Sole 24 Ore: RedBird Capital close to buying Milan in deal that could reach €1.8bn

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are close to changing ownership but it will not be Investcorp who buy the club from Elliott Management, a report claims.

According to reports from Il Sole 24 Ore (via MilanNews), the American fund Elliott will sell to their compatriots RedBird Capital who have overcome the competition of Investcorp in the last few hours with an offer of €1.3bn and are now very close to signing the documents.

Based on a series of mechanisms, the fee they pay for Milan could rise to €1.8bn in subsequent years and while the financial structure has yet to be clarified, RedBird are putting €600m in equity on the table and a large loan – repayable over five years – could then be used.

The current ownership of Milan, Elliott, should still remain part of the club even if for the moment they have not released any statements. It is expected that things could accelerate decisively in the next few hours and days.

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  1. If redbird buy us then its gonna be same like elliot. Invescorp would be the one that will push us. Too bad. But lets hope im wrong.

    1. It doesn’t exist, it is a lie. PSG and City spent so much because their owners have money. Where do you live if you didn’t notice that in the past 5 years?

      1. Exactly. Club owner can through a daughter company they own sing a sponsorship deal and put that company name on their website alone or whatever for 200 trillion and count that as revenue if they want and then spend 70% of that on players, transfers, etc. PSG has been doing it since day one. Also bribing UEFA is a thing and everyone does it.

          1. Yes they win the cupcake league of rheir own, and they have being in champions league buy have not won it yet, and i dont think they will. In just a few years Elliot took us to the champions League and we are about to win our first scudetto in 11 years, investing just a little $ compared to what PSG invest.
            So do you call PSG a success?
            In a couple of years we will be in a champions league Final we might even win it, Becaise we are Ac Milan. We dont need tons of $ monwy to win trophies, our most expesive tranfer was Caldara and Bonicci on the Chinese era and look what happened.

        1. It is only a matter of time, for Man City as well.

          Remind me how many did we in the last 10 years, or how many UCL finals did we play… Wait, how many times did we play in UCL?

          Football changed drastically in last decade. PL went from being a joke to the most competitive in the world, all because of big money.

          Yes, you can play in UCL, you can get to Semi or even FInals, but to CONSTANTLY be at the top level you need to earn and spend big. It is literally go big or go home.

      2. so because PSG and Man City dodge the rules you want our prestigious club to donit too?

        Fuck off, our players like to play for Milan because its Milan not because we are offering them 100m/yr wages

  2. From what earlier reports suggested, yeah – Investcorp has specific plans to restore Milan to international greatness, gradually.

    While RedBird released no statements of such kind, it remains to be seen what their course of action will be. I too was more enthusiastic about Investcorp.

  3. It is all about money. Bidding war. This is why elliot don’t want to close deal fast but making it bidding war. From 1,1 b euro now 1,8b euro. Whoever win ,hope they still use gazidiz,paolo Maldini ,massara and moncada

  4. Oh no, Elliot wasn’t after more money but they care about the club. They won’t sell the club if the majority of funds are coming from a loan. Suddenly a huge loan amount is mentioned and no issues with that. LOL, if you believed an US investment funds cared about Milan it says a lot about you.

    1. No way? Company that buys and sells money basically (loans, debts, credits etc) is all about money? I am shocked, shocked I tell you!

  5. Elliot won’t care about Milan but care about what the earn no matter the money come from any where, investcorp put 800m equity 400m loan they were refused now redbird put 600m equity n mothern 1b loan but they want acept it, idiot Elliot

  6. It might just be me, but I’d rather see the team continue under the current model of sustainability than trying to compete with the petro-clubs. There’s a far greater sense of sporting achievement by winning with less resources than by buying success. My personal interest would definitely dwindle if they threw the current model of intelligence out of the window in favour of splashing big money again.

    PSG winning the Champions’ League with their spending would be a far smaller accomplishment than Milan winning Serie A with the current situation, IMO.

  7. People just talking out of their asses.
    Until a month ago they have never heard about Investcorp or RedBird but now they know who would be the better choice and who has better plans for Milan.
    Look at Liverpool, they have been the best run club in the last 5+ years and they are not owned by rich oil countries like PSG & ManCity

  8. Whoever gets to own Milan, as long as they are letting Maldini Messara and Moncada do their job, we will be fine.

    Elliot didn’t bring us to the top, Gazidis didn’t bring us to the top..

    ..Maldini did.

    As long as Maldini Stays, we are fine. Redbird, investcorp doesn’t matter really. Whoever is buying the club.. they are buying because they are betting hugely on Maldini.

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