Player Ratings: Torino 2-1 AC Milan – Individual and collective meltdown

By Isak Möller -

It was a horror show for AC Milan this evening as they lost 2-1 to Torino at Stadio Olimpico. There were several shocking individual performances and down below are the ratings for the Rossoneri. 

Starting XI

Tatarusanu (5): Questions can be asked about the second goal, but the reality is Miranchuk shouldn’t have got that far to begin with. He failed to convince after, though, with several poor actions and spreading insecurity.

Kalulu (5): Not his finest game in a Milan shirt for sure as he struggled big time with Vlasic and was also booked in the first half. Pioli took him off at the interval.

Gabbia (5.5): He looked to be the culprit on the first goal but was only trying to make up for his teammates’ (that were closer to Djidji) mistakes. He should’ve done better on the second goal, but improved as the game went on in what was a tough clash.

Tomori (5): It’s not just that he’s struggling in many defensive actions, but also his ability with the ball. He has always been so comfortable with it but there’s nothing of that now.

Hernandez (4.5): Barely involved in the play for most of the game and when he was, it ended up in disaster. So many sloppy mistakes and a lack of awareness in the game.

Tonali (5.5): Sent the long ball for Messias and worked hard when he was on the pitch, although he can do better for sure.

Pobega (4.5): Too rash the entire game and honestly could’ve easily got two yellow cards. Several poor decisions and he added next to nothing when in possession.

Messias (6): Gave Milan a chance in this game with a lovely finish and thus gets a pass, even if he made mistakes like his teammates.

Diaz (5): Not his night with almost no impact during the 45 minutes he got on the pitch.

Leao (4): Absolutely shocking from him this evening with two great chances missed, one of which was an absolute sitter. Was barely involved besides that and when he was, the decision-making wasn’t there.

Origi (5): Started the game well but then faded and really didn’t give Milan many solutions. That being said, it’s not like he had a lot of service to work with either.


Dest (5.5): Had a decent game off the bench even if it wasn’t an easy situation to make an impact.

De Ketelaere (5): A few good dribbles here and there but nothing came of it.

Rebic (4.5): A player that certainly can do better. The touch wasn’t there and he wasted every chance on the ball it seemed like.

Bennacer (5.5): Came on and tried to control what was essentially carnage, to some success.

Giroud (N/A): He didn’t play enough to get a rating.

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  1. Rebic is one of the worst players I have seen in my life; I have never seen someone with a worse touch. He is USELESS. Messias is not good enough for this club, and neither are Pobega or Gabbia. Origi did absolutely nothing today. How can we expect CDK to improve when this is the garbage he has to deal with? Who can he play and combine with?

    1. CDK also lost dribbles and missed passes. Let’s see the other way around: he’s (still) not that good to play and combine with also. Our football doesn’t revolve around him only.

      1. Positives: Dest showed what he can be, and if anyone disagrees, you didn’t watch the game. He actually provided a bit of spark. Origi got little to no service, so can’t really judge. Say what you will about CDK vs Diaz, dealing with stuff etc etc., but Brahim has been around Ibra for 2 years, and it seems to have rubbed off; even when he isn’t playing well he plays with… Grinta, I guess?

        1. I think Dest was pretty good. He looked more natural. As Pioli also said that Kalulu had quite a difficulty adapting to right back position again after so many and many matches played the centre one.

        2. Dest is terrible. Rewatch those first touches mate. Spark? He has zero tactical awareness and constantly watches the ball and then makes a decision, telegraphing everything he does. He gets scared of open spaces and has no idea what to do if plan A doesn’t work.

          Not saying anyone else was spectacular last night but this guy has got to go once Calabria and Florenzi are fit.

          1. Sometimes, if you already have this prejudgment for a particular player, all you see is the bad thing he does. Tuttosport gave him a 6 rating, highest rating along with Tonali and Messias. Yeah I know it’s Tuttosport, but surely it’s more reliable than any anonym fans like us here.

    2. “Rebic is one of the worst players I have seen in my life”

      Two seasons with +10 goals scored. Not bad for the one of the worst players you’ve seen. But I guess that say more about the fact that you probably haven’t watched football that much. 5-10 matches don’t count much. Rest of us on this site see 5-10 matches per month – or even week.

