Player Ratings: Sassuolo 0-3 AC Milan – Leao masterclass; Giroud decisive

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan secured their first Scudetto in eleven (!) years as they managed to beat Sassuolo convincingly this evening. Down below are the player ratings of the Rossoneri, with several great performances. 

Starting XI

Maignan (8): He made a stunning save in the first half and also got a hand to an effort that ended up hitting the post in the second half. His distribution is key and it’s been a fantastic season from him.

Calabria (7.5): We often say he isn’t always spectacular but after what was a solid performance overall, he showed off a bit towards the end and earns a high rating for his display.

Kalulu (8): Pace, strength and so much more from the youngster who kept the dangerous Sassuolo attackers at bay this evening. Lovely stuff.

Tomori (8): Just like his colleague, a solid performance at the back that included some nice tackles and also gave Sassuolo a really hard time. They only had Berardi from distance to rely on.

Hernandez (8): He was very involved in the attack play this evening and he made all the right decisions when going forward. Also strong at the back, and he deserves praise for that indeed.

Tonali (8): He got carded in the first half (which was harsh) but he helped Milan loads with the high pressing in the first half. In addition, he won the ball back many times and he was crucial yet again.

Kessie (8): He got his farewell goal after all and it was also a solid performance to top it all off with the Milan shirt. He will be missed, you simply cannot deny it but hopefully we can replace him like with Donnarumma.

Saelemaekers (7.5): He really used his skill this evening and it helped him keep possession on several occasions. Nearly got on the scoresheet in the first half but his effort was denied.

Krunic (7.5): Another very strong performance from the Bosnian and it was the right decision to start him. He did tremendously well with the high pressing and was behind the third goal.

Leao (10): It’s the first 10 we have ever given out and it is certainly justified. The Portuguese winger assisted all three goals and especially the first two goals were created solely by him. Stunning, a masterclass.

Giroud (9): Tonight showed exactly why Milan brought him in ahead of this season. He reached double figures in the league (11 in total) he was decisive, yet again, when it mattered for the Rossoneri.


Bennacer (7): Solid display from the Algerian although he slipped quite a lot (as many players did) and it affected his performance a little.

Ibrahimovic (7): It’s possible that it was his last outing not just in the Milan shirt, but in his whole career. A fantastic player and man that the Rossoneri owe a lot to.

Diaz (7): Solid from the Spaniard who kept the ball at his feet most of the time. Inflated rating? Maybe, but we’ll allow it this evening.

Florenzi (7): Fighting spirit is just one of the things he adds to the team, and he showed it tonight again.

Romagnoli (7): Just like Ibrahimovic, it’s possible that it was his last Milan outing. Grazie capitano, grazie.

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  1. It has been a torrid season, ups and downs, moments of despair, moments when it felt like the scudetto evaded us, but somehow the lifelines kept coming our way… Our competitors kept slipping up. This is perhaps fate.

    This season is indeed A.C Milan’s season.

    Leao definitely has to be the player of the season, no doubt. His contribution kept the team afloat, the boy might not have been 100% all season, but his is a huge part of this, and I can’t help but say THANK YOU.

    The team kept hope alive. Pioli steadied the ship, even when all all hope seemed lost. We deserve this moment and it’s ours to enjoy. Congratulations to the team. Congratulations to the management.

    This team will certainly not be the same next season, and I wish all exit players success in their future pursuits, Thank you for this.

    Congratulations to the fans, We deserve this. It hasn’t been an easy road. We come from all over with unhinged support for our dear Milan, and the reward is indeed worth it. Hoping for a great Summer here with everyone.

    Congratulations to us, the Scudetto is ours!!!

  2. Congrats to Pioli and to each and every single one of the players who came on to the pitch tonight like lions, understanding what it means to play a final. What a season. Congrats to the people behind this website and to every Milan fan out there!

  3. The dream come true! Congratulations to all Rossoneri. We deserve it. Let’s have well deserved rest and great transfer market.

  4. We returned at the top of Italy, next target to return at the top of Europe…Again!!!
    Forza Milan!!!🏆🏆🏆🔴⚫️🔴⚫️🔴👹👹👹

  5. For this match every players is a 10/10!
    Pioli also a 10/10!

    Really happy with this results!

    Milano Siamo Noi!


  6. so happy for the owner, management, coaches, staffs,players and all milan wonderful fans all over the world indeed u guys deserved despite many poor officiating that almost ruin our season but we never gave up.
    congratulation forza Milan

  7. Grande Milan. We are fans from all over the world. An adolescent in Calcutta who cried when Maldini retired and my mom consoled me. Today I watched it with my wife and Cats. Incredible emotions

  8. Just give them all 10s! What an amazing achievement – it won’t get the recognition it deserves because it’s Milan but this is one of the biggest upsets in a major league’s title race in the last decade. And it’s not just this year, last year was exceptional in terms of how much they’d grown and matured and they put it into practice this year.

