Player Ratings: Hellas Verona 1-3 AC Milan – Tonali world-class; Leao decisive

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan claimed all three points in their clash against Hellas Verona this evening, coming back from 1-0 behind to 3-1 up. Several players stood out for the Rossoneri and down below are all of the player ratings. 

Starting XI

Maignan (7): He couldn’t do anything about the goal conceded and wasn’t called into action that many times tonight, in terms of saving. However, he was crucial with his feet in the build-up as Milan often relied on him and he delivered, hence the rating.

Calabria (6.5): A solid performance from the full-back overall but his rating inevitably took a knock due to the duels with Lazovic, which he often lost. It could have been more costly for Milan but the things he did well shouldn’t be forgotten.

Kalulu (7): Every week I write the same thing, he’s just so darn comfortable on the ball and that is such a great trait for a centre-back. Especially in Milan’s system, which gives the youngster a lot of freedom on the ball and it pays off.

Tomori (7): Almost as comfortable on the ball as his colleague and his defensive importance cannot be understated. In a game like tonight, in which Milan pressed high, it’s absolutely crucial to have two fast defenders.

Hernandez (6.5): Just like his opposite man, it was a good performance overall but there were also some strange decisions. He looked a bit nervous, to be honest, and perhaps his inverted role wasn’t that successful tonight. That said, his presence is still important.

Tonali (9 – MOTM): One of the highest ratings we have handed out this season, and boy does he deserve it. The midfielder put in a stunning performance from start to finish, in both phases of the game. He worked tirelessly and putting him in a more advanced role tonight was a decider. Two goals to celebrate his birthday in style.

Kessie (7): He’s so important for Milan in physical games like this one, working tirelessly to either disturb the opponents or retain the ball. His rating would’ve been higher if it wasn’t for his poor technique at times, but otherwise great.

Saelemaekers (6.5): He’s just short of a 7 this evening, which may sound harsh given that he was crucial on the second goal. It was definitely an improvement compared to recent weeks. In fact, it was even encouraging, but the final touch is still lacking at times.

Krunic (7): His smartness is clearly why Pioli wants to keep him in this team. Unlike a player like Diaz, the Bosnian is very comfortable with keeping the ball without seeking a dribble or trying to do something spectacular. And most of the time, that is positive as he often picks the right pass thanks to his cool head.

Leao (8.5): His importance is undeniable and it was a shame that he was booked in the first half (one more and he’s suspended). The assists for Tonali were perfect examples of his biggest strengths and without him, Milan probably wouldn’t have won his clash.

Giroud (5.5): It wasn’t his night as he struggled to control the ball most of the time, and also the fact that he wasn’t really that involved in the open play. A performance to forget for the veteran.


Rebic (7): His pressing came in handy towards the end of the game and he also should have had an assist for Messias, who missed a great chance. It was just the right player to sub on at that stage of the game.

Messias (6.5): It could have been a higher rating if it hadn’t been for that miss at the end, which didn’t mean anything but still shows he needs to work harder. The assist for Florenzi’s goal was a nice little flick and he deserves praise for that.

Bennacer (6.5): He was very quiet when he first came on and he didn’t really have that many successful touches. Fortunately, he improved as the game went on and it was decent in the end.

Ibrahimovic (6): He didn’t get that much playing time and he wasn’t really that involved in the end, hence the rating. That said, he will be important in the final two games.

Florenzi (8): What an impact off the bench! That’s the kind of finish we would like to see from our right-wingers, but we all know what this man is capable of. Fantastic goal and a great (experienced) display.

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  1. Far too high grades for Calabria, Tomori and Theo. The first was overrun på Lazovic several times and missed Caprari on his big chance in the first half, the second destroyed the offsidetrap on the goal and was at times quite shaky in his positioning, and did not mark Faraoni for his goal and almost giftet Verona a one-on-one in the second half. I would have given them 5, 5,5 and 5 respectively.

    My grades:

    Maignan: 6,5
    Calabria: 5
    Kalulu: 6,5
    Tomori: 5,5
    Theo: 5
    Tonali: 7,5
    Kessiè: 6,5
    Saelemaekers: 6,5
    Krunic: 6
    Leao: 7,5
    Giroud: 5,5

    Do not get carried away guys by the late-game enthusiasm. We risked too much in this game, especially in the first half.