      “How can we expect CDK to improve when this is the garbage he has to deal with?”
      Yeah, because CDK was soooo fantastic with the ball again yesterday, right? He only looks bad because of the teammates, eh? LOL.

  2. Embarrassing.
    No player deserves anything over 2 just for showing up for work.
    I’ve said this about Leao before, and Imma say it again . Great athlete, below average footballer. His finishing is league worst, his shooting is amateurish, and his understanding of the game and movement without the ball is non-existent. Pioli finally grew some balls and took him out as a message.
    2 easy goals missed that would have changed the game and made it easy for Milan, but that’s what happens when he is awful finisher.
    Also, if you put a defender on him that can match his speed, he is done.
    I know imma get attacked by his fan boys, but that’s cool.
    In winter Mercato Milan desperately needs a midfielder that can actually pass the ball, make forward passes. Great miss this summer was Enzo Fernandez.
    Hopefully, we at least go through in the UCL

    1. How does it feel to be this clueless about football? One off-day for Leao and you suddenly turn on him like the spineless coward you are, despite the fact that he has carried Milan for 2 seasons. Clown.

      1. Carried Milan for 2 seasons ? Man he carried Milan second half of the last season pls write lies. Season before that he was average.

      2. No not suddenly I have criticized him for bigger part of 3+ years.
        He is the weakest mvp in serie A history, 11 goals 10 assist (5 of those assist came in 2 of the last 3 games of the season.
        Just for comparison Leao’s G/A contribution last year was 21 , Hakan Chalanoglu was 20, 7 goals 13 assists.
        If leao goes to Chelsea he will be the next in a long list of awful finishers following in the footsteps of Fernando Torres, Alvaro Morata and Timo Werner

        1. 3 months or 3 years, you’re still an absolute balloon. Leao’s XG is 4.59. He’s 10th in Serie A for the highest XG, and only one of two wingers, the others on the list are strikers. Leao is down a massive -0.41 on expected goals i.e. he should have half a goal more than his current total. In short he’s nowhere close to being the worst finisher in the league. Unlike your posts, which are surely among the biggest wastes of bandwidth here. As for league MVP, a player’s influence is measure. Yes, Leao turned up for the last games, the ones that won the scudetto.

        2. Now, I’ve seen it all. Guy compared Leao to Calhanoglu, unbelievable. I’ve never read more BS in my life. The guy was literally Serie A MVP last season, and already has several goals and assists this season, probably his best start for Milan yet, and still somehow he’s not good enough for clowns.

          1. Women lie,
            Men lie
            Numbers don’t lie.
            Leao 21 G/A contributions last year
            Hakan 20 G/A contributions.
            One of them was given the MVP because they had to give it to somebody, and the other one is supposed to be trash.
            True MVPs dont get subbed off at half time

      1. And as usual, Leao fan boys get in their feelings, don’t bring up any factual evidence to back up their argument, so that’s why they have to resort to just insults
        “But he was the MVP”.
        They had to give it to someone from the scudetto winner and he was the popular choice.
        If you analyze Milan scudetto season
        The first 2 months Tonali and Brahim were outstanding.
        Then for about 2 months Zlatan carried the team. 40 year old man Scored 8 goals, only 3 less than the “MVP” in just 1/3 of the games.
        Than after new years it was Giroud and Bennacer who carried the team. Remember the big wins vs Inter and Napoli, Leao was a non factor, as he usually is in big games with exception of this season derby.
        After that it was the defense that took over and carried the team , 6 clean sheets in a row when Milan really struggled to score.
        And then at the end Leao showed up with Tonali. Remember the Lazio winner, leao wasn’t even on the field.
        But he showed up with 5 assists vs Verona and Sassuolo and couple goals vs Atalanta and Fiorentina.
        But if you let Leao fans tell you he was the sole reason Milan won the scudetto.

        1. Numbers don’t lie. Leao had more goal involvements and he was MVP because he was decisive in the run in. You screwed your own argument. As someone else said, stop posting. It’s embarrassing.

    2. Thing is, you can’t find a defender to match his speed, even if consider all the other things you said true, which is not.

      He had an off day though, no doubt about it. He won a lot of matches for us single handedly, so I can forgive him for this one.

  3. Leao with one leg is better then Rebic and that change was awful. We can argue is Leao our best player but he is definitively our best attacking player and replacing him with two goals behind is realy shameful.

