Player Ratings: Udinese 3-1 AC Milan – Thiaw and Tomori embarrassing

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan failed to get back to winning ways this evening as Udinese beat them with ease at the Dacia Arena. Down below are the player ratings for the Rossoneri, with several shocking displays. 

Starting XI

Maignan (5.5): He perhaps could have done more on the first goal as he was wrong-footed but he had no chance on the other two.

Kalulu (3.5): He had a couple of good long balls but his defending was simply too poor this evening. Udinese created a lot on both flanks and he made unusual errors that were laughable.

Thiaw (2): If Kalulu’s performance was really bad, then I don’t know what to say about this lad. Really poor on the second goal, practically gifting it to Udinese, and he was too insecure in general. On the third goal, he went down too easy and made it so easy for the hosts.

Tomori (2): Wow, and not in a positive way. It’s astonishing that he can go from dominating away at Tottenham to not even being able to control the ball a few games later. Turned inside out by the attackers and was made a fool several times.

Saelemaekers (5): He had a couple of good moves on the right-hand side, beating his man and getting into good positions. However, the delivery was too poor from him.

Bennacer (5.5): Taking him off was a huge mistake. He at least had something going and Milan’s positive spell in the first half all came from him making himself available.

Tonali (4): He worked hard, credit to him on that front, but his delivery wasn’t very good and he ended up struggling in the midfield battle.

Ballo-Toure (4.5): He’s clearly not a worthy deputy for Theo but the blame can probably not be put just on him. He at least got into the box a lot and offered some presence.

Diaz (5.5): One of the better players this evening as he created many chances. He still needs to learn to not dribble every single chance.

Ibrahimovic (5): Unfortunately, the amazing record of becoming the oldest goalscorer in the league was overshadowed by Milan’s performance. He was alright, but dropped down too much in the first half.

Leao (4.5): He helped us get the penalty, yes, but the reality is he was very poor in the first half and only in the second half did he play to his abilities. With little success anyway, though.


Rebic (4.5): Didn’t offer that much but he wasn’t straight-up terrible either.

Krunic (5): Apart from being nutmegged immediately he did okay.

Calabria (N/A): He didn’t play enough to get a rating.

De Ketelaere (N/A): He didn’t play enough to get a rating.

Origi (N/A): He didn’t play enough to get a rating.

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  1. What a disaster. Everything is wrong right now but I just say do these two things first priority :

    1. Revert back to 4-2-3-1 or a formation in which Leao has a chance of finding his form cause he’s not gonna do it in this formation. He beat his fullback a few times when we changed to 4-2-3-1 in second half.

    Look, Milan have always depended on him. Forget last season when he won us the Scudetto, this season eve when he runs around we have picked up points when he scored or assisted with one move, otherwise we have NO chance. When he hasn’t played it’s the same, we could barely won a game. Also Bennacer can’t play this formation.

    2. Drop Tomori. Bennacer, Thiaw and others were at fault on goals but how many times do we have to watch this guy gift an early goal to the opponent? Milan can’t come back when we go behind. Just bench him. Our mini-revival after January started when he got injured.

    Never mind his mess up (along with Bennacer) on first goal, look at his positioning on the second. He’s standing in front of Maignan blocking his line of vision.

    1. True. We’re in absolute crisis. It will be a miracle if we finish top 4. This 3-5-2 is a disaster because we don’t have an attack. Of course we should do better on defense, but if we can’t make teams afraid of us scoring they will always press high and tight, and if they do score first we are no threat to come back. Another solution must be found. The 3-5-2 is a failure.

  2. Lucky that we got Thiaw the poor-man’s Botman rather than the real Botman? Yeah right.

    And it’s amazing to see a full healthy Kjaer keeps being on the bench, while the other defenders show nothing but an extreme ups and downs.

  3. Bennacer was at fault on both the first and second goals. 50% of the blame on first goal goes to him, other 50 to Tomori. His pass wasn’t the best, Tomori lost it, they both got back in front of the attackers and both failed AGAIN. Tomori was turned as usual and Bennacer got in front of the goal scorer only to let the ball pass from between his legs into the goal.

    On second goal, he was thrown to the side under a normal challenge by Udogie. Krunic would never lose that physical battle that easily.

    Bennacer can’t play this formation. It needs physical midfielders. In 4-2-3-1 he can drop between defenders to build up the play. He’s useless and a liability like this.

  4. Bennacer (5.5): Taking him off was a huge mistake.

    Nope, that might be the only thing Pioli did right the whole match.