    1. Good rating, just the way I’d have done it. Leaving it late can drives me crazy… Lol

      It’s certainly not the best team in the league, but they’ve produced surprising results and we are here…. Lol.

      The boys need all the encouragement they can get going into the final games, and wins like these, albeit late or ugly serves to spur them on.

      Nice one my man.

      Let’s remain positive….Forza Milan!!!

      1. Don’t bother. Those type of fans is just pathetic and never respect coach & players who works hard to get this results.

    2. Stop judging ratings with your personality. Sometimes a well deserved praise is good for better performance.

  2. A decent win from a spirited Milan attack. Congratulations to the team. It hasn’t been easy watching the boys struggle in attack.

    Leao showed up today like the beginning of the season, beating his two markers time and time again, despite the poor protection offered by the referee. Great game today, I hope he can keep up this performance as we march to the final games.

    Still not sure why Krunic gets such a high rating, after giving the ball away numerous times with one of those occasions being a goal attempt for the opposition, and another resulting in their goal… I’m not saying Diaz could have worked any miracles, but today he was hardly better than Salemeekers in my own opinion.

    Tonali keeps being the Milan midfeld Messiah. Funny how a deep lying midfielder has shown up in a striking position while a player like Salemeekers was strolling in midfield when he scored the goal against Lazio and the first goal today. The young man could have had a hatrick if things went his way, but it was a stellar performance from him. Bravo.

    Salemeekers was his usual self, running around the pitch….lol. Nice move on the counter attack to set up Leao and Tonali for the second goal.

    Kalulu and Tomori, still doing the work as always; near perfect, but they still get the job done.

    Florenzi is back with a bang, his drive from the defence and those shots from outside the box have been sorely missed. Great performance off the bench from recovery.

    Sad to see Messias miss a sitter, but the team showed intent in attack, and that is all we need going into the final two games.

    Good job by Pioli. On to the next one. FORZA MILAN!!!

    1. Krunic had a massive impact, just not in the actual game if that makes sense lol. Him playing meant A. we could give bennacer a rest B. play tonali further forward. Better than brahim bcs he provide stability and not try random stf to lose the ball

  3. Where are the idiots on this forum who call Leao lazy and want to sell him for 40M???????? Where would we be without him this season. As the commentator said he is one of the few players in the world who is “unplayable”. You don’t sell that kind of player unless he requests to leave. So do us all a favor and STFU with those amateur comments. Forza Milan!!!!!!

    1. I knew, you were coming for them after the game .. Lol.

      Just let it go man🤣😂

      Let’s just keep cheering the team on

    2. Don’t mind them. They are all foolish people. Right now Leao if our TNT and for me best one on one dribbler in seria A this season. Without him our team won’t perform much. Leave does idiots calling him lazy. If they can they should go onto the pitch and play. Stupid people. Forza Leao

    3. You mean like when he was off the pitch and they managed to score the best goal of the match?
      He’s way too selfish, everything goes to him and his pass’ to Tonali was luckily only just good enough!
      The reason Milan are not doing well is because everyone knows how we’re going to get the ball up the field.

  4. Great performance! and a great reaction after the first Verona goal.
    Leao was great, but the yellow card was so unnecessary! and I would hate to see him miss Sassuolo if god forbid anything happens next week with Atalanta.
    Pioli made the right changes at the right time.

    The scudetto is getting close.
    We have 2 finals to play.. we can do it.
    Forza Milan!

  5. Terrific, spirited performance from the boys, only Giroud was struggling tonight, at times this season he’s looked older than Ibra, lack of pace and ball control and seems to have lost his aerial threat too. Other than that a very feel good satisfying performance. Let’s hope inter slip up against the relegation strugglers. ForzaMilan

    1. di u say the team play sometime after 82nd minute, we strang together like 10 passes and got a ball through, i was just admiring ibra dictating play like pirlo at the age of 40. Really showed how the team has grown and understands better how to pass in tight spaces. Not related, just reminded me.

