Player Ratings: Udinese 1-1 AC Milan – Ibrahimovic saves Rossoneri; duo dreadful

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan wanted to get back to winning ways this evening after losing against Liverpool but instead, they nearly made it two consecutive defeats. Zlatan Ibrahimovic was the big hero with a late equaliser, saving the Rossoneri. 

Starting XI

Maignan (6.5): He made a wonderful save on Beto but couldn’t keep the rebound out in the end. He didn’t have loads to do after that but was very solid in his passing throughout the game.

Florenzi (6): One of the better Milan players this evening as he was often involved in driving the ball forward. Perhaps a few too many balls over the top but at least he tried to create something.

Alessandro Florenzi

Tomori (5.5): The defence was a bit all over the place this evening as Beto really made it difficult for them. It didn’t help that Deulofeu also played well. The Englishman struggled at times to keep the attackers at bay.

Romagnoli (5.5): The same goes for the captain, who won a fair share of duels but also lost quite a few. The fact that Udinese were given freedom in attack made things difficult for Milan overall.

Hernandez (5): It was another sloppy and poor performance from the Frenchman. He made his 100th appearance for Milan and it didn’t go well for him, with a few mistakes at the back and some good opportunities squandered.

Bennacer (4.5): He was partly responsible for the first goal as he sent the ball into a very dangerous area, he shouldn’t have put Bakayoko in that position. Improved a bit afterwards but it was an evening to forget.

Bakayoko (4): Although Bennacer perhaps shouldn’t have played the pass, it’s fair to say that Bakayoko could have done a lot better at shielding the ball. It wouldn’t have been enough to run towards it, but he was late in his reaction.

Saelemaekers (5.5): Not a great display from the Belgian, who had a few nice touches but also was quite invisible for most of the game. He really needs to improve in taking space because Messias did much better on the right when coming on.

Diaz (5): It was a very poor performance from the Spaniard this evening. He was even dangerously close to a 4.5, as he missed a few good chances and failed to have an impact on the game, besides a few nice touches.

Krunic (5.5): Just like Saelemaekers, a performance that included some nice passes but culminated in very little impact overall. He was also taken off after the first 45.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic of AC Milan

Ibrahimovic (7 – MOTM): The big hero for Milan with his late semi-acrobatic striker. He didn’t have a huge impact prior to that besides a header from a tough position, which nearly crept in behind the goalkeeper.


Messias (6): Decent display from the Brazilian off the bench. He was able to beat his man several times and nearly got on the scoresheet, getting into some good positions.

Tonali (6): He was important in the second half as his strength came in handy against the tough Udinese players. Did what was required of him and his position well.

Kessie (6): Just like Sandro, he did well at the centre of the park and you can’t really say that they should’ve done more. It was a clear improvement from the first half.

Castillejo (5.5): He got 20+ minutes on the pitch and had the ball quite a lot, though without any decisive passes, which in turn resulted in little impact.

Maldini (N/A): He didn’t play enough to get a rating.

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  1. Pioli keeps making the same mistake, the last Bennacer and Bakayoko pairing cost us the Sassuolo game. Bakayoko is the worst midfielder in the team, and he makes his partner look bad no matter who the player is. He is not attentive and he is not smart. I blame Maldini and Massara, how do you send on loan a budding midfielder like Pobega, who showed so much promise in preseason, and deserved to be given a chance even more than many players who were picked for the season, then get a slower injured player to replace him.

    Isn’t it crazy that we started the season with 5 injured players, three of which came in through the summer transfers, and we are still crying about injuries. We couldn’t even seek an actual Striker that isn’t hand-me-down or out of form. Ibra is not as good as he used to be, and if we had the right striker he could only serve as a good alternative at best. He did good by securing the equaliser, but we can keep hoping on miracles and Hail Marys. Maldini needs to do better with transfers, they can’t keep hiding behind lack of funds and lack of opportunities in the Market. That’s a real stupid excuse. Brahim Diaz should have his bags packed by now. We can’t be grooming players for their parent club and let go of our home grown players. Diaz is not among the top 30 ACMs between 20 to 25 years in Europe and South America, even for his current worth….and yet Maldini thinks he is the best thing to happen to Milan in a long time.

    Today’s display just shows that how difficult it’s going to get with what Elliot and Maldini have planned for the team for the rest of the season. Our Scudetto ambitions are slowly dwindling away, and keeping the status quo wouldn’t help us. Milan is getting more and more dreadful to watch.

    1. Agreed on the first one; we heavily rotate from the start (!) our most vital line on the pitch. Poor decision without much justification tbh.