    1. Did you even watch the game? Even the blind people saw that Leao wasn’t going to score – or do anything useful – in the 2nd half either.

      1. I disagree Leao could’ve had two goals in the first 15 minutes. He’s a threat to score every time he touches the ball. Yes he missed his chances yesterday but come on he literally did more in 15 minutes than Rebic did in 45. Rafa was the only one to crest any chances. Once he was subbed off, nothing but half chances. I think Milan would have done better had Leao not come off.

  4. Are all the Italian fanboys still going to tell me that Ilan is better this year without Kessie? You got your dream all Italian starting midfield of Tonali and Pobega, how’d did that work out? They got dominated. SOmeone tell me what Pobega does other than commit about 20 fouls per game. If we are being honest, With the exception of maybe 3 games, Milan has not played well all season. Rebic continues to have the worst first touch in football. It’s managements fault. Their signings the last 2 seasons have been a joke for a team trying to compete in EUROPE,

    1. Hahaha ive got so much hate but literally said this last season that we will miss him and also in games this season that we miss his physique and defence is much more sloppy. Maybe those Kessie haters believe me now

        1. well, for one, Torino would not have ran right through our midfield like a hot knife through butter. And if we had Bennacer in the game alongside him maybe Milan could have gotten the ball out of their own end rather than just resorting to kicking long balls over the top, giving it right back to Torino.

  5. Tomori was AWFUL. He looked like he’d never played football before, and it’s not the first time this season. Gabbia was practically alone at the back.I don’t know where Leao’s mind was today but it was not on the game. Really poor. Tata, oh Tata. He is bad on his best day and needless to say today was not his best day. It’s hard not to see the disorganization at the back as a symptom of having him as GK. Our best two games were when Kjaer played because he actually organized the back line. In transition we were wasteful and our touches were heavy. CDK. Wow. Did he have a single completed pass? His feet are where counter attacks go to die. I don’t understand taking off the one guy who found the back of the net instead of Origi who showed nothing in the final third. I also do not understand removing Tonali instead of Pobega knowing a set piece could carry so much weight in the dying moments. Naturally we got a free kick in the ideal position for Tonali but we’re left with the ice cold foot of Ante Rebic instead. Bad tactics, bad subs, bad attitude from the players. Overall a performance to forget.

  6. Today was an embarrassing display period. I understand going easy tonight due to the champions league game in midweek, but come on. This was awful. Thats what happens when you try to compete on many competitions with 0 depth. Desperately need a good am that can make that final pass or carry the ball up front also help midfield defensively. Our attack always looks detached from the rest of the team. Whole season has been like that. All of you that talk smack of him, he is the one who has created most of chances this season. He has 1 night off and all the sudden we r clueless. Get a proper am and rw and spme depth we should be ok. Hopefully we qualify for ko stages in chl, for money purposes. Sorry to say, I’m a die hard milan fan but i find it hard for us to win seria a this season. Napoli looks crazy good this season, still early and hopefully im wrong.

  7. When your starting midfield is Tonali and Pobega you’ve already lost. Who needs Kessie, right? Also, someone should look up how many goals Milan gives up when Kjaer starts vs when he doesn’t. I bet it’s a big difference. It’s not really Pioli’s fault, he can’t rest anyone, Milan have no depth. Management has failed him and the team. Bakayoko, Vrancx, Thiaw , Ballo-Touré can’t even get on the field. Dest, CDK, Origi have been big disappointments. And when you look at the players that have let leave for FREE in the last couple seasons, it is a huge failure of management.

      1. Think what you will but we never got dominated in the midfield like this when Kessie was there. I know he is suppose to suck now because everyone that leaves Milan sucks to you fools, but if you were honest Milan miss him a great deal and it shows. And it’s Maldini’s fault for not replacing him either.

        1. And like you said, it’s not as much that Milan misses Kessie, because Milan couldn’t offer nowhere near as much he got from Barca, but not replacing him is the issue.
          No disrespect to Pobega, but he isn’t it. He is very clumsy, late on every challenge, and is basically a walking yellow card.
          I don’t know if people realize, but Kessie, whose game was based on physicality and ball recovery, only had 1(one) yellow card in serie A last season. That’s how good he was at getting the ball back from the opponent without fouling.
          Yes he left, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t missed and it doesn’t mean he wasn’t or isn’t a very good player in his position.
          Making fun of him for being on Barca bench is childish. Neither one of our current midfielders starts for even today’s version of Barca. Pedri, Gavi Frankie de Jong are all better players than Tonali Benacer .