    Been a pleasure to watch and follow and will be the most memorable of all the Serie A titles I’ve seen in the 25 years I’ve been able to follow Italian football.

    Leao a 10 is deserved, but Pioli has achieved things no-one thought he would do with this team, probably including himself – he deserves an 11 for his season.

  9. Forza Milan! Fantastic day, crowning a really brave, passionate and brilliant season from the squad. Pioli is a mago….

  10. I am over the moon with excitement and happiness. Congratulations to the team and the Milanista family. I have supported Milan for years, through good times and bad times. Moving backwards we have suffered as fans over the last few years. All that is abt to change. The future looks bright. One of the youngest squad in the league, to be Champions. Milan management should work to keep the majority of this group of players for years to come. With a few quality additions I see us doing well in the Champions League. If this group is kept for another 4 years I see Milan getting back to be protagonist in the Champions League. @Challanoglu after he had joined Inter he said ” It’s easier for him to play when he is playing with quality players” referring to Inter players so I say to him as a fan who is a Champion😂. Well done Milan, for me player of the season Mike Maignon

  11. Congratulations to Milan fans out there.forza Milan. where is HAHAnoglu of inter who said inter are than milan, shame on him.

  12. Today the whole squad play like a champ, they played their hearts out, I dont know who bring this mentality to them again, probably Ibra and Pioli, but now they look like proper milan, like the one we used to watch.. I’m so happy we’re back, so so happy, its been too long.. T_T

  13. I’m a Milan fan since 1996. We have been spoiled with very talented teams over the years. After the old generation said farewell 10 years ago, we knew it would be a long road back to the top. We have suffered for many years and had to tolerate injustice on top of that. It looked as if everything was gone forever, but with the right management the team picked up with the glorious past again. This is not the same star studded team that we had in the past, but they fought as lions for our jersey. All of them have made mistakes this season, but so have our rivals and we made them pay. We were excellent against the top teams, which shows the quality of this group. Mr Pioli got a lot of criticism, but he managed to get the best and more out of this group. He really deserves praise. This AC Milan team is a beautiful champion with a bright future. Let’s hope we can build on this and take our place back in Europe as well. We had a very hard schedule in the final stages of the season and deserved every single win. From tonight on Milan is Rossonero as it should be. We couldn’t allow our city rivals to have more scudetto wins than us. I was very nervous before todays game but the boys took the title they have worked for all year with both hands and played fearless. There’s a lot of room for improvement, but now let’s enjoy the title we’ve been waiting for since 11 years. This is the title that has brought the most emotions to me . Our previous titles were all based on superior quality, but this one is won with commitment and hard work. If we continue like this, with both our feet on the ground, more success will be back for the Red and Black. Forza Milan!

    1. Well said, Forza Milan. Today energy was different from all I have watched this team this season,HARD WORK, COMMITMENT, SACRIFICE, MISTAKE, LOSS, FALL AND WIN made this Milan. Am proud 11 years if waiting is finally over. Can’t forget Girouds word for joining Milan, he said after prayers where made by his family, he was told to go to Milan other than inter, a time came that I was holding unto that word, if God actually reveal success for Giroud in Milan let him help this young Milan and today it’s reality, thank you God.

  14. 16 points above juvetus is not small job, where is allegri that said inter was the favourite to win the league, thinking that pioli is a dude like himself. Congratulations to Milan players, management (directors), couching staff, scouting department and Milan fans all over the world including myself. In fact I cannot hide my emotions. Forza Milan

  15. ongratulation to every milanista out there and a great accomplishment from the coach, team and management who has performed miracles by wining the scudetto with less money than our rivals but with a stronger collective.They desserve all the praise they can get and in my view the most impressive serie a championship in the time ive supported the club.

  16. Congratulations to the Milan team all over the world including the staffers, coaches, players and fans as well hope’s for more next season

  17. LEAO LEAO LEAO!!! Anyone still think we should sell him for 40m??? LOLOLO! Forza Milan!!!! Amazing season. TY Pioli M&M!!! Stunning display today. Anyone still think we should sign Berardi or Scamacca for 70-80M combined??? LOL. Tomori and Kalulu destroyed Scamacca and Theo made Berardi invisible. Pls Redbird keep the momentum going and spend on high quality players. I hope this is only the beginning. We have a special core group of players we must keep together – if so sky is the limit – esp if we add a CAM striker and RW. Proud of the lads on an amazing season. Now pay Leao his fkn $$$$$!!! 🔴⚫️🔴⚫️🔴⚫️

  18. Congratulations to my Beloved club, I felt so much joy today, today is the best day of life, Forza ❤️🖤❤️🖤

  19. The planet is red and black tonight! What a joy after so many years of silence.
    We did it! The young team, charismatic leaders, talented directors, and an army of devoted fans!