  5. I remember that after 4 games when Milan kept clean sheets because they parked the bus, people were criticizing Pioli for not playing Thiaw much earlier.
    Well we start to see why Pioli didn’t play Thiaw.
    Said few weeks ago that Tomori is our highest paid and worst defender people got upset. There is a reason he isn’t getting called up for his national team and no one really wants to sign him.
    People can blame Pioli as much as they want but this is not a squad with good players. Bunch of over rated players by Milan fans.
    Our midfielders should not be starters. Bennacer was a back up for a reason the last 2 years and Tonali is the worst passer on the team.
    Maignan is our best passer.
    That’s what kind of squad Maldini has built where the GK is the best passer. But somehow it’s the owners fault because they “only” gave him 50 mil to waste last summer. It’s not like the best team in the league Napoli, spent the same amount
    Top 4 or not, clean up is needed at the end of the season, starting with replacing Maldini and hiring someone who is actually competent and qualified to do that job.

      1. What a dream would be to replace him with klopp?
        Milan with Pioli at hand was allways depending on one man ( ibra or leao). This is because he cannot open good defences, and now, with this new formation he use players in wrong positions and we allways lose the mid

    1. Oh finally Leao’s stats just increased for penalty earned… he’s shy of the box. So today no Leao bashing… it’s now Thiaw, Bennacer, the midfield and apparently the entire team isn’t good enough.

      Look, to you, you are making sense, but until you open your mind to learning new things, you may still never understand football.

      Kessie recently stated something fundamental as the difference between AC Milan and Barcelona.
      He said, both teams want to win, but Barcelona want to win by playing good football, while Milan just want to win at all cost.

      You who was looking at Leao’s goals and assists for last season didn’t get the argument I was putting out to you, for most part of last season, Milan was even mocked as Leao FC, we weren’t really playing well, we just gave the ball to Leao to do his magic and the whole squad got motivated in the process, but motivation cannot substitute ideology and philosophy in football.

      Real Madrid sacked Capello despite winning the league because the club management had a clear ideology on how the club should play football, Capello deployed a conservative approach, and despite winning the league, the play wasn’t beautiful. But I bet you, if it was at Milan, we will definitely get carried away as long as won us the league.

      You talked about Napoli, look even when Napoli didn’t win nothing, they have always had a philosophy of playing beautiful football, it’s been a tradition since even before the Lavezzi, Cavani and Hamsik era, so imagine a team whose philosophy is well grounded on playing beautiful football, now gradually getting every piece in order, I’m not surprised at all what Napoli is doing, in fact I even feel is has been long overdue.

      Look, the power of the coach on the squad, Inzaghi is making a mess of the Inter team, look at Lukaku playing like a headless chicken, meanwhile under Conte, he was probably the best striker across Europe, and by the way, according to stats, Lukaku is rated as one of the worst big name strikers in Europe this season.

      If Milan had a philosophy of not just winning, but also playing well, then Seedorf shouldn’t have been let to go.

      Pioli has done his maximum best and has hit the bar, expect absolutely nothing more. He has done what he knows how to do best, getting into the head of his players, motivating them, he has never been known as an astute tactician.

      Milan has a young crop of talented players, they can achieve anything they want to in their career under the right guidance and development not just motivation.

      Watch players who leave Milan, they appear to be fitter, run more, and all of that. Club ideology goes even beyond the head coach, it transcends to the fitness department, the kind of exercise the players do.

      Our players have shown that they have talent, but they show little development and growth. Look Thiaw is a talent centre back, without clear footballing ideas, development plans, the player remains on that level.

      Leao, Tonali, Bennacer, Theo, Kalulu all guys with enormous potentials are at that point where they need to get to the next phase, and only a good tactical coach with balls who the players can respect his work can get them there.

      I have said it time and time again, Leao under Alex Ferguson or Gattuso will be a different player. Until you realise that Pioli has done his best and needs to leave, you may never get it.
      But somehow, because he won us the league, we should continue to be loyal to him even when clearly we are suffering, does a top club progress by putting emotions first?