          1. Honestly go support Barcelona then! Always to criticize Milan for players who decide on their own to leave. You sound like children. Here we talk about the performance of Milan players. Anyone can say after a loss oh if this or that. I can also say if we had a fully fit squad perhaps we would have won. Perhaps if we had Veratti or Alcantara we would have won. Who cares? Kessie is not a Milan player. You can say anything about something that could never be proven and deem yourself to be correct. It’s asinine and the exercise of children.

          2. Be careful speaking the truth. All the Italian fanboys on here will come after you if you tell the truth about Tonali and Pobega.

        2. Flossenero, you don’t get it. It’s not about supporting Barcelona, we are Milan fans. It’s about being honest. And just saying that all the Milan players are great and all the other players suck does not make you a good supporter. If you care about the team it’s ok to be angry that they let one of our best players leave and didn’t replace him with someone of equal talent. Pretending that the Italian players on the team are better than they actually are doesn’t help anything, it hurts the team. I wish Tonali was as good as everyone here likes to think he is, it would be good for Milan. Unfortunately, he is not. And Pobega is just plain bad. Slow, late on every challenge and committing way too many fouls. Holding management accountable for their bad signings is what good supporters should do.

      2. This is a platform where fans are supposed to voice their opinions. Criticizing our own players, coaches, and management it’s what makes us fans, that doesn’t mean we don’t support the team. It’s just voicing frustration after a loss.
        This is a virtual barbershop.
        We are not tweeting or posting directly @ those players , nor is anyone attacking those players personally, we just criticize their performances.
        But at the same time It doesn’t mean that we need to pretend to be blind and oblivious to actual facts.
        Milan lost Kessie, he wasn’t replaced, and it’s evident on the field.
        Leao plays badly , but if you criticize him , you are right away getting attacked by his fan boys.
        He was dog sh*t today. It’s OK to admit it. Even his coach said it with words and actions.

        1. “We are not tweeting or posting directly @ those players , nor is anyone attacking those players personally, we just criticize their performances.
          But at the same time It doesn’t mean that we need to pretend to be blind and oblivious to actual facts.
          Leao plays badly , but if you criticize him , you are right away getting attacked by his fan boys.
          He was dog sh*t today. It’s OK to admit it. Even his coach said it with words and actions.”

          Well said, well said.

  8. Pobega is not locatelli and letting him go can never backfire. He is sloppy and always keep on committing unnecessary fouls without being able to retrieve any ball. He is unlike Tonali and Bennacer who play with confidence. Slow pace players with little or no techniques and confidence should be release football has advanced and a team like Milan need players of great thinkers together with pace and agility and not chameleons like pobega,Adli, and messias. Many at times you will see in this website that Milan are in the chase for so and so players but won’t sign them and are used to be great players like the likes of Muani, Enzo Fernandez,Julian Alvarez,etc. who cost almost nothing.

  9. Champions League is burning Pioli’ head. That’s due to the lack of quality when it comes to subs.
    We cannot have Milan with :
    – Pobega
    – Gabbia
    – Tatarusanu

    Leao played as if Milan were playing a friendly match.

  10. This is not overreacting because of 1 game but I am worried about this season Milan team.
    Outside of 2,3 games vs. Bologna, Monza and Juventus, every other game has been a major struggle for Milan to get a result. Even against the bottom table teams.
    Even though they lost the Napoli game, that was actually Milan’s best performance this season.
    Something needs to change .
    Hopefully we keep close to the top in serie A and make it out of UCL before the WC, and then in January couple reinforcements are brought in especially on the RW and a central midfielder that can also create.
    I am a big fan of CDK and am willing to give him the time to grow, but he looks lost out there. He can’t do anything right at this moment. His confidence is shut.
    Pioli has to change something.
    Origi received no service today, and people are actually criticizing him.
    Our midfield creates nothing. Matter fact the only way this team scores is from a counterattack.
    I am really worried about the game vs. Salzburg. If you look at our squad compared to their, it’s not that better.
    Hopefully, we turn it around. Napoli play is out of this world.
    As bad as inter been this year they are only 2 points behind.
    You may not realize when it happens but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you. Hopefully this was Milan’s.