  20. FORZA MILAN! What a scene and atmosphere and party at Legends at the Football Factory in NYC!!! AMAZING!
    Aleeee, aleeee, aleee
    Milan, aleeee
    Forza lotta
    Non ti lasceramo maiiii!!!!

  21. Congratulations AC Milan ❤️ Champions of Italy once again 🏆 I’m soo proud of the lads, words cannot describe! Much love to the management and players for there immense achievement! This title will live long in the memory, it was absolutely incredible!

    Best Coach: PIOLI 🔥
    Player of the year: LEAO 🔥
    Young player of the year: KALULU 🔥
    Best Goalkeeper: MAIGNAN 🔥
    Best Defender: TOMORI 🔥
    Best Midfielder: TONALI 🔥
    Best Attacker: LEAO 🔥
    Goal of the season: HERNANDEZ 🔥

  22. We all won, the players the coach, the staff, the management, the fans. It worth celebrating, thank you Hakan for leaving, thank you Dollarumma for leaving, thank you tonali for believing, thank you mignan for accepting, thank you laeo for keeping your head up, thank you romagnoli for been a good captain, thank you Zlatan for mentoring, thank you pioli for your hard work in selection something it’s difficult but you still field the best, thank you Maldini and Massara, thank you the Singers family, thank you Curva Surds, thank you all Milanista all over the world. You deserve this day, enjoy it.🏆❤️🖤🍾

  23. We should let every player who played a part in this glorious season re-sign for another season. Even Samu. Okay maybe not Samu but I wouldn’t be too pissed if the others stayed: Messias, Saladmaker, Diaz as long as they’d be happy to rotate. FORZA MILAN.

  24. There is so much that can be said about individual players. I will just single out one: Mike Maignan. He brought a new level of consistency, reliability and ball distribution that Gigi lacked. He also has that humble and respectful type of personality that Milan fans seem to appreciate. From day one Milan immediately played with more confidence and the attackers were suddenly running more to try and get open for a long ball from Maignan. Add in his clean sheets and he is my MVP.

  25. On a side note: does any serious Milan fan still want freaking Beradi to join next season? How this guy’s got 12 goals and 14 assists or whatever this season is beyond me.

    1. You cant judge him on one match but you can clearly see his numbers are better than any of our players so why wouldnt you expect him doing just as well with us as he has done with sassuolo over the years ? He has contributed with 15 goals and 17 assists in 32 serie a games so yeah i would absolutely love us to sign him but in the end i have faith in our management doing the thing that they deem the best solution for the club. In the end though buying players isnt only about talent as iim sure they also look at other qualities on a personal level and if the players will fit in well with the existing squad but if berradi is a player that pioli wants as mentioned in the media then in my view he has earned that right winning the championship and should get our support as well.

      1. He disappears in big games Martin always has. Theo destroyed him. Great player for a smaller club but has never proven he can shine when it counts most (including w the national team). For 15M ok but for 30M no thanks. And pls no more talk of Scamacca. Tomori destroyed him too. Until he consistently scores 20 + goals in consecutive seasons he shouldn’t even be mentioned as a possibility for us. Let Inter have him for 40m – much better players out there for that price

        1. I disagree and it doesnt matter whether our players pockets him currently as he has scored the most against us which is 10+ goals or something and he certainlly has also scored important goals agaInst other serie a teams as well. I get you want anthony and im not opposed to that either if that is a player pioli and the management wants but im still confident that berradi would become a great asset if he joined us. I wouldnt mind scamacca either but berradi would be my pick between the two italians. In the end i will never accept the premise that a player needs to have played in a big club to join us as that simply is bs as both berradi and belotti has proven themselves effectively in difficult teams to succeed where the service is worse than what we can offer to said players.

  26. We’re back baby! You hear that Europe? Grande Milan is back! I hope you’re ready, because we’re here and we want it all!!!


  27. Congratulations to AC Milan and the whole Rossoneri family. We fully deserved the Scudetto. I am from Mumbai and I have never met a fellow Milan fan in person but that never stopped me from supporting this beautiful club. A big hug to all the Rossoneri fans all around the world.
    Forza Milan❤️🖤


  29. From Nigeria, with ❤🖤 we the best.
    Forza Milan. Europe on my mind but back to back scudetto is a must- we need the 2 ⭐ rightly before Inter and also prove we are the best not by mistake.
    Congratulations to everyone!

  30. Finally long time coming but worth it congratulations to all rossoneri family. Self belief determination pushed us over the line….

  31. This was a win for football. Positive attacking football. With a young squad and with a low budget. Against all odds. What a story

  32. Finally We are the Champion again after so long time…
    It was a difficult as a milanisti during our down turn. But we deserve it. it showed that hard work and believing until the end are the key for our success.

    Forza Milan.

    Let’s enjoy this moment. We will see next season with more challenge and glory for us.

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