Diario AS: Ancelotti ‘in love’ with Leao who wants to follow Cristiano Ronaldo’s footsteps

By Oliver Fisher -

Rafael Leao is attracting the interest of Real Madrid and the AC Milan winger wants to follow the footsteps of his idol Cristiano Ronaldo, a report claims.

Diario AS writes that Carlo Ancelotti has ‘fallen in love’ with Leao because of his physical exuberance, speed and the ability that he has to get through on goal. The Italian coach speaks highly of Leao and he could be an option reinforce the attack.

However, the source adds that the team that have come closest to signing him has been Chelsea as the London club negotiated during the summer and launched a bid that Milan ultimately did not accept.

The Milan management have been trying to convince him to renew for months, although his desire is to make the leap to another club. For this reason he has not yet agreed a renewal, which would also entail an increase in his release clause from €150m to €200m.

Leao – who came through the Sporting CP academy – dreams of following in the footsteps of his idol Cristiano Ronaldo, and it could be an option for him to do so at the Bernabeu.

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  1. He surely will choose real barca city psg chelsea liverpool bayern over milan if there is concrete offer.. i dont believe he is loyal type.. we need to sell..

  2. Sẽ có chàng trai khác trả cho anh ta số tiền nợ, và cho anh ta mức lương mơ ước. Và anh ta sẽ đã ra đi.

  3. He is in Portugal still on the bench. There are at least 50% chances that Leao can not adapt to any team that plays a different type of football than AC. Real first needs to sell Vinicius, for Leao doesn’t have competition in his position.

    1. Portugal bench means nothing. They play a 4-4-2, which most clubs don’t use. Leao is not a traditional winger that Will observe defensive duties. He is a wide forward. And will fit into any club that uses 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1, which many clubs use.

      1. “And will fit into any club that uses 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1, which many clubs use.”

        Only if the club he chooses let’s him focus on attacking and doesn’t care if he walks around the pitch while the opponents are in possession of the ball. I’d say there ain’t that many clubs/coaches that would treat him that way.

  4. Loyalty is such an overused word in professional sports.
    Every player is as loyal as the options he has. The few players that Milan has managed to re-sign did that because that was their best option at that moment. But naive fans think that it was because of loyalty.
    Zero issues if Leao or Bennacer decide to leave for better financial conditions or more ambitious clubs, especially in the immediate future.
    Winning a scudetto after 10 years of mediocrity doesn’t put Milan on par with the cream of Europe. Milan is at least half a decade behind the best European clubs, and unless they build their own stadium quickly, they will constantly be half a decade behind

    1. I still think there are players will choose milan instead of that current elites for less than 1.5 mil offer.. that player i consider loyal.. agreed on most of your point.. but we really shouldn’t let player go for free..

      1. Oh, I absolutely agree that we shouldn’t be letting players leave for free, especially not our
        starters , best players , most valuable players on the market. That’s a whole other issue that I’ll rather not go into because way too many fanboys get triggered

    2. Well said @Pioli and 100 percent true. Some fans just don’t get it and are quick to criticize but yet if faced with similar situation I’m sure the majority would do the same.

  5. Curious but what if PSG offer Giroud 6M season to pair him with Mbappe and Giroud accepts – is he now a “traitor” or “greedy and “not loyal” to Milan???? I say NO – but some fans would say yes or some may say no because it’s Giroud – but if it was Leao – he’s a traitor and greedy?? lol. Fans have double standards with certain players. It’s a shame.

    1. Interesting point.. but you need to choose better example than Giroud due to his market value.. being loyal means you wanna be with the team even with slightly less paycheck than other team offer, i do understand they have short career and should always choose best payer but at least provide the club with transfer fee just as kaka do.. a traitor is someone who vow to renew but in the end choose to leave for free.. greedy is someone who already offered biggest paycheck but opted for more(eg dollar boy).. i think leao is not loyal ones but he definitly not a traitor nor greedy either.. at least not right now..

    2. First of all, Milan didn’t make Giroud the player he is today. If Milan didn’t believe in Leao and let him take 2-3 years to “mature”, he might be kicking the ball in Ligue 2.

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