    1. I’m not worried about Salzburg. Last season we had a lot of injuries, once we were out of Europe and everyone recovered, we put a strong run together and won the scudetto. Napoli are playing lights out right now. If they maintain it, then they deserve the scudetto. We’re not strong enough to rotate. Management know what they need to do. Once CDK hits form, things will get easier.

    2. CDK should be given time. For sure. But that time can be spent on the bench now that he is no where near his own level. He needs to fix his head before putting him on the field.

      The winter break is coming. Bench CDK and let him work his head now. Use Adli OR EVEN KRUNIC FFS until CDK has mental things in control. He only does harm to the team at his current state.

  11. This is on Pioli, pure and simple.

    Replacing Leao with Rebic is what killed the game. Yes Leao played like an ass, but he is the one that in a moment of brilliance can turn the game around, and he was replaced with a donkey.

    It was kinda obvious Kalulu had trouble with his right eye after he got hit by Vlasic, should have been subbed right away.

    Pobega playing like an ass and not being replaced but instead taking Tonali out of the game we criminal.

    Goal or no goal, Messias should not be playing at all. He is garbage, pure and simple. He deserves a nice place right next to Yoko on the bench and can go on a loan to whatever delivery company wants to hire him in january.

    1. Ha ha 😂.
      Bakayoko is living his best life.
      2.5 million Euros a year to work out at Milanello for 6 days, travel around Italy and have the best seat in the stadium on Saturday/Sunday .
      Not bad

    2. That’s not what killed the game. They were already down 2-0 at that point and played terribly in the first half. He probably realized the game was already over at that point and was resting him for Champions League. What killed the game was starting Tonali and Pobega together. Milan couldn’t get through the midfield , resorting to just kicking long balls over the top. Meanwhile Torino passed thru Milan’s midfield with ease.

      1. What killed the game was Leao missing two sitters in the opening ten minutes and our back four literally tripping over themselves.

        1. It’s a game we could have and should have won. We played poorly and Torino played well. No one player would have changed the outcome. The whole team was bad today and Torino played the game of their lives. It’s football, it happens.

          1. That’s basically it. Nothing else to be said. We are going to lose some games. This scudetto is going to be tough not because we’re doing worse than last season, but because other clubs are player better. Napoli is looking unstoppable, with a true superstar at LW who would have put those two chances Leao missed away with his eyes closed (plus another killer in a healthy Osimhen). Atalanta has no European competition to worry about. Lazio has Sarri. Roma has Mourinho. Milan just need to keep their heads down, chin up and keep working. Next game is against Slazburg and if we avoid defeat we’ll be playing in the CL knockouts, which we have seen for 8 years.

      2. Let’s be honest here.
        What killed the game was Leao missing two easy chances.
        If He converts those early, Torino is forced to open up and attack, and Milan leaves Turin with easy 3-0 or 4-0 win maybe even more.
        Consistency and Clinical execution is what separates great players from good players

        1. True, that if Leao scores one of those chances it is a different game, but that is no excuse for Milan playing terribly the remaining 85 minutes.

  12. I don’t know if they changed the rule but the second goal was offside. Two strikers were offside when the goalie kicked out the ball,.they were interfering with the play and were clearly off. We really should have had a point at 1-1

    Anyways, I’m glad ppl are coming around after all the crap ppl gave me about talking about the loss of Kessie for this season. Anyone with a footballing brain would realize how key he was last season and we haven’t replaced him. And don’t give me this Tonali-Bennacer nonsense..they don’t do what he did.

    Anyways pt 2, was so happy to see Pobega get the start after all the hype esp on this site and build up of his “homecoming” (sarc), only to totally muck it up. He ain’t quaility and I’m happy this game exposed him. We should really start playing Vrancx and Thiaw instated of him. For all the ppl last season saying he was better than Kessie…well here you go. His true colors.

    Anyways 3, we simply had a bad outing..we didnt play our normal game even when we were down. We just weren’t composed. I hope this is a lesson to Pioli that he needs to give the hungry guys a start / rotate more when u have UCL next week. Also Theo hasn’t been himself since his house got robbed. Hopefully he bounces back

      1. Oh man I’m an idiot. totally forgot. Thanks for that..The next thing is handball by Gabbia which deflected the ball into the path of the player🤷‍♂️ had an impact on the goal

  13. Come here to discuss the performance of Milan. Not to discuss hypothetical situations if this or that other player was with the team. It contribute nothing.