    2. Garbage – OLI is better appreciated by the opposition and they always have more than one marking him or fouling him.
      💪Bravo💪 🖤O♥️L🖤I♥️
      Good football brains appreciate you!

  6. It’s just so surprising to see how people just talk down the performances of this players as if they can do better… @Anaximander I am sure if you’re given the chance to show yourself on the pitch… you’ll do worse… this is a high stake game and you expect the defence to just throw themselves on tackles not to say the team we played tonight… bro it’s easier for you to rate from the screen and keyboard of your mobile but you can’t do better given the chance…

    And for those calling leao lazy… some of you just need to keep shut if there’s nothing else to say…
    That guy has practically singlehandedly won 80 to 90% of our matches this season and he’s also the reason our left wing is unstoppable on their good day…

    Just do us a favour, if you can support the team this moment and keep your analysis to yourself, go support Inter… T for thanks 😊

    1. Fully agreed with you 🤝

      I don’t know where these fans coming from. But they didn’t looks like a Milan fans, especially with how over critical their judgement and analysis are even after Milan won with good performance.

    2. Leao productivity doesn’t erase the fact that he is lazy, he is amazing with the ball at his feet but the question people ask is about him being unproductive and “no where” without the ball. It is a fact no matter how much he dribbles

      1. Follow inter fans. Go and play the ball if you can. Leao has been our threat this season no one else comes close in our squad.

      2. > Leao keeps running, dribbling, passed through one or multiple defenders, and scored a goal or assist in 90+ minutes. Leao record this season are 14 goals and 6 assists.

        > Some Milan “fans”: F Leao, this kid is lazy. Sell him ASAP!

        Yeah i’m fkin glad that clueless people only stay as spectators and not end up as Milan coach or players.

  7. Grades are only numbers, the most important thing is we play as a team like we saw tonight. One thing that makes me frustrated is how giroud plays, rebic is way better for starting CF.

    Always believe in scudetto. Forza milan

  8. What a great win!!! The boys really works super hard for this win, especially after Doveri with his pathetic decision cancelled Tonali goal 🤬. The boys deserves this high rating 👏🏻👏🏻

    I can’t count how many “mistakes” from the referee against Milan this season. vs Napoli, Spezia, Udinese, Lazio, Inter twice, etc and now this. I’m not surprised if Milan get another crappy referee for Atalanta and Sasuolo 😡

  9. Thank u leao thank u tonali thank u florenzi thank u pioli thank u zlatan thank u milan every player plz god give us 2 more winning games !forza milan ale ale ale milan ale forza milan

  10. I would prefer Florenzi over calibra anytime any day ..he is too weak for my liking…fine job boiz, man like tonali ,and good of leap cause he woke up to his responsibilities today…the trophy is ours this year..cheers to the bottle

  11. Is tonali the new ozil, he’s good going forward than defending. If he has some like kessie all the time millan will benefit alot

  12. Only fools won’t give props to our performance today, if you can’t be right about our Milan go support inter, is there for the taken and stfu pussys.

    1. Agreed with you 🤝

      It’s crazy how some of these fools keeps criticizing and disrespectful towards Milan players and Pioli even after the good results with solid performance.

  13. Pioli should get it straight that he has to field his best for these game and stop his experiment,Krunic is not good for 10 I think Rebic can do better at 10 than krunic ,Rebic is more similar to Hakan and can replace him perfectly .

    1. Kurnic played a vital role in the win. Playing him at CAM means that tonali can push further up the pitch and theo can start to cut inside because krunic will drop off. When brahim was playing there it was as if he wanted no one to occupy the zone but with krunic there can be a lot of fluid movements in the area. Pioli was right to play him.

    2. But worth admitting, every clash Rebic makes one or two perfect potential assists. If partners were more accurate, Rebic would have dozens of assists this season. Also, I like the way he tirelessly putting pressure on opponent’s defenders and gk.
      However, I think he is better as a CF with a pulled back position. Like a second AM (but not the only). In pair with someone able to hold the ball while he is moving between the lines or something.

