Player Ratings: Wolfsberger 0-5 AC Milan – Adli shines as No.10; one flop

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan bounced back from their defeat against ZTE with a strong performance this evening against Wolfsberger. They managed to score five goals and several players impressed, including Yacine Adli. 

Starting XI

Maignan (6): He wasn’t really called into action that much but did well with his feet as always. And when he was called upon, he was solid.

Calabria (6): There were a few times when he was quite sloppy but he made up for that with a great long ball for Leao, which resulted in the first goal for Milan. Certainly a pass, therefore.

Kalulu (6): It was a rather calm game for the Frenchman who showed his pace when needed. It was an easy task for him at the back tonight, truth be told, and thus he didn’t need to e spectacular either.

Tomori (6): It was the same for the Englishman. Nothing to complain about and the overall performance was solid indeed.

Hernandez (6.5): He’s a useful force when going forward for Milan and although some of his attempts could have been better, he got an assist and was a constant threat to the opponents.

Bennacer (6): An okay performance from the Algerian, who sometimes struggled to find the right pass but also didn’t really lose possession during his time on the pitch.

Krunic (6.5): He played it simple, as per usual, and it helped Milan a lot in the build-up phase. He isn’t afraid to combine with his teammates either which is really nice, and he likes to get forward.

Saelemaekers (6): Compared to what we have seen from him at times lately, this was a step in the right direction as he didn’t lose possession all that much. Some of the end-product could have been better, but still good.

Adli (7.5 – MOTM): He could be a really important player for Milan, should he keep this up. The thing that helped the Rossoneri the most is his creativity and willingness to make smart runs into the box, even without the ball. He got a nice assist to show for it, as well as a tap-in goal.

Leao (7): It’s clear that he will be a key player for Milan next season as well. He can unlock any defence, it seems, and he just needs to improve physically (which is understandable given pre-season) to really shine.

Rebic (6.5): Better today compared to last time out. He got a goal to show for it and he wasn’t afraid to combine with one-touch passes.


Messias (5.5): He managed to get on the scoresheet with an easy tap-in but he also really struggled with his one-on-one situations today. Not good enough.

Mirante (7): He made two really good saves and was a calm presence on the pitch for the Milan defence.

Gabbia (6.5): Strong performance at the back (with the captain’s armband) and he crowned it with a lovely header to make it 5-0.

Ballo-Toure (6.5): It has been really promising stuff from him this pre-season. It remains to be seen if he can replicate it in Serie A, but his assist for Gabbia was wonderful.

Florenzi (6): Decent performance from the veteran and there’s not really much to say other than that.

Bakayoko (N/A): He wasn’t really that involved in possession and Milan didn’t have to do much defensively.

Tonali (6): An okay display in both phases of the game by the Italia midfielder.

Diaz (6): He looked much better today compared to the game against ZTE and we can only hope that he can build on this performance.

Lazetic (6): He has an impressive physique even though he isn’t the tallest striker. A loan move could be perfect for him as he clearly has a lot of potential to build on.

Gala (N/A): We didn’t see enough of him to give a rating.

Coubis (N/A): We didn’t see enough of him to give a rating.

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  1. Even if CDK wouldn’t come, we already have an upgrade over Diaz as #10. Adli improves match by match and seems to be the brains behind almost every attack. I looooove his passing. So elegant and he makes it look so easy.

  2. Fun game to watch. really like watching Adli. He is quite unpredictable and very good at finding space. He was all over the pitch also.

    But who was the flop? Messias with 5.5 and a goal? That’s a bit of a reach isn’t it?

    1. Yes, Messias is a flop. his decisions was poor. Lots of chances to create goals wasted by his poor decisions. But he’s still useful as rotational player for this season.

  3. What The Hell does that mean
    “He has an impressive physique even though he isn’t the tallest striker”
    1,92 m tall
    Really minuscule size of the teen serb 😀

    1. Well… Technically he isn’t THE tallest striker as there are taller strikers (also in Milan) but I seriously doubt the writer meant precisely that. 😀 😀 😀

      1. technically he might not be the tallest striker in milan but even then he is well above the average height of people in the world and is 18 years old so i would say there might even be room for a cm or two on top of that 😛 When that is said ive known several people of 2.10-2.20 m tall people so height is propably as it is percieved 😛

  4. Gabbia sucks so badd!!!! Omgzzz!!!!… just kidding. Just wanted to highlight how solid he’s looked lately and tell people to give him a chance, he’s gonna be good you’ll see. He has had a good preseason already just needs gametime and confidence just like Kalulu got.