  14. Bad all around. Hate to say it but we def miss Kessie. Our rock solid D last season is anything but without Kessie bullying opposing players and dropping back as cover for our CB’s with their aggressive high press. We didn’t replace him (Benny and Tonali are totally different players w different characteristics and Poegba is def NOT ready for such a role and also isn’t that kind of player) – and it shows. I would really like to see if Aster can bring some of what we lost in Kessie back to the table. That or we have to get someone in January – who knows maybe Franc comes back lol. But we are just not the same team. Diaz hot again/cold again saga continues. Leao has to be more lethal in front of goal no excuses for that. We need to stop playing CDK and let him sit like Kalulu did for 6 months or we are going to destroy this kids career. He has zero confidence. Pls let him sit on bench until the new year. Messias is well Messias. A career backup. Origi had no service. Theo was due for an off game – he plays every 3 days so one bad game is bound to happen. Tara is again – terrible IMO. His positioning and command of the 6 is horrid. He is a reflex goalie at best who is bad with his feet and isn’t technical – a career backup and it shows. Not getting better quality at that position over the last few seasons has been a huge mistake. He inspires Zero confidence in the lads. And thinking we could rely on him to keep us in or win games is shocking. Play Mirante. We need to Move on to CL on Wednesday and make sure we qualify.

      1. And yes, CDK should be benched until he gets his head straight. He doesn’t do anything good on the pitch and that doesn’t do any good for him either. Let him rest and get him back to his level in January.

  15. Many big teams lose between UCL ties. Chelsea were hammered, Liverpool also lost, Barca struggled and Real Madrid drew. Some of you have zero perspective. The biggest issue isn’t Leao missing easy chances, it’s the form of Tomori and the lack of Maignan.

  16. People keep crying about Kessie or whatever. What about all those hundreds of players we let go over the decades, or didn’t sign? OMG WHAT IF WE’D SIGNED MESSI WHEN HE WAS 12 BEFORE BARCELONA???? So dumb. Forget about the past. This is our second loss of season, not our 8th or 9th. And it wouldn’t have been a loss if Rafael “pay him whatever he wants” Leao had scored his two chances in the first 6 minutes. Kessie is gone, Donnarumma is gone, Kaka is gone, Shevchenko is gone, Pirlo is gone, you get the point. MOVE ON.

    1. Man, imagine Sheva at LW/SS and Kaka at 10 in todays style of football . They’d be even better than they were. They’d be unstoppable once Milan recovers the ball and hits the counter attack.
      On the other hand, love Pirlo, but I don’t think he can play in this era. Too physical and too fast paced for him.
      Gattuso would be red carded every game lol , and Pippo will probably only have a 1/3 of the goals he has , the other 2/3 would be taken out by VAR for offside .
      Maldini, Nesta, Thiago Silva
      Theo, Kessie, Seedorf, Cafu
      Sheva , Ibra

    2. The point of Kessie is not Kessie but what Kessie brought to the table esp when ppl say things like Tonali and Bennacer are doing the job he did..they ain’t. And that’s the whole point. We didn’t replace what Kessie brought to the team. Anyone with a football brain can see this. It’s why the backline is porous this season.

    3. Agreed with you Vero

      Last season with Cashie, we still lost against Napoli, Spezia, Liverpool, etc.

      Cashie is not a Milan player anymore. Time to move on.

  17. I’m sorry but how can you say that Leao missing 2 early easy chances isn’t the biggest issue.
    If you know that your defense and GK are suspect then offensively you need to take advantage of every chance possible especially if you are the best player on the team. Milan defense is bad this year , and they conceded 2 goals, but Offensively with Leao or without ,they created NOTHING after the 7th minute.
    He must score those if he wants to be elite. He didn’t miss one but 2 and he was especially selfish on the 1st one because he had Pobega alone in front of the goal

    1. Leao is elite, his numbers show he’s elite. He had a bad game. It happens. He rarely has two bad games in a row. Given how consistent he’s been all year, I’d suggest the defence is a much bigger problem.

  18. Now I’ve been Diaz’s harshest critic, but he did put two perfect balls on a plate for Leao, sending him clear on goal only for him to horribly scuff both times.

    So how is it that : “almost no impact during the 45 minutes he got on the pitch” I wonder!