      1. Exactly don’t tell me that our first 11 in not as good as Napolis except striker position talent wise. But they play with confidence and look like a european power house and we on the other hand are a mid table team since 2023 that is down to the coach and his staff period we all saw how good some of our players can bee over the past 2 years. I have a feeling that CDK would be amazing at Napoli this year and Kvara would suck at Milan and that is all down to a situation players are put into Pioli and management have to have a honest review of their work in the past year because they are both at fault here we probably had the worst 3 transfer windows in history of our club and that is quite an achievement. Ok fine we have a young squad they should grow an be better each year right? No Pioli goes full Alegri mode and plays the same guys every game and has rigid tactics and managed to make this team 2x worst than it was last year

      2. Exactly don’t tell me that our first 11 in not as good as Napolis except striker position talent wise. But they play with confidence and look like a european power house and we on the other hand are a mid table team since 2023 that is down to the coach and his staff period we all saw how good some of our players can bee over the past 2 years. I have a feeling that CDK would be amazing at Napoli this year and Kvara would suck at Milan and that is all down to a situation players are put into Pioli and management have to have a honest review of their work in the past year because they are both at fault here we probablyr had the worst 3 transfer windows in history of our club and that is quite an achievement. Ok fine we have a young squad they should grow an be better each year right? No Pioli goes full Alegri mode and plays the same guys every game and has rigid tactics and managed to make this team 2x worst than it was last year

      3. Right, i was saying this for years. We lack playing style coordination and sync between players. Lack of good training is evident. Coaching is poor, but somehow results are better than expected. Thats one thing saving pioli. Players like CDK can’t flourish in this system where we lack fluidity and cohesion between players.

    2. Dude, its not about the players or results. The way we play, no playing style, coordination or cohesion. Players don’t know when and where to run pass or anticipate. Wenplay bad football under pioli. Lack of good training is evident

  6. Every lower level team just seems to have us pressured. It’s embarrassing to watch Milan play. We are never in control of games and have no idea of how to attack. Milan are nowhere near being a big club! Other than Mike and Theo (who wasn’t playing today), this squad is average at best. Milan is getting weaker by the day!

  7. Like I have said over and over again, the team setup is all wrong. A lot was left to be desired today.

    It’s a total meltdown, what we are facing is a tactical problem and that’s on the coach, he is at his dept cus how do you play fu**ing Ballo Toure in this formation and expect him to do a Theo.

    I want to really understand the instructions given to CDK each time he is sent to the pitch cus I see a lot of strolling and hiding from passes, I don’t know if the coach sees it too.

    Tomori must be on some drugs cus WTF is wrong with that dude.

    What we need is a midfield or Kaer to always play that pass that can bypass the midfield to locate the striker when we play from the back cus without this we are a crop of players passing the ball aimlessly.

    Like I said Pioli is out of his dept tactically I think it’s time to move on.

  8. First of all, Tomori has been our worst defender the entire season yet Kjaer sits on the bench. The best this Defense looked the entire season was the first game against Tottenham when Tomori was out and it was Kjaer, Thiaw and Kalulu.
    If Milan ever miss Kessie it’s a game like this. Milan’s midfield and defense were bullied all over the pitch by Udinese. It looked like kids playing against grown men. They couldn’t get the ball off of them.
    The reason Ibra had to drop back so far is because it was the only way he was going to touch the ball. There was no service for him at all. This team is a mess. They should go back to the 4-2-3-1 with Kalulu or Florenzi at RB. At least Leao is more comfortable in that formation. He looks terrible since the change.

    1. Yup, one decent match by Tomori doesn’t make up many other matches where he’s off.

      Said this on our first match of the season (funnily it was against Udinese) where Fik & Pierre just seemed to not be able to repeat their performance on the previous season and people started throwing rocks.

    2. 100 %! Well said. I agree with everything. Tomori out, Kjaer in. Put Zlatan in Diaz position and Giroud in top position. Leao far left and maybe try Adli or CDK on right. Saladmaker is not good enogh. Krunic instead of Benna. And we need to regain some aggressivity to be able to win the ball high. We can’t build up play for shit. We need to stress opponents into doing mistakes and then punish them. That’s why we’re usually better against teams who have higher possession. We don’t have to control the tempo. Let the other team do it and let us be aggressive when they attack to be able to switch play fast and punish them.

  9. Yeah well it’s stupid to pick the worst player or the players at fault for this loss. The whole team is not clicking. They are playing as if it’s their first time playing together. Off the ball movement is mediocre. Very very static play, instead of opening up for each other and helping each other. Honestly, tonali and ben should not be on the same starting 11. Krunic in dm role is much much much better than tonali or ben. Hell, look at the record. Krunic starts as dm with either ben or tonali we won or had a better performance. Ben and tonali start than our midfield gets over run easily. Why can’t pioli see that for the love of god. Tonali and ben are good or great or promising or whatever you wanna call them. But they are not better in dm role. They are classic cm period. However, pioli has gotta bring back that joy of playing together again. Work hard for each other.

