Referee Cakir escapes UEFA suspension despite horror show in Milan vs. Atletico Madrid

By Oliver Fisher -

UEFA have chosen not to suspend referee Cuneyt Cakir despite suggestions they would do so after his disaster in AC Milan’s defeat to Atletico Madrid.

The path to the knockout stages has now become tremendously complicated for Stefano Pioli’s men in the Champions League and it is all because of the red card that Cakir gave to Kessie in the first half and a non-existent penalty in the 93rd minute.

It was claimed that UEFA would punish the poor officiating by suspending both Cakir and the VAR Chief Abdulkadir Bitigen, but reports that only latter will be as Cakir has been appointed as the referee for Germany against Romania on Friday evening in Hamburg in a World Cup qualifier.

Last week’s mistake at San Siro was attributed to the head of the VAR in Abdulkadir Bitigen , who in fact was replaced by his compatriot Huseyin Gocek, with the promotion of Mete Kalkavan from assistant to VAR director.

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  1. You know what? It’s not worth it. UEFA does this all the time, when it’s time to take action, show that that is has stones to do what is necessary, they make empty threats and then they go back on their word and just prove over and over again that they are bunch of greedy, incompetent twats what shouldn’t be in charge of a half rotten turnip.

    This idiot cost us 3 points, his conduct on the pitch and his decisions were inconsistent and borderline criminal from the 1st minute. Sad part is it is not the first time he has done that, he has a history of going completely mental and ruining matches for fuck knows what reason. I can only assume some mental illness. He should not only be suspended, he should be awarded a legal guardian because of his incompetence to even function as a normal human being.

    Maybe Super Ligue wasn’t such a bad idea.

  2. mafioso.. how if player make a mistake, SUSPENSION 1 or 2 games.. referee mistake then go on to next game EASILY.. UEFA just do what they want to do.. 👎👎

  3. Let’s make it clear…..Both fouls committed by Kessie deserved a yellow. That was his stupidity. Atletico players got away with everything.To top it off this prrick gave the pk. Now he gets a pass. But seriously,….WHAT DO WE EXPECT FROM UEFA……???????

    1. The point is more about the inconsistent referring. If those 2 offences deserved yellow cards, then Athletico deserved many yellow cards, and the push on Tonali was definitely a red card. You cannot give Milan a yellow card for the same offence for which Athletico didn’t even get a foul

  4. Another strong point for Superleague. UEFA cannot do their jobs as well. Damn monopoly with lazy greedy managers who never played football.

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