  14. Forza Milan! Two games to go!
    Regarding the game:
    Calabria should have been substituted at 50th-60th minute….Very bad game and Verona was targeting him on each attack.Even at the goal they scored,Calabria huge mistake leaving his position without reason.
    Theo nearly killed us with the ball back.
    In my opinion Leao has played his best game in Milan..Very mature game by him..
    Tonali is the next best things for Milan and Italy!

    P.S. Milan needs one more win…Inter will lose points against Cagliari.

  15. Good team work and pioli as work to do in the forward role, pls start rebic, leao, Ibra, let see how this turns out, pioli I have always knew she is the man for the job,

    Ac Milan for the Serie@A
    Next game we need goals let today.

    1. Yeah right. Just swap florenzi and salesmaker position. Florenzi has better finisihing into the back of the net.

    2. And he is a great long-shooter. God bless his stunners. It is actually no one else in the team can do better.

  16. Next game should be:

    Maignan – Calabria – Kalulu – Tomori – Hernandez – Tonali – Kessie – FLORENZI – KRUNIC – Leao – IBRA

    No more saelemaeker, messias, diaz for now, please

  17. Someone just just called Doveri out for ruling Tonali’s first attempt as Offside,…. Same person always judging who is a fan and who is not…. Lol 😂🤣…

    Let us be fair guys, if you think the goal should have stood, how does that make you different from an actual sinister referee?? Tonali foot was in an offside position when Maignan lobbed the ball to him, and the referee stood by the rules

    My only problem with the referee today was that he could see Leao was being targeted, and he failed to give him the necessary cover, and Leao got frustrated and he got booked for it.

    A good team really doesn’t have to to rely on referees to get results. No referee was singled out during our recent bad performances, because we were indeed poor. Don’t be blinded by your emotions, and wish the referee bend the rules just because it’s “Milan”…Let’s play our game and get the job done, Period!

      1. Seems like I touched a nerve🤣😂🤣. Stop picking on referees man. You need to demonstrate good sportsmanship…. Don’t be a clueless fanatic

  18. Great win with great performance.
    Tonalis best game of his career, and its not coincidence that it happened when he played further up the field.
    I always thought that either him or Benacer should take Brahim spot in that 10 hole instead of Kessie. Kessie has zero technical, passing or shooting ability.
    Leao was a menace all game.
    Saelemakers and Krunic did their job.
    On the negative, Milan can’t go into next season with Calabria as a starting RB. He got destroyed by Lazovic all game long. Once Botman gets signed , Kalulu needs to go to his original position as a RB.
    Theo Hernandez was the worst Milan player on the field. He continues to make stupid decisions on the field , almost cost Milan an equalizer.
    2 more wins, 6 more points.
    Forza Milan

  19. So a fan who criticizing some element of the player’s performances cannot be a good Milan-fan. WTF? I have seen every Milan-game since the mid-1980s.

    If you take a look on the grading given on the Milannews-site (not true fans?), they are very much in line with my grading.

    1. It’s your opinion man… It’s the way you read the game. No one has the right to bash your ratings… We all want good for the club

  20. We all have a right to critisize someone’s ratings. You have the right to critisize mine, and I have the right to critisize your’s or those of But when doing so, one should at least put forward some reasons for doings so, and not just dismiss them out of hand, e.g. as the product of “grumpy”, “too demanding” fans…that’s all I am saying.

  21. It’s crazy how some people keeps saying that “Leao is lazy & unproductive” and Milan should sell him asap.

    Like holy F, the boy keeps running almost as fast as a cheetah, dribbling, tearing up the opponents defensive line then scored a goal or assists mostly for full 90 minutes.

    The last 4 match:
    – vs Genoa: he scored 1 goal
    – vs Fiorentina: he scored the winning goal
    – vs Lazio: he gave 1 assist for Giroud
    – vs Verona: he gave 2 assist for Tonali

    So far Leao records for this season are 14 goals and 6 assists and he still 22 years old. He can grow stronger in the next season. But no, “Leao is lazy and unproductive” they said and Milan should sell him.

    Unbelievable 🤦‍♂️

    1. That’s bc he doesn’t renew his contract yet the time is ticking into the end of the season. Maybe next season depending the result, if he still hesitate to renew then it would be much better to make capital gain like haaland and mbappe rn.

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