  10. Udinese hasn’t won for 180 days. Amazing guys, keep it up. At this rate, we’re going straight to CL (Conference League).

    One of the most pathetic and tame title defence ever. I’ve always defended Pioli, but come on, did your balls drop off? Bench the non performing players, start players who really wants to play and stop using timid 3-4-2-1 against teams such as Salernitana (with all due respect) at home. Now that we conceded 3 while playing 3-4-2-1, what’s the excuse?

    Isn’t it amazing that NONE of our players actually scored 10goals yet in Serie-A? And we’re supposedly the reigning champion. Teams don’t fear us, and sometimes, using us to gain their own mojo back. Sassuolo has been crap this season, and after thrashing us, they went on a good run. Watch how Udinese came back roaring after this week lol.

    Please Pioli, time to tinker with your selections. Stop being too faithful to certain players and completely shutting off the others.

    So sickening.


          That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen on this site!

  11. Paolo Maldini, sporting director of the year.
    Once that man is put in a position where he has no decision making authority, Milan instantly becomes a better team.
    That’s the results you get when you lose your best players for free and don’t even replace them.
    Hopefully Pioli and the players can perform another miracle in spite of Maldini just like they did last season, and finish in top 4

  12. Can someone tell me when was the last time the midfield duo of Bennacer and Tonali had a good game and actually won the battle in the midfield. Can’t remember. They are getting bullied week after week.
    We played much better when Krunic was starting while Bennacer was injured.
    Krunic needs to start from now on.
    Brahim and Saelemakers were the only players that tried to do something, the rest was doo doo.

  13. I know we had almost twice the possession but it was all junk, seemingly in our own half.

    We can’t play against 3 man midfields. We got locked in our own half.

    1. Hello. It’s not about formations. It is about a serious drop in motivation and attitudes as well. Long story. Immediate is the issue of the speed of play. Milan won the league on the back of being super fast in the offensive third. That is now our biggest Achilles. In Europe, playing off the counter, our pace was a constant threat. At home, especially against strugglers we slow down to diagram drawing speed

  14. They should all be ashamed. It’s absolutely unbelievable that this team gets to wear the scudetto badge on their shirts. We’re the laughing stocks of the league.

    Why are we still playing this formation in serie a? We’re still letting in goals and have no attack whatsoever. In champions league I understand to play that formation but this is just ridiculous. Tomori doesn’t know how to defend anymore. Thiaw is raw but what a horrible performance tonight..

    The midfield has absolutely no link between defence and forward.

    Onto leao, how does he have the nerve to ask for 7.5m? He has been our worst player. Can’t make a pass can’t beat his man and the worst of it all he looks disinterested. Sell him right away and strengthen every department. No man deserves that kind of salary that can’t perform consistently and he’ll never be consistent. Should have sold him in January on a high.

    Piolis tactics are very poor, how are you playing 5 defence against udinese and salernitana?? He’s lost the plot and he got us out of that slump temporarily and were right back in it. I can’t believe how bad this team has got. The only way that this season isn’t an utter failure is if we win the Champions League, which I have better luck winning the lottery. I actually feel sorry for cdk at this point how can you grow when your brought on every game when losing?

  15. I’m shocked, this might be the worst performance from our defense I’ve seen this season. Even the game against Sassuolo wasn’t this bad, it was like Tomori channeled Harry Maguire in this game. What a disaster. I usually try to find a silver lining in a loss. But this was absolutely ridiculous.

  16. I don’t think the players are these bad. Every game they all look lost … we win by pure luck . No one can blame Maldini for the players leaving for free, 1st the previous regime had a salary cap, 2nd the amount other teams were offering these players were just ridiculous. Pioli is a bad coach . Pioli was this bad at Lazio ,inter and fiorentina !! Zero creativity. The league was a fluke !! A manager that cant integrate over 5 players ( CDK, Origi, Adil, Thiaw, Vrxanx) and other youth players !! some thing is fundamentally wrong. No way he didn’t sign off on these players . Pioli is just a bad coach !! to think we could have had Spalleti