    Adli looks to be yet another inspired signing by Maldini, very excited for this.

  5. We might not even need CDK given how well Adli is showing in pre-season so far. It would be ironic if CDK arrived, forcing Adli to the bench stunting his growth, and then flopped a la Paqueta.

    1. CDK can play on the right or as CF. He’ll be used on the right. Pilo isn’t one for keeping players who perform on the bench.

    2. We need CDK, Ziyech or any names at least to be a rotational player. Remember we facing 3 competition. Try to defend scudetto which is harder, go far away in coppa if not winning it, and at least aiming the quarter final in UCL.

    3. With our medical team struggling to do their job properly, we will be out of players in a couple of months. So, let’s sign everyone we can.

  6. I will say this again, geting Adli for 8m and paying 35m for CDK will be the most stupid decision I have ever seen Maldini make…….ADLI IS EXACTLY WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR FOR THAT NO10, I would love to see Origi combination with him, what a player

    1. U sayd my mind. Seems like kaka…bought cheap n yielded dividends. Nt potentially ovapayd flop like CDK. Pls lets just get Bellotti n Berardi n Tiate of Bologna

    2. well stated, furthermore most Milan fans who expect CDK to hit the ground and running might be disappointed when fails to perform to their expectations, this is set is and not J-freaking league. open your eyes fellas!!!

  7. What else do you want Messias to do. He scored goals last season as well as had assists even though he did not have pre-season with the team. This pre-season he has scored goals and he keeps getting minutes. I don’t know why you guys hate him that much. The fact that the management has renewed his contract means they trust him and. Pioli knows he can help a lot. Salemaeekers keeps getting minutes yet he isn’t able to make any meaningful impact in the game yet you don’t hate him as you do to Messias. What’s your problem?

    1. Regardless of their shortcomings i personally dont mind either but if possible i would loan out saelemaerkers for a year and then keep messias as a substitute for that exact reason that his numbers are better and besides of that saelemaekers might do well playing a year with a club where he is forced to up his outcome and be more of a protagonist than a being a bit part player,

    2. Yeah, it seems people in this sub have a hard time seeing productivity. Who remembers Suso and HIS terrible decision making?

      At least Messias contributed VERY vital assists and goals to the Scudetto, AND helped us beat Atlético. Open your eyes people, he’s a GREAT rotational player to have in the squad. Stop crying!

    3. IKR

      It’s weird to see some people in here have hate boners against Messias as if the guy killed their family or something.

  8. You guys are WAY too excited about Adli being the solution at number 10 right now. Let me preface that by saying that I like Adli, a LOT, but be realistic. We have 4 competitions to play in this season, one injury to Adli, and we’re screwed in Champions League and Serie A. We absolutely need more depth in that spot, so CDK would still be a solid purchase. Adli can also slot in at CDM.
    Ziyech on top to cover RW and 10 role (thinking about injuries) would really be the cherry on top and take the squad where it realistically needs to be, given the moves of our biggest rivals for the Scudetto this season.
    Forza Milan!

    1. 4 competitions? Serie A, UCL, Coppa Italia (only 1-3 matches and what? Super Coppa Italia with one match?

      I’d say we play two competitions and a couple of cup matches.

  9. I think even if we failed to buy CDK that wont affect too much since adili and brahim can fill AMF good too. But our RW like usual so badly ,i dont mind we go plan B sign ziyech on loan and use budget for ndicka ( CB) and another DMF

  10. Adli is good as amf with good assist. But cdk can serve as rw or amf with better offensive skill which we need the most.

  11. Messias does what he needs to do ie score.

    Saelemaekers and Diaz both need to be on the first plane out of Milan ASAP.

    Saelemaekers shooting is downright embarrassing, he couldn’t hit the great wall of China. Sell!
    Diaz, send him back to Madrid. He’s 3rd choice behind Adli and CDK/ Ziyech and just doesn’t do enough.

  12. I really don’t understand why some people in here hate Messias that much 🤷‍♂️

    Yes he’s not a top-expensive-big name players. But the guy never complaint nor make a drama, always working hard every time he plays, and he never brags if he scored a goal or made assists either.

    Also yes. He didn’t scored two digits goals and assists like Leao did. But he has 6 goals and 3 assists under his belt which is pretty good for a rotational player that no one expect to do well in Milan.

    And Messias clearly respect the Rossoneri shirt and legends more than some people in here with their toxic comments, like Kossy boi up there who called “Maldini stupid” as if he have more experiences than Maldini 🤦‍♂️

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