    1. It’s easy to criticize Diaz because of the other matches. Just copy-paste the text from before and not think about.

      And yes, Diaz’s passes to Leao were perfect. If you don’t take advantage of that type of chances, you’re bound to lose.

  19. What can I say ,other than that we were extremely poor ..Rafeol Leao looked like he was in a practice match and even when his pace got him into positions
    didn’t have real convictions with his shots on goal .one of which he just had to score ,but he is a excellent player,and he will come good again ..The main reason for teams complete lack of understanding I believe came from to many changes to the starting line up.ORIGI just did not know what do when he had the ball ,Olivier Giroud is a much better centre forward and he has the ability to bring others into the game .With him ,the team looks more balanced..Yes he was brought on ,but I believe he should have been introduced much earlier ..Orgi should have been taken off after half time ,he looked lost up front .So I think too many changes were made in the starting line up ..This was a mega game to win..
    So despite rafael Leaos poor performance,and indeed the teams ..Rafeol must start in champions leauge game on Wednesday and yes that man Olivier Giroud to start as the centre forward ..We will win that match .

  20. Kessie has nothing to do with Tomori and Kalulu not tracking their men, they’re super aggressive and get pulled out of position too easily, one should stick, one should go. I wish Pioli would give more minutes to Thiaw. We need his height.

  21. Leao not finishing either of those 2 chances was everything for us… secondly both goals were on Kalulu unfortunately. He is awful at set piece marking, lost his man then Gabbia couldn’t get there in time to cover. Second goal Kalulu tracked the wrong man far too central and basically ran into Gabbia (probably a symptom of him usually playing CB more), then Miranchuk was wide open and it luckily went through both Gabbia and Tomori’s legs, also, Tata probably could have done better there.

    We didn’t play great but it came down to Leao blowing it offensively and Kalulu blowing it defensively. It’s not all on them however, we simply don’t have the quality nor the depth to compete on more than 1 front.

    Also, until the goal Messias was atrocious. Funny how 2 years ago we could have bought Zaccagni or Messias and went with Messias… great choice guys.

    1. Kalulu & Gabbia were BOTH to blame. Pellegri should have never won the header against Gabbia. The there were 3 defenders to blame in the opening goal.

      I’ll just put it out there. If it were Kjaer instead of Gabbia on the pitch, NEITHER of the goals would have come.

  22. In addition, why does Pioli keep going back to his beloved 4231?? It doesn’t suit our team and we look awful every time we play in it. We are far better with more bodies in midfield with this squad, it helps link mid and attack so much easier. Funny how he hasn’t learned this yet, such a top tactical coach…..

  23. “Anybody with a football brain”, lol. How long have you been watching football I wonder? Have you notice how poorly Tomori is playing in general? Is that because we’re missing [a] Kessie? Did not replacing Kessie cause Maignan’s injury? How about Leao’s two chances? Would having [a] Kessie back there in CDM have given him the peace of mind to put those chances away? Would having [a] Kessie overcome the fact that we still don’t have a proper RW and AMC is also a question mark almost every week? Anybody with a football brain can see this squad is missing many many parts, and can also see how remarkable it is that we are where we are despite these deficiencies.

    1. Do you think that Tomori and Kalulu who had the most clean sheets in Serie A last season are so much different and worse this season, or maybe it’s that teams are running right through our weak midfield this season?

      1. Even if there is zero changes in the formations, rosters and starting 11s, they players will not perform identically to previous seasons. Their performance varies even if the players next to them wouldn’t change.

        You cannot be certain it’s 100% due to Kessie missing. Even if you wanted it to be.

      2. Tomori has been terrible this season. That’s a fact and has got nothing to do with our midfield (which indeed has been hurt by Kessie’s departure).

  24. Kessie being gone is not the only factor, but it’s the biggest factor. I think Pioli has them being too aggressive this season and they are getting caught. Tomori for sure needs to be better with his positioning and decision making. The defense looks much better with Kjaer in there, but it’s the same exact lineup that had the best defense in the league last season…minus 1 piece. Kessie is a destroyer in the midfield and he could bully the other teams best midfielder. Ok, he wanted to leave, but the arrogance of management to think that they didn’t even need to sign someone to replace him is what people should be angry about. It has weakened the team, and just pretending that Tonali and Pobega are up to the task isnt going to help Milan.

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