    1. Yes, you can 100% blame Maldini for letting players leave for free. You don’t let players get into the last year of the contract without a new deal. You make them your best offer and if they don’t take it, you sell them so then you have money to replace them. Terrible job by Maldini. Not to mention the terrible signings of Ballo-toure, Bakayoko, Vranckx, Origi, Pobega, Adli, CDK.
      Pioli is a really difficult situation to figure out. On the one hand, he has overachieved with the squad he has been given. Winning the Scudetto with probably the 4 th best roster in Serie A. And because of bad decisions by management, his squad he has to work with has gotten weaker year after year. This years is worse than last years, and last years was worse than the previous. He deserves better.
      On the other hand, while he has gotten good results, he hasn’t necessarily gotten great performances from the squad and never really has the team had a good offensive game plan. Their passing and movement has always been terrible under Pioli. They got by thru dominating the midfield when Kessie was there and creating turnovers with their high press which was the best in Serie A. They can no longer do those things and their offensive and defensive inadequacies are now evident for all to see. It may be time to move on from Pioli for someone tactically better, but Pioli really deserved better support than he received from an incompetent Maldini and stingy ownership.

  17. (This was a total disgrace towards ac milan f c. I think now pioli should go .also the players we have are not good enough. I also think maldini should take part of the blame he is sitting watching it and sees what the problems are.

  18. A worrying performance, it seems Diaz was the only motivated man tonight.

    Even Maignan was not at the level expected (you would have give 3 to Tatarusanu for the same display).

    Tbh, I do not think we will qualify for the UCL this year.

  19. We have returned to our January form. I expect more humiliations. Napoli, Juve, Roma. We’ll finish 6th at most. The crazy thing is that Maldini and Pioli will still not get fired, probably.

  20. Or disasters
    Tomorri such big dill
    He is the best he the future
    Kallulu i dont know how you can call him a player.
    Romanioli was one was keeping them together those idiots
    Maldini is disappointed.
    Pioli disaster

  21. Or disasters
    Tomorri such big dill
    He is the best he the future
    Kallulu i dont know how you can call him a player.
    Romanioli was one was keeping them together
    Maldini is disappointed.
    Pioli disaster

  22. The major problem is that there is no striker and a team without a striker cannot win a game!! Moreover, Tomori is not up to it and he commits a lot of blatant mistakes. Certain players are only a shadow of past performances, i.e. Rebic, Leao, Tonali, etc. Others are a big mystery; Bakayoko, Adli, Vrancx, CDK, etc.

  23. Tonali can’t play with Benny. Huge problem. He only plays well with Krunic. Diaz another disappearing act – and we want to sign him over Aouar? Tomori has regressed considerably from an amazing last season. Horrid. Thiaw – well what did we expect. Young kid worth only 6M. You get what u pay for. The talent is their and he will be a great defender but that takes time and his ups and downs isn’t unexpected. What is odd is not playing Kajer once and a while. Sales just runs around. Leao must be better period. I think the contact situation is weighing on him but no excuses. He must be better – better service would help – but Diaz/CDK can’t do anything. We all know we needed to spend in January on a few reinforcements but we’re given no $$$ – we’ll this is what happens. Lucky to make top 4. Horrible display

  24. Been a fan from 1991. Every moment. I think it’s time to call things as they are. Hyped Tonali for all his fight and spirit has too many misplaced passes, and then his default option is never to charge forward but to pass back or sideways, killing momentum. Same goes for most of his holding midfield colleagues. The other momentum stoppers are those guys on the right wing. Almost all of them. Kalulu, Salaemarkers. When Calabria was in form or even Florenzi, and more importantly in the injured Messias, the right side generates the needed speed of play to catch defenses off. In short, what this team needs is another two gears in offensive speed, plus the tactical discipline to get an attacking pass rate above 80 per cent from midfield. Start there Senor Pioli

  25. The other reality is that we have real issues with physical conditioning. Today we came second best in ALL one on one phsical challenges… Responsible for goals 2 and 3 as our most powerful tower was knocked off easy

  26. Fr bruhh. The team must be resfreshed. Half of ‘EM. The summer market should be BUSY. Loan Zaniolo, Berardi, sign Aouar, Gift Orban. Replace saladmaker with Traore, Tomori with new one defender from primavera maybe.

  27. Bennacer is main source of our downfall. he holds too much on the ball. The first goal was due to his poor passing. I think Krunic should start with Tonali and get a rest in the second half. Krunic has shown that he can control the midfield. De ketalere tried his best, it’s only Rebic who was lost among the substitutes

  28. Please let go back to our 4-2-3-1 formation, as we can see it’s not working
    We only used formation 3-5-2 to solve problem then, please let stop the formation it’s not working out at all

      1. 4231 is better, as long as Tonali and Bennacer are not used together. They can only be paired with krunic.