    2. Agree…it’s really waste of money on bakayoka…he always look dumb and no confidence and no clue wtf he is doing…starting quality ACM, RW, ST ..otherwise we just become team to compete for 4th position…

      1. But if we dont have 3 quality players on those positions, why 4231?

        Why not adapt to a system we would only need a defender and forward- whom we need anyway…

        Pioli has made mistakes recently, still its a team with average salary full of injuries. But he needs to do some thinking

        1. Thank you very much.
          Why play 4231, when you know the players for those positions are injured?
          Reason why I said pioli is an average coach that should be with benevento or crotone.

          1. Because Pioli is limited tactically, I say it in my latest videos and he will 100% hold us back from scudetto. He can’t adapt, never has been able to

    3. Keo you keep ranting about Elliot and all these stuff. They real problem is Pioli, should have never given him a renewal. He did great raising the team to a new height but as far as his ability goes it doesn’t go beyond that. I can’t see Pioli win a trophy at this stage. He always save everything down to the last minute. You’ll see what I’m talking about in Apri, May when UCL is in jeopardy again. He makes rotation at the wrong time when victories are needed. I hope management is seeing pattern from last year again when we were doing great first half and went downhill second half and narrowly miss UCL. Nothing wrong giving youth chances. Should have Galtier when he left LIle in the summer. Makes some out of nothing.

      1. At this point I don’t feel the urge to watch any more matches, this one left a bitter taste. Just seeing Pioli defend the Bennacer-Bakayoko pairing during the post-match interview, just drives me crazy.

      2. Pioli is good but doesn’t adapt well. Like today he tonali and kessie for napoli, who will be hard and we draw against udinese. Might draw against Napoli. That equals 2 points. Win against udinese and lose against Napoli, equals 3 points. You have to think for points not performances

    4. You are 💯 right my brother..the team sucks..pioli is totally out of idea..I regretted watching the match using my players f******** management and stop relying on below average players because of money

    5. “More dreadful to watch”: but that is because we take such a long time to build an attack. And is that the fault of the players or of the coach?

  2. Diaz should definitely play another sport, game after game he’s invisible, no dribbling no passing, his shooting is crap. Same goes to Salemakers and Castillejo. We absolutely need a a winger and an attacking midfielder. Bakayoko bad as always. Hopefully we get Leao and Rebic back, we critically need them asap!

    1. Yeah he needs to be benched…he’s been awful…let’s hope they actually can get Barak from Verona because we need a physical presence at No10

    2. Rebic, yes. We’ve lost every counter attacking threat we have without him. Also, defenders are always pulled away to confusion with his movements. He needs to return like yesterday.

  3. Bakayoko can’t complete or collect a pass. No positional awareness, no technique. Not even covering for Tomori and Romagnoli with his size. And he gets a 4?

    Is this a joke?

  4. We desperately need a AM/RW it was awful the performance from Diaz and salemakers was not good so why not romain faivre we are sort of close to buying him so get him before some other club gets him.

    1. One thing I can tell you is we’ve lost Romain Faivre… He is definitely going to a bigger club, the spotlight is already on him in Ligue 1. We missed the chance to sign him when no one was looking. All Milan does is scout players for others to poach… The management is so damn sloppy with handling scouting and transfers… We are linked with every damn talent from Europe to South America, and we don’t end up signing anyone. Then Maldini and Massara sign a used out-of-form maybe injury prone player just to save face and act like the did something… A few more crazy moves by them, and the Curva would call for their heads… This is madness.

      1. Faivre just bombed today.
        What top team is he supposedly going to

        We have bad wingers but excellent fullbacks. Playing any longer in this system is like trying to force reality to your imagination

      2. Well said…I think we lost him too. His price went up and too many are on to him. We always lose out. Look at Koné. He could have signed him for 9m and Now he’s worth double and Juve want him. Hope we can get Faivre but I doubt it now…

  5. “Florenzi (6): One of the better Milan players this evening”

    Really Isak!!!! his crossing was woeful. So many of our moves broke down on the right because of him.

    1. Lol you’ve lost the plot man. Florenzi was fine and actually was solid today. The real issue is that our RW are so bad we’re expecting miracles from our RB… that’s the thing you’re failing to see. Florenzi was fine. We failed today with Bennacer, Baka, Diaz, Saele, Krunic. Those players were bad, lacked creativity and gave Ibra nothing to work with. Not Florenzi lol, he was the least of our worries.

