate.

  14. 3 points against a team that drew with Lazio and Juve and we had 10 men ? Yea I’m happily taking those points. Plus Samp players were over selling fouls and red was buying them(sickening)? Yea def taking this as a great victory.

    Btw, Tonali MOTM ? Come on now. He lost his man on the build up to the goal. Not sure how that MOTM makes sense. And Vrancx did as well as Kalulu based on ratings? I don’t think so. Come on on now

    1. The ratings is always very NOT CORRECT, but I am tired of complaining.

      Pobega is not created for this formation, no matter the high rating and playing time, it is very clear that he is not good for the game play, he is slow and very bad in decision making.

      Tonalin is not a finished product but his work rate is what I like, when we were down to 10 men, he was everywhere….the goal is because we were 10 and not cosbof any player.

      Kjaer makes hard things looks easy, I lissed him, he brought calmness to eveeyone with his words and composure especially during the final part of the game when milan was under pressure.

      Calabria was absolute Class, shame on those plastic fans gunning for their captain to be replaced by Barcelona reject that haven’t even spent 1 month in milan.

      Giroud have earned my Respect this season, all I can say is , thank you sir.

      Leao is just electric, the dude is just too talented, give him the ball and the rest is history, I don’t care about the red, the bicycle kick shows how fearless and confident he is, it is a learning process for him and he will be back better.

      Maignan is the current best goalkeeper in world, argue with your pillow and not me.

      Vrancxx might have few touches but nothing special, i just dont know why you gave him that rating.

      Every player did very well, winning away with 10men is absolutely class, this shows our champion pedigree, this team is growing fast, even at 10 men, they still press, good game……don’t worry we will beat Napoli

  15. With this situation of red card and injury players, im really hope we can win Napoli next week. But if its not…draw will be fair, according to Napoli’s playing. Hope there’s nothing happen to us in this midweek CL game.

  16. Grit, heart and determination. What a performance by 10 man Milan, personified by the MOTM Tonali, he was a MONSTER today, along with Giroud they never stopped, this was a championship winning performance right here. If inter, Napoli juve or anyone else was in that situation they would have CRUMBLED, no one has the mentality of these Milan players.

  17. So after Leao now it’s time to criticize Tonali for no good reason AT ALL.

    Why do we have some people intent on bashing exactly our best players?

    1. The only reason people bash Tonali is because he gets so overrated by the media. They are determined to make him into a superstar when he just is not. Nobody else gets such a good rating every week for doing so little. Yes, he runs and plays hard and that’s a good thing, but he adds little else. MOTM when he is responsible for the only goal Sampdoria scored… Come on. Calabria ran every bit as much. Giroud ran every bit as much, I thought he was going to drop dead on the pitch, made some great hold up play and scored the winning goal. But Tonali gets MOTM? That’s why people feel the need to comment on him. If people stopped trying to overhype him then we could all just appreciate him for being a good player that works hard…nothing more.

  18. Leao shouldn’t have had a yellow on the first one. Also, Pobega didn’t misplace passes, he looked unsure of positioning at first then really grew into the game and was solid, very happy as I wasn’t sure how he’d do. Calabria needs to get rated higher today, excellent. And Giroud…. what a player. He is so smart it’s beautiful to watch.

  19. This is a very very good win for Milan, 10 against 11 players for over 40 minutes. It’s also send a very strong message to other teams in Serie A and Europe, that Milan are almost impossible to beat even on our bad day. We should try and kill off games when we have the chances, yesterday was a brilliant team’s performance with very good individual performances. I am still waiting to see Adli start, hopefully against Napoli in an attack that includes Giroud and CDK. I am still baffled at Milan not signing Belloti on free transfer, hopefully it doesn’t come to bite us. As at this moment, I am not optimistic that Origi will start 15 games this season or even play in 20 games for 45 minutes a game.

