Ravezzani offers verdict on Milan’s striker pursuit: “I would have no doubts”

By Ben Dixon -

Before the mercato, AC Milan have been linked to two strikers more than any others, and those have been Joshua Zirkzee and Benjamin Sesko, but questions have arisen about the chances of signing either of the duo this summer. 

With Paulo Fonseca expected to make a striker his marquee signing of the window, Milan must do their due diligence if their investment is to be successful, and that is why the process of finding their new striker is as important as it is.

The pressure on a new manager is heightened, especially when he is entrusted with investing in a striker who a team could be built around for years to come or could be the reason a team is underfunded in years to come.

Throughout the process, two names have been head-to-head for the role, and both have drawbacks. Notably, Zirkzee’s is the agent commission being demanded, and Sesko’s is his availability this summer.

Telelombardia director Fabio Ravezzani took stock of the situation and offered his verdict on which striker Milan should sign on his X account, and his words have been relayed by Pianeta Milan.

“Sesko is a fantastic striker. In my opinion better than Zirkzee. If he [Zirkzee] really costs €60 million in Milan’s shoes, I would have no doubts.”

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    1. Was*. And Eriksen played it like a king. Respect. Shout out 2 Wind. Been keeping my eye on him. He will peak soon.

      1. They ate my comment. 2 many no no words.

        Was talking about the wrong match. Didn’t watch Belgium, no interested

        1. Thats fair enough cant say i enjoyed the second half of the denmark match but first half i think we had it under control but looked rather horrible in the second half. Match could have gone either way but yeah i think it was nice to see eriksen score after his last euros. Wind is pretty good for the danish international team and for that matter for wolfsburg as well.

          You should have watched the belgium vs slovakia match it was an absolute hoot, and slovakia won 1-0.
          Super intense match and lukako had two goals disallowed and i cant remember having a football related giggle fit as ive just had for the last 2 hours.
          For the moment my favourite match of the euros,
          Oh yeah it was judged by that referee who was attacked in turkey last season 😀
          Go Slovakia 🙂

        1. You need to go seek professional help. You’ve a major mental problem kiddo… what’s that 8th email you made just to fúck with a random dude on a website? Beyond pathetic

    1. I have a suggestion for you and others if you get the notorious “posting to quick” message.

      Always copy paste what you write
      Dont post name and mail too fast
      If the issue happens then use the top left corner backwards arrow to go back to your comment and go up to the top of the comment and make a space in front of the comment and then retry posting it. Obviously not using naughty words to avoid comments to get removed as well.
      This seems to work the majority of times for me.

      1. I like using naughty words. And copy paste and refresh is a pain on the phone. But yeah, it works mostly..

        Still . F U C K E’M.

        Censoring profanity like kids come on here and read comments. They don’t!

        1. Oh I see well I use a pc so i wouldn’t know the woes there as my phone doesn’t have internet 😀

          Well i can get that and has a pretty foul mouth in person but tries to limit my language on the web as there is a chance it all ends up in trench warfare with people cursing at each other causing an obnoxious atmosphere. But I nevertheless understand your sentiment and for me swear words are not as bad as they sometimes are made to be. I consider them a spice in language 😀

  1. Every attempt by milan to sign a new player is needless melodrama, indecision, stinginess and a very huge dose of deja vu until the bird flies away. When will they ever learn?

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