  6. Kessie gets a 6?
    I asked after the Liverpool game and I’m asking again, is Kessie now playing as a SS or what cus he seems to always be lost and chasing shadows. Tonali is by far our most composed midfielder but somehow Pioli doesn’t like him
    I hope the management see now that the attack is depleted and more firepower is needed. No matter how good the defense is if the attack doesn’t perform it all amounts to nothing. We need that ACM ASAP like since last season

  7. The team looked exhausted tonight. When you have so many injuries throughout the season, and you’re always dealing with that, the injured players are not the only ones resenting that, the entire team is heavily affected by all those injuries because that means more playtime for the same group of players, injured players who have to get back to performing well asap because the team desperately need them, I’m not saying we lost tonight because the team was exhausted but it’s definitely affecting the team a lot, Udinese players won many duels and overall looked physically much better than Milan. Now Brahim’s drop of level after covid and Theo’s even before covid or Kessie who has had his mind elsewhere all season, Saelemaekers can’t be a Milan player, Zlatan has zero company in the attack all the time and he’s 40 years old (awful planning by the management, it was obvious that was going to happen when you get Giroud and Pellegri as your other strikers, come on)…we have a lot of problems that call for attention, but I would also like to highlight that all the injuries have started taking a toll not only on the injured players but also the rest of team.

  8. There was a moment when Pioli shouted sth to Florenzi as he mafe another back pass and then he finally passed forward.
    Only thing hes really good at is diving.

    Tonali and Ibra get 7, the rest 5, Bennacer and Bakayoko 4.

    I will defend Brahim – we should be dominating midfield even with Baka and Ismael. Instead we do this wide overload which now means with our inaccuracy we lose a lot of balls, build attacks slowly so opponents have time to switch positions, and create damn zero chances of this mess.

    We had 1 or 2 shots on goal!

    Ibra is isolated, Brahim is isolated, Kessie top scorer once plays 90% as CB, so he can create f**k all.

    Udinese played normal tactics, played well. You could see individually we are better but the system does not work.

    And when you remember CL it stopped working a while back – even Messias goal was luck and Kessie basically playing as free offenive player in the last 20 mins.

  9. List Of Milan Baggages
    (1) Pioli
    (2) Bakayoko
    (3) Diaz
    (4) Theo
    (5) Sale
    (6) Kessie
    (7) Roma.
    Get rid of this scraps and get Milan working again.

    1. Bennacer Krunic Messias Florenzi are not any better…

      Pioli overall made a good job with cheap squad. Opponents do not fear you just because you have big name, and even the name is not that big.
      Nonsense calling for Piolis head given on paper he has only Ibra Giroud and Pellegrini as strikers

      But football fans always want to sack coaches – even Tuchel and Klopp

      1. Pioli will be the last to get any blame from me. Maldini and Massara are handing him scraps and it is a miracle Pioli’s winning with them. Both directors should be ashamed of themselves. They destroyed this team with their summer transfers. For the life of me, I don’t why they never got a proper CAM/RW. Now the medical team is giving a helping hand in completing this mess.

  10. Pioli should change his tactics before further damage like last year. And where’s is Kalulu? florenzi didn’t offer much offensively. Why did he took so long for him to take Diaz and saelemeaker out. And Theo tried to do the same thing  that cost us a goal against Florentina.

  11. This is the team I want to see next season:

    Leao Adil Faivre
    Tonali Kamara
    Theo Botman Tomori Kalulu

    Striker: Giroud/Ibra (if he accepts coming off bench only for last 20min) – Columbo loan to Serie A club.
    ACM: Diaz
    LW: Rebic
    RW: Salesmakers/Messias
    DM: Poegba/Bennacer
    Utility: Krunic/Messias
    LB: replacement for Toure
    RB: Calabria
    CB: Kajer/Romagnoli/Gabbia
    GK: Plizarri/Tata

    * and someone to finally teach Theo how to defend.

  12. I would love to see the face of the person that some time before we sent the hauge to frankfurt would not be missed as we had a lion and a rebic to play on the left wing. We have to play an improvised player on the left wing because now that we only have two in that position and both are injured

  13. Maignan, tomori, tonali, ibra are essential right now. Messias is also working very hard when called upon

    The rest? Dreadfull

    Really miss calabria, rebic, kjaer 🙁

    And also old theo, old diaz, and old leao

  14. I think other teams have Diaz figured out. They just stick a big guy on him and body him out all game. When given space he can do some things but he can’t CREATE space for himself. It’s a huge weakness that every team from the top of the table to the bottom are now exploiting. I agree with all of you, our formation needs tweaking ASAP.

  15. Horrible match. Pioli made a mistake, he saw what happened the last time he played Bennacer and Bakayoko together against Sassuolo, yet he did it again and the damage was done by the end of the first half.

    Diaz the midget is our worst player. He deserves a rating of 2 from 10 for this game. We have to sign an attacking midfielder more than striker or defender imo.

    1. Agreed completely about who we need to sign. I mention the same in my youtube vid, either way this team sleeps for 60m of the game and I don’t see that hunger that’s needed to win the league. Here comes another 4th place battle and fall from grace just like last year….

  16. Brahim, salad Were completely invisible… so many inaccurate shots, ibra also had 3almost 1 on 1 chances wasted. At least he made up for it at the end. We lost all 50:50 challenges. No grit. Teams are ready for our tactics it seems. Bakayoko is a joke, what is he still doing on the field. Both he and ballo toure need to be sent to serie c, where they belong.