    1. Roma sign Belotti but he didn’t do much when Roma got slaughtered 4-1 by Udinese. So no, i don’t see Milan missing out on Belotti.

        1. I don’t understand why some people are still crying about Belotti when Giroud is scoring a goal every other game. It’s true that Origi’s fitness has been disappointing so far, but so has Rebic’s (and last season) and so has been Bennacer’s at points. Let’s see what Origi can do when he’s fully healthy before passing judgment. Last season Belotti had 8 goals in 22 Serie A games, the season before that 13 in 25, the season before that 16 in 36, the season before that 15 in 37, the season before that 10 in 32. Not exactly world beating form. And that’s as a starter, so this can be translated as goals per minute. Not doubt this drops dramatically coming off the bench when he doesn’t have 70min to try and find the net. He only had one really good season in 16/17 where he scored 26 goals in 35 Serie A games.

          1. P.S. Origi can play all across the front line (which this Milan appreciates) and came from a gegenpressing system (which this Milan plays). Belotti can only play in he box.

  20. How did De Ketelaere get 6.5?
    At most he should be getting a 5 or 5.5, he is naturally gifted but he should sometimes do more to impress himself in his team’s play because he often had several silent spells in the game.

    I don’t know if it’s the Coaching staff telling him to ease himself into the team until he gets into full rhythm of the team’s play?

    1. Alex, Serie A level is a bit above Jupiler League. Even players coming from other top 5 leagues need time to adjust to the style of football in Italy, plus the kid is 21. Remember the leap in quality Tonali made between his first season and last season, and that was with a Serie A season already under his belt prior to joining us. Same for Theo and Leao. I wouldn’t put too much on CDK yet. Of course I’d like to see him at his potential best already, and we’re only six games in, but next season will probably be the real judgment time.

  21. Pobega definitely needs time to adapt to a completely new system and it is very demanding. He has everything needed to thrive in Pioli’s system. If Pioli can get the best out of him, we will have one hell of an exciting time head, considering Vranxx is showing good promise. Pobega needs to use his physicality and press harder is all it will take as he is an excellent passer of the ball and he has the pace to keep up with attackers.

    Vranxx’s positioning is insanely good. Ability to Cut passing lanes comes naturally to that Kid, exactly what Pioli needs in the double pivot. Great Signing by Maldini it seems. Time will tell tho.

    Overall, a very positive game specially that we squeezed out 3 point with our best player down. Hats off to Tonali. THAT’s exactly how you play when you know you are slow. Insane positioning from him, considering his age, to think that he will improve even more.. will be excellent for the team. Absolutely fantastic.

    I am glad we didn’t get Sanchez. With Pobega returning to his best and Vranxx showing this much promise along with Bennacer, Tonali and Krunic, we are set in the midfield.

    Forza Milan.

  22. Good display 10 v 11 leao got red was disappointing not sure if it was ref fault because I didn’t saw the first foul but second one was yellow but 6 is a lot like it is no hate but he got red and the assist came because he fumbled not because he wanted to pass 4 till 5.5 maximum. Calabria finally got the performance but it can be a lot more better otherwise it was solid or fine always hope he can improve article claims Kjaer was out of position and slow I think he was marking the other guy in the box while it was Calabria’s fault to not handle Djuricic. Maignan again great. Giroud had those class touches like one u see in the messias goal. Messias wasn’t that good as the article suggests. Vranckx seems like the guy he came on the pitch and seemed promising all along and positioning is also good can try him more then Pobega who was also good defensively and was ok attacking wise . CDK doesn’t seem so strong but let’s give him time to adapt. Tonali was good. Theo as always. Kalulu was sloppy maybe because he isn’t familiar with Kjaer but overall solid. Good performance great win. Finally won away btw I also thought before about that yelnats. I felt like Milan only won in home lol. Great result let’s move on Dinamo next hopefully Rebic and Origi and Krunic recover guys can play good but injuries seem so annoying I see the signs in them all.

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