Player Ratings: Zalaegerszegi TE 3-2 AC Milan – a few positives; one clear flop

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan failed to secure their second win of the pre-season as Zalaegerszegi TE beat them to it earlier this evening. The Hungarian side scored three goals in the first half and thus made life too difficult for the Rossoneri. 

Starting XI

Tatarusanu (5.5): He couldn’t do much about the goals and thus cannot be factored into his rating too much. However, he had a few poor passes that could have cost Milan.

Florenzi (5.5): Not his finest performance for Milan but not his worst either. Some good passes, some good intentions, but also poor execution on more than one occasion.

Kalulu (6): Besides one mistake he was quite solid and especially made a great tackle in the first half. He has shown good intentions thus far and it could be another great season for him on the cards.

Gabbia (6): He’s gaining confidence and that shows on the pitch, not just defensively but also when driving forward. Execution is lacking at times, but he could perhaps be a useful resource this season.

Ballo-Toure (6): He was actually one of the bright spots for Milan attacking-wise in terms of the starting XI. He dared to take on his man and often did so with success.

Tonali (6): Even though it’s early in the pre-season, he looks full of energy and he showed just how important he is in certain situations.

Brescianini (4): It wasn’t a good evening for the youngster at all. He lost his man on both the second and third goal, lacking positional awareness, and this is something he needs to work on.

Messias (6): Some might say differently, but he has actually looked quite good this pre-season. He often does things right and one of Milan’s counter-attacks this evening was a perfect example of that, when Giroud’s effort was blocked at the last second.

Diaz (4.5): Once again, his strength let him down on multiple occasions and it resulted in a more or less non-existent performance impact-wise for him.

Rebic (5): He worked incredibly hard for the team and did things right in many situations. He also failed with his dribbles quite a lot and it’s something he needs to work on. He missed a good chance in the second half as well.

Giroud (6): Some good, some bad, but he did register his third goal of the pre-season in just two games. It was a well-taken penalty.


Maignan (5.5): He didn’t have that much to do, in fairness, but he completely missed a pass and almost scored an own goal as a result. Saved only by the grace of god.

Calabria (N/A): We didn’t see enough of him to hand out a fair rating.

Tomori (N/A): We didn’t see enough of him to hand out a fair rating.

Theo (6): He brought energy and pace to the left-hand side along with Leao, which troubled the ZTE defence at times.


Bennacer (5.5): We know that he can be a lot better when n form. The smoothness just wasn’t there tonight, in terms of carrying the ball forward as he usually does.

Krunic (6): It was an okay display up until he found the back of the net with a nice strike, doing well to control the ball as well.

Adli (6): He had some good passes, including the assist for Krunic, and he certainly brought more creativity to the table than Brahim.

Maldini (5): He didn’t have huge success in his actions and playing as a CF was a bit awkward for him.

Saelemaekers (5): A few lost balls, mixed with one or two good actions, as well as a shot way over the bar. Not great.

Leao (6): He brought a lot of energy to the team and tried his best to break down the defence, along with Theo.

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  1. Those are very generous grades and reviews especially for the starters. That group was down 3-1 vs a team we never heard of, preseason or not, that is unacceptable. None of them deserved anything over 5.
    Brahim needs to have his loan cut and sent back to Madrid. Dude is straight up awful

  2. The next stand out player in upcoming season will be adli…I am sure as season progress this guy will burst into seria a…..but the rest well lots and lots of work to be done…though it was just a friendly but did anyone missed kessie in there…lol

  3. Adli should get 6,5, at least. He had one assist, and should have had two (Theo), and all that in about half an hour.

    Ballo-Toure lost his duel on 0-2, and should lose 0,5 points for that one.

  4. Its unaccepttable, but also good result for one side. With this, maybe the owner will be more serious in preparing more money for 2m to get players that they desire

    1. It’s quite odd to see dybala is more effective and cheaper overall player but they’re reluctant to sign him instead picking someone they can’t afford. And this could end up picking low cost player.

  5. I think it’s nice through these lost we know the position we need to fortified. diaz is a player I don’t always understand .pls let go for better offensive midfielder now.

  6. There’s nothing to work on for brescianini, just sell him permanently immediately. He dont deserve the bench. For Daniel, he should go on loan for 2 years, after that we can assess him

  7. Leao 6, while Rebic and Salemeakers 5?
    Give me some of that weed. The belgian kid has done much more than Leao this match, not to talk about Rebic who was one of our best last night…

  8. Good thing we loss! It helps us understand our flaws. It is time to wake up from dream and start working on next season. Forza Milan.

  9. It’s OK to struggle as a team in preseason but not as individual players. Even when a team struggles to play well together the individual players should still be playing at their own high level.

    Brahim looked as if he was in over his head trying to play for the current champions. Rebic should have been more effective as an individual in at least getting shots on goal. Messias should be finding a way to get goals in games like this.

    The midfield youngster (forgot his name) is new, he can’t be judged yet.

    1. Completely normal that players shoot in the stands at this point of the season. At least Rebic had excellent attitude which helps a lot. He was also involved in most of our attacking plays. Goals will come when they’re really needed. Nothing to worry about.

      But Leao’s attitude was even worse than before. Hope he improves on that. A lot.

  10. Player Rating:
    Tatarusanu : 4
    Florenzi: 5
    Kalulu: 4
    Gabbia: 5
    Bollo-Toure: 5
    Bresciani: 2
    Tonali: 5
    Diaz: 3
    Junior Messias: 5
    Rebic: 3
    Giroud: 4

    Maignian: 5
    Calabria: 5
    Tomori: 5
    Theo Hernandez: 5
    Krunic: 6
    Bennacer: 5
    Adil: 7
    Leao: 4
    Saleamakers: 4
    Maldini: 2
    NB: for Milan to win any trophy this coming season we need to sign at least 5 quality players.

  11. This what happens when we dont have the tank and former capitano…. better watch out if good replacements dont come in soon…

  12. This result proof how important are our pivots. Weak pivots mean our gameplan be undone. This isnt why Brescianini is bad, but the responsibility as pivots at ACM are huge but with low apreciations.

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