  17. Now I am beginning to miss calhanoglu who is doing quite well in inter, contrary to what Milan fans think. He’s still our best AMF since the KaKa era.

    If it were up to me, half of this current squad would be put on the transfer market. Convert Theo to a LWF or an LMF at best thus leading to trying out the 3 5 2 system.

    The current midfield is useless

    Lastly, I don’t think Elliot gives a fuck about winning silverware, at least not yet.

    1. Peak Calhanoglu did not exist for long. There is no basis for wanting him back. He is a very inconsistent player and if he doesn’t have Brozovic or Barella around him, he’d be shit at Inter too.

      Also, the midfield and wingers we have were not so worrisome when he found form two seasons ago. The whole team found form.

      I hate to think Bennacer or Kessie of 2 seasons ago are the ones I’m seeing now. But that’s just how the cookie crumbles.

  18. These ratings lol always bad. Defense wasn’t bad at all. The goal was not their fault one bit. Bennacer made a fatal error again and they couldn’t recover in time. Sorry. Tomori and Romagnoli were not bad at all! Tonali is so vital it’s sad. Bennacer needs to wake up. Regretting not selling him for 50m. Need a RW who is deadly like Berardi and need an AM who is actually dangerous. Diaz has been awful of late.

  19. Bakayoko has been the most terrible play we had so far..always making back pass, lack of confidence..I never believe this is a player the so called management struggle to bring in when we have pogbeba who is up and doing well..the attack suck tonight..I can’t blame pioli when all the management has for the team is below average players and not wanting to spending I regretted waisting my data to watch this forsaken match..

  20. Saya tidak paham apa yang dipikirkan Pioli ketika memainkan Bakayako dan Bennacer secara bersamaan sementara duet ini yang diturunkan saat Sasuolo mengalahkan Milan dan Bakayako salah satu kelemahan utama..Mengapa Milan membutuhkan rotasu??karena tim ini sudah tidak bermain di UCL.Kesalahan yang sama seperti musim lalu, Pioli justru menurunkan pemain terbaiknya setelah tertinggal..Diaz di babak pertama benar-benar minim kontribusi, mengapa tidak membiarkan Benacer dan menarik Diaz..
    Tim membutuhkan kemenangan, tetapi yang terjadi di babak pertama, bola jauh dari kotak 12 Udinese..
    Semoga Milan bisa tampil lebih baik di match selanjutnya

    1. Milan attack doesnt even do anything. Diaz, sal, krun should create spaces and opportunities but Ibra is the one assisting. IDK how much frustrated he was that he did that acrobatic at age of 40 lol. Midfield wasnt a issue until kessie needed to be a dumb. Now our build up is far worst and in return they cant even be decent they just make mistake yoo. If u need a defensive midfielder get renato sanchez best choice. My guy theo doesnt even know his position i cant say about this guy anymore. Kalulu is great option to play there and florenzi keeps the spot. Daniel should be tested. Messias should come up. Milan have great attackers all in homes enjoying. I am not sure if Romangoli can do it but if he cant bremer is good choice. Even for midfield tommaso is hero. Well if milan dont sign any players then our best formation will be
      leao messias but need cam rebic most need rn
      kessie(bruh need tom or renato) tonali
      kalulu roman(needs to prove) tomori calabria
      Yo u can see that we still need back ups and starters bcz we cant hardly make up a good line up. I hope milan we can find alternatives in daniel. Sell sal, ben, gabbia, toure, baka (yo this guy), krunic and pellegri. And make money to buy dusan vlahovic. Bcz giroud and pellegri oof and ibra is old but it seems he is managing to not get injured after he told that in interview but still 3 forwards. need a cam player. need a lb. need a cb bcz roman and tomori will get tired ofc or if roman doesnt perform. Sanchez, milinkovic, pobega, adli. But still if u guy know any good cam stuck it in maldini’s head and also rebic is not so trustable on not getting injured. Florenzi has some qualities so i wont mind if we keep them. Ibra is still our guy. He does give us much. He ask the wingers for help when he does not recieve it he gives assists(theo, brahim this match) and if he still doesnt get the result than he tries to get acrobat and injured so sad milan dont give a good company to his striker who tries alot for his team.. If we had rebic we might would have gave liverpool close contest. Also Rebic assists ibra alot and so ibra gets braces in rebic’s presence. Rebic breaks through defence and the gives a pass instead going solo.
      Pioli is finding problems at the moment but idk why not using the right formation then. Well i would trust him that he did this double pivot bcz ton-kes were tired. But well still dont like the choices. What i just said was for starters. Teams like liverpool have equally high quality alternatives. We are wayyyyyyy to far.

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