        Better still, 4321 if we are playing a very strong attacking team. Krunic should be in-between Tonali and Bennacer.

  29. Well I am fed up of seeing the same errors/approach every week from Milan. Pirlo is the culprit plain and simple, along with the lazy Leao who is clearly not interested now his ego has been inflated to the nth degree. Absolute joke. We were embarrassing last season jut somehow a series of events handed the team the championship but they were the poorest winners of Serie A for years !

    There are so many players not worth the shirt, particularly Salaemakers, Diaz, Leao, Ballo, Rebic, etc and the lack of investment up front is the killer. Whilst Giroud has scored some important goals we needed a more prolific striker bringing in.

    Also, what is the point of bringing in such as CDK, Vranckx. Aldi, etc?

    Throw in inane tactics from a coach out of his depth then = disaster.

    Thank god they didn’t draw City in the CL or the score line would be worse than Leipzig !

    Rant over 😵‍💫🥶😎

  30. I simply do not have the guts and nerve to keep watching Milan anymore, so i will only watch the highlight after the matches, I thanked Pioli for what he’s done so far but he really needs to go as he has no clue what he needs to do with the team anymore, i’d say grab Tuchel or Pocchetino while they are still free, i dont see us finish in top 4 and seriously stop joking around that we can beat Napoli with this crappy performances.

  31. Pioli never learns. The problems were there to see pre worldcup. A few people pointed it out. I for one foresaw and predicted a post worldcup disaster. But what did Pioli do with the off time?, he experimented with Pobega at LB and Adli on the wings. Wasted an entire month doing things that has nothing to do with nothing. Pioli is at his limits. Any changes he makes has to be forced. Its the same tactics with this 3-back, he simply cannot depart fully from his beloved 4-2-3-1 cos that’s what he wrote his thesis in. Pioli simply can see what the obvious formation for this team is.

    And to the directors, i hope plans and work is already underway to change things this summer. And i hope they have learnt from their mist….experiences. GK seems to have been sorted, left footed CB, LB, CM/CDM, LW, RW, CF. Lots of work need to be done, shrewd and precise, little room for errors. I would say some primavera players could be looked at for a few of these positions or a backups, but Pioli….sigh!

  32. Funny how much Romagnoli is missed. I remember so many fifa players here saying he’s too slow, etc etc because they think all that matters is speed. Well guys, positioning, anticipation and reading the game matters too. Not saying he’s some legend but we looked less disjointed with him around. This team keeps getting worse each year. Crazy for a team that eon the scudetto.

    1. Enough of these players that left. FYI roma is not that much of improvement. Glad he left. The ones we have are ok they just need a good coach to make them shine. Kalulu will become one of the best in the world one day with milan or another team. Thiaw, can and will become great. He has all the characteristics of a great defender. Tall, fast and smart and young. Tomorrow is just nervous by nature. He will be at thr same level, on and off. And yes I’d pick all three before roma. When the whole team plays like crap, we always pick on defense

    2. Romagnoli has always been decent, the problem was constant errors he was making and most of it was costing us, our players always appear weaker and slower and more lazy when they play with us.

      Hakan confessed that he works more now at inter, and same goes for virtually all players who leave us, they improve and become better.

      The problem is not the players, it’s our system.

      1. Dunno if it’s system or pioli. They suffered injury when train harder. But why other club didn’t have many players injured even though they played harder

        1. It’s all encompassing, from Pioli to the backroom staff, they all work together.

          We sign a player who is good, but all of a sudden they become average when with us. Smaller teams bully us, top teams manhandle us, it’s a cycle from fitness to tactics.
          But we have solely relied on spirited motivation to survive, but sometimes even a players motivation needs to be motivated too.

  33. That was probably our worst performance of the season and I’m so sick of seeing Milan struggle. There was just nothing. Nothing to enjoy. No moment.

    Even the penalty incidents were embarrassing. The ref made the right calls but it was embarrassing how much help Milan needed. And they still threw it away. Within minutes.

    It’s just beyond depressing.

    1. Exactly! So many of the players aren’t Milan-worthy. They lack the ambition and attitude. They think it’s OK to not win games such Salernitana & Udinese.

  34. What’s the point of playing Tomori as a left sided cb? The dude can’t kick with his left foot so all his passes are either cross-field with his right or backwards; no passes down the left side.
    I was a Tomori fan when he arrived, now I can’t wait to see him dropped. He is majorly flawed; easily beaten, plays in an erratic way which puts his defence in jeopardy. Sorry bro